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We've been writing about celebrities on Celebitchy.com since 2006 and we love to dish. We cover the latest in entertainment news, celebrity gossip, fashion, scandals and royals. Join us every week!

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We've been writing about celebrities on Celebitchy.com since 2006 and we love to dish. We cover the latest in entertainment news, celebrity gossip, fashion, scandals and royals. Join us every week!

    74: The Crown and The Royals reaction, The White House's bunker mentality

    74: The Crown and The Royals reaction, The White House's bunker mentality

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 3
    We’re both having aches from sleeping weird. We’ll be taking off next week for Thanksgiving and will be back on December 6th. We’ll also be taking off the two weeks after Christmas, on December 27th and January 3rd.
    The Crown and The Royals: Minutes 3:00 to 19:45
    I’ve been watching The Crown and have seen the first four episodes of season four. I’d only watched a couple of episodes of the first season before. Chandra watched season one and two. I love the costuming, settings and how trashy it is. We talk about how unrealistic the dialogue can be, but we love it. Chandra says they’re getting the broad strokes right about the royals.
    Minute 7:00: After season four of The Crown dropped there were so many stories discrediting it. You could tell the palace was freaking out. The royal commentators bashed The Sussexes for making a deal with Netflix, just because The Crown is on Netflix. There are so many shows on Netflix and Prince William worked to promote David Attenborough’s Netflix series, which no one mentions.
    We also heard that Prince William was enraged “at the way his parents are being ‘exploited’ and ‘presented in a false, simplistic way to make money.’”
    Chandra says it sounds like Clarence House issued talking points for royal reporters to defend Prince Charles. They’re all denying that Mountbatten sent Charles a letter, but he did tell Charles to stop messing around and get married. There are also stories that Charles and Camilla stopped seeing each other when Charles married Diana. Camilla did try to befriend Diana as shown on The Crown, but as Chandra mentions she came at it from an aristocrat’s position that all husbands cheat.
    Minute 12:20: I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about The Crown. Sara has a personal story about Thatcher Thatcher Milk Snatcher and Zakia, Karen and Lisa talk about The Crown and the palace’s reaction to it. We agree with Lisa that the palace is reacting to The Crown like they did Finding Freedom. The Crown is blowing up 15 years of Charles’ positive PR trying to get the British people to accept Camilla.
    There was an article in Vanity Fair that claimed that Camilla is a fan of The Crown, that she’s watched other seasons and would be watching this one with a glass of wine. In that same article they quoted a royal biographer who half-blamed Diana for Charles cheating on her, it was outrageous. Chandra mentions this is the same false story they’ve told about Diana since the separation, that she’s “hysterical” and “crazy.”
    Minute 17:30: There’s an investigation into Princess Diana’s 1995 interview with Martin Bashir. This is getting renewed interest due to a new ITV documentary called The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess. The documentary claims that Bashir blackmailed Diana into speaking with him by using fake bank statements. That doesn’t mean Diana didn’t want to talk to him. She planned that interview for maximum impact. Prince William has gone on the record to support the investigation.
    Politics: Minute 19:45 to 29:45
    I get Chandra to say my favorite new word she uses, ratf-cking. Rudy Giuliani gave a press conference in which his hair dye was dripping down his face and he tried to quote from My Cousin Vinny. He’s been making an ass out of himself trying to represent Trump in court. 
    Trump is tweeting a bunch of ridiculous crap as usual and insiders claim there’s a “bunker mentality” in the White House.
    Obama was on 60 Minutes to promote his new book. Chandra says he looks depressed about the state of the country. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Angelina and Ameerah talk about the election and Trump’s ratf-cking. Their whole legal strategy is that votes in predominantly black counties don’t count. Republicans can no longer hide under a veneer of respectability. They’re

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    73: Prince Harry's wreath request denied, Harry and Meghan visit LA National Cemetery, Joe Biden is President Elect and is unbothered

    73: Prince Harry's wreath request denied, Harry and Meghan visit LA National Cemetery, Joe Biden is President Elect and is unbothered

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 9:45
    I’ve been taking hula dancing lessons and Chandra has been hiking. We’re so relieved that Biden is now officially the President Elect. I play a segment from Zoom where Michelle, Ameerah, Alnaaze, Karen, April and Zakia talk about Biden winning the election. 
    Royals: Minutes 9:45 to 24
    One of the biggest stories this week was that Prince Harry’s request to lay a wreath in his name on the Cenotaph for Remembrance Day, which is the UK’s Memorial Day, was denied. It cost 1,000 pounds and was made by The Royal Legion. The story, which came out in The London Times, was that Harry called The Queen’s staff to request that the wreath be laid on his behalf. They turned him down, but the story was that they didn’t even ask The Queen about it. Chandra wonders who The Times’ source is. A source close to Harry went to People Magazine to say he was “saddened and disappointed by the decision.” That makes it look like he’s not The Times’ source, but on the other hand it makes Buckingham Palace look so bad that she finds it hard to believe it came from them.
    After that Harry and Meghan went to the National Cemetery in Los Angeles to lay flowers at the graves of commonwealth soldiers, accompanied by just one photographer. Chandra does not think they would have done this if the palace had honored Harry’s request, and I agree. People were criticizing Harry and Meghan for this thoughtful gesture, which annoyed me. Harry was in the British army for 10 years and did two tours of Afghanistan. He wanted to pay respect to his fallen colleagues. Chandra mentions how hypocritical it is to call Harry attention-seeking for this when it’s so much more attention-seeking to deny him a wreath and leak the news to the press. I play a segment from Zoom where Ameerah, Courtney, April and Tanisha talk about this.
    Minute 19: Will and Kate did Zoom calls to veterans serving overseas. Kate’s Zoom background is strikingly similar to Meghan’s, in that they’re both on their couches with art and flowers behind them. I watch a lot of MSNBC and it’s rare to see people calling from their couches like that. Here’s a link to the article Chandra mentions where the Daily Mail analyzed Meghan’s living room. They previously did calls from Anmer Hall and all you could see was a blank wall and one piece of art behind them.
    We talk about Kate’s ridiculous Peter Pan collar blouse, which received backhanded compliments from a celebrity stylist quoted by The Daily Mail. It was so dated and ugly!
    Politics: Minutes 24 to 35
    Trump is refusing to concede and is shutting down all attempts to offer help to the Biden transition team, as is customary with a new administration. Trump’s people are refusing to pass along messages heads of state are giving to Biden, they’re refusing to release over 9.9 million in transition funding that is rightfully his, and they’re refusing to authorize Biden to get daily security briefings.
    Other Republicans are backing up Trump, like Mitch McConnell. Biden has said they’ll work with him and he called Trump embarrassing in that same Q&A segment. I play a segment from that.
    Minute 28: Chandra mentions that commenters have said Biden must be getting advice from psychologists on dealing with narcissists and pathological liars. We’re so impressed by Biden and how presidential he is acting. We don’t think he needs to go low and meet the Republicans on their own level because he has people for that. Kamala is particularly excellent at challenging people. Schumer and Pelosi have been calling out the Republicans.
    Minute 31: We talk about the Vanity Fair story where the atmosphere inside the White House is being described as Lord of The Flies. Everyone is walking on eggshells around sore loser Trump. Chandra doesn’t understand why no one in the Trump administration is working with

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    72: Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner's tone deaf parties, Prince William had coronavirus and hid it, Joe Biden and the election

    72: Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner's tone deaf parties, Prince William had coronavirus and hid it, Joe Biden and the election

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 2:30
    Chandra stayed up on election night and I went to bed early. Our sleep schedules are screwed up from daylight savings time. 
    The election: Minutes 2:30 to 16:45
    As of our recording on Thursday afternoon, all that was left to do was call individual states. It looked like Biden had won Nevada and Arizona and in Pennsylvania they were still counting the absentee ballots. Georgia was getting really close. Trump’s lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan had been dismissed. Trump always tells on himself by asking for the vote counts to be stopped. His speech early Wednesday morning made it clear he didn’t understand how early returns work. Chandra has been laughing since she saw the vote count in Arizona. 
    There are a lot of exit polls and demographics coming out about who voted for Biden. Chandra wants us to wait a few weeks until this all shakes out. I play a section from Zoom where Zakia assures April that Pennsylvania will go for Biden. Chandra has organized in Pennsylvania and they have a lot of blue pockets. I play a segment from Zoom when we had just learned that Michigan had been called for Biden. Courtney makes that announcement and Zakia says Trump no longer has a way to win. Chandra says Biden’s goal was to get Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin back to blue. I mention the Eminem ad for Biden and Chandra says it’s nice to see Eminem stand up for his beliefs.
    Chandra mentions that Biden is being saved by Black voters. I play clips of videos from Detroit where an organizer says that Detroit will deliver the state for Biden. Another guy went into a Trump crowd and trolled them, yelling “Black Lives Matter.”
    The best scenario over the next few months would be Trump going to one of his resort properties. Chandra saw Nicole Wallace say on MSNBC that Trump won’t participate in a civil transfer of power.
    Kardashians: Minutes 16:45 to 23:15
    During our break Kim Kardashian flew her friends out to celebrate her 40th birthday on a private island. It was Marlon Brandon’s private island in the South Pacific and the flight was 11 hours. Kim’s tone deaf photos and posts about it launched so many memes. Here are the ones Chandra mentioned. The most disturbing part about the photos were the people in the background serving them wearing masks.
    Kendall Jenner had her 25th birthday at a rooftop bar at a club. There were reportedly 100 people there and there’s a video of a waiter in a mask moving back as he holds the cake for her while she blows out the candles. She supposedly had people take rapid covid tests, but those are not accurate.
    We clown on Kim’s budget-looking birthday cake, which looked like a basic tiered cake with a Barbie stuck on top of it.
    Chandra mentions the 60k people who voted for Kanye, which is despicable. We don’t know who Kim voted for. I play a segment from Zoom where Ameerah talks about the video of Kendall blowing out the candles and Jasmine wonders why they didn’t have the party at one of their giant mansions.
    Royals: Minutes 23:15 to 32
    We heard early in the week that Prince William had coronavirus sometime in April and never disclosed it. Several royal commentators who are very pro-Cambridge were openly mad at William for hiding his diagnosis. We heard that Prince Charles had covid in late March. Around that time Boris Johnson also had coronavirus and was deathly ill. Prince William was still meeting with people around that time and wasn’t wearing a mask. No one knows when he had it and he had a duty to disclose. Plus of course they didn’t do contact tracing if he hid it.
    We wonder why this story came out now and why The Sun’s exclusive was so oddly worded. William supposedly made the announcement at an event, but no one knows the event. The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes did a story about this wondering about the timeline and how and why The Sun got

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    71: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's Time 100 talk, our ghost stories, the defense of Chris Pratt

    71: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's Time 100 talk, our ghost stories, the defense of Chris Pratt

    Introduction: Minutes 0 to 3:45
    We’re going to take next week off due to the election. Our next release will be on November 8, 2020. Chandra has been laughing at social media, like Trump releasing his 60 Minutes interview thinking it made him look good. Giuliani got caught in a hotel room with his hands down his pants with a young woman. Both Chandra and I have already voted. Please make a plan to vote if you haven’t already. You can do that through IWillVote.com.
    Royals: Minutes 3:45 to 11:45
    Harry and Meghan did a Time 100 talk where they talked to experts about online media and mental health, and the fact that disinformation and hate is spreading. In one section Meghan and Harry talked to two experts, one was one of the main experts from a documentary on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. His name is Tristan Harris and he founded The Center For Humane Technology. The other expert was UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry co-director Safiya Noble. She wrote a book called Algorithms of Oppression, How Search Engines Reinforce Racism.  I watched The Social Dilemma and was floored at how Facebook specifically led to the rise in QAnon, misinformation and the genocide in Myanmar. Chandra points out that Harry and Meghan are making this a larger conversation instead of focusing on the hate they get.
    Minute 7:45 We got a lot of promotional interviews with Robert Lacey, the author of Battle of The Brothers. He’s been talking out of both sides of his mouth about The Sussexes and The Cambridges.
    Minute 9:15 Will and Kate did a couple of events on Tuesday and they’re not consistently wearing masks. They only wore masks while meeting hospital workers. The Queen did an event for the first time in seven months and did not wear a mask. They made a big deal about the fact that The Queen and everyone around her was tested, which is still a bad look. She should be promoting mask wearing.
    Chris Pratt: Minutes 11:45 to 18:30
    We had the big Avengers GOTV fundraiser with Kamala Harris this week. Right before that, there was a mild meme with the four famous Chrises asking which one had to go. Everyone picked Chris Pratt because he’s a member of an anti-LGBTQ church and once gave away his cat on the Internet. This conversation has been around for years, but it got picked up by major outlets. Chris’s wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and other celebrities including Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana and Mark Ruffalo jumped in to defend Chris in an over-the-top way which was not warranted by the meme. Because the tweet got popular right before the Avengers Biden event, which Pratt did not participate in, people conflated the two things. The defense of Chris was ridiculous. It’s very privileged of white men to be “apolitical,” especially at this point in history. It reminded Chandra of the defense of Chris Evans for leaking his own pics. When Brie Larson got so much hate online hardly anyone defended her except for Don Cheadle. I play a segment from Zoom where Ameerah, Lisa and Zakia talk about this.
    Ghost stories: Minutes 18:30 to 30:00
    We told ghost stories in episode 34 if you’re looking for another spooky episode. Chandra read an article in People about haunted roads and was reminded of a incident when she was driving home late at night on back country roads after visiting her mother. You have to listen to hear the details of that! I play a segment from Zoom where Amber, Karen, Alnaaze and Kimberlyanne tell stories of encounters, coincidences and loved ones visiting them.
    User Feedback: Minutes 30:00 to 32:00
    Thanks Bianca for your nice email. Thanks Diane for your fun message on Instagram!
    Comments of the week: Minutes 32:00 to 35
    My comment of the week is from FancyPants on the link post about Jeffrey Toobin. Here’s a link to the tweet I mentioned. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Midnight@theOasis on th

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    70: The Great British Bake Off, Animals that annoy us like squirrels and geese, and Lily James and Dominic West's affair

    70: The Great British Bake Off, Animals that annoy us like squirrels and geese, and Lily James and Dominic West's affair

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:45
    I asked Chandra if we could talk about stupid sh-t this week because I’m burnt out and angry at the news. Chandra says Trump looks and sounds sick, she’s been watching the videos that Vox’s Aaron Rupar posts to Twitter.  
    What we’re watching: Minutes 3:45 to 13:45
    I’m watching The Great British Bake Off (I call it Great British Baking Show as that’s the original series) season 8 on Netflix. They’re only releasing them one episode at a time, which is rare for Netflix. One of our Zoom members, Alnaaze in Switzerland, had seen episode four ahead of the rest of us. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ameerah and Alnaaze talk about GBBO.
    Chandra watches tennis constantly and tells me the story of American player Sam Queerrey, who tested positive during the St. Petersberg open. Instead of quarantining in Russia as required he fled the country with his wife and baby in a private jet! She’s also watching Archer and has taped the latest season of Fargo.
    I’m watching Lovecraft Country on HBO, which can be shocking and super scary. Lisa in our Zooms only watches it during the day. Chandra tells me how traumatized she was by Jezebel’s three minute video recalling one of their scariest supposedly true stories. 
    We find squirrels annoying: Minutes 13:45 to 23
    I play a clip from Zoom where Ameerah, Karen, Alnaaze and Sara talk about how annoying squirrels, raccoons and swans are. We say they’re all awful. 
    Chandra remembers the Sex and The City episode where Carrie called squirrels “rats with cuter outfits.” 
    I especially hate geese because I got attacked as a child. I remember a surprisingly controversial article Chandra wrote in 2011 where she essentially shrugged about Jennifer Lawrence gutting real dead squirrels for Winter’s Bone. I agreed with her and didn’t see anything wrong with that story, but a lot of people got mad at her and she issued an update about it. 
    Chandra agrees with me about geese. She tells the story of her dear departed dog hunting groundhogs in her yard. He killed at least five one summer. Her cat, Dexter, catches moles and birds.
    Lily James and Dominic West: Minutes 23 to 31:30
    The Lily James and Dominic West cheating story is a dumb old fashioned cheating story. She’s 31 and he’s 50 and they’re working on a movie together where he plays her dad. They were photographed kissing in Rome, outside at a restaurant, while with their agent. We also saw him grabbing her ass and heard that they’ve been having an on-set affair and were staying at a suite together in Rome.
    After that Dominic went home to his rich aristocratic wife in England. They have three kids together and West has an older kid from a previous marriage. They’ve been married 10 years and the kids are aged 11 to 22. Dominic and his wife did a photoshoot outside the house where they kissed for the paparazzi. They showed a handwritten note that said: “Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together.” Lily supposedly called Dominic’s wife, Catherine, to try to convince her that nothing was going on.
    There are conspiracy theories about this but it seems pretty cut and dried to us. We talked about this on Zoom and the consensus was that even if this was an open marriage this is very disrespectful to his wife. We don’t think this is a publicity stunt, especially because Dominic is probably going to stay married. I play a segment from Zoom where Alnaaze, Lisa, Michelle, Sara, Ameerah and Angelina talk about this.
    This is an old school gossip story that reminds people of Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan’s scandals. Meg Ryan used Russell Crowe to get out of her marriage to Dennis Quaid. This is more like Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders.
    User Feedback: Minutes 31:30 to 32:14
    Thanks Little Penguin for the nice comment! Also everyone loved how much we were b

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    69: Duchess Meghan's Vogue cover was controversial with royal family, Duchess Kate's early courtship with William, Trump and his minions have covid

    69: Duchess Meghan's Vogue cover was controversial with royal family, Duchess Kate's early courtship with William, Trump and his minions have covid

    Intro: Minutes 0 to 4
    I got a haircut this week on Monday and my hairdresser told me to have a good weekend. Chandra remembers the fourth anniversary of the “grab ‘em by the pussy” tape.
    Politics: Minutes 4 to 17:45
    Trump got covid, was moved to Walter Reed on Friday, insisted on taking a ride around the hospital Sunday in a hermetically sealed car to wave to people, and then on Monday he walked up the stars of the White House ripped off his mask and was gasping for breath before going inside.
    So many people around Trump got covid including that Nazi barbie, Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway, whom we know about because her 15-year-old daughter revealed it on TikTok, Stephen Miller and Chris Christie. As of our recording 34 people around trump have tested positive. Those are just the ones we know about and I’m sure they’re hiding more cases. They refuse to contact trace either because they’re horrible people. Plus Trump recorded videos downplaying covid and acting like he’s super healthy.
    I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Sara talk about Trump’s risk factors and roid rage. Karen mentions Herman Cain’s timeline.
    We talk about Trump’s roid rage and the fact that he’s even more Trumpian than ever. In the debates Kamala didn’t bring up a transition plan. Chandra thinks journalists should be asking about the 25th amendment every day. I say that they know that the Republicans running the Senate aren’t going to enforce anything.
    The VP debate was insane. Pence, the mansplainer, had pinkeye and kept interrupting the moderator and Kamala. The fly which sat on his head made him look like a reanimated corpse. Chandra’s title to the debate post was genius. Under His Pinkeye: Kamala Harris wins debate against fly-covered misogynist. 
    The Republicans are blocking a stimulus package while trying to push a Supreme Court nominee through. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Ameerah talk about how evil and out of touch the Republicans are.
    Royals: Minutes 17:45 to 30:45
    We’re surprised how much dirt there is against the Cambridges in the new royal biography by Robert Lacey, Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult. Chandra thinks the book overstates how mad The Queen supposedly was at Meghan and that the courtiers were the ones who had a problem with her.
    The Queen and Prince William were said to be super mad that Meghan and Harry kept the details around Archie’s birth private, especially the fact that they’ve never revealed the godparents. Chandra thinks this was William’s issue. When The Queen did her 2019 Christmas message she had no photos of Harry and Meghan on her desk and she didn’t even mention Archie’s name, just saying she welcomed her eighth grandchild. The Queen did that heir photoshoot with Charles, William and George meant to show the order of succession. It was said to be Charles’ idea and sent a clear message to Harry that he wasn’t needed.
    We also heard more details around William telling Harry to go slow with Meghan. William apparently asked their uncle, Diana’s brother Earl Spencer, to talk to Harry about Meghan and of course Harry didn’t like that at all. Chandra mentions that Earl Spencer is on his third marriage and has a dozen kids. (He has seven.)
    The royals were also upset about Meghan’s British Vogue cover, which featured activists and women of color, because that was supposedly “political.” We agree that they wouldn’t have liked it if she posed for an editorial like Kate did either. The rest of the royals apparently found Meghan too “woke” and not in step with the monarchy.
    The good dirt we heard from the book was around Kate and William’s early relationship, in which Kate organized her entire college career around William. This information was known before, but I didn’t know the exten

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208 Ratings

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So disgusting to see them bragging about being punished for sharing leaked nudes on their website! Deleting this from my library now.

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