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Free mixes created by and exclusively for Headphone Commute

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Free mixes created by and exclusively for Headphone Commute

    Spatial x Headphone Commute

    Spatial x Headphone Commute

    I’ve got something slightly different for you today than the usual fair. How are you feeling about atmospheric drum & bass this morning? To be fair, this is not the first time that I’ve showcased this genre on these pages (see Clima‘s Headphone Commute Mix or the super fun Chill & Bass Mix by Orangewarrior). Except for this time, it’s also a label showcase, featuring very special selections from James Clements‘ newly launched Spatial imprint (a sub-label for his Auxiliary), with an ethos to “recapture the essence of the mid 90’s scene” featuring classic breaks and heavy sub-bass. So far, the roster includes James’ own celebrated ASC project, as well as Simon Huxtable’s Aural Imbalance, but I suspect it may grow further, beyond the two. Meanwhile, because of the tight curation, each release is a beautiful and cohesive 12″ (yes, FINALLY available on vinyl) as well as a digital offering via the usual channels. In any case, this is an absolutely wonderful and very welcome journey for my sunny morning, and I hope that it’ll be for you as well! I’ll stop talking here but will include a pretty lengthy writeup (on my site) from the label boss himself. Enjoy!
    Tracklisting and more here: https://hcdi.gs/Spatial

    • 1 hr 13 min
    PvC - For Ukraine Mix

    PvC - For Ukraine Mix

    I honestly wish that I could stop promoting this benefit compilation, titled For Ukraine, which is now on its second volume (see links below). I’d stop promoting because we wouldn’t need the funds which would all be donated to International Rescue Committee (rescue.org) to support displaced children and families with vital supplies. Albeit somehow it has all receded in the background, and yet the war goes on. This time, I’ve enlisted the help of Peter van Cooten of ambientblog.net to compile and curate a mix, featuring 28 pieces selected from two volumes, all of them painstakingly edited to create a continuous journey and to entice you to purchase both volumes (with a third one on the way soon!) to experience the tracks in full. So you can treat this mix as a sampler, or a bonus if you’ve already contributed to our cause. “There are many changing instrumentations, moods and atmospheres,” says Peter about his selection, “I like to think of it as travelling in a fast-moving train, looking out the window at different landscapes gliding by…” Please share and help support our message.

    Volume 1 : https://hcdi.gs/ForUkraineVolume 2 : https://hcdi.gs/ForUkraine2

    • 1 hr
    Stationary Travels - For Ukraine (Reprise)

    Stationary Travels - For Ukraine (Reprise)

    About a week ago, in collaboration with Hollie Kenniff who curated the roster of artists, Headphone Commute released the first volume of the benefit compilation For Ukraine with 100% of all proceeds being donated to the International Rescue Committee (rescue.org). This is one of those things, folks, that does not need to be written about, promoted, or sold. Nevertheless, with the help of Brian Housman of Stationary Travels, I am happy to share with you an hour-long compilation teaser, featuring some of Brian’s favourite pieces. It’s only about half of the entire content, which you can now stream as part of our mix series and podcast, but we still ask you to share and help in any way that you can to support our message. Thanks in advance, and stay tuned for Volume Two!!!
    For Ukraine : https://hcdi.gs/ForUkraine

    • 54 min
    Mathias Van Eecloo - eisOtones 14

    Mathias Van Eecloo - eisOtones 14

    How would you like to hear 50 tracks from 50 releases from last year? Well, in this 14th instalment, Mathias Van Eecloo, of [previously] Eilean Rec. and [currently] LAAPS [for which he also made a very special mix], returns for his annual tradition of masterful selection of musical journeys from many of my favourite labels. Plenty for you here to unpeel and explore throughout the numerous genres and musical diversions. And although I usually feature this mix sometime in January, I think it’s safe to admit that there is no better time like now. And, as usual, please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists! We hope that you enjoy!

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Stationary Travels - Annum 2021

    Stationary Travels - Annum 2021

    By now it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Brian Housman‘s labour and his Stationary Travels site. Two years ago I even unveiled a brand new Best of the Year list, dedicated to his very own selections, appropriately titled “Music For Your Stationary Travels“. I suspect that the respect here is mutual since he recently revealed his highlights from music spotted on HC’s Best of the Year feature. Yes, in this little corner of this strange and often ruthless “music business” it’s less about competition and more about the support. And both of us support the music, at least through mixes or through words. And so, without any further ado, I present to you a reflection on the last year, as put together by Brian for this very special mix. There are lots of beautiful pieces on here, but as usual with this particular feature – less words and more music, yes? And please, be sure to support the featured artists and labels on this mix!

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Optic Echo Presents - Best Vinyl of 2021

    Optic Echo Presents - Best Vinyl of 2021

    The current Best of the Year feature is well underway, and besides dragging you through all of the amazing albums that you’ve missed, I also think that you should be able to hear some, or, in this case, specifically the best vinyl of the last year, as selected by Mike Jedlicka. It’s a beautiful journey that has introduced me to some new music as well, and I’m forever grateful for this special friendship that we’ve maintained over more than a decade. This is our 11th year in sharing this music, and if you like the choices, be sure to check out our past archive of Optic Echo Presents mixes. As usual with our podcasts – less words and more music, and please, be sure to support the featured artists and labels!

    • 1 hr 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

TheOctoberSurprise ,

Always Exceptional

This is music curation at the highest level. I’ve listened while commuting, working, driving, thinking, reading, and working out. I’ve always found something that fit or created the appropriate mood. Thank you!

A Different View ,

Pure Sonic Ecstasy

Headphone Commute never ceases to impress me with one amazing mix after another. It's the perfect music for long car drives, coding on the computer, washing the dishes, or anything where you want to enter a new sonic landscape.

One of my favorite memories was listening to a mix while walking through foggy, snow-covered woods, pure magic.

I've found out about many amazing artists thanks to this podcast. This podcast shows how beautiful the Internet can be if given the chance.

johnson411david ,


One of my favorite podcasts. Masterful and mesmerizing music. Painstakingly curated by one of the best in the biz.

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