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All about the animals of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, sponsored by the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

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All about the animals of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, sponsored by the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Episode 46: Northern Rockies Research and Educational Services

    Episode 46: Northern Rockies Research and Educational Services

    In this episode, we bring on Mat Seidensticker, director and founder of the Northern Rockies Research and Education Services, the non-profit that we learned about in our last episode.  In this episode, however, we brought on the Director to gain a bigger picture of how a science-based non-profit works, what other projects they have going on, their partnership with MPG ranch, what DNA barcoding is, and so much more.  Mat also shares with us a crazy story from the field as well as some ways that you can help the project, and our climate! 
    MontanaMothProject.org - this is where you can contact Mat and Marian
    “Wilted Wings” A Hunter’s Fight for Eagles” by Mike McTee
    Ways you can help:
    Contact the Montana Moth Project (through their website, to tell them you would like to get involved!)
    Plant wildflowers and let your yard go wild!
    Post pictures of moths you take (and other insectivores!) on iNaturalist 
    Join a mothing night! Learn how to do it, and then you could set up your own and contribute to the data collection. (Mothing nights happen often in the summers at Montana Audubon Center and ZooMontana)
    Sign up for the Montana Moth Project Newsletter so you will receive news when new community science opportunities come up!

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    Episode 45: Montana Moth Project

    Episode 45: Montana Moth Project

    In this month’s episode, we have a fun conversation with Marian Kirst. If you have never taken a second to think about moths, please stop and listen to this episode. Have your mind blown! She works for the Montana Moth Project, a flagship program of the Northern Rockies Research and Educational Services, and is here with her inspiring passion to open your minds to how cool these little creatures are, their importance as pollinators, and how they may be affected by climate change.
    Simple ways you can help moths:
    Reduce your light pollution (only have lights on when needed, shield your lights so they are pointed down, change your light bulbs)
    Post photos of moths you see on iNaturalist
    Come out for citizen science projects, like mothing nights run by Montana Moth Project at the Audubon Center in Billings (contact Marian for more details)
    Resources from the podcast:
    Colorado State University and their C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity (Where MMP collection is stored) 
    Chuck Heart, Macro moth specialist
    Peterson Field Guide 
    “Moths of Western North America” by Jerry A. Powell and Paul A. Opler
    Moth Photographers Group Website (Maps where moths are tracked, and pictures to help with identification) 
    Pacific Northwest Moths Website 
    Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission (Run Moth Week each year)
    Moths and Moth Watching Facebook Group
    Research article on clothes moths

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    Ferruginous Hawks and the Climate Crisis

    Ferruginous Hawks and the Climate Crisis

    For this episode, we brought in Ellis Juhlin from Yellowstone Public Radio to talk about her experiences researching the lesser-known ferruginous hawk, and what she has noticed about the effects of a changing climate on this species and their habitat.
    Photo Credit: Ellis Juhlin and High Country News 
    Hawk Watch International
    Boise State Raptor Research Center
    Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey
    UM Bird Ecology Lab
    Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary Ferruginous Hawk Species Page
    With thanks to Todd Katzner and Natasha Hadden

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    Episode 43: Animal Jobs

    Episode 43: Animal Jobs

    This week is National ZooKeeper Week, so we have brought on Animal Educator, Jess Smallwood, and Keepers, Izzy Sommerdorf and Mason Williams from the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Montana. Listen as we discuss and compare the variety of jobs you can have working with animals, and dive into the lesser-known challenges and unique benefits of the field. 

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    Episode 42: Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

    Episode 42: Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

    Our guest this episode is Ben Daley, Program Director from the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation. Gary and Eden discuss stewardship of our wild lands and how the A-B Wilderness fits into Custer National Forest and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
    The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem podcast is a production of the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

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    Episode 41: Bison

    Episode 41: Bison

    Bison are one of the most iconic animals of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and for good reason. They are the national mammal of the United States and the largest animal in North America. They also have a dark — but successful — conservation story. Joining Gary and Eden to discuss the history, conservation, and management of bison in America is Dr. Chris Geremia, the lead bison biologist for Yellowstone National Park.
    The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem podcast is a production of the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

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17 Ratings

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