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Paul Spiegelman chats with business leaders about what shaped their business and life.

Growing with Purpose Paul Spiegelman

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Paul Spiegelman chats with business leaders about what shaped their business and life.

    Tony + Tony Sr. Maione: Making a Father-Son Business Shine

    Tony + Tony Sr. Maione: Making a Father-Son Business Shine

    On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with our very first father-son duo. Tony Maione Sr. (henceforth called Senior) is Co-founder and Executive Senior Consultant of Core America, a janitorial and environmental services consulting and software company. Tony Maione, his son, is currently President of Core America, as well as an alum of the Small Giants Leadership Academy. 
    While studying at Cornell University, Senior paid his way through school by cleaning buildings at night. By the time he graduated, he and his brother had a fully functioning business. They kept it going, using their parents’ basement as the office, and maintained both a positive business model and working environment. After over a decade of cleaning, Senior noticed there was a disconnect between the people who needed the cleaning services and the people providing the services. And so, he took a chance on trying his hand as a consultant, and helped clients find the best companies for their needs. By 1995, Core America completed the transition from cleaning provider to consulting service. More recently, they began offering their own software to aid clients even further. 
    Although the younger Tony always wanted to build his own career identity, his path often overlapped with his father’s and uncle’s: first, attending Cornell, and eventually moving back to his hometown and joining the family business. As he’s risen through the ranks within Core America, Tony has managed to both honor the legacy that the previous generation established, while also moving the company forward with his own unique leadership style and goals. 
    And yes, even after all of these years, the father and son duo still enjoy working together every day.
    Tune into this episode to hear Paul and the two Tonys discuss their family business dynamic, how they carefully transitioned the leadership from one generation to the next, and how they went about rediscovering Core America’s culture.
    Show Notes:
    5:10 - The beginnings of Core America
    15:25 - Brought up in a family business
    23:55 - Tactful transitions 
    28:15 - Rediscovering the culture
    32:44 - Looking ahead

    • 45 min
    Jean Pitzo: Building a Culture of Conscious Intelligence

    Jean Pitzo: Building a Culture of Conscious Intelligence

    On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with Jean Pitzo, CEO of Ace Metal Crafts, a stainless steel fabrication company. Jean is also a mentor in the Small Giants Sounding Board program.
    In the 1980s, Jean’s entrepreneurial father bought a metal fabricating business. And even though her brothers had no interest in joining the family business, Jean leapt at the opportunity to work with her father. Six years later, Jean and her sister, Mary, bought the company. It continues to have that family business spirit, as Jean’s daughter, Angela, now holds a leadership role. And while Jean has helped the company to grow financially, her real mission has been to create a psychologically healthy workplace. She does so through company-wide emotional intelligence classes; conscious intelligence classes for leadership; building a transparent, trusting culture; and more.
    Tune in to this episode to hear Jean and Paul talk about running a psychologically safe manufacturing company, Jean’s willingness to rely on her employees, and the delicate act of transitioning leadership to a new generation.
    Show Notes:
    3:55 - A father-daughter business
    7:50 - Culture is the shining star
    15:10 - Transitioning leadership
    29:15 - Ace’s biggest challenges
    34:00 - Advice for upcoming leaders

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    Heidi Baumgart: Empathy and Elbow Grease

    Heidi Baumgart: Empathy and Elbow Grease

    On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with Heidi Baumgart, COO of Skidmore Studio, a 65-year-old branding firm. 
    As an only child growing up in rural Ohio, Heidi observed generations of her family work hard to build their businesses, be it a dairy farm or a home renovation business. She took these values with her through her academic career, and into her first job after college at an advertising agency. Soon enough, though, when Heidi and her now-husband were planning their wedding, she pivoted her career to run her own events planning business for five years, which she claims has heavily informed every role she’s had since. Heidi’s pivoted her career since then, first into marketing leadership, and most recently into people management, which is allowing her to live her purpose of helping humans flourish. 
    Tune in to this episode to hear Heidi and Paul discuss Skidmore’s strong remote work culture, the influence of the Small Giants Community Summit on Heidi’s career journey, and their shared optimism about young people entering the workforce. 
    Show Notes:
    5:05 - Building a better culture through remote work
    12:30 - Growing up with elbow grease
    15:40 - Transferring skills into entrepreneurship 
    17:05 - The Small Giants Community influence 
    23:40 - Skidmore’s devotion to values
    32:23 - Heidi’s advice for young people

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    Eric Jones: The heavy lifting of purposeful leadership

    Eric Jones: The heavy lifting of purposeful leadership

    On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with Eric Jones, co-owner of Adamantine Spine Moving, a local and long-distance moving company based in Iowa. 
    Eric didn’t always dream of owning his own moving business. In fact, for a long time he didn’t know where he wanted his career to take him. His prior path stretched from coast to coast of the US, and involved time as a teacher and soccer coach at a boarding school, completing an MFA in nonfiction writing from the University of Iowa, and working in the burn unit of a hospital. Eventually, Eric picked up a defunct moving business from a friend, and built it up over time. It wasn’t until 2020, when co-owners Cliff and Emily Wallace opened a new branch in Des Moines, and the pandemic saw a boom to the moving industry, that Adamantine grew at an exponential rate. But with growth comes challenges, and Eric and his team had to evaluate how they’d scale while still maintaining their culture and values. 
    Tune in to this episode to hear Eric and Paul discuss Adamantine’s efforts to be an ecologically-conscious business, takeaways from participating in the Small Giants Community’s Leadership Academy, and the challenges Eric faces as the leader of a growing company. 
    Show Notes:
    3:30 - From boarding school teacher to burn unit tech
    12:30 - Adamantine builds its backbone
    16:15 - Eco-friendly efforts
    22:08 - Eric’s Leadership Academy experience
    25:30 - Lessons learned from moral dilemmas 
    32:00 - Adamantine’s biggest current challenges
    36:40 - “Become someone - become yourself.”

    • 45 min
    Andrew Barry: Building a Culture of Learning

    Andrew Barry: Building a Culture of Learning

    On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with Andrew Barry, founder and CEO of Curious Lion.
    Andrew got his start on the accounting side of business at KPMG. But as his passion for learning grew, he embraced his own courage by moving from his home country of South Africa to the United States, where he started his own training services business. Even though the road wasn’t always smooth, Andrew had mentors (including several standout female leaders in a male-dominant industry) to back him up, as well as his own curious mindset, to propel him forward. Now, through Curious Lion, he’s helping organizations shift their cultures to ones that are people-focused and embrace change in order for them to thrive and not just survive. 
    Tune in to this episode to hear Andrew and Paul discuss the dual influences their parents had on each of their leadership journeys, the dynamics of being a thought leader while running a business with its own identity, and the power of storytelling. 
    If you want to take a deeper dive into the tools and philosophies of Curious Lion, Andrew and his team have developed a free email-based course for anyone to access. Sign up to get these problem-solving tools here!
    Show Notes:
    3:50 - Awareness is the key to starting a learning culture
    6:00 - Optimize the planner, not the plan
    11:15 - From accounting to entrepreneurship
    17:30 - Andrew’s personal journey
    29:05 - Curious Lion’s challenges in 2023
    34:00 - “Stories are one of the greatest technologies we’ve ever invented”

    • 49 min
    Jason Fried: ”Out-teaching” the Competition

    Jason Fried: ”Out-teaching” the Competition

    On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with Jason Fried, co-founder and CEO of 37 Signals, as well as the co-author of several books such as Shape Up and It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work.
    As soon as Jason was old enough to work at the age of 13, his parents encouraged him to do so. From a young age, he was able to observe – and learn from – various management styles. Jason also took on an early interest in developing software, and freelanced and sold his own products throughout college. By the time he co-founded 37 Signals in 1999, he had an informed opinion of what strong leadership looked like.
    One of the things that has made 37 Signals stand out is their willingness to share what’s in their (not so) secret sauce. Jason says that he’d rather out-teach his competition than out-spend it, and part of that is being public with their company decisions and thought process. This outlook caused controversy for the company in 2020, but ultimately Jason stands by his and his teams’ commitment to transparency. 
    Tune in to this episode to hear Jason and Paul talk about the lesson that chefs can teach business leaders, the future of work, and the founder’s role in taking risks. 
    Show Notes:
    06:30 - Building a brand with a stance
    09:00 - 37 Signal’s existential risk
    12:55 - Lessons in management styles
    20:45 - What’s next for 37 Signals?
    25:30 - The future of work
    29:30 - “Profits buy you time, and time is a hard thing to buy.” 
    35:30 - Advice for young people

    • 50 min

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5.0 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Tracie723 ,

Transformational conversations

I’m really enjoying listening to Paul deep dive into how to lead an organization with these purpose-driven leaders. Paul touches on so many important topics with his guests. They peel back the layers of psychology and spirituality that drive our ability to be the best leaders we can be and create people-focused company cultures.

oliviabaker13 ,

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Insightful Podcast

I was a fan of this podcast before I was selected to be interviewed. It was an honor to be asked because the content has been so meaningful to me. Growing a business is hard and Paul’s guests provide many thought provoking moments for me personally. Download them all!!

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