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All about extensions, extension creators, and people doing cool things with Postgres. New episodes every week.

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All about extensions, extension creators, and people doing cool things with Postgres. New episodes every week.

    S2E9: Sai Srirampur, PeerDB

    S2E9: Sai Srirampur, PeerDB

    Sai Srirampur is the co-founder of PeerDB and a veteran Postgres Solutions Engineer with experience at Citus Data and Microsoft. He has been at the forefront of optimizing and scaling Postgres for large data workloads and is now spearheading innovation in data movement and replication with PeerDB. In this episode, we'll discuss the challenges of tuning massive Postgres systems, real-time data streaming solutions, and PeerDB’s vision for the future.

    In this episode we explore:
    Leaving Microsoft and starting Sai’s own company, PeerDBDeveloping PeerDB's data movement and replication toolWhy Postgres might not be suitable for everything at a large scaleHaving team members be database experts first before being software developersThe growing customer demand for Clickhouse and SnowflakeLinks mentioned:
    Sai Srirampur on X (@saisrirampur)
    Sai Srirampur on LinkedIn

    • 41 min
    S2E8: Melanie Plageman, Microsoft

    S2E8: Melanie Plageman, Microsoft

    In this episode, we talk Postgres committer Melanie Plagemean about her involvement with @PGConfdev, improvements to vacuum scheduling and auto vacuum configuration, the logical replication of DDL, and platforms such as CNCF and Kubernetes integrating with Postgres.

    Links mentioned:
    YouTube – CMU Database Group
    Path To Citus Con Podcast
    Melanie on X (@melanieplageman)

    • 36 min
    S2E7: Bharath Rupireddy, AWS

    S2E7: Bharath Rupireddy, AWS

    Bharath Rupireddy has carved a niche for himself in the Postgres community since he began using the database system back in 2020. From his start at EnterpriseDB to making strides at Microsoft, and now contributing to the AWS open-source project, Bharath is entrenched in the inner workings of Postgres development. He has worked in many areas of Postgres such as WAL, Replication, pg_walinspect extension, bug fixes, performance improvements, new SQL functions etc.

    In this episode we explore:
    Starting with Postgres in 2020 and learning the basics while contributing to Parallel COPY featurePostgres recent features such as pg_walinspect extension, WAL source switch from archive to streaming, WAL insertion lock improvements, WAL read from buffers, more replication slot invalidation mechanisms like XID age based and inactive_timeout based ones, new table access methods for multi inserts.The future of native active-active replicationThe complexities of conflict resolutionUsing PostgreSQL 16 in production scenarios for active-active replicationThe role of databases evolving within different industriesLinks mentioned:
    ¡Databases! – A Database Seminar Series
    Hacking Postgres, Ep. 9: Bertrand Drouvot
    PGConf India
    Hyderabad PostgreSQL User Group
    Bharath on LinkedIn
    Bharath on X (@BRupireddy)
    Bharath on Github

    • 30 min
    S2E6: Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek, EDB

    S2E6: Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek, EDB

    As the podcast host of The Builders, member of Postgres Women, and Staff Engineer at EDB, Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek is passionate to see where this space will take us. We kick off Season 2 with Gülçin as she shares her journey in the tech industry, CloudNativePG, the impact of AI on Postgres, and the representation of women in the Postgres community.

    In this episode we explore:
    CloudNativePG in Gülçin’s products and the new SPGVector releaseWelcoming new developers to the PostgreSQL communityTembo Cloud, PG vector, and the challenges and rewards of contributing to such innovative projectsImproving inclusivity and support for women in the tech industryThe use of Postgres in AI workloads
    Links mentioned:
    The Builders: A Postgres Podcast
    Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek on X 
    Postgres Women on X

    • 37 min
    S2E5: Jelte Fennema-Nio, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

    S2E5: Jelte Fennema-Nio, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

    Alongside his peers studying Systems Network Engineering, Jelte Fennema-Nio unearthed a security vulnerability within the framework of Postgres. Since then, Jelte joined the world of cybersecurity and network engineering. He is currently Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft working on Citus/ Postgres/ PgBouncer. 

    In this episode we explore:
    Forking and the impact of commercial entities on the core project The challenges of connection poolingThe suitability of Citus for scalabilityThe intricacies of configuring PgBouncerPaying attention to community needs and modernizing contribution methodsLinks mentioned:
    Jelte on X
    Jelte on LinkedIn

    • 31 min
    S2E4: Amit Kapila, Fujitsu India

    S2E4: Amit Kapila, Fujitsu India

    Amit Kapila is a PostgreSQL Committer and a Senior Director at Fujitsu India. Amit joins the show to share his contributions to logical replication enhancements (achieving highly available systems), his involvement in the PostgreSQL community, and his perspective on contributions from tech giants in advancing PostgreSQL features.
    In this episode we explore:
    Amit’s early work with PostgreSQL and OracleThe future of active-active topologyThe dependence on managed services for database managementThe importance of conflict resolution in replicationOvercoming the lack of an open-source development environment in IndiaLinks mentioned:
    Amit Kapila on LinkedIn
    Amit Kapila on X (@kapila_amit)
    Amit’s Blog

    • 34 min

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2 Ratings

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