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We've been writing about celebrities on Celebitchy.com since 2006 and we love to dish. We cover the latest in entertainment news, celebrity gossip, fashion, scandals and royals. Join us every week!

    172: Princess Kate's cancer announcement video draws skepticism and bot defenders

    172: Princess Kate's cancer announcement video draws skepticism and bot defenders

    Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00
    I met our Celebitchy Zoom group in person! I talk about my friend’s tiny dog. Chandra had an encounter with a Great Dane.
    Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 24:00
    Our last episode, #171, was two weeks ago. We had just seen the video of Princess Kate revealing that she had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. We were hit with over a hundred comments from new accounts all saying variations of the same thing right after that video was released. Christopher Bouzy has called out the bots on Twitter. The NY Times published an article in early 2020 about the then-Cambridges buying Instagram bot followers.
    In podcast #170 we talked about the Mother’s Day frankenphoto. Major photo and news agencies issued a kill order for that photo. In light of that, and the very bizarre and obviously not Kate market video released by the Sun and TMZ, some people have questioned the video of Kate announcing her cancer. We wonder what’s happening and Chandra has no theories. The video was filmed by BBC studios and we haven’t heard many details about it. There were thinkpieces in the Washington Post and the NYT about the conspiracies. Getty images put editor’s notes on the photo and video and refused to comment further about it.
    Last week one of the biggest royal stories was about how the Middletons are so broke they didn’t even pay the insolvency firm that restructured their business, Party Pieces, when they sold it and went into bankruptcy. It’s clear that the press has been given the go-ahead to go after the Middletons. There were multiple stories about this. Uncle Gary’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother underlined that the Middletons are broke.
    The British press always invents some new thing the Sussexes have to go to. There’s a ceremony for Invictus’s anniversary in May in London. England also wants to host Invictus in 2027, but hopefully Harry will not fall for that. Charles is also said to have invited the Sussexes to Balmoral this summer.
    Other major stories are about how the monarchy is now way too slimmed-down and how Beatrice and Eugenie need to be working royals to pick up the slack. We’re also hearing BS about how Meghan supposedly got between Kate and Harry because they were so close before Meghan came around, which sounds like royal fan fiction. Harry wrote in Spare that he barely saw William and Kate. Harry has a wife whom he adores and this storyline is offensive. I like what Chandra wrote about the press in her piece about Peter Philips being unlucky in love. The palace comms departments are quiet and the royal rota has been left to make up storylines. We also heard that William was seen at a pub in Norfolk with Carole Middleton!
    Comments of the Week: Minutes 24:00 to end
    Chandra’s COTW is from Brassy Rebel on the post about Beatrice and Eugenie covering Hello.
    My COTW is from Samuel Whiskers on the post about loofahs harboring bacteria.
    Thanks for listening bitches!

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    171: Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

    171: Princess Kate announces cancer diagnosis

    Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:15
    We will be off for a couple of weeks due to Easter. I watched Dream Scenario on HBO with Nicolas Cage. He’s a great actor but I don’t recommend it. I really liked The Map of Tiny Perfect Things on Amazon. It reminds Chandra of The Summer I Turned Pretty. She’s been watching Tennis but her favorite, Daniil Medvedev, didn’t win Indian Wells.
    Royals: Minutes 5:15 to 22:45
    Over the weekend we got a cover story in the Sun that Kate was seen out shopping with William at a farmer’s market. Then on Monday we saw a super grainy faraway video where the person supposed to be Kate is kind of bouncing around carrying a large bag. The woman in the video didn’t exactly look or walk like Kate. Assuming that was Kate, it reflects poorly on the Waleses because she hasn’t done any events since Christmas. Also, if that was Kate in the photo in the car with her mom, her face has since thinned out. After TMZ published the video of Kate at the farmer’s market, their executive producer said he wasn’t sure it was her.
    There’s still fallout from the Frankenphoto too. Before we got the whole fake Kate video, Kensington Palace did a sourced story with the Times of London again explaining that Kate edited that photo, that she feels bad about the fallout and that she’s just trying to make her family look good. The quote that really stood out is where they called out the press agencies for noticing how janky that photo was. As Obama’s photographer Pete Souza said on Instagram, there’s a difference between adjusting the lighting or cropping a photo and pasting in different people. The royal rota tried to accuse Harry and Meghan of editing their photos, but the photographers, Misan Harriman and Chris Allerton, said that wasn’t true.
    Part of the Frankenphoto fallout is that the wire agencies are reviewing all the photos ever submitted to them by Kensington Palace. One photo that’s particularly bad was released after the Queen’s death on what would have been her 97th birthday in 2023. It shows her at Balmoral on a couch with a bunch of her great grandchildren posing around her. That was obviously cobbled together from several photos. Getty added an editor’s note that “the image has been digitally enhanced at source,” and Reuters has announced that it’s “updating its procedures related to vetting images from Kensington Palace.” Another really janky photo featuring the great grandchildren was released after Philip died.
    As we talked about last week, there’s renewed interest in Prince William’s alleged 2019 affair with Rose Hanbury. Rose’s lawyer went on the record to Business Insider last weekend to say the rumors are false. Other pundits are also defending her. Chandra thinks that the affair has been over a while. As part of the fallout from that, people have noticed stolen Qing Dynasty artifacts in family photos taken of Rose and her husband, David Rocksavage. We talk about the $10 million brooch that Camilla wore for an outing, which seemed meant to troll Kate.
    Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles and Camilla’s office, seems pleased that Kensington Palace, Kate and William’s office, is screwing this up so badly. They don’t understand that it reflects poorly on them too and that most people don’t get the distinction.
    Meghan has announced her new lifestyle brand, it’s called American Riviera Orchard. I will definitely buy what she’s selling and so will so many other people. So far she has just shown the logo and they have a one page website with an email signup.
    We also heard this week that three hospital staffers are under investigation for trying to access Kate’s medical records at the London clinic where she was treated.
    Kate’s cancer announcement: Minutes 22:45 to 27:30
    We recorded this section on Friday after Kate made the announcement that she has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Hopefully she is OK and will make a full recovery.
    Comments of

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    170: Princess Kate's Frankenphoto compared to North Korean propaganda

    170: Princess Kate's Frankenphoto compared to North Korean propaganda

    Introduction: Minutes 0 to 1:00
    We were off due to the Oscars!
    Royals: Minutes 1:00 to 27:30
    The royals' mistreatment of Harry and Meghan is finally boomeranging back on them. It’s been obvious to us what’s happening but now the world is finally noticing. Harry and Meghan were explaining their situation to the casual royal watchers with their docuseries and with Spare.
    It was about 70 days after we last saw Kate before we got the first alleged photo of her. That was the photo supposedly taken of her on Monday March 4th in an Audi with her mom, outside Windsor Castle. TMZ and other US outlets bought that exclusive photo. There were questions about its authenticity. Kensington Palace said it was not an authorized photo. KP also put a lot of pressure on British media to not publish the pic and it was mostly in the US outlets like TMZ. Assuming it was real, it really seems like Carole and the Middletons arranged it.
    On March 8th, Meghan was in Austin at South by Southwest for a scheduled panel discussion. She made some really measured comments about the hate she got when she was pregnant. A lot of the negative stories about Meghan when she was pregnant were from William trying to deflect from his affair with Rose Hanbury. I think that the frankenphoto release was meant to pull focus from Meghan’s comments at SXSW and Chandra says that it could have always been the plan.
    We got a new photo supposedly of Kate and the kids from Kensington Palace on March 10th, Mother’s Day in the UK. They claimed that William had taken the photo. The picture looked really janky. The news outlets noticed this and issued a “kill order” for that photo. The palace was asked to provide the original photo and they refused for hours on Sunday. I play a clip of AFP News director Phil Chetwynd talking about this. CNN has also announced that it’s reviewing all the photos issued from Kensington Palace.
    The Palace then posted a tweet supposedly from Kate claiming that she was the one who edited the photo. This spawned so many memes and AI photos.  Experts told major news outlets that the errors were due to a photo editing app. People showed that her head was cut and pasted into that photo from her 2016 British Vogue cover. Chandra thinks the original photo of Kate and the kids is from last fall.
    The palace tried to double down and continue to blame Kate. They ran a story in The Times of London Tuesday claiming that Kate just wanted to release a nice picture, she feels bad about it, and she edited it because she just wanted her kids to look good.
    We got a third photo supposedly of Kate on Monday March 11, in a car with William and looking away. That photo looks fake too! I even saw a video on Twitter where someone thinks they have the exact older image of Kate that was used. The photographer vouches for it though. Assuming the photo is real, we can’t even verify it’s her. Chandra think it’s someone else.
    As this eas making international news, Colbert did a segment on Tuesday night about William’s affair with Rose Hanbury. Remember that William tried to shut that story down back when it broke in March of 2019. Colbert even made a reference to William getting his mistress pregnant! 
    We know that the palace is livid about this because the Telegraph ran a story about it and said The Late Show didn’t warn the palace that they were going to run that segment. The British media regularly does this when they cover the royals. The Guardian did a summary of Colbert’s opener and in their initial story they included Rose’s name but then they edited it out!
    Even the royal-friendly journalists and outlets were calling William and Kensington Palace out about it!
    Camilla went on vacation last week, supposedly due to being under strain and fighting with William. Charles was seen on Wednesday at a photo op at Buckingham Palace. Chandra is surprised that Buckingham Palace hasn’t taken a side on this PR disaster either way. William is i

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    169: Princess Kate has been missing for over 60 days, Prince William skipped King Constantine's memorial

    169: Princess Kate has been missing for over 60 days, Prince William skipped King Constantine's memorial

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    Introduction: Minutes 0 to 7:30
    The Oscars are next weekend so we won’t have a podcast unless something huge breaks. Since we last talked Chandra and I both saw American Fiction, that was my favorite. Chandra liked it but wanted it to focus more on Issa Rae’s character. She thought The Zone of Interest was very disturbing, but loved Poor Things. She is also watching Capote vs. The Swans and loves the performances. If Emma Stone takes home the Oscar over Lily Gladstone, Chandra is fine with that.
    Royals: Minutes 7:30 to 29:00
    In our last podcast we mentioned Charles’ cancer diagnosis and Kate disappearance following abdominal surgery. Kate has not been seen in over 60 days. A Kensington Palace spokesperson gave a snotty statement about it to Page Six that did not reveal much. Their PR is so terrible.
    On February 15th the Sussexes made a three day trip to Canada to do events ahead of next year’s winter Invictus Games. Harry had an interview with Good Morning America. The Sussexes also launched Sussex.com and Meghan got a podcast deal with Lemonada media. They’re getting positive coverage apart from silly criticism. Harry was also criticized for answering questions about visiting his father.
    At first we heard that William, who is BAFTAs president, was not going to attend the BAFTAs on February 18th. That’s pretty typical for him. However after Harry and Meghan got so much press for their Canada trip, he announced that he was going. A photo went viral where William was talking backstage to actresses, including Ayo Edebiri and Phoebe Dynevor, who were looking at him skeptically. It turned out that Prince William had made a very inappropriate comment to Mia McKenna-Bruce about her movie. He was very unprepared to meet the actresses and admitted to not having watched any of their films.
    On Tuesday the 20th, William issued a statement on the Middle East crisis, which no one was asking him about. William was scheduled to visit the British Red Cross and could have just issued a statement about their work instead. On Thursday, February 29th, William went to an event at a synagogue in central London to discuss anti-Semitism. Kate was originally scheduled to go with him to that event. We remember when Kate did an event with Holocaust survivors in 2021 in which she was engaged and charming. After William’s statement on the Middle East and after he looked drunk at an investiture ceremony, Piers Morgan published a story about how William has been drinking wine since he was 13.
    On Tuesday February 27th there was a memorial service in London for King Constantine II of Greece, who passed last January. Neither Charles nor William went to the funeral in Greece in 2023. Charles announced ahead of time that he would not make it to this memorial. William was scheduled to give a reading, but canceled less than an hour before. It became international news.
    At the service were Camilla, at the head of the procession to the church, and Prince Andrew and Fergie were also upfront. Also there were Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. She’s a notorious racist.
    The Kents’ son-in-law, Thomas Kingston, passed away at just 45 in Gloucester on Sunday. His death was not announced for two days and his in laws went to that memorial service before the news got out. The press announced that William’s absence at the memorial wasn’t due to Thomas’s death.
    Meanwhile there are all these stories about how the monarchy is fragile and the cracks are showing now. The way the Waleses have bungled their own PR is astounding. Here’s a link to the story Chandra mentioned from The Daily Beast.
    Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:00 to end
    Chandra’s comment of the week is from Walking the Walk on the post about Harry losing his case over royal protection while in the UK.

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    168: Princess Kate is recovering from surgery, King Charles has cancer

    168: Princess Kate is recovering from surgery, King Charles has cancer

    Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:45
    I cut my finger and needed stitches. I saw the movie Chandra recommended in our last episode, Anatomy of a Fall, and loved it. May December was OK. I really liked Nyad and it inspired me to work out. We’re looking forward to seeing Poor Things and American Fiction.
    Royals: Minutes 5:45 to 24:00
    While we were off, Kate was hospitalized for abdominal surgery. The surgery was successful and she will need months of recovery. Right after the news broke about Kate’s surgery, it was reported that Charles was scheduled for treatment for an enlarged prostate. Kate’s medical condition is unclear.
    We heard that William’s focus was on his family, that he was visiting Kate and taking care of his kids. However he was only seen at the London clinic where Kate was recovering once. We didn’t hear about the Middletons or Kate’s children visiting her. Charles’ prostate procedure was at the same hospital, and Camilla was seen visiting several times. There was a story that photographers were only allowed outside the hospital for a day during Kate’s hospitalization but Camilla showed that wasn’t true. We heard that Charles visited Kate when they were in the same hospital, but not that William visited Charles.
    Camilla was happy to be representing the royal family and did a few events when Charles was hospitalized. There were stories about how she’s the power behind the throne and the last one standing.
    William reportedly picked Kate up from the hospital on Monday January 29th at 11 am. She is said to be recovering at home. There weren’t any photos of William at the hospital. Just a few hours later Camilla picked up Charles from the same hospital and they were photographed walking out together.
    On Monday February 5th in the afternoon our time we heard that Prince Charles has cancer! At that point he had known for a week. So Camilla’s appearances after his diagnosis and before the announcement to the public looked cold, especially considering the messaging around that.
    Stories in the Spanish press claimed Kate’s condition was dire despite the reporting that she was fine and recovering. Palace sources denied that she had been in a coma. The Spanish reporter who broke that story, Concha Calleja, said in an interview after that she trusts her sources and stands by her reporting. 
    Starting around the time of the King’s prostate procedure, the rota was griping “where’s Harry?” Right after the announcement of Charles’ cancer diagnosis, it was reported that Harry would travel to England. Harry arrived in London on Tuesday, and he went straight to Clarence house. He only met with Charles for 45 minutes, tops, at Clarence House. They met alone, and Camilla was not there. Charles left in a helicopter for Sandringham afterwards. Harry stayed at a hotel Tuesday night and left Wednesday morning.
    There’s been a steady chorus of “Harry should come back, and maybe Meghan too” They’re trashing Harry for visiting his dad and making it very clear what they’ll do to the Sussexes.
    We know that Harry didn’t see William because we heard that William refused to meet with him and doesn’t trust him. Of course there were stories attacking Harry for daring to come to the UK to see his father.
    William stood in for Charles at an investiture service on Wednesday. He did not look sober. That night William went to an air ambulance charity event. A reporter asked a question and he said "We really appreciate everyone’s kind messages." A source told the Daily Mail that’s about all the work we can expect from William for a while. William does not seem willing to do the work to be king and Charles does not want to cede any power to him. William is so focused on hating Harry.
    Comments of the Week: Minutes 24:00 to end
    Chandra’s COTW is from Harper on the post about Prince William not wanting to take on extra responsibilities.
    My COTW is from Jais on the post about Tracy Chapman’s pe

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    167: Duchess Meghan was invited to the Golden Globes, Globes host Jo Koy bombed

    167: Duchess Meghan was invited to the Golden Globes, Globes host Jo Koy bombed

    Introduction: Minutes 0 to 10:00
    We’ll be off next week due to the Emmy Awards. I have been watching dumb shows like a mini golf competition show called Holey Moley. Chandra watched so many of the prestigious movies over the break including Killers of the Flower Moon, Priscilla, The Holdovers, Saltburn, Past Lives, Asteroid City, Joy Ride, Anatomy of a Fall, Oppenheimer and the Indiana Jones movie! She loved Anatomy of a Fall and is rooting for that movie. It’s a character story and legal drama with a smart script. She also liked The Holdovers and Oppenheimer, but hated Killers of the Flower Moon.
    Golden Globes: Minutes 10:00 to 17:45
    The Globes were last Sunday. Host Jo Koy bombed and the celebrities gave him a frosty reception. The big TV winners were Succession and The Bear. Oppenheimer won Best Picture – Drama and Poor things won for Musical or Comedy. Barbie won for a new category called Cinematic Achievement. We appreciate how Greta Gerwig took a risk on Barbie.
    The biggest stories from the Globes were about the cutaway scenes. Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet did not walk the carpet together but they sat together. They seemed so into each other and kept kissing. Selena Gomez was caught on camera gossiping to Taylor Swift and Miles Teller’s wife Keleigh. A lot of people thought she was saying that Kylie refused to let Selena take a selfie with Timothee but a source told People that wasn’t true. Selena made a comment later that “I told Taylor about two of my friends that hooked up.” There are rumors that it’s Meryl Streep and Martin Short! I hope it’s happening but Martin’s rep said they’re just friends.
    Also at the Golden Globes there was a mini Suits reunion. Patrick Adams, Gabriel Macht, Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty presented. I saw an interview where Gabriel acted like he didn’t know who Meghan was. Gina Torres said in another interview that they don’t have Meghan’s phone number and she’s not on the group chat. Some people think that Gina was fibbing to cover for Meghan. Chandra mentions that the Suits cast is protective of her. Of course she was invited to the Globes.
    Royals: Minutes 17:45 to 22:00
    The Epstein Files came out recently. I downloaded the first batch and they were mostly court documents for Virginia Guiffre’s case. Prince Andrew is heavily implicated.
    Prince Charles is reportedly worried about Andrew but plans to make him pay for security and the renovations to Royal Lodge, which Will and Kate want for themselves. There is a story that Charles is never going to evict Andrew, but that sounds straight from Andrew. William is said to want Charles to come down harder on Andrew while Charles probably doesn’t want to rock the boat.
    Comments of the Week: Minutes 22:00 to end
    Kaiser’s comment of the week is from Erin on the post about the SAG nomination snubs.
    My comment of the week is from Blue Nails Betty on the post about doing less in 2024.
    Thanks for listening bitches!

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401 Ratings

strikefan ,

Good to have you guys back

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Immature and Disrespectful

I had the same thing happen to me as Kate with cancer and it was shocking and scary to frat something different a month after surgery . I needed time to process it and also a lot to deal with before tying to even talk about it . I can’t imagine having small children and being a public figure . I know you are Harry and Neghan groupies , but this was disgusting

Teddy050120 ,

Horror show

Painful to listen to.

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