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Music is the soundtrack to life. I seek to amalgamate optimal tapestries that assist the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. I also produce music that can be found at www.tonepoet-music.com. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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Music is the soundtrack to life. I seek to amalgamate optimal tapestries that assist the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. I also produce music that can be found at www.tonepoet-music.com. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

    journey to the forgotten land of dreams

    journey to the forgotten land of dreams

    Hello, co-pilots and curious star hoppers. Welcome to Spaceman's Transmissions, your home away from home in the aural universe, and your most trusted source of inflight entertainment during that peaceful ascent into the ether. I'm aware that there are many of you out there that have given up on your ability of assembling the dream machine into a working apparatus. You dismiss dreams as an escapable entity, afforded to only a privileged few.
    It seems as though we have all experienced the phenomenon of déjà vu at some points in our lives. Wasn't I here before, why is this familiar, don't I know this person from somewhere? In many cases, if we dug deep enough into the well of our own creatively subliminal souls, we could find that it was our own bubbling well of dream intuition which had brought us to that magical space. This proves that those dreams are there, somewhat hidden or obscured, by other pieces of information that create a cloud cover. My mission is to assist you in dissipating that cloud cover and leading you to the field of creative wonder.
    Take steps to learn about lucid dreaming and documenting your dreams once you awaken. Find ways to be creative without being critical or dismissive of your artistic abilities. These practices will open a creative portal in which the tides of color and light will flow. No one is born and able to speak a language, ride a bike, or navigate a spacecraft to the stars. It's all a learned process that takes practice and determination. Navigating to the dreamer's landscape is no different.
    We tend to dismiss obscure dreams as a hindrance, or an utter confusion of entangled nonsense and senseless weirdness. However, dear listener, it's much deeper than that. Travel to that forgotten land of dreams and build a mental bridge to your waking self. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...

    “Blue Light of Morning (Flickers)” by Swartz et from Nighttide (10 Year Deluxe Version) (Start Time: 00:00)
    “Cloudface” by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society from Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Start Time: 04:54)
    “Capacitor Weavers” by Conrad Praetzel from Adventures Into Somethingness (Start Time: 08:25)
    “Dies Irae” by Felix Rösch from Mya (Start Time: 09:33)
    “Disposable Glances” by halftribe from Lucent Forms Travelling (Start Time: 10:43)
    “Komorebi (deletion 47)” by Monogoto from Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol. 2) (Start Time: 15:18)
    “All In Circles” by Shida Shahabi from Shifts (Start Time: 18:55)
    “Requiem for Dying Mothers (Part 2)” by Stars Of The Lid from The Tired Sounds Of... (Start Time: 22:25)
    “Vapor Lines (Excerpt)” by Forest Management from Intraset 016: Daydream - Vox Verto (Start Time: 28:53)
    “1BR” by Letsko from Intraset 016: Daydream - Vox Verto (Start Time: 32:04)
    “Thunder” by Grand Ciel from Ater Iterare (Start Time: 37:00)
    “North Dakota Overture” by Jamie Stillwell from Lullaby For A Stranger (Start Time: 39:08)
    “Ingenting Saknas” by Ludvig Cimbrelius from Love Letters From The Sky (Start Time: 43:01)
    “Secret Forest” by Michael Peters & Fabio Anile from Presence (Start Time: 47:22)
    “Night Country” by Michael Peters & Fabio Anile from Presence (Start Time: 48:14)
    “Anoxic Event” by Mathoms from The Woe Trumpets (Start Time: 52:31)
    “Flight in Reverse” by Mian Bao from Overexposure (Start Time: 53:56)

    • 59 min
    awakening the light within you

    awakening the light within you

    Ah, dear travelers, it has been a good spring and summer so far for your old boy Tonepoet with lots of sightseeing in the West Virginia mountains, hiking in the hills of western Maryland, and traveling the mid-western states of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. I've climbed mountains, swam in waterfalls, and breathed in some of the cleanest air on earth while taking in sights that only our sweet Mother Nature can dispense. And through it all, my initial thoughts were 'if only I could contain my sense of awe and wonderment into a aural package and gift wrap as a present to my listeners'. Well, my wonderful co-pilots, why don't I do just that?----more----
    Taking in the color-soaked sounds of this session guarantees an optimal listening experience. And, dear listener, I truly mean experience and not a passing distraction. As I have touched clouds, I seek the same for you all. Sink into your self, and slowly rise up to the layer of cottony softness in which we will find our craft of voyage. To merely listen is passe. To experience? Not only a goal but a requirement!
    As you climb into your cloud-craft, maintain your position on the status of the mission. Be sure to balance the components for a successful journey: equal parts dreaming, wondering, elating, and prospering. Find your equilibrium and begin to slowly awaken the creative light within. It is your fuel, and the well that provides the sauce for this motor of mindful innovation will never run dry, provided you nurture it and visit it often. Just as this juice of inventive source rises to the surface, as does the sun beyond the horizon, shining a light that guides you to those places within that bring your dreams into focus. 
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...

    “Forest Sounds” by Sumbuddy from Sumthin’ (Start Time: 00:00)
     “Wait II” by The Fire & The Fog from Moments (Start Time: 01:06)
    “Sanctuary” by Conrad Praetzel from Adventures Into Somethingness (Start Time: 02:47)
    “In 8 Movements, Parts I & II (Stripped Version, 2010)” by Black Swan from re/miniscence: unreleased recordings, 2010-2020 (Start Time: 04:47)
    “We’re All Clouds” by Abstract Aprils from Everything (Start Time: 06:42)
    “When The Body Breaks” by Hammock from Mysterium (Start Time: 10:23)
    “6-37 AM” by Hotel Neon from Context (Start Time: 14:23)
    “All the Distant Objects” by Andrew Lahiff from Quiet Spaces and Distant Dreams (Start Time: 20:10)
    “Dark Illusions” by Ashot Danielyan from Levitation (Start Time: 24:12)
    “Prelude” by Aperire from It's Okay, It's Over Now (Start Time: 29:05)
    “Pao Alpina” by Biosphere from Substrata (Start Time: 30:50)
    “Tears like Quiet Drifts” by City Of Dawn from EP Tour (Start Time: 34:00)
    “Fern Moss” by halftribe from Lucent Forms Traveling (Start Time: 37:37)
    “blid” by Hviledag from Under A Mellem Moon (Start Time: 41:00)
    “Total Precipitation (Excerpt)” by Luke Sanger from Global Horizontal Irradiance (Start Time: 47:51)
    “夜晚的呼喚 (Call Of The Night)” by 粉forestry from 粉reflection (Start Time: 49:46)
    “REM” by Saint Sorrow from Moments (Start Time: 53:14)

    • 1 hr 4 min
    as you wade in the pasture of dreams

    as you wade in the pasture of dreams

    Merely drifting aimlessly from one destination to another in effort to avoid turbulence (aka 'responsibilities') can sometimes be ideal to optimize mental energy and seek out momentary minutes of solace. However, one must put the brakes on at intervallic points with the sole purpose of enjoying colors of the blissful moments that abound. Not every instance of every day is one that you wish to freeze time within, but there are those pockets of subliminally divine moments for each of us that beg our undivided attention.
    Finding the optimal time to sink into can be a daunting task. There was a time where your old boy Tonepoet was whining (yes, I do that from time to time) about not having enough time to do something, in which a co-pilot explained that I should make the time instead. Then he handed me a tissue. This, dear shipmate, is regaining focus, motivation, and purpose. 
    For you, dear listener, this means that in order to sustain the fuel for your mental tank and to endure the effort of climbing higher, it is imminent that you focus on keeping your craft in tip-top condition. Yes, this requires that you dock said craft for necessary pits stop from time to time. Allow yourself to run to the pasture just beyond that pit stop into a pasture of dreams. Feel no guilt as you take this time to replenish and rejuvenate yourself within the soothing cosmic atmosphere. Look around you, listen around you, take it all in, and exchange your weary breath for a breath that is rich with mentally empowering nutrients. Ahhh, tastes like heaven.
    As we let go of everything for just a moment, find yourself and conduct repairs and maintenance upon you! When we are finished, realize that you are far more equipped to undertake challenges now that you invested some time and peace to yourself.
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...


    “All Systems Go” by Tone-SomethingSomething from Oh, You Know (Start Time: 00:00)

    “Ascension in Blue” by Asura from Radio Universe (Start Time: 00:18)

    “Gazing At The Stars” by Ancient Astronaut from Hospital Planet (Start Time: 07:23)

    “Sirius” by Endeleas from Stargazing (Start Time: 12:21)

    “Existencia” by Francisco Juacida from Interior (Start Time: 17:00)

    “night.Movement” by Peter Edwards Ambient from suspended.Lucidity (Start Time: 23:48)

    “Bright Light” by Ralph Prata from For The Time Being (Start Time: 28:31)

    “Sunshine” by [r.h] from ufo [b-sides] (Start Time: 31:45)

    “Expansion” by Ancient Astronaut from Spheres of Love (Start Time: 33:34)

    “Invisible Architecture” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 37:01)

    “Thick Prog II” by Luke Sanger from Ancient Pathways (Start Time: 39:28)

    “Music For Healing 1 (Excerpt)” by Richard Norris from Music For Healing 1 (Start Time: 42:17)

    “All Who Remain” by Rhian Sheehan from The Quiet Divide (Start Time: 47:21)

    “La Mort Du Loup” by Vangelis from L'Apocalypse Des Animaux (Start Time: 49:13)

    “Only Sinewave Coffee” by Colliding Galaxies from Lazy Dreams (Start Time: 51:55)

    “Through The Gardens Overgrown” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 57:06)

    “Awakened, He Heard Only Silence” by Hammock from Departure Songs (Start Time: 58:50)

    • 1 hr
    lullabies for the weary traveler

    lullabies for the weary traveler

    The staff here at Spaceman's Transmissions understands your dilemmas, dear listeners. For this reason, we choose to offer our empathy through a pathway of sound; one that ushers you into a realm of contentment and solace. Every session brewed in the Spaceman's laboratory was carefully cultivated by the highest ingredients and balanced with equal measures of intensity, beauty, and wholesome nutrients. Morsels with an equilibrium of sonic nutrients and flavorful colors? Say no more.
    Do not be alarmed by the initial systems check of the pod, dear listener. It is a necessary precaution to ensure that your traveling arrangements are safe and secure so that we may traverse our destination without worry of derailment, or rather, distraction. Where are we going? Well, glad you asked. There is a cosmic ocean whose tides ebb and flow with cleansing potential. We will wade in the warmth of this current and bask in the beauty of a constellation that is unique in its stunning splendor. 
    As with every mission with Spaceman's Transmissions, we must expound upon our objective. In turbulent and disruptive times such as these, we shall repurpose our vision and direction. Your boy Tonepoet gets it: you are weary. I bind myself to an unwavering commitment of cradling you for a mere hour so that I may dip your mind into the chocolatey sweet syrup of rejuvenation. Having you as my co-pilot is a wish fulfilled, and providing a comforting blanket of cosmic wind is my pledge to you.
    You know what? Enough jibba jabba already, let's depart for this freshly amalgamated sea of swirling colors by traversing the starry pathways of bliss. Take the controls, dear listener, and steer the craft towards the crystalline waters beyond the galactic wall. For it is there where we shall rest as we gather our thoughts and admire the glistening skyline with one another.
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...

    “Fasten Your Seatbelts, Please” by Tone Guy from Cosmic Soup (Start Time: 00:00)
     “Juno’s Ethereal Breeze” by Vangelis from Juno To Jupiter (Start Time: 00:31)
    “Arrival In Mystery” by The Kids And The Cosmos from Ambient Mixtape Vol. 1 (Start Time: 02:18)
    “Deep Shift (Featuring Rhea)” by Venja from Galactic Underground (Music For Astronauts) (Start Time: 07:08)
    “Phalo” by Russ Young from Tunnels To Float Through (Start Time: 15:21)
    “Angel’s Heart” by Ashot Danielyan from Diana (Start Time: 21:39)
    “Crystal Terrace” by Ancient Astronaut from Spheres Of Love (Start Time: 24:52)
    “Escholle” by Azizy from Escholle (Start Time: 29:40)
    “XIII” by Benoît Pioulard from Stanza I-III (Start Time: 33:42)
    “14 flos” by anthéne from Places for Peace (Start Time: 37:20)
    “Transition” by The Kids And The Cosmos from Ambient Mixtape Vol. 1 (Start Time: 40:52)
    “Redshift” by Endeleas from Starlight Tapestry (Start Time: 47:07)
    “You Have To Let Go” by Adam Fielding from Mesmera (Extended And Beatless) (Start Time: 52:26)
    “Super Wolf Moon (Extract)” by Richard Norris from Abstractions Volume Two (Start Time: 58:19)

    • 1 hr 1 min
    memories, not dreams

    memories, not dreams

    Welcome to your home away from home, your oasis of mental reset, and that place beyond the stars deep within the cosmic ocean of solace. This newly branded aural pool of euphoria ushers in 2022 and is one with special purpose and intention. By this title, your old boy Tonepoet is not telling you that you should dismiss your dreams, or that they are obstructions, or even that they are lifeless longings that you shelve in favor of 'responsibilities' (there's that word again, I hate that word). That is quite the opposite, dear listener. To dream is to feel alive, and turning those dreams into triumphs and memories, that is to actually live. This is the endlessly flowing river of potential where we want to find ourselves. Understand that the ebb and flow of the currents and tides might feel like a discourse, but it is merely a test of your drive and ambition to reach the higher ground.
    So many time we hear the phrase 'live your dreams', and 'turn your dreams into a reality'. Dear listener, do I look as though I'm trying to sell books here? That's a big, fat negative. What I present is not a ploy or scheme, but an opportunity for us all to reassess our potentials and measure them up against our dreams. Find those gaps that exist between the two and fill them with effort and fortitude. If you don't dare dream it, you can never hope to plant your goal in the fertile garden of wishes. 
    I am here with you, dear listener, and as always nudging you in that direction towards your highest potential. Much change begins with the mind, and it is the mind that takes in aural cues for motivation and fuel for the victories over your challenges. Use this session as that replenishing fuel and creative mind-juice. In turn, take charge of those dreams and create memories from them.
    Turn on, tune in, dream big...

    “To Where Traces Of My Dreams Remain” by A Cerulean State from A Place Amid The Golden Fields (Start Time: 00:00)
    “Atomos XI” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from Atomos (Start Time: 03:01)
    “Still, The Earth Will Remain” by Ashen Swan from L'appel du Vide (Start Time: 04:13)
    “Lignin Poise (Excerpt)” by Benoît Pioulard from Lignin Poise (Start Time: 05:24)
    “N B” by Sylvain Chauveau from Eleven Into Fifteen [A 130701 Compilation] (Start Time: 08:29)
    “The Scent Of Rain” by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society from Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Start Time: 10:50)
    “Forecast Fire” by High Skies from Sounds Of The Earth (Start Time: 17:31)
    “Galaxyrise” by In The Branches from Expanse Sessions (Start Time: 20:41)
    “Blown Away” by Focus On The Breath from Fragile (Start Time: 24:48)
    “We Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from A Winged Victory For The Sullen (Start Time: 28:11)
    “Cloudscape Timelapse 27.05.15 (Silent Voices)” by An Imaginal Space from Cloudscape Timelapse Vol. 2 (Start Time: 33:48)
    “La Vagabonde” by Balmorhea from The Wind (Start Time: 37:10)
    “Night” by Danny Mulhern from Reflections On A Dead Sea (Start Time: 41:51)
    “Rain Master” by Clem Leek from Exhibition #100 [Audiobulb Various Artists] (Start Time: 42:29)
    “Armstrong Opening/Closing” by Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie from Salero Soundtrack (Start Time: 49:54)
    “Rotterdam (Story IX) (Excerpt)” by Ashot Danielyan from Night Meetings (Start Time: 52:37)
    “Sea Ear (Excerpt)” by Shida Shahabi from Shifts (Start Time: 53:51)
    “Lost I” by The Fire & The Fog from Endless Vol. 1 (Start Time: 56:59)
    “After The Rain” by Hazy from After The Rain (Start Time: 58:45)

    • 1 hr 3 min
    a fragile breath within the forest of echoes

    a fragile breath within the forest of echoes

    Shhhh, listener, do you hear that? Nothing? Well, you are correct. We need to focus on that nothing, see where it comes from, and embrace its existence. Today, we're seeking that oasis that creates moments of solitude and solace. At undefined intervals within you daily life, it is vital for you to sink into your personal think tank which allows the reverberation of your own thoughts and aspirations to develop and spring to life. This creative space is our moment in time to plant the seeds of creativity and peace.
    There is so much going on every day that we begin to lose sight of our own objectives. In doing so, we give a very vital piece of ourselves to those objectives and responsibilities (meh) that dull the sharpened blade of your mind. You can't see the forest through the trees. Now, it's time to cultivate the fertile land of your inner sanctum and grow your own forest of a flourishing wonderland.
    Focus on the single thought that will bring your inner forest of beauty and depth into existence. Spend the time and effort to develop that seedling into a sapling with the care, attention, and love that promises to reciprocate its full potential of blessings. Feel free to add saplings of good thoughts and vibes, and care for them in your garden of beauty. Visit this sanctum often, as needed, to gaze and walk among the fruits of your own labor of love. Spending that time and effort pays in dividends which are indescribable yet rewarding. Enjoy your garden, as it it becomes the forest which you wander through in times of need, cultivating the carefully tended landscape which is the creative reflection among the echoing chamber of life.
    Turn on, tune in, tend the garden...

    “Forest Sounds” by Mother Nature from The World Around Us (Start Time: 00:00)
    “Karst” by Marcus Nero from Losing Steam (Start Time: 00:25)
    “Chapters (Excerpt)” by Slleepwalker from Lonly (Ambient Album) (Start Time: 03:30)
    “Umwelt 10” by Umwelt from Umwelt (Start Time: 05:52)
    “Courtesy” by Benoît Pioulard from Stanza I-III (Start Time: 09:37)
    “My Lovely Angel” by Ashot Danielyan from Diana (Start Time: 14:21)
    “Cloudforest” by Focus On The Breath from Fragile (Start Time: 18:53)
    “Centuries Apart” by Eternell from Imagined Distances (Start Time: 25:01)
    “After A Swim” by Isik Kural from Maya's Night (Start Time: 31:28)
    “An Explanation For Its Own Sake” by Rutger Hoedemaekers from The Age Of Oddities (Start Time: 32:30)
    “We Will Clamber Through The Clouds And Exist” by Rutger Hoedemaekers from The Age Of Oddities (Start Time: 34:38)
    “Standing in Silence (Part 8) (Excerpt)” by Rhian Sheehan from Standing in Silence (Start Time: 35:56)
    “Standing in Silence (Part 14)” by Rhian Sheehan from Standing in Silence (Start Time: 36:45)
    “Spiraling Light (Excerpt)” by Etermell from Imagined Distances (Start Time: 38:00)
    “Atlantic Drift” by Benjamin Hill from Hawk Moon Records- Volume IX (Start Time: 41:58)
    “Atlantic” by Max Ananyev from Water Atlas (Start Time: 44:28)
    “Just Breathe” by Ashot Danielyan from Diana (Start Time: 48:40)
    “City In The Dust On My Window” by Hammock from Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow (Start Time: 52:36)
    “Quaintly Misanthropic” by Innesti from Formless (Start Time: 56:45)

    • 1 hr 2 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

1Bag of Chips ,


I listen while relaxing, like reading. Reading a fantasy story while listening is the best as these sounds take me into the fantasy world and totally cut me out of the real world. A wonderful bliss. Thank you for these 💙 🌌

GrahamBablam ,

Truly great.

I’ve come to conclude that truly great music almost never reaches massive popularity, especially in our modern culture. There’s beauty in that. Those who seek are rewarded with beauty they didn’t even expect to find. When I just want to leave the world behind and hide away in a cozy little nook of the forest, I can rely on artists like you. And whether you achieve popularity or not, Tonepoet, I want you to know that whether the public knows it or not you have utterly defeated the masses of popular musicians who make what some call music and others call noise merely for the purpose of making money. You understand that music is an art, not a money machine. It’s a weapon, it’s a tool; it’s a bubble bath, it’s a thunderstorm. That’s something not many people think about. Keep doing what you’re doing. God bless.


What the heck are these artists doing sitting on Bandcamp? They need to go make film scores!!!!

ahdrbdrhgce ,

Seems like great art is always discovered post mortem

But you are still alive. What a blessing life is. I’ve listened to everything you’ve released and truly believe you already have what it takes to make this more than a hobby. I don’t know what that means practically. I wouldnt pretend to have the faintest clue what monetization even means for ambient soundscape creators. But these are among the best I’ve experienced and I think it would be wasteful of your talent to thrown them into a dusty corner in a basement. You got what it takes guy. I’m an internet stranger so you KNOW you have to trust me. If Simone can pierce through the heavens with only fighting spirit you can leverage your dope soundscapes into literally whatever you want them to be. Don’t believe in yourself! Believe in me! Because I believe in you! Believe that I wouldnt write this nonsensical message if I didnt think you got the stuff. BELIEVE IN THE ME THAT BELIEVES IN YOU! PIERCE THE HEAVENS

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