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Life and business partners Marie Poulin and Ben Borowski explore the highs and lows at the intersection of business and emotional well-being, chatting with entrepreneurs who lead their ventures with a blend of ambition and humanity.

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Life and business partners Marie Poulin and Ben Borowski explore the highs and lows at the intersection of business and emotional well-being, chatting with entrepreneurs who lead their ventures with a blend of ambition and humanity.

    Embracing the Creator-Founder Role with Mariah Coz

    Embracing the Creator-Founder Role with Mariah Coz

    In this episode, Mariah shared her unique approaches to content creation, exploring the ease and effectiveness of podcasting as a marketing channel. She reflects on her business pivots and the transition to a new business structure that allows for more spaciousness and personal growth, discussing her transition from a CEO role to a Creator-Founder role. She also shares her desire to experiment and try new things, which led her to downsize her team and focus on her own creativity. So much amazing learning in one episode; what a treat!
    (00:00) - Mariah Interview
    (00:13) - Building a neurodivergent friendly business
    (02:25) - How do you know when you're in a good or bad creative cycle?
    (04:31) - How do you evaluate where a project or idea might fit in your business?
    (12:34) - How Mariah made a podcast be an easy lift
    (17:48) - How did Mariah land on podcasting as her main platform?
    (21:43) - What is the structure of Mariah's current business?
    (36:10) - How did you learn that you wanted to be a creator and not a CEO?
    (46:31) - Being a destroyer and not always a creator
    (50:55) - What does your current iteration look like?
    (54:29) - Why would you intentionally avoiding big opportunities?
    (01:05:56) - Do you use any AI tools in your work currently?
    (01:07:07) - What's the best way for people to find out more about Mariah Coz?
    TakeawaysCreating a neurodivergent-friendly business involves designing processes and systems that accommodate individual needs and mental health challenges.Focusing on substance over aesthetics in content creation can lead to faster and more efficient production.Podcasting can be an easy and effective marketing channel, providing a platform for sharing ideas and connecting with an audience.Transitioning from ads to podcasting can offer more freedom and flexibility in content creation and delivery.Reevaluating roles and creating spaciousness in business can lead to personal growth and a more sustainable approach to work. Transitioning from a CEO role to a creator role requires making changes to the way programs are delivered and the structure of the business.Embracing change and experimentation is essential for personal and professional growth.There is a difference between a "Creator" founder and a CEO, and it's important to understand one's own strengths and desires.The creator CEO role requires elasticity and the ability to transition between different roles and responsibilities.Fear of visibility can hold back growth, but saying yes to new opportunities can lead to personal and professional development.Creators & Guests

    Marie Poulin - Host
    Benjamin Borowski - Host
    Mariah Coz - Guest

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Livin' the Llama Life with Marie Ng

    Livin' the Llama Life with Marie Ng

    Marie Ng, founder of Llama Life, shares her journey from advertising to software development and the challenges and successes she encountered along the way. She discusses the importance of building a customer base and the resonance of her product with the ADHD community.
    LlamaLife.coMarie on TwitterChapters
    (00:00) - Living the Llama Life with Marie Ng
    (00:28) - What has your journey been thus far?
    (04:50) - How long did it take to get to the first sale to another person?
    (10:57) - The perfect storm of COVID and everyone suddenly working from home
    (15:43) - The benefits of being funded vs bootstrapped
    (26:29) - What did you hire for when you got funded?
    (33:57) - Life as a founder with ADHD
    (01:05:18) - What are you excited about? What's coming up next?
    (01:08:35) - Why Llama?
    Transitioning from one career to another requires dedication and a willingness to learn new skills.Building a customer base requires effective marketing strategies and resonating with a specific target audience.Seeking funding can provide opportunities for growth and expansion.Hiring the right team members is crucial for filling skill gaps and supporting the growth of the business. Hiring is a challenging and time-consuming process, but having prior experience working with someone can help ensure a good fit.Design and branding play a crucial role in creating a distinct and enjoyable user experience.Creating a supportive team environment with open communication and low ego is essential for managing ADHD as a founder.Entrepreneurship allows for more control over one's work environment and the ability to solve personal problems.Building and scaling a product involves making decisions and managing tech debt, but it's important to prioritize and focus on the customer experience.Creators & Guests

    Marie Poulin - Host
    Benjamin Borowski - Host
    Marie Ng - Guest

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Examining Post-Achievement with Khe Hy

    Examining Post-Achievement with Khe Hy

    In this episode, we talked to Khe Hy, discussing his identity journey and transition to a post-achievement career. We explored the evolution of his interests and the challenges of defying audience expectations. Khe offered insights on success, creative expression, and time management, delving into post-achievement, and noting that financial success doesn't guarantee deep satisfaction.
    RadReadsExamined Life PodcastKhe on TwitterChapters
    (00:00) - Introduction
    (01:08) - Exploring Identity
    (04:17) - Seasons of Entrepreneurship
    (15:35) - Post-achieving Professionals
    (21:53) - Grieving and Letting Go of Identities
    (28:58) - Investing in Relationships
    (32:19) - Therapy Experience
    (37:39) - Integration and Reflection
    (43:28) - Practicing Rejection
    (50:24) - One Punch Man and Stakes
    TakeawaysTransitioning identities is a natural part of personal and professional growth.Post-achievement professionals question the traditional playbook of achievement and seek deeper satisfaction and contentment.Success should be defined by personal values and principles, not just financial achievements.Grieving and letting go of identities is an important process in personal growth and finding fulfillment. Investing in relationships and seeking therapy can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself and others.Psychedelic therapy can provide profound insights and experiences that can positively impact relationships and personal development.Integration and reflection are important after therapy experiences to fully process and apply the insights gained.Changing one's relationship with stakes and embracing challenges can lead to personal growth and a healthier perspective on success.Creators & Guests

    Marie Poulin - Host
    Benjamin Borowski - Host
    Khe Hy - Guest

    • 59 min
    Nervous System Mastery with Jonny Miller

    Nervous System Mastery with Jonny Miller

    In this episode, we spoke with Jonny Miller, the mind behind Nervous System Mastery, about the critical role of understanding our nervous system. Jonny shared insights from his personal journey through grief, leading him to delve into the connections between emotions, physicality, breathwork, and the nervous system. He introduced the concept of interoception and its importance in building emotional resilience, alongside the complexities involved in teaching and sharing the nuances of mastering our nervous systems. 
    Our conversation also ventured into the realms of psychedelics and their potential to deepen our connection with our nervous systems, the impact of COVID-19 on professional life, and the hurdles faced while scaling an online course. Jonny's story is a testament to the power of curiosity, the expression of emotions, and the search for joy in times of sorrow.
    Nervous System MasteryCurious Humans PodcastJonny on TwitterChapters
    (00:00) - Nervous System Mastery with Jonny Miller
    (02:47) - The Impact of Grief
    (06:26) - Resources for Approaching Grief
    (08:15) - On Burnout
    (13:18) - Integration of Grief and Nervous System Work
    (16:15) - Transition to Teaching Nervous System Mastery
    (19:03) - Framing the Work
    (21:27) - Cultivating Interoception
    (24:14) - Measuring Interoception
    (26:29) - Exploring Psychadelics and the Nervous System
    (40:00) - Behind the Scenes
    (42:50) - Current Challenges
    (47:19) - Finding Jonny
    TakeawaysUnderstanding and mastering the nervous system is essential for emotional resilience and overall well-being.Grief and burnout can be transformative experiences that lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself.Interoception, the ability to notice and interpret bodily sensations, is a key aspect of emotional awareness and regulation.Communicating the concepts and practices of nervous system mastery can be challenging, but finding relatable language and using personal experiences can help make it more accessible. Interoception is gaining more attention in the research community, with studies showing its correlation with conditions like ADHD and PTSD.Measuring interoception can be done through assessments like the MAIA, which evaluates different areas of interoceptive capacity.Psychedelics, like MDMA and ayahuasca, can play a role in nervous system healing by surfacing incomplete reflexes and providing a space for emotional completion.Teaching and guiding others in emotional exploration requires setting boundaries and referring individuals to somatic therapists when necessary.Grief can be a transformative experience that leads to a deeper understanding of joy and connection.Future plans include in-person retreats and strategic collaborations with freelancers or contractors.Challenges include prioritizing projects, investing in assets that appreciate over time, and maintaining a sustainable and enjoyable approach to teaching and scaling the course.Creators & Guests

    Marie Poulin - Host
    Benjamin Borowski - Host
    Jonny Miller - Guest

    • 48 min
    Becoming Unkillable with Sara Campbell

    Becoming Unkillable with Sara Campbell

    In this conversation, Sara Campbell discusses her work as a coach and her mission to help people develop a strong relationship with themselves. She shares her journey of becoming who she is meant to be and the importance of removing layers of who we are not. Sara also talks about the lessons she has learned from Zen Buddhism, emphasizes the value of living out loud and sharing vulnerability, as well as the importance of self-compassion and overcoming self-criticism.
    SaraCampbell.coTiny RevolutionsSara on TwitterChapters
    (00:00) - Becoming Unkillable with Sara Campbell
    (02:11) - Helping People Become Who They Are
    (04:21) - What Drew you to Zen Buddhism?
    (06:56) - The Specificity of Ambitions and the Doing
    (12:27) - Formalizing the Coaching Practice
    (15:16) - The Bodhisattva Vow
    (17:22) - Living Out Loud and Sharing Vulnerability
    (20:49) - Crash and Burn Moments
    (26:23) - Helping Others and Becoming Who You Are
    (29:02) - Managing Energy
    (34:36) - Getting Started with Meditation
    (38:42) - Setting Intentions and Goals
    (44:16) - Embracing Emergence and Experimentation
    (46:34) - Bringing Ideas to Light Through Podcasting
    (52:37) - Trojan Houses for Development
    (55:13) - Integrating Podcasting into Courses and Coaching
    (57:11) - Follow Sara
    TakeawaysDeveloping a strong relationship with oneself is essential for personal growth and fulfillment.Becoming who you are means removing layers of who you are not.Zen Buddhism and the Bodhisattva vow teach the importance of mindfulness, self-acceptance, and treating oneself and others with respect and care.Living out loud and sharing vulnerability can create connections and help others feel less alone.Practicing self-compassion and overcoming self-criticism are crucial for personal well-being.Getting started with meditation can be done through apps like Headspace, Calm, and Waking Up. Start a meditation practice by using meditation apps or attending local meditation centers.Take action and start somewhere, even if it's small, to avoid getting overwhelmed by choices.Simplify belongings and focus on actions rather than material possessions.Set intentions and goals to guide your actions and progress.Experiment and embrace emergence in your personal and professional development.Consider podcasting as a medium to share ideas and engage with listeners.Integrate podcasting into courses and coaching programs to enhance the learning experience.Creators & Guests

    Marie Poulin - Host
    Benjamin Borowski - Host
    Sara Campbell - Guest

    • 57 min
    Creating a Beautiful Future with Barrett Brooks

    Creating a Beautiful Future with Barrett Brooks

    Barrett Brooks, former COO of ConvertKit and now an executive coach, shared his deep connection with nature and the significance of confronting past pain. He reflected on the complexities and rewards of executive coaching, the balance between coaching and personal creative work, and the necessity of personal growth and clear professional agreements.
    Barrett discussed his own experience of leaving a company, highlighting the lessons learned about boundaries, contracts, and the challenges posed by conflicting desires for company growth. He stressed the importance of navigating company departures, processing grief, and understanding the interplay between grief and joy.
    Additionally, he talked about his future plans, including writing a memoir and starting a podcast.
    BarrettBrooks.comBarrettABrooks on TwitterReferences
    Richard Schwatz - No Bad PartsReboot CoachingEmotion Sensation WheelFrancis Weller - Wild Edge of SorrowRuthie AckermanMaggie Smith - You Could Make This Place BeautifulChapters
    (00:00) - Introduction
    (06:17) - The brokenness of the natural world and organizations
    (12:22) - Finding inner and outer alignment
    (16:05) - Patterns from childhood and their influence
    (26:14) - Transitioning to coaching
    (29:50) - Coaching's influence on writing
    (33:13) - How would you coach yourself?
    (35:53) - Navigating joining and leaving ConvertKit
    (46:24) - The cost of joy is grief
    (59:34) - Power of memoirs
    (01:07:13) - A beautiful future
    TakeawaysNature can have a profound impact on our well-being and should be protected.Acknowledging and integrating past pain is essential for personal growth and success.Coaching can be a valuable tool for individuals to navigate their personal and professional challenges.Creating space for personal growth and creative pursuits is crucial for maintaining balance and fulfillment. Having clear boundaries and a contract is essential when entering into agreements.Incompatible desires for company growth can lead to conflict and ultimately the decision to part ways.Navigating the complexity of leaving a company requires open communication and a willingness to process emotions.Grief and joy are interconnected, and allowing oneself to fully experience grief can lead to a deeper appreciation of joy.Writing and ritual can be powerful tools for processing grief and creating closure.Storytelling and making meaning are important for personal growth and understanding.Creating a beautiful future involves healing and integrating past pain.Writing a memoir and starting a podcast can be powerful ways to share personal experiences and inspire others.Creators & Guests

    Marie Poulin - Host
    Benjamin Borowski - Host
    Barrett Brooks - Guest

    • 1 hr 12 min

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