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Hosted by Karen Lindsay and Geoff Gentry, Gotham Undercover is an exciting adventure into the early days of the Gotham City that all of us DC Comics fans love. Tim and Ryan are not only well-known sci-fi geeks, but they have deep roots in comic book culture too.

Gotham Undercover Karen Lindsay & Geoff Gentry

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Hosted by Karen Lindsay and Geoff Gentry, Gotham Undercover is an exciting adventure into the early days of the Gotham City that all of us DC Comics fans love. Tim and Ryan are not only well-known sci-fi geeks, but they have deep roots in comic book culture too.

    Series Wrap - Gotham Thoughts

    Series Wrap - Gotham Thoughts

    It is time to do a series wrap of Gotham. Now that the season is over and we have had time to reflect on the season and the series as a whole, it is time for you, our Undercover Agents to share. We discuss characters, actors, and storylines.
    My Series Wrap Thoughts:
    So here are are my series wrap thoughts. I heard about this series and it was billed as a GCPD centered series. I thought it would be an interesting change of pace and view on things. I came to the series and the podcast and was ready to talk.
    Season 1 was strong with the other characters. I enjoyed season 1 however, Fish Mooney drew the series down for me. The creators made a role for Jada and it just didn't work. It may have brought viewers to the show having her on it but, for me it didn't work. I also hated Barbara. They didn't know what to do with her and she was annoying. But overall, I really dug it. When asked to become the co-host for season 2, I jumped at the chance.
    Season 2 of Gotham saw the show flourish. We saw the introduction of Jerome and the cult of the Joker, the Galavan's and so much more. The season hit on all cylinders. It was powerful and made me love the series.
    Season 3 saw more villains rise and our heroes having to stand firm in the face of the great opposition. We saw the Court of The Owls and our buddy Hugo Strange. Again it was another strong season.
    Season 4 was flat out amazing. Joker, Professor Pyg, Ra's al ghoul, and Stabby Babs were all fighting to rule the city. Bruce had to take major steps in his journey to be come Batman. Jim was stretched to the breaking point. We had Lee standing up for the the people of the Narrows and Ed/Riddler becoming her love. It was probably my favorite season.
    Season 5 was, for the most, part very good. I really felt the effects from the fact that they were given an initial episode count and then had it extended. They handled it well, but it was a bit uneven. I felt like the penultimate episode was really the season finale and the last episode was a look ahead. I felt both could have been 2 hours long to cover what needed to happen. Over all, I was happy with the season but, truly wish they had kept Camren as Selina for the last episode.
    While the show moved more to more of an evolution of Bruce into Batman, the core of the show was always Jim Gordon. He had to be Gotham's defender until Batman could take it all on. We saw a growth of Jim through the series as he went from a new detective fighting the darkness to a commissioner ready to use all of the tools around him to defend and protect the city. Bruce's growth was huge. The weight and calling on his life grew and he thankfully learned much from Alfred and Jim. He still has a way to go to be that fully formed Batman but, he is on his way. The whole cast of characters grew and evolved. I was quite happy with how they were written and acted. I personally like Donal's portrayal of Harvey best out off all of the portrayals of the character. BD Wong's Hugo was wonderful. But the stand outs in my mind are Camren, Robin, Cory and Cameron. These actors had small roles before Gotham but, they grew so much during the series, it was amazing. They inhabited their characters and really shined. I cannot wait to see what they do next.

    Your Series Wrap Thoughts:
    You really made this podcast with all of your thoughts through the years. I really wish we could have had series wrap thoughts from all of you. But we did have a great group of folks leave us feedback. It was wonderful to hear what you had to say!

    Closing Thoughts:
    I want to say thank you to GSM's co-founder Darrell Darnell for allowing this podcast on the network and for allowing me to be a part. Thank you to Tim Arthur and Ryan Boyles for getting this podcast started in Season 1. Thanks to Karen Lindsay and John McGrail for joining me on the ride ever since. We are grateful to be small part of the Gotham family and the GSM group of shows. But most of all we thank YOU our Undercover A

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    The Beginning

    The Beginning

    The Beginning saw us jump 10 years into Gotham's future. Jim is ready to quit, but no one has stepped up to take his place. But Bruce has put on the cowl and cape. Batman is ready to defend his city with the help of his friends.
    The Beginning of Penguin and Riddler:
    [caption id="attachment_36870" align="aligncenter" width="495"] ©2019 Fox Media LLC Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Penguin has been in Blackgate and Riddler in Arkham for 10 years. It turns out 6 months after reunification Jim busted them and they were put away. Riddler is broken out of Arkham and given a mission, by who he thinks is the Penguin. He is to kidnap Mayor James and blow then new Wayne Tower when Bruce shows up. Meanwhile Penguin is released and is looking dapper. He has one thing in mind, revenge on Jim.
    Penguin kidnaps Jim and has him drive to the docks. Penguin takes him to the exact spot where Jim was told to shoot him, but didn't. Oswald wants revenge and is going to go through with it. Jim tries to reason with him and in the process finds out he is not behind Ed's escape and the theft of explosives, but it won't work. Jim jumps off the dock and swims to safety.
    Riddler has Mayor James at the galla, but an observant Selina spots him and works with Babs to distract him. They knock him out and free the Mayor at the same moment Jim and the GCPD arrive. They find that the Gotham display model is rigged with explosives.
    Riddler escapes and meets up with Penguin, but their car is attacked by Batman and they are put in custody. They manage to escape and vow to start their plans to control the city. But seeing Batman on the rooftops they decide to wait until tomorrow.
    The Beginning of The Joker:
    [caption id="attachment_36879" align="aligncenter" width="800"] ©2019 Fox Media LLC Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Jeremiah has been in Arkham, but he was playing possum for some of that time. He had Ecco working behind the scenes for him. She comes into Arkham as a nurse and fills him in on the events not going to plan. It is time for him to take things into his own hands. He and Ecco head to the Sirens Club to get at Barbara. He knows all about her success, but he can use her. Ecco has her captive, but Barbara Lee (played wonderfully by Jeté Laurence) is a fighter just like her parents. She attack Jeremiah, but is no match for him. That distraction is enough for her mom to take out Ecco. Ecco is bleeding out. Jeremiah says she is his Ecco no more and kills her. He takes Barbara Lee and gives a wounded Barbara a message for Jim.
    Jim and backup arrive an Babs tells Jim to go where it started for Jeremiah. Jim promises to save Barbara Lee and heads to Ace Chemicals. There he finds Barbara Lee suspended over one of the chemical vats. Says he is in process, not Jeremiah but he cannot decide what to be called yet. He lets go of the rope and Jim dives to catch it. Jeremiah/Joker begins to stab him, but out of the shadows batarangs knock him away. A shadowy figure scares him off. Once again Jim is saved by Batman.
    The Beginning of The Bat Family:
    [caption id="attachment_36878" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] ©2019 Fox Media LLC Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Bruce left Gotham and learned the ways of the world. While he was gone Jim, Alfred, Barbara and our heroes had to step up to rebuild the city. Jim is ready to step down once Wayne Tower is open and Lee stands behind him. She says maybe if he steps down someone will step up. Jim and Harper investigate a gang location and find cartons of government explosives, but they are empty. The gang members are all dead. They are distracted by a shadow and they follow it. The shadowy figure says he is not his enemy but a friend. The figure says not to touch the bodies and then escapes out a window. Harper sees the bodies are all wired to explode. Batman has saved them.
    Selina (the 10 years later version played by Lili Simmons) has become somewhat of a socialite, but she is still having fun being a thief. She steals a big diamond and is interrup

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    They Did What?

    They Did What?

    They Did What? saw our heroes and villains work together to defeat Bane and Nyssa al Ghoul. The people of Gotham banded together for their own reasons to preserve their city from destruction. Each has to step up to bring success.
    What Nyssa Has Planned:
    [caption id="attachment_36534" align="aligncenter" width="795"] ©2019 Fox Media LLC Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Nyssa wants to see her father's vision come to pass. Nothing will stand in her way. She has Babs and the baby at City Hall. General Wade reports that the full army force has landed. On her command they are ordered to destroy the green zone and the people of Gotham. The commander balks at that but is quickly killed by Bane. Nyssa gives Barbara the same speech she gave Bruce about watching Gotham burn and then allowing her to die. What really got to Babs was her child being raised and an al Ghul.
    Bane and the army arrive at the wall where a united front of the GCPD, Bruce, Riddler and Penguin. They fight is going OK until Bane pulls out a bazooka and blasts a hole in the wall. Our force falls back to the GCPD and Bruce has a plan. Lucius radios that the General's signal is coming from City Hall. Selina confirms that Nyssa has Barbara there too. So Jim orders the GCPD and the refugees to the tunnels.
    Jim takes out some of the guards, but Nyssa has him surrounded and she has the baby. Jim and Barbara lay down their weapons. Nyssa challenges Jim to unarmed combat. All that League training puts Jim at a great disadvantage. He manages to cuff Nyssa and get the knife to Babs. Together they take out the guards and stabby Babs stabs Nyssa with the same knife that killed her father. Nyssa orders General Wade to kill himself so the commands cannot be revoked and she escapes. She found out about Riddler & Penguin's sub and uses it to get off the island.
    Back at the GCPD, Lee check out the baby and she is fine. Jim orders Lee, Babs and the rest to use the tunnels to get to the subway system and escape. He and the other officers will hold Bane and the army off.
    What Will It Take To Stop Bane?:
    [caption id="attachment_36532" align="aligncenter" width="795"] ©2019 Fox Media LLC Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Bane is ready to bring Gotham down. After the wall is breached, Bruce knows what to do. He is going to take the Jeremiah's power generator and use it like a bomb to bring down buildings to slow the army's progress. He and Selina volunteer since Lucius and Lee are needed at the GCPD. At the Wayne Enterprises building, Bruce reflects back on his good times there with Alfred waiting on his parents. They sacrificed so much to save the city and he is willing to do the same. They set the bomb and run. The tower comes down and blocks the army, for a short while.
    On their way back to the GCPD, they encounter Bane. Five years of training and work still have not prepared them for this. Bane says friends and family are a liability in war. He looks forward to watching Bruce as he kills Selina. Selina stabs Bane and Bruce attacks. He has gotten tech from Lucius. One piece is the Nightwing project. It is stealth tech that hides planes from radar, but it attacks bats. Bruce plants it on Banes back and the bats attack.
    Later, Jim, Harvey, Riddler, Penguin, Bruce, Selina and the GCPD stand up to Bane and the army. Things are not looking good, but Lee, Babs and all the refugees come out to stand with them. Bane orders them shot but the army does not comply. Jim says they can stand with Bane or join them. The draw on Bane and his men and the battle is won.
    Jim finally gets to enjoy holding his girl. Babs says her name is Barbara Lee Gordon, so she knows who she can trust in Gotham. The new mayor makes Jim commissioner. Bruce tells him he is leaving Gotham. He wants to be out of the public eye and to keep forces who oppose him away. He can't tell Selina in person so he gives her a note.
    At the airport, Alfred says he will start rebuilding Wayne Manor and Enterprises tomorrow. In a touching speech he says

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    I Am Bane

    I Am Bane

    Bane has been created out of the ruins of Eduardo's body. Professor Hugo Strange is working overtime ready to remake Jim. Barbara is in labor and Lee is trying to convince her not to run. Penguin and Ridder are ready to take the sub and leave by are held up by Babs.
    There Is No Eduardo, Only Bane Is:
    [caption id="attachment_35790" align="aligncenter" width="795"] ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Hugo pumps Eduardo full of stimulants and the venom serum. We see the very familiar, to the comics and Burton film, blood vessels changing and muscles changing. He is equipped with a breathing device and is ready for action. That is bad news for Gotham and for our heroes.
    General Wade (John Bedford Lloyd) and the Army arrive at the GCPD. It has been a year since the bridges fell, and a six month time jump for us. The GCPD has extended the Green Zone across the island and Lucius and Bruce have cleaned the water from Jeremiah's toxins. The General's techs confirm this. But the celebration is short lived. Bane and the henchmen arrive. They easily take out the soldiers and capture Bruce, Jim and General Wade. Later Jim awakens and Eduardo tells him that he has been Bane since Pena Durro. The experience of being burried alive and digging out multiple times made him something else. Walker saw that and between she and Hugo it was brought out. He is only Bane now.
    Walker comes in and Jim confronts her. He says he does not know what to call her, because it is not Walker. She say Bruce has the answer and he is brought in. Jim says they have him and the General, she needs to let Bruce go. But she says he is the reason she is there. Bane tortures Jim to help Bruce realize who Walker really is. He finally realizes she is Ra's al Ghul's daughter. Nyssa al Ghul (Jamie Murray) is going to destroy Gotham, making Bruce watch and then let him die. But she knows it was not all on Bruce. She is out to end Barbara's life as well.
    Jim is sent to Hugo for reshaping, Bane heads to the clinic after Barbara, and Nyssa is off on a mission. Bruce burns his way through his ropes and takes out the guards. He radios Alfred and Selina and sends them to the clinic to help. Hugo is ready to transform Jim physically and then chip him to make him a soldier for Nyssa. He cannot be bargained with. But the stimulants Hugo is pumping in Jim's body give him the strength he needs. He escapes and frees General Wade. He checks him for chip implant scar, but finds none.
    Bruce joins them and tells them about Nyssa's plan to have the government raze Gotham. The General says he can stop it if they get to the Army HQ. They head over the the HQ, which is near the GCPD. Harvey tells Jim he is the father of a girl, Lee and Babs are safe, and are headed to the Sirens Club. But the good news is crushed. General Wade has been chipped. He orders the city razed and our heroes taken into custody. Jim takes out the guards and frees Bruce, Harvey and himself, but the bombing has already started. Bane gets knocked around by Alfred's car, but he easily swats away Selina. Alfred pulls him into a fight, but Alfred is no match for him. Bane slams Alfred into a light pole and leaves a shattered Alfred. Selina is crying over him.

    Babs & Lee and Baby Makes Three:
    [caption id="attachment_35789" align="aligncenter" width="795"] ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Barbara is in labor and pressures Lee for a timeline. She wants to get herself and the baby out of Gotham. Through the process of the delivery, Lee finds out why. Barbara is scared that Jim will take away the baby or worse, the people after her would kill the baby. Lee builds trust with her. They become a team with Lee pushing Babs, while she fires with two guns taking out Nyssa's forces. They make it to the ambulance bay. Lee says that Jim will help her and the baby and she will help if Babs lets her. They make amends, but the baby is coming and so is Bane. Alfred and Selina arrive just in time to knock Ban

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    The Trial of Jim Gordon

    The Trial of Jim Gordon

    The Trial of Jim Gordon saw him fight for his life. Ivy put the whammy on just about all the other men in the group. Babs fought to keep the peace for Jim. Lee saved Jim and ended up as a bride.
    Ivy Puts Gotham on Trial: ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX
    Ivy wants to keep Gotham cut off from the mainland so she can make it a garden for her plants. In her trial the people of Gotham are sentenced to death. In her multi-part plan, she must put multiple players into action. She controls Bruce and sends him to the water treatment plan. There, Bruce sprays her perfume on Lucius. Together  they reverse the water treatment and push Jeremiah's toxins back into the water. Thankfully Selina knocks sense back into both of them and the process is corrected.
    Ivy has gotten control of Victor Zsasz and sends him after Jim. She knows with Jim out of the picture the city will fall into chaos and there will be no reunification with the mainland. Victor fails the first time. She arrives at the GCPD and sends him to be a distraction. He swaggers into the squad room shooting at the cops and declaring how much he loves Ivy. Alfred, Alvarez and the other cops provide cover for Harvey as he slips off to the equipment room. He pulls out the same bomb suit Ed used. He distracts Zsasz and then takes him out. Ivy is about to finish Jim off but Lee wounds her by a gut shot. She escapes, but not before smashing Lee's adrenaline.
    Gordon's Trial in Dreamland: ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX
    Jim tried to broker a ceasefire among the gangs, but Ivy had other plans and had Zsasz shoot him. In his struggle between life and death he stands trail for his failings in Gotham. Earlier in the episode Lee questions his motives and personality. She wants a life with him, but he takes everything on as his responsibility. Thrown in this dreamland, his mind uses the time to show him his failings and motivations. He accuses himself for Gotham's failings, the separation from the mainland, the rise of the gangs, the bombing of Haven and more. Lee comes to accuse him of breaking her heart, the loss of their child, and her struggles. He is found guilty. Then we see a wake for him. He is behind bars when all the villains he has fought are free and celebrating his passing. The young Havenite Will leads him to the electric chair.   Lee offers him one more chance with a child and he is still unsure. As the switch is thrown, Jim decides to live.
    All this time, Harvey has been busy finding out who shot Jim and leading the GCPD. He urges Babs to help by keeping the peace with the gangs. She does by poising the leaders and strong arming a cease fire.  Lee removes the bullet from Jim and begs him to wake up. While waiting, Alfred comes in and reassures her that she will make a great mother to Jim & Barbara's child. He is her sounding board about Jim and she fights to save him. He comes out if it and asks her to marry him.
    One month later, we have a wedding in the Church of Law and Justice. Jim and Lee are married surrounded by co-workers, friends and family. Who better to officiate, but Harvey. Jim and Lee have each gone through their own trial this episode. Both came out if it ready to love each other and work to make it work together. Meanwhile Oswald is being the devil on Barbara's shoulder. She did all that work for Jim, but he was never going to see her needs. He only has eyes for Lee. Babs wants to escape. Penguin says Jim will hunt her down. But Babs is ready.
    The Trial of Young Lovers: ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX
    Bruce takes Selina on a raid for supplies, but in truth it is a date. After the best canned meal Selina has ever eaten, they talk the future. Bruce laments the loss of Wayne Manor, but Selina assures him that Gotham is home. He agrees, but feels like Gotham would be better without him in it. He recounts the villains that have come to town because of him. Their love is put on trial when Ivy and the head of the M

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    Nothing's Shocking

    Nothing's Shocking

    Nothing's Shocking about Jane Doe who assumes the face and identity of people to seek revenge. Nothing's shocking about Mr. Peen  who comes back controlled by Scarface the dummy. Nothing's shocking about toxic river water turning people into killers. Really? This must be Gotham City!
    A Shocking Blast From The Past:
    [caption id="attachment_34894" align="aligncenter" width="795"] ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Jane Doe, Sarah Pidgeon, is out to take revenge on the cops who destroyed Jane Cartwright's life. This shocking villain is a link back to one of Bullock's first cases. Boggs, Lews, Dix (Harvey's former partner) and Harvey caught a case at the start of Bullock's career. A Mrs. Cartwright murdered her husband and confessed but later recanted. The crew didn't have enough evidence, so Harvey leaned on the 7 year old daugher Jane. She identified her mom as the killer. Harvey later learned that the husband beat his wife and Jane.
    Jane got passed around foster care and eventually ended up in Arkham. Jane became one of Hugo Strange's test subjects. She can touch a person, absorb their memories, voice and appearance, and when she is done shed their skin like reptile. Jane Cartwright is dead Jane Doe lives and cannot even see her own face (it is lovely) as anything but horrible. She is out to seek revenge on those he hurt her. She kills Boggs & Lewis by playing Dix and then comes after him. Luckily the deaths at the Sirens Club had Barbara call Jim & Harvey. Harvey & Jim seek out Dix and save him from Jane.
    Jim knows there is more to the story and what Dix and Harvey are telling them. So he, Harper and an officer head out the Cartwright home place. The officer is knocked out and Jane assumes his identity, but Jim spots the switch and takes her down. Back at the GCPD he learns the whole story from Jane. She escapes impersonates Harvey and kills Dix. She then assumes Barbara's identity to try an escape. Stabby Babs is able to overpower her and get free. Jane runs home. Harvey follows and tries to reason with her, but she will not back down. He has to kill her.
    Back at the GCPD Harvey has to get the story and history off his chest to Jim. Jim cannot offer Harvey forgiveness. But truly Harvey knows he is better for having worked with Jim. It has brought him back from where he was.
    A Shocking Return:
    [caption id="attachment_34895" align="aligncenter" width="795"] ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX[/caption]
    It turns out Mr. Penn (Andrew Sellon) survived his attack in Haven, but it has left him unbalanced. He has come to depend on Mr. Scarface, the dummy, to make the hard decisions. Penn was managed, bullied and pushed around by Oswald. He can't advocate for himself so he is letting Mr. Scarface do it for him. It is shocking how fast Penguin and Riddler start talking to Scarface as if he is real. Ed says that Penn/Scarface are correct and Oswald uses people. He tells Penn about the sub and escape plans. Penguin distracts Penn and Ed sets off the sonar. Oswald gets the upper hand and shoots off Scarface's head. Penn acts like he is free, but Ed kills him. Ed and Oswald acknowledge that that need each other and work best when they are themselves.
    It's Shocking What You Find Under The City:
    [caption id="attachment_34892" align="aligncenter" width="795"] ©2019 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX[/caption]
    Bruce and Alfred hear about people going missing in the tunnels under the city. They hear the shocking story from a survivor. She and her husband went to go find the others. He is missing and she was beaten up. Rather than tax Jim and the already busy GCPD, they head down to the tunnels to find the missing people. The wall of the tunnels run parallel to Gotham River and that means Jeremiah's toxin is leeching through the walls. That has caused damage to the people living there. It turns out one or more people were driven insane by the toxins and attacking and killing the others. Bruce & Alfred rescue the missin

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4.2 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

TNsmartfan ,

Very nice job!

Nice job guys! You picked up on some cool details of the show. Not too long, either.

ZumbaKarin ,


Thanks for the work you put into the podcast!! I enjoy listening to your thoughtful commentary and love the listener feedback. Another Golden Spiral Media hit.

Fray1776 ,

Look Forward to it Weekly

The Golden Spiral Teams do a great job breaking down the show and providing their point of view on what they believe is happening and going to happen. I also love the feedback from the other fans. I started with one of their podcast, and now look for them for everything I watch.

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