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This is the weekly sermon podcast from Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. Visit www.harriscreek.org for more information.

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This is the weekly sermon podcast from Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. Visit www.harriscreek.org for more information.

    You Are Chosen

    You Are Chosen

    Why did God choose you? He chose you forevermore according to His pleasure. Even when you have nothing to offer Him , he brought you into His family. 
    You’ve been chosen by the Father
    You have been forgiven and redeemed by Christ
    You have been sealed by His Holy Spirit 
    Life Group Discussion:
    Why did God choose you?
    What is your story of grace and redemption?
    What does it mean to be affected for The Kingdom?

    • 47 min
    How God Changes a City

    How God Changes a City

    How does a city change? In this message, we intro the book of Ephesians by looking at how God shifted the city of Ephesus.
    God changes a city by changing a person
    God changes a city by removing idols
    God changes a city with the message of His grace
    Life Group Discussion:
    Have you ever felt darkness in a city you visited?
    What are the idols that have your heart?
    Where is one place this week you can influence people? Hold each other accountable. 
    Pray together to seek the welfare of our city and change the world through the power of Jesus.

    • 42 min
    Are You Abiding?

    Are You Abiding?

    If you Abide in Him, you will develop spiritually. Hold fast to your relationship with Jesus. Know Him. Love Him. Abide in Him. 
    Apprehend The Gospel
    Behave like Jesus
    Illuminate Truth with Love
    Develop Spiritually 
    Eternally Live
    Life Group Discussion:
    Do you apprehend the Gospel?
    Have you grown in your relationship with God more today than one year ago?
    As you ABIDE with Jesus is it hard for you when a curve ball comes your way?

    • 47 min
    Listening to The Spirit

    Listening to The Spirit

    We can't abide without the Holy Spirit. Just after Jesus explains to his disciples He is leaving and tells them to remain connected to Him. Jesus explains that He will send the Spirit, and this will be our advantage. The Spirit of God helps, convicts, and guides us. 
    In abiding the Spirit helps
    In abiding the Spirit convicts 
    In abiding the Spirit guides 
    Life Group Discussion:
    We need help even when we aren’t willing to receive it. Is it easy for you to receive help from the Holy Spirit or do you wrestle with pride?
    Do you pause and listen to the Holy Spirit when you are in a meeting, in class, or with friends and respond in obedience to His leading? Share a time you were obedient and a time you failed.
    Has it been a while since you stopped listening to the “ding” correcting you? Ask the Spirit to reveal truth to you and listen, so you can bear fruit.

    • 34 min
    Abiding in Jesus' Presence

    Abiding in Jesus' Presence

    The presence of Jesus will change us when we are aware that He is in our midst. Rather than moving on with our life, we want to connect intimately with Him. In this message we look at someone in Scripture who shows us what it looks like to Abide with Jesus.
    Abiding means sitting at the feet of Jesus
    Abiding means listening to Jesus
    Abiding means removing whatever is distracting you from Jesus
    Life Group Discussion:
    Do you relate more to Martha or Mary?
    What keeps you from abiding in Jesus? 
    When you spend time with Jesus abiding in Him, how does that make your heart feel?

    • 40 min
    Transformed to Love

    Transformed to Love

    God takes Christ and he puts Christ in us. We are a new creation in Christ. We are recruited by God to show His love to the world. When we abide in Christ, we are going to do things to show His love to the world that doesn’t make sense. You need to give up control. Lean into God and His plan for you. As you abide in Jesus, He is transforming you to love sacrificially with joy.
    Sacrificial love comes through obedience
    Sacrificial love offers true joy
    You were recruited and made to love
    Life Group Discussion:
    Share a time when you felt the Spirit leading you to go out of your way to be a conduit to love someone sacrificially.
    What would you say is the hardest thing about being vulnerable in letting others sacrificially show love to you?
    Is it difficult to let go of control and let God lead you?

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
420 Ratings

420 Ratings

GL183828 ,

Faithful disciples of Christ

Excellent teaching, good worship, faithful stewardship, and admirable leadership. I have learned so much from this church about the Bible, but more importantly how to live out my faith and share it to those in the world. I have been pushed to be faithful in my giving, sharing my faith, being honest and starving my sins and avoiding my pitfalls, being authentic, and too much else to mention. They will say wrong things from time to time they are human like all of us, but it is far and few imo.

I have my own church body here in Ohio; all of us up here are in this battle along side HarrisCreek, Life Church, and so many others around the world against the forces of darkness. What a joy and privilege it is to serve God through and with a local body of believers and be apart of the greatest mission in the history of the world! Praise God that He has included us in His plans and gives us purpose, lasting joy, and a hope and future.

I know it sounds cult-like listening to the Bible and teachers like JP, but I promise you it is the real deal. God loves you so much He sent His Son to live the perfect life you couldn’t, die the death you deserve, and pay for all your sins that you couldn’t pay for: buying your way into heaven to be with Him forever; rather than paying for your sins forever apart from Him. You are loved. You are worth much. You are not reading this by accident. God wants everyone to be saved.

chocolatecake7 ,

God is doing a work

This is good. This is precious. This ministry is good and right and true, and I am so grateful to have Christ followers who speak so affectionately of God’s Holy Word. I learn to see Scriptural passages in such a new and wonderful light, and JP, my affections are certainly stirred. God bless this ministry.

Oscar Gutierrez_ ,

Life changer

Great sermons

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