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Life Coach and homeschool mom of seven Emily Brown teaches Catholic homeschool moms life coaching tools steeped in our rich Catholic faith, to begin building self-trust and self-confidence!

Happy, Holy Mama Emily Brown

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Life Coach and homeschool mom of seven Emily Brown teaches Catholic homeschool moms life coaching tools steeped in our rich Catholic faith, to begin building self-trust and self-confidence!

    What to Work on To Drastically Improve Your Homeschool Experience

    What to Work on To Drastically Improve Your Homeschool Experience

    One of the most infuriating things moms go through is trying to problem solve without knowing what the actual problem is or what to work on.

    This is even more challenging and frustrating when there's an internal issue that you're unaware of and so it feels like nothing you do works.

    In today's podcast episode I talk a little about my own experience before I made some significant changes and how homeschooling, though it was an answer to God's call for our family, didn't magically solve my problems.

    I explain what I learned over years of trial and error that I now each my clients how to do faster with life coaching tools so that you can work on the areas you need to work on and implement solutions that are right for you...not just what worked for me.

    In today's episode I'll walk you through the top three areas to work on to drastically improve your homeschool experience and share with you the eight essentials I teach my clients to help them have the biggest transformations with the fastest results.

    Results like feeling calmer, connecting more, not absorbing other people's emotions, and stewarding the precious time God gives them, better.

    All of which help you have more awareness of what's going on and problem solve at a higher level, to serve God better, through your family.

    Grab your earbuds and listen to dive into: What to Work on to Drastically Improve Your Homeschool Experience.
    And because I believe so deeply that these eight essentials tools, concepts, and skills can help you, too, I put my best teachings into a brand new digital course to help you get started with the work I do, in this struggling economy.
    And to celebrate the launch of this new course, Catholic Homeschool Essentials is $100 OFF for this week only!
    Which means that until June 2, 2024 you can learn these essential life coaching tools for only $97!!
    Find all the details for Catholic Homeschool Essential HERE!

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    Rooted in Faith, Growing in Knowledge with Maureen Wittmann

    Rooted in Faith, Growing in Knowledge with Maureen Wittmann

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    I will draw the winner THIS FRIDAY, May 24, 2024 at 9pm PDT and I will email the winners shortly thereafter.
    Speaking of which, today's episode is such a treat! This week I welcome back Maureen Wittmann, one of the co-founders of Homeschool Connections, who also founded and continues to run the Catholic Homeschool Conference!
    As always, we had such a delightful conversation about being Catholic homeschoolers and how the work she does for both platforms got started and how they continue to meet the needs of thousands of Catholic homeschoolers every single year!
    If you're looking for excellent resources, make sure you check them out.
    If you'd like to guarantee you have a ticket to the conference and want a discount, please use the code HSC10OFF at checkout to receive $10 off your ticket price. And then you share your free ticket with a friend if you're a raffle winner! 

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    Helping Your Child Create Their Own Goals AND Reach Them!

    Helping Your Child Create Their Own Goals AND Reach Them!

    Are you tired of policing your kid's work, checking on them over and over to make sure they've finished it?
    Are you tired of struggling with a kiddo who doesn't WANT to do the work you've assigned and seems to be entirely unmotivated?
    Or do you have a teen who doesn't seem to care about what they do or don't do and you're not even sure they'll graduate?
    If you answered yes to any of those questions, then today's podcast episode is for you!
    Today I'm going to walk you through four different scenarios of times when your child's goals will save YOU a tremendous amount of effort and heartache.
    And if your child doesn't have goals yet, I'll walk you through how to help them make their own (which is the secret sauce for those goals actually being acheived)!
    Grab your earbuds and let's talk about Helping Your Child or Teen Create Their Own Goals AND Reach Them!
    Check out all the details for the Happy, Holy Mama Membership on my beautiful new website here!
    Grab your Homeschool Blueprint here!

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    I've Decided to Homeschool! Now What?

    I've Decided to Homeschool! Now What?

    Whether you are a veteran homeschool, brand new to homeschooling, or considering homeschooling in the near future, today's episode is for you!
    I have taken my BEST advice for Catholic homeschoolers and put it all into one powerful episode that will serve even the most seasoned mamas with love, support, and a little Catholic truth.
    Grab my new FREE planning resource for Catholic Homeschool Mamas here: Download The Happy, Holy Homeschool Blueprint!
    Grab your ticket for the Catholic Homeschool Conference HERE.
    Check out all teh deatils for how we can work together in the Happy, Holy Mama Membership HERE!

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    Supporting Relationships Through Cycle Prep with Christina Valenzuela

    Supporting Relationships Through Cycle Prep with Christina Valenzuela

    Talking about our bodies is a fairly uncomfortable conversation for most people, but when it comes to talking about what's menstrual cycles and even charting with our daughters, sometimes mamas feel a bit lost.
    Christina Valenzuela felt similarly unprepared with her own children and that's when God placed on her heart to create Pearl and Thistle, cycle prep courses for Catholic families rooted in St. John Paul II writings on the Theology of the Body.
    Christina wanted her courses to be something that would bring parents and daughters together. Her courses provide a foundation for families to have a better understanding of the purpose and goodness of our human bodies. 
    And, through our conversation, we revealed that many women find healing of their own early cycle years as they learn alongside their daughters. 
    Please check out Christina's website, make sure you use the coupon code below, and check out her newly released book!
    @pearlandthistle on IG
    @pearlandthistle on FB
    10% off coupon on CYCLE PREP for your listeners! Use coupon HAPPYHOLY10 at checkout to get 10% off an individual copy of CYCLE PREP: First Period Course for Girls
    New book, published through Our Sunday Visitor, The Language of Your Body: Embracing God's Design for Your Cycle, release is April 2024
    Quick write up: 
    What good can we find in our cycles, especially when we ponder the fact that both men and women are equally made in the image and likeness of God? The Language of Your Body delves deep into this and other groundbreaking questions, using the wisdom of saints like Hildegard von Bingen, Pope John Paul II and Thomas Aquinas to explore this unique, fundamental aspect of God's design for female bodies.
    Despite menstruation being labeled sometimes as a "woman's curse," the Catholic Church invites us to claim our cycles for good. This book is a beacon to all women searching for positive ways to integrate our menstrual cycles into our sense of self, our relationships, and our prayer.


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    The Vision of the Family with Olivia Spears

    The Vision of the Family with Olivia Spears

    Have you ever wondered what curriculum writers think about when they are creating the curriculum you use? 
    Ever wanted to get some coffee and pick their brain about how they use it in their own family and apply it to real life? 
    Well, if so, I have a treat for you today. I am joined by Olivia Spears, creator and founder of Into the Deep Catholic catechesis curriculum. 
    Her heart and mission is to help evangelize the next generation through truth, goodness, and beauty.
    She lives and breathes this Catholic homeschooling lifestyle right alongside all of us and is such a breath of fresh air for your research-frazzled heart.

    And Olivia is an absolute delight to talk to!
    Check out Into the Deep here and use the promo code FIAT10 for 10% off her stunning curriculum! 

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

kateskahn ,

Grateful for this guidance

I am so grateful to Emily and all of the wisdom she shares. As a first time homeschooler I was struggling. Emily’s advice is so practical but also somewhat unexpected. The things I want to fix or control often have deeper roots. She helps uncover these things and set the right priorities.

Gbg628 ,

A Blessing at the Perfect Time

I just found Emily and her podcast as a new homeschooler planning for our first year, and I know this was such a blessing from God! She is so full of holy wisdom and just a gem for all Catholic homeschooling moms, new and veteran alike! I can’t wait to dive into more episodes; I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove!

Wonderful Easy App ,

just a SAHM

I am a Catholic momma to two toddlers (about to be 2 toddlers and a newborn) and have not even decided fully if I am called to homeschool my children. That being said, I have thoroughly LOVED Emily Brown’s podcast. There are several episodes that apply to all walks of Catholic motherhood and how to keep our eyes on the Kingdom and live out our vocation as the domestic church whether or not you homeschool! If you do, there is so much encouragement and advice in what she puts in her podcast. If you don’t, there is no pressure or condemnation for however you are choosing to school. Thank you, Emily for your assistance in this journey!

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