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An imperfect podcast about art, technology and culture by Rafael Rozendaal and Jeremy Bailey.

Good Point Podcast Jeremy Bailey & Rafaël Rozendaal

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An imperfect podcast about art, technology and culture by Rafael Rozendaal and Jeremy Bailey.

    199 - Relevant

    199 - Relevant

    This week, a question from Hans Verhaegen

    Fin de carrière
    It might be a taboo, but any thoughts on how artists in the last stage of their career can stay relevant?
    It’s something a lot of young and mid-career artists, probably don’t (or want to) realize: what to do when you still have 20 or 30 years to go, but your art and/or vision have become ‘less relevant’ and you find yourself slipping away in the background and falling off stage everywhere.

    A friend artist announced officially the end of his career some years ago, but now is even more desperately trying to get back in a spotlight.
    So that’s seems not a good Idea.
    Pretend to be still young mostly results also in very cringe situations and so to be avoided.

    What could be some of the more elegant and wise moves for the older artist to at least have a slight feeling she’s still part of the art scene/world?
    How to age gracefully as an artist?
    Any examples? 
    I love that picture of Matisse in his bed playing with pieces of colored paper. 

    In summary:
    How to age gracefully as an artist (fin de carrière)? 
    And maybe do fantasize how you both would like to imagine yourself as a 80 year old artist?

    + a field recording from Jeremy of Grandpa Earnie.

    • 56 min
    198 - Rafaël Paints

    198 - Rafaël Paints

    Lily Zlotover asks: "What advice or tips would you have for an Artist fresh in a new city?"
    Sam Ghantous asks: "what do you think of applications? What about when the time spent applying overtakes time spent on actual work?" https://www.samtous.wtf/
    Field recording by Niels Fyrst https://nielsfyrst.dk/
    Ad by https://www.pamm.tv The Pérez Art Museum Miami recently launched a streaming platform for video art!

    • 55 min
    197 - Ketchup

    197 - Ketchup

    it's been a while!

    • 58 min
    196 - Projectors

    196 - Projectors

    Linda Loh asks:

    I am curious for you to dig more deeply into what Jeremy said recently about being averse to video art being projected, that it was a no no for that medium, because presumably it "belongs" on a screen.


    • 1 hr 4 min
    195 - Teaching Teachers

    195 - Teaching Teachers

    This week, we talk about everything.
    + a field recording by Kai Udema

    • 1 hr 3 min
    194 - Who Am I

    194 - Who Am I

    2 questions:

    Ariel Baron-Robbins asks: I’ve been debating what to call contemporary art that incorporates technology like computers, internet, blockchain, AI, software, and apps. Some artists prefer simply “contemporary art”, questioning the need to distinguish it from other forms. Yet, we differentiate between paintings, sculptures, drawings, and videos without issue….which brings me back to square one. 

    Pyry Qvick asks: I recently won a poetry competition and now my book will be published. That has prompted some questions in my mind, since I have assumptions of my own on what people think of poets. Have you folks encountered unconfortable presumptios on being an artist? How do you deal with the possible stereotypes attach to you in terms of being an artist.

    + a field recording by Christina Latina

    • 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

buchanar ,

A gift

This is the only good podcast.

rouserbug ,

Great content, but one thing....

This is a great podcast with relevant information for artists. It could be a more enjoyable experience if Rafael could stop interrupting Jeremy’s statements, it’s so grating to hear that happening every time.

Llamaluv003 ,

Imaginary friends

Rafael and Jeremy have a great chemistry and riff off each other brilliantly. I always feel comforted listening in on them and always learn something new.
Thanks guys!!

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