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Join hosts Brandon Hall & Vikas Gupta as they navigate the ever-changing real estate market

Hacking Real Estate Podcast Brandon Hall & Vikas Gupta

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Join hosts Brandon Hall & Vikas Gupta as they navigate the ever-changing real estate market

    Innovation in Real Estate: A Discussion on Trends with Clayton Collins

    Innovation in Real Estate: A Discussion on Trends with Clayton Collins

    Ever wondered how a robust knowledge in mergers and acquisitions can be a game changer in the world of real estate? Buckle up as we navigate this captivating journey with Clayton Collins, CEO of HW Media, who shares his extraordinary story of acquiring HousingWire in 2016. With an MBA from Duke University and a knack for making strategic acquisitions, Clayton details his growth process from establishing a sales team to revamping the tech infrastructure of his company. You'll hear how Clayton's company is bridging the communication gap between real estate agents, investors, mortgage originators, and mortgage servicers, offering a comprehensive view of the housing industry that is simply unmatched.

    In an industry as complex as real estate, knowing what trends to watch and where to invest can be a daunting task. That's where Clayton's expertise comes into play. In the second part of our engaging conversation, we dive into Clayton's strategic approach to providing a clear picture of the housing market by leveraging data, media and events to help industry professionals make informed decisions. He shares the trends he's keeping a close eye on and provides insights into the investments he's making in data sources to help professionals understand their competition, and form partnerships and relationships in the local real estate markets.

    Finally, we delve into the world of Altos, a software product developed by Mike Simonson and his team that is revolutionizing the way real estate agents and other industries access local level market reports. The data aggregation process of Altos and how it's data surpasses other platforms' accuracy is thoroughly dissected. The conversation concludes with an analysis of the current state of the housing market, the supply and demand imbalance, the correlation between inventory and mortgage rates, and finally the implications of a class-action lawsuit challenging the real estate commission structure. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone keen to understand and navigate the ever-changing world of real estate.

    (0:00:00) - Hacking Real Estate Podcast
    (0:14:46) - Real Estate Trends and Investments
    (0:22:33) - Altos
    (0:34:09) - Class Action Lawsuit's Impact on Real Estate Commissions
    (0:44:42) - HousingWire and Podcast With Clayton Collins

    About Clayton Collins
    Clayton Collins is the founder and CEO of HW Media. He leads HW Media’s corporate strategy and content roadmap, while building a world-class team of business media professionals. He is also managing partner of Riomar Capital, an entrepreneurial investment firm that acquired HousingWire in 2016. Prior to founding Riomar Capital, Collins worked at RBC Capital Markets in the mergers and acquisitions group and served as vice president of national sales and marketing at Citibank. Collins holds a degree in business administration from Elon University and completed his MBA at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

    Real Estate, Housing Industry, Mergers and Acquisitions, Sales Team, Tech Stack, Data, Media, Events, Trends, Investments, Data Sources, Competitors, Partnerships, Local Markets, Altos, Software Product, Data Aggregation, Supply-Demand Imbalance, Inventory, Mortgage Rates, Class Action Lawsuit, Commission Structure, Buyers, Sellers, Mortgage Lenders, Listing Agents, National Association of Realtors, Fee Theories, Housing News, Podcast, Executives


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    Tech-Driven Real Estate Strategies: Expert Tips with Richie Hecker

    Tech-Driven Real Estate Strategies: Expert Tips with Richie Hecker

    Ever wondered how the worlds of technology, finance and real estate investing intersect? Our guest for this episode, Richie Hecker, has spent two decades mastering this trifecta. This seasoned investor shares how he navigated through the tech world, applied lessons learned to real estate investing, and developed unconventional strategies for identifying under-the-radar and mispriced assets. Hecker's insights are invaluable for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of real estate investing.

    Richie's transition from tech to real estate is nothing short of inspiring. He candidly shares his experiences, including the purchase of mispriced hotels in New York and New Jersey and a failed deal due to a power plant issue. He also discusses the importance of maintaining a 'broke' mindset to making sound decisions. Richie doesn't just stop there. He also shares his expertise on property management systems, best practices and common pitfalls in outsourcing.

    Not one to shy away from learning, Richie emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes -- his own and others. He provides invaluable advice on how to avoid repeating them. His approach offers a valuable perspective on how to handle challenges and make the most of your knowledge. This episode is a treasure trove of insights, whether you're a novice or seasoned investor. Don't miss out as Richie Hecker takes us on an enlightening journey through his world of tech, finance and real estate.

    (0:00:00) - Real Estate Investing Strategies With Richie
    (0:12:53) - Real Estate and Technology Investments
    (0:20:04) - Best Practices and Mistakes in Outsourcing
    (0:30:55) - Importance of Property Management Systems
    (0:41:12) - Learning From Mistakes

    About Richie Hecker
    Richie Hecker is a real estate investor in NY. He currently manages a portfolio of multifamily buildings in NYC. He is a 20 year veteran of technology and finance, having built and sold several startups. He also led acquisitions of distressed assets that had been valued over $1BN, operated a 100,000,000 user web property and ran a mortgage marketing and outsourcing company. He also leads an import export and supply chain business.  He is a leading opinion writer on the fusion of innovation and government and has been featured in Fox, TechCrunch, Observer & the Wall Street Journal.

    Real Estate Investing, Technology, Finance, Richie Hecker, Hotel, Manhattan, Revel Hotel, Atlantic City, Outsourcing, Property Management Systems, Cash Flow, Light Industrial Real Estate, Warehousing, Multifamily Buildings, Email Marketing, Philippines, Azibo, Rental Insurance, Profit Margins, Break Even

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    A Recap of Real Estate Wisdom: Unpacking Season 1

    A Recap of Real Estate Wisdom: Unpacking Season 1

    Join us for a comprehensive journey through the highlights of Season 1 of the Hacking Real Estate Podcast. Tune in as we relive the valuable advice shared by our 24 distinguished guests. From Taylor Brugna's wisdom on investing with patience to Sean Pan's insights on relationship building and J. Scott's pointers on goal setting, this episode is packed with priceless knowledge.

    Our conversation also features an in-depth discussion on the strategies for furnishing short and midterm rentals. We emphasize the significance of budgeting, reveal sourcing tips, and explore the importance of cash flow and market targeting. Additionally, you'll hear crucial takeaways from industry leaders like Chastin Miles, Julie Aragon, Alik Levin, and Ian Cameron on topics ranging from building banker relationships to reevaluating old real estate approaches.

    Get ready for a lively dialogue on lender interactions, pet-friendly rental challenges, and the intriguing world of HUD property investments. Our chat with Ira Fishman, an expert on HUD properties, is not to be missed as he sheds light on property diversification, HUD payments, and market understanding. Whether you're just beginning your real estate journey or looking for fresh insights, this episode offers a wealth of information for every listener. Tune in now!

    (0:00:00) - Real Estate Podcast Takeaways - Season 1
    (0:07:34) - Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies
    (0:16:40) - Real Estate Investing Takeaways
    (0:27:16) - Asking Right Questions for Lenders
    (0:32:47) - Challenges and Considerations of Pet-Friendly Rentals
    (0:37:32) - Diversification and Investing in HUD Properties

    Real Estate, Investment, Tips, Strategies, Takeaways, Lenders, Pet-Friendly Rentals, Diversification, HUD Properties, Cash Flow, Budgeting, Sourcing, Banker Relationships, Market Targeting, Florida Policy, Breed-Specific Restrictions, Ira Fishman, Rubin Key, Long Game, Relationships, Goal Setting, Furnishing Rentals, Cash Flow, Building Partnerships, Unlearning, Adaptability, Discriminatory, Trunkey Property, Platform, Concentration, Market Understanding

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    The Myths and Realities of Property Investment with Ari Rubin

    The Myths and Realities of Property Investment with Ari Rubin

    Ready to unlock the secrets of real estate diversification? Hold onto your seats as we navigate through the complexities of real estate investing with Ari Rubin, the dynamic founder and CEO of Flock Homes. Drawing from his personal journey from a child of landlords to the innovator of a successful real estate platform, Ari dissects the myth that diversification always equals lesser risk. 

    Dive under the surface of real estate taxation with us as Ari breaks down the 1031 exchange - a tax-deferred method that sprouts long-term wealth. Journey with us from Denver, where Flock Homes was born with just four landlords, to the 10 markets they have expanded to across the country. Get your pens ready as we also decode the 721 exchange, an underused tool for estate planning and asset diversification.

    The real estate market is a dynamic beast - home prices, interest rates and even climate change influence investment decisions. Join us as we gaze into the crystal ball of real estate, discussing future trends and the impact of the 'golden handcuffs' phenomenon. We'll also explore the fascinating tension between the emotional pull of homeownership and the economic sensibility of renting, and how this could birth a new generation of 'accidental landlords.' Whether you're a seasoned investor or a curious novice, this episode is packed with insights to help you navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.

    (0:00:00) - Uniquely Solving Real Estate Diversification
    (0:10:18) - Azibo for Rental Property Management
    (0:16:49) - 721 Exchanges and Real Estate Valuation
    (0:23:25) - Home Prices and Market Trends Observations
    (0:26:32) - Real Estate Investment Diversification Concept
    (0:37:00) - Property Valuation Through Website or LinkedIn

    About Ari Rubin

    Ari is the Founder and CEO of Flock Homes. Before establishing Flock Homes, he served as a Portfolio Manager at Ibex Investors, spearheading a volatility derivatives fund that grew to $150 million AUM. Ari also devoted time to the Special Forces of the Israel Defense Forces. He holds an AB in Geospatial and Quantitative History from Harvard College and is an alumnus of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

    Real Estate, Diversification, 1031 Exchange, 721 Exchange, Flock Homes, Ari Rubin, Home Prices, Market Trends, Golden Handcuffs, Homeownership, Renting, Accidental Landlords, Interest Rates, Climate Change, Asset Diversification, Estate Planning, Valuation Process

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    Journey from Accounting to Affordable Housing Advocacy with Ira Fishman

    Journey from Accounting to Affordable Housing Advocacy with Ira Fishman

    Championing accessible housing is the heart of our conversation with Ira Fishman, a committed advocate who's created nearly 400 housing units over the past 12 years. His journey from accounting to real estate is truly inspiring, and today he's sharing how his accounting expertise played a pivotal role in his successful cultivation of housing units in the Midwest. We explore his shift from traditional apartment buildings to affordable housing, discussing the motivations and forces that shaped this transition.

    This episode offers an enlightening exploration of the benefits of investing in HUD properties. Ira and I dissect the impact of resident income on HUD payments, and the potential delays that can arise, especially in the wake of COVID. Additionally, we delve into Ira's experiences in the underbanked financial services sector, unearthing valuable insights he's harnessed to drive his real estate ventures.

    We wrap up our chat with a powerful conversation on the importance of taking action. Fear should never be a barrier to your start. Small beginnings can lead to significant achievements. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just stepping into the game, this episode promises to equip you with insights on affordable property investing, the dynamics of supply and demand, and the benefits of low tenant turnover. So sit back, listen in, and let Ira's story and insights elevate your real estate journey.

    (0:00:01) - Championing Accessible Housing
    (0:15:26) - Benefits of Investing in HUD Properties
    (0:19:10) - Affordable Property Investing and Supply-Demand
    (0:31:23) - The Importance of Getting Started

    About Ira Fishman

    Ira is a champion of accessible housing. Driven by personal ties and a deep sense of purpose, he’s cultivated nearly 400 housing units for those in need over a span of 12 years. As a Certified Occupancy Specialist, he combines his expertise with a genuine desire to create meaningful homes. 

    HUD Properties, Affordable Housing, Real Estate, Joint Ventures, Midwest, Illinois, Wisconsin, Accounting, Resident Income, Underbanked Financial Services, Supply-Demand, Screening Tenants, Special Needs Housing, Rental Rates, Government Assistance, Tenant Turnover, Returns, Maintenance Personnel, Taking Action, Small Beginnings, Investment Decisions

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    Turning Real Estate into Gold: Investment Insights with Taylor Loht

    Turning Real Estate into Gold: Investment Insights with Taylor Loht

    Listen in as we welcome Taylor Loht, the genius behind the Passive Wealth Strategy show and the force that powers NT Capital, as he unravels his journey from Wall Street investing to real estate investing. He offers an insightful understanding of the tools available to real estate investors and shares how one can build wealth and create cash flow through active participation, rather than simply waiting for market appreciation. Taylor firmly advocates the significance of consistent baby steps, even as small as a 10-minute daily timer, in achieving long-term objectives.

    We navigate the landscape of the current market and discuss the plethora of opportunities available for real estate investors. Together, we examine rate caps, the impact of the Fed's interest rate hikes, and the identification of distressed deals. There's an emphasis on the importance of patience and heeding the wisdom of seasoned investors. Additionally, we touch upon the innovative services offered by Azibo that can revolutionize how rental properties are managed.

    The conversation turns to distressed deals and capital bailouts, exploring the tight timeframe associated with investing in distressed deals and the opportunities they present. We weigh the pros and cons of rescuing a distressed operator or waiting for a foreclosure or complete buyout scenario. In the end, Taylor shares his insights on how he has successfully managed to increase value in real estate and reveals the asset classes he currently invests in.

    (0:00:00) - Small Steps in Real Estate Investment
    (0:11:28) - Real Estate Investing and Market Conditions
    (0:27:52) - Distress Deals and Capital Bailouts
    (0:31:42) - Investing Strategies for Multi-Family Properties

    About Taylor Loht 

    Taylor is the brain behind the Passive Wealth Strategy Show and the driving force of NT Capital. Taylor grew frustrated with Wall Street and turned to real estate. Since then, he’s had a hand in over $150 Million worth of Multifamily real estate projects and he's turned his insights into tools to help others. 

    Real Estate Investing, Passive Wealth Strategy, NT Capital, Market Conditions, Rate Caps, Interest Rate Hikes, Distressed Deals, Capital Bailouts, Azibo, Multi-Family Properties, C-Class Properties, B2B Plus Class Properties, Utility Billing Services, Tenant Experience, Cutting Expenses, Cash Flow, Wealth Creation

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings


Thoughtful and Accessible!

I’ve listened to several other real estate podcasts, but Vikas and Brandon have a knack for taking complex ideas and making them accessible better than anyone. More like this, please!

chuckyang3456 ,

Good real estate investing podcast

Solid real estate investing podcast!

Alexbrowsesreddit ,

Interesting conversations, applicable advice

I’m a new investor, and I’ve already learned a lot from the advice in each episodes. There are a bunch of tips on how to get involved, analyze markets, build teams, manage properties remotely, and more.

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