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Grace Enough is a podcast designed to encourage believers that God can use you no matter your story. He does the changing, the transforming, the redeeming, not us. It does require daily surrender, faith, and trust, but we must remember God's grace is enough.

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Grace Enough is a podcast designed to encourage believers that God can use you no matter your story. He does the changing, the transforming, the redeeming, not us. It does require daily surrender, faith, and trust, but we must remember God's grace is enough.

    74: Susan Alexander Yates | Creating Connection Through Cousin Camp & Extended Family Gatherings

    74: Susan Alexander Yates | Creating Connection Through Cousin Camp & Extended Family Gatherings

    Susan and I chat about how her family vision of the love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself led her and John to begin hosting a Cousin Camp for their 21 grandchildren. We also discuss letting going of the expectation of being appreciated and creating meaningful family connections through extended family gatherings.
    1:43 Susan shares about her new book Cousin Camp
    Free Download:  Camp at Home: 100 Practical Ideas for Families
    5:06You have 21 grandchildren and have hosted a cousin camp for the past 11 years.  Take us back and share what led to the first cousin campand what the week looked like.
    "We had always prayed for our kids from the time they started coming...that they would learn to love the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul and then the second commandment, to love their neighbor as ourself.That's sort of been our family vision as we've raised our children."
    "We've now had camp for 11 years, and all 21 of our grandchildren now come, but one of the hallmark traditions is the largest Sunday in our county, Warren County in Virginia. I bought a gutter the first year at the hardware store and then lined it with aluminum foil...and put rows and rows of ice cream and toppings and nuts and whipped cream all down the gutter."
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    73: Bethany Allen | Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development

    73: Bethany Allen | Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development

    Bethany and I chat about spiritual formation, consistently showing up to meet with God, how she handles questions about being a woman who teaches God's Word, and what led her to seminary.
    Bridgetown Church
    Practicing the Way
    3:38Share a little of your faith journey with us.  How did you come to know Jesus?
    "I think there's a lot of merit to just that slow, good work of Jesus in our lives."
    5:28What led to you to seminary? 
    Western Seminary
    "I feel like my seminary experience had so much to do with God healing me, as opposed to just learning."
    "I remember God... saying, Bethany, you can build a kingdom, you have enough charisma....You can build your kingdom and you can have influence and it would be good, it will produce goodness, but if you make that your ambition as a woman in ministry, it will be limited. If you instead yield to the reality that I am one who orchestrates my people and brings fullness of the imago dei, it means you'll have to die a lot more deaths and it will have to be your ambition is really the advancement of the kingdom of God at all costs. Which means you'll have to bow the knee in certain places, you'll have to go lower in certain places, you'll have to withstand things that you don't necessarily want to withstand, but it will mean the expansion of my kingdom on my terms."
    Ephesians 4pastoral gifting
    14:49What is it like to serve alongside a group of men who do look at you and value you as someone who can teach the Word of God?
    "I think it really helps that I grew up in a context where my dad has always championed me. My dad's one of the most humble people in the kingdom of God. I remember him always saying, I would sweep the floors of the kingdom, if I could just be a part of it."
    "I have prayed every day for friendship and favor with these men largely because I desire that more than I desire a place on the pulpit."
    "I would say to anyone who asked me because it's true, he [John Mark Comer]  is just as good if not better than you think. He's just as godly and humble and he's perfect? No, absolutely not. Am I? No...Those men I serve with are some of the most humble men I've ever known. They are both my covering and I'm not afraid to say that that's not triggering language for me. They are my advocates and they are my friends."
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    72: Justin Whitmel Earley | Habits of Purpose in the Digital Age

    72: Justin Whitmel Earley | Habits of Purpose in the Digital Age

    Justin and I chat about habits and how they form us.  We chat about practicing habits of purpose particularly as it relates to our digital and media consumption. 
    4:57Justin shares how he came to know Jesus
    "I did have my serious wanderings in late High School and early College. I describe it as the period for me where I personally never really doubted that the claims of Jesus were true, I did experientially wonder if they mattered and if they mattered to me. Through some significant moral failure, and realizing that I was less happy... and more ashamed, living the way I was living. Finally I had my 'I'm gonna follow Jesus, not just because my parents said', but for myself in early college. And it was really because I started to think about who I was becoming.  I realized I don't like who I'm becoming, but I like who my dad is. I like who my parents are. And just because they modeled a life of following Jesus."
    7:22You have said, "My habits wrecked me."
    Share with our listeners a little about what life looked like for you early in your law career and how that led you to develop habits of purpose.
    "I look back now and I think the house of my life was very sincerely decorated with the Christian content of calling, but I look back now and I also realize that the architecture of that life was exactly like everyone else's. I completely assimilated to all the typical practices of a top 20 law school, an aspiring young lawyer, just busy all the time. Always waking up earlier. Always staying up later. Always adding more. And that worked in a sense. I graduated around the top of my class and got my dream job at an international law firm doing mergers and acquisitions. And, you know, life was going well, of course, until it wasn't."
    "How is it that this missionary to law and business became converted to the nervous medicating warrior, and especially in such a short order? The answer for me...was by habit.... After about a year of this, I realized that my my body and my mind, and all the anxiety that wrecked it, was happening because I had finally become converted to the anxiety and the nervousness and the busyness that my habits and routines worshiped. I was being formed in anxiety even while I was in my head clinging to the gospel piece of calling."
    "I think our cultural moment is familiar with the significance of worldview. For example, what we believe about the world has a serious impact on our life. But I do think we're less acquainted with the idea that the practical ways we live have significant impact on who we become."
    "Our brain becomes attuned to certain habit activity such that our head thinking can go one way, but our habit activity can go the other way and that's very normal. Then, I started digging into the theology of this and realizing that when your head goes one way and your habit goes the other way your heart follows the habit."
    "It is possible to believe all the right things, but but very unwittingly, worship idols of productivity, busyness, exhausting yourself to earn the approval of others just through the little habits of the ways you check your emails or never turn off your devices or never schedule a day off."
    16:02 The Common Ruleis a way for people to practice formational habits together and today we are primarily going to talk about digital habits.
    You write, "The smartphone is a tool that enables many things, but it will never multiply our presence." What do you encourage others to do to begin practicing presence?
    One hour with phone off
    "We are often connected to people, but we are very rarely actually present with people."
    19:22One of the daily habits you recommend is Scripture before phone.  Why do you recommend that?
    Scipture before phone
    "I recommend that and almost everything else I recommend, because of the ways I fail at it."
    "We wake up and our heads are asking our phone a really simple questi

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    71: Krista Boan | Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

    71: Krista Boan | Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

    Krista, the co-founder of We Start Now chat about building an internal framework within your child when it comes to values and digital habits. Krista also shares a variety of tips to help parents and families flourish in the digital age.
    1:57 Take a moment to introduce our listeners to you, your family, and tell us a little about We START Now
    A couple of years ago, my oldest daughter was in fifth grade. At that time, the hot Christmas gift was a smartphone and I knew that our family was not ready for a smartphone....I really became concerned about that and started reaching out asking if anybody else wanted to talk about it. What happened was it became a conversation ironically, of a close tiny group of people who started talking about this issue and it grew to 3000 people almost overnight. People who really were talking about what does it look like to give our kids smartphone. How do we get them ready for that? What age is the right age?"
    START. It's an acronym that stands for sit together and rethink technology. 
    5:16 What are some of the key take aways that you applied as your family began to re-think technology?
    Gabb Wireless phone
    "I think that there is a very hopeful, promising movement of the next generation of parents who are beginning to say, we want to do it different and it's gonna look a little bit more incremental."
    6:40 I read a study recently that the average U.S. household has eleven connected devices with seven of those, including screens to view content.  What are some first steps and things that we can do to really begin to rethink technology? 
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    70: Rebecca Smith | Better Life Bags

    70: Rebecca Smith | Better Life Bags

    The founder of Better Life Bags, Rebecca Smith, joins me to talk about growing Better Life Bags(BLB) from an Etsy shop to a large company that provides meaningful work for women in her community. We also chat about slowing down to get ahead, the mission of BLB and pursuing dreams in every season. 
    A Better Life: Slowing Down To Get Ahead by Rebecca Smith
    4:40 Share a little of your faith journey with us.  When and how did you come to know Jesus?
    9:34 Take us back to being a young married woman in Savannah, Georgia and how you ended up in Hamtramck, Michigan.
    "I was giving micro loans with each bag purchase to a woman who lived in a third world country."
    "We moved to Michigan to this little city called Hamtramck. Our point in doing that was we were going to live here for two years immersing ourselves in a different culture. This city is very diverse... There's 26 languages spoken here in two square miles."
    "I had never imagined myself going overseas for missions, but I knew God had this heart for the world and I was willing to follow if that was His plan for our life, but I was terrified."
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    69: Sam and Amber Cullum | Sabbath With A Family

    69: Sam and Amber Cullum | Sabbath With A Family

    Sam and I chat about what led us to implement a weekly Shabbat meal and Sabbath rest into our family routine.  We discuss challenges and benefits from our experience. 
    0:34 What led us to begin a weekly practice of Sabbath rest?
    Sam: “We had started looking at some of the family teams stuff with Jeremy Pryor and Jeff Bethke and some of the research they were sharing about people leaving the faith in western Christendom versus religions like Mormonism and the Hebrew faith….Part of it was that there weren’t rhythms that were part of the standard daily family cycle. And so for me, we were researching that and it really hit me that it was something I wanted to give to my kids to help them see the realness of our faith, but also to give them a practice that gave us an identity as a family.”
    3:20 As a family of 5 (3 kids 10 and under) we understand the challenge with actually getting to rest, so what does our weekly Sabbath look like?
    Our family currently Sabbath’s from 5 p.m. on Friday-12 p.m. Saturday.
    Shabbat meal Friday evening followed by 5-10 minutes of quiet time, then family game time. 
    Choose a day that works for your family and can be repeated
    Form a habit of removing digital distraction
    Make the Shabbat meal special. Ex.) plates only used for that meal, special drink for the kids, table cloth, etc. 
    Shabbat meal practice:
    Stand behind our chairs
    Sing Doxology
    Read Deut. 5:15: Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and that the Lord your God brought you out of there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. Therefore the Lord your God has commanded you to observe the Sabbath day
    Light the candles
    Oldest generation present blesses any sons and daughters present
    Kids speak Aaronic Blessing (Num. 26: 22-27) over us in Hebrew
    As a family we bless one another with the Aaronic blessing
    Amber: “It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not like you just wake up in the morning and are like, Okay, I’m going to rest now and it just happens you actually have to plan for rest.”
    EP. 49: Jeremy Pryor | Family Teams
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

Awesomeness91234 ,

A favorite podcast!

I always enjoy listening to Amber’s podcast as her guests often expand my understanding and insight into different people’s experiences. I often finish feeling both encouraged and challenged in my faith. I love that Amber let’s the stories of her guests be the highlight and main focus rather than her.

khvhufx ,

Digital Management

Thank you for episode 71 & 72! Very informative and full of great wisdom! I am looking forward to listening to your other episodes past and future ones!

TLWinchell ,

Wisdom for daily living

Just finished listening to Episode 72 with Amber and her guest Justin Whitmel Earley.

There’s so much wisdom in this conversation that helped me ask some hard questions about what’s more important to me - my screens or following Jesus.

When I’m following Jesus, I’m less concerned about my devices and much more concerned about loving my family and loving the people in my community of believers and non-believers.

Thank you for providing intelligent voices on your podcast, Amber!

Tracy Winchell

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