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Music is the soundtrack to life. I seek to amalgamate optimal tapestries that assist the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. I also produce music that can be found at www.tonepoet-music.com. Peace.

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Music is the soundtrack to life. I seek to amalgamate optimal tapestries that assist the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. I also produce music that can be found at www.tonepoet-music.com. Peace.

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    the future is now!

    the future is now!

    It's hip, it's new, it's here, it's now, it's the FUTURE, dear listeners!! Now, I have an idea what you might be thinking of when you ponder what the future actually is. Machines, robots, automation, absence of the human element? Or, is it the ability to harness the means of connecting diverse sets of people with common goals, aspirations, and creative energy to develop a communal sense that encompasses much more than what we envision? I'm going with the latter.
    It would be so easy to bury our heads in the sand and ignore what some might call 'progress'. You're not incorrect with stating that this constant perpetual forward motion becomes cumbersome, requiring us to constantly evolve to fit the need. Now, for many, the future is not always so bright. It's an unfortunate thing that we often choose to ignore that populace and persist in our own bubbles of contentment and comfort. That's not living, dear listeners. Living is sharing the light in your universe with a soul who is subsisting on shadows and sorrow. Dear listeners, since I've been sending out the transmissions, I've been working to bring a brighter sun into your sonic universe. It's up to you now to spread your positive energy to those that need it, to provide the shade over their burnt ambition and water the barren field of their failures. Provide the minerals of belonging to those unlike you and watch their fields of admiration turn into a fertile land of giving.
    If you want to live in an amazing world then you have to build it. With what, you ask? Well, with other people. Surround yourself with water and you swim. Surround yourself with people who you've unrolled your joy into and you will thrive. Nay, you will build your legacy! That's living, or more so, that's living after life.
    Okay, story time. I used to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando every year with my family when I was a little kid (I lived an hour away and it was, at that time, affordable). I remember going into a ride called Tomorrowland. It was absolutely fascinating. The one part that I remember the most, and that still sticks with your boy Tonepoet, is witnessing a scene of two kids on separate sides of the world talking to each other through a television screen. I marveled that one day I would be able to send messages on the other side of the world. With Spaceman's Transmissions, I'm able to do just that. Lesson? Grasp the future with both hands and turn it into your launchpad of discovery. Peace.
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...

    “The Future” by Ambient Island from Beauty Everywhere (Start Time: 00:00)
     “Paene” by ambalek from Lull (Start Time: 02:02)
    “Formal Parts One & Two (Excerpt)” by BlankFor.ms from In Part (Start Time: 05:03)
    “December Dreams (Excerpt)” by Julian Loida from Giverny (Start Time: 10:43)
    “Points of Light” by Wil Bolton from Swept (Start Time: 14:30)
    “Another Time” by Daily Rituals from Aftersongs (Start Time: 19:20)
    “Cove” by Orbital Patterns from Imposter Syndrome (Start Time: 21:35)
    “Axiom” by ThoughtExperiment from Ambient Online Compilation Volume 24 (Start Time: 25:55)
    “Poppies” by Jack Quinn from Music For Painting (Start Time: 35:12)
    “Force Buoyant (How Sad The Shore)” by Amnotic from Ambient Online Compilation- Volume 24 (Start Time: 39:46)
    “Grey Mornings” by Ashen Swan from 1.17.19 (Start Time: 47:27)
    “Winter Morning Pastoral” by Daily Ritual from Aftersongs (Start Time: 53:00)

    • 59 min
    ...and we slowly drifted into another tomorrow

    ...and we slowly drifted into another tomorrow

    Hello, beautiful listeners and travelers of the cosmic tapestry. We've have had some relaxing times while wandering around the peaceful forests of aural canyons. We've dipped our toes into a calm, yet vibrant, stream of brilliantly blissful moments. There comes a time when the spacecraft must align the controls for yet another destination in search of the vivid beauty from echoing dreams. While it's blissfully effortless to lay in the pasture of calm, pillowy thoughts and star gaze while recalling worlds unique to ourselves, we have to slowly and softly uproot ourselves in effort to keep on truckin'. This minor disruption is but a very momentary displacement into yet another realm of as-of-yet unseen and unfelt bliss. Our goal is to seek the optimal oasis. All that I ask of you, dear listener, is to ensure that your belt buckle is firmly fastened for another journey into the unknown. Taking mental snapshots of comet tails and celestial dust is highly recommended as we drift sweetly into our new destination. Save these snapshots within your scrapbook of dreams.
    Each new endeavor we seek to undertake requires effort, and each effort requires resources and creative fuel. Sure, you could apply minimal effort and coast on closing your eyes tightly and shaking your head for 10 seconds to bring yourself out of a slump. But that sort of solution is not a problem solver at all. Rather, it is but a mere distraction like shaking a jar of wasps and expecting them to behave. Nay, dear listener, your reset and expulsion into the realm of rejuvenation requires a recoating of your grey matter with the sweet nectar of sound and color. This journey is designed to do just that. Feel the tingling sensation of new synapses awakening, old neurons developing fresh pathways, and a soulful re-awakening. Here, you will come to realize that there are indeed more peaceful pastures to explore and camp at. Spaceman's Transmissions is devoted to ensuring that your flight there is brewed with equal parts beauty, intensity, comfort, and solace. You have our guarantee or your money back. 
    So, drift into the spacecraft with your boy Tonepoet at the helm, and slowly (snail's pace) buckle yourself into your dream pod for an expedition through the cosmos. Together, we'll all make the journey to another tomorrow and seek to optimize ourselves by letting go of the troubled baggage and stocking up on positive atmospheric transmissions. 
    Turn on, tune in, drift on...

    “Station ID” by Tonepoet from Nunya (Start Time: 00:00)
     “Visions” by Telomere from Lux Primordia (Start Time: 00:30)
     “Sea Gradients” by Fog Net from Headlands (Start Time: 09:42)
     “The Wilder We Became” by Ben McElroy & A Spot On The Hill from Everything Was Different Yesterday (Start Time: 16:13)
     “Vimana” by Ancient Astronaut from Through the Tunnel of Love (Start Time: 19:30)
     “Ideas of the Far Future” by Anders Nils from Ideas of the Far Future (Start Time: 23:16)
     “At The Waters Edge” by Monty Adkins from Audiobulb Records (Exhibition #100) (Start Time: 29:04)
     “The Warm Light Makes You Relax (Excerpt)” by Cliffdiver from Cliffdiver (Start Time: 37:03)
     “Autumn Sun” by Winks from Intraset 016: Daydream - Vox Verto (Start Time: 42:33)
     “Day V - Room With A View” by Fallen from Of Memories And Hopes (Start Time: 46:19)
     “Canopy” by Gus Tomizuka from Prospect & Refuge (Start Time: 52:00)
     “Seele Heimat (Excerpt)” by Henrik Meierkord from Gesichten (Start Time: 54:50)

    • 1 hr 2 min
    guest mix: lepque (unknown universe)

    guest mix: lepque (unknown universe)

    For this guest mix I present you, the listener, with an absolutely stellar outing from an ambient DJ that hails from Hungary. Not only that, but the only female ambient DJ in Hungary. How cool is that? Beyond a measurable scale of incredibly cool.
    Lepque started out as a radio DJ, but got the bug for digging into ambient via Peter Namlook and Jonn Serrie, and has been fighting for the pure ambient style for over 10 years now. The name 'Lepque' is a play on the word 'Lepke', which means butterfly in Hungarian. She claims that it comes from the moth symbol. Just as a moth seeks the light, but dies when reaching it, Lepque also prefers to stay in the background, within the cool and soothing darkness.
    When not preaching the gospel of ambient at a number of festivals at Ozora, the Sziget Festival, VOLT Festival, Waha, and many others, she's afforded the opportunity to spread her art in the club scene as well as radio. When performing at festivals, she is the lone wolf, representing the weary in their unique and mysterious space. In this world, she takes pleasure in witnessing thousands giving in to the sandman as she weaves her sleep-inducing sonic yarn. Seeing the happy faces the next morning proves that it's not just dance music that is welcome at festivals.
    We are very similar in that we both draw a distinct line between ambient and other subgenres of chillout music, like lounge or downtempo styles (that others claim is ambient). One of the biggest wishes for Lepque is that she can make people realize what true ambient is. As with this space-themed mix, her main focus is to tell a story and present a theme with each creation that she conjures. Through her dreams she develops ideas, and becomes the music storyteller.
    Her other wish is to eventually release her own music. After hearing her mix, and taking it in, I am pretty anxious to what has been bouncing around in her mind. Lepque, thanks so much for allowing me to host this, and I look forward to witnessing your future dreams coming to light.
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...

    The Healing Lake – Rudy Adrian
    Infinite Possibility – Phillip Wilkerson
    Starmoods – Jonn Serrie
    Memories Of Wandering, Pt. 1 – Robert Rich
    Magnificent Gallery – Steve Roach
    Wherever Two Or More Are Gathered – Michael Stearns
    Merge (Violette Light Mix) – Troll ‘N Roll Records
    The Return Of Babel – Babel
    Rise To Light – Cosmic Replicant
    12 18 – Global Communication
    Vanishing Memories – Alexander Cheresney
    Untitled 6 – Irezumi
    Victims Of A System – Har & Altus
    A Drowning – Astropilot
    Signals In Moonlight – Thom Brennan
    Mirage – Peter Namlook
    Empire Of Nothing – Numina
    Before The Celebration – Hammock
    Held Together By Gravity – Carbon Based Lifeforms
    Silent Valleys – Andrew Lahiff
    Beautiful Desolate Spaces – Adam Fielding
    Zen – Tetsu Inoue
    Under Stars II – Brian Eno

    • 1 hr 58 min


    Hello, dear listeners, travelers of the celestial realm, and co-pilots. This new session evolves around the ethos of an album that I just put out entitled 'Bloom', and is one that ushers in a re-invention and reinvigorating of our mental and physical being. As we weather the storms of life's turbulent forces, we need enlightenment and encouragement so that we can pick ourselves up, knock of the dirt and negative vibes, and bring in a rebirth and passion for not only living but striving. That's it, dear listeners, striving!! And THRIVING!! It rhymes, and now all of a sudden I feel like Dr. Seuss. Working to be better tomorrow than we are today requires incremental steps. We hear the expression 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and, well, neither were we. Take the time in planning your re-entry into the world as a better version of yourself every single day. It requires mental energy to develop the creative means to plan our re-entry into our proposed new world, and it takes physical energy to implement those changes around us. But, the biggest and most effect change is within us, in our minds and hearts. Work to calibrate and synchronize these with your new mission. Expend the mental energy so that the task of pushing through your boundaries is well rewarded. This session is your comforting pillow of that much needed mental reset.
    We at Spaceman's Transmissions propose that you set aside a quiet hour-ish of time to let everything go, and let the tapestry here guide you to the prairie of peaceful vibes. A place where you can assemble your collage of innovative endeavors which will bring your incrementally closer to where you view yourself. Fill in the gaps that separate where you are and where you want to be, as if you are patching holes in the wall for a fresh, new coat of colorful and vibrant paint. Through effort and realization of your potential comes the reward of a newly emerging you! The stormy night that you endured will pass over you, and the stage will reset for you to explore and set up for new scenes to create and thrive in. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Don't take your renewals for granted, dear listener. Celebrate each victory as a reward to yourself for reaching and surpassing milestone, not unlike traveling past a dark cosmic tide to reemerge into a realm of a breathtaking starlit field of beauty. I'm with you, dear travelers, and as your co-pilot I have full faith that your journey and effort will yield great success.
    Okay, yes, as mentioned, shameless plug time (sorry!). I put our a new album entitled Bloom (of course) which can be found by going to https://www.tonepoet-music.com. My music was, is, and always will be free so that you can all have access to it. It is my gift to you, dear listeners, as my thanks for your attendance during the voyages that we undertake. Peace.
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...

    “I’m Outside Now” by Dr. Tone Dude from Nature Calls, So You’d Better Answer (Start Time: 00:00)
     “Beyond The Limelight (Song For Neil)” by Tonepoet from Bloom (Start Time: 00:30)
    “Half Light” by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society from Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Start Time: 03:10)
    “Funambulist No8” by Rémi Fay from Funambulist (Start Time: 09:35)
    “Capacitor Weavers” by Conrad Praetzel from Adventures Into Somethingness (Start Time: 13:48)
    “The Large Floating Vessel” by Siren and the Sea from Gravity Wave (Start Time: 15:04)
    “Trauma” by Henrick Meierkord from Gesichten (Start Time: 18:37)
    “Transience” by A Cerulean State from Omgjord (Start Time: 23:11)
    “All Those Little Moments” by Colliding Galaxies from Ambient, Vol. 4 (Start Time: 26:14)
    “I Touched The Face Of God (Bonus Track)” by Benoît Honoré Pioulard from Plays Thelma (Start Time: 27:25)
    “The Quiet Divide (Early Mix, Tranquility Version, 2011)” by Black Swan from Re-miniscence - Unreleased Recordings, 201

    • 1 hr 1 min
    camping under the stars, vol. 5 (sanctuary)

    camping under the stars, vol. 5 (sanctuary)

    Dear listeners, I have a tale for you!! It was one of the best/worst thing to happen to me delivered by our sweet Mother Nature. I had been planning a camping trip for 1 whole year with a high school buddy (who only knows me only as a metalhead, shhhhhh......). He had never been to the mid-west, in any place like South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. I had, but for work-related travel, which was a soul sucking endeavor and left me devoid of any potentially wonderful life altering experiences. Our plan went from imagining to planning, and would take us to The Badlands, Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, Devil's Tower, Bighorn National Forest, Yellowstone Park, and beyond. It was going to be fantastic. I bulked up some snivel camping gear and I was ready. Imagine that: me, a sissy novice camper, eating barbaric foods over a fire and having a flexible agenda while listening to nature at night in a tiny tent. What could go wrong?
    We didn't bother to plan more than a day in advance, just in case we liked something so much we decided to explore it more. How exciting!! The first day after flying into Rapid City, SD was the Badlands. We hiked all over it, went places where we probably should not have (including into a buffalo field about a mile's walk from our car, how very wise) and spent about 12 hours there. It was blissful! That night, we set up camp at a very basic campsite. I was awoken in the morning at about 2:30 to hear some distant thunder and some very light sprinkling that lasted about 30 minutes. Perfect. In the morning, the sweet breezes dried everything flawlessly. This is how it is all going to be. Or so I thought. 
    After another few days, we were succeeding, and confident. Nothing could defeat us! On the 3rd night, we set up camp at a popular chain camping place with great amenities and were nice and comfortable. We didn't even bother to see if it was going to rain. Like I said before, what could go wrong? Well, yeah, dear listener, I found out how wrong it could really go for us.
    I was awoken that night at around 1:30, and there was a torrential downpour above us. Not only that, it sounded as though the wind was whipping at about 300 miles per hour, and massive hailstones were pummeling my tent. There were flashes of lightning that seemed like a thousand suns happening every 10 seconds and thunderclaps with deafening roars. Not gonna lie, I was extremely petrified. I could hear by buddy sneezing non-stop in his tent during it all (we were under pine trees, he has a very bad allergy) that multiplied my fear because I knew that the end is near! It lasted for 2 hours, and I buried my head within my sleeping bag and wondering why I thought that it was wise to sleep under a lightning rod, uh, I mean a tree, and planning my escape to the car at a moment's notice if needed. Dear listeners, I was relegated to the fetal position and turning back into the sissy camper that I really was. I was indeed back at square one.
    When we woke in the morning, we had to carefully pack (after shaking out) all of our drenched gear and drove 5 hours to a hotel that was gracious enough to permit usage of a private room in which to completely dry out our gear. Dear listener, I made promise to Mother Nature that I would use my fortune of survival against the elements to create a session in the volume of the Camping Under The Stars series. I could only happily oblige. Even though Mother Nature can be comforting and offer serenity and peace, she also exists to put us in our places. She provides a balance of awareness, and offers us sanctuary. Remain cognizant of her beauty and power, respect her intentions, use this session to overcome your challenges, and invigorate your senses with monumental breakthroughs. Make the time to exercise your new mental awareness and gain a new appreciation and respect for Mother Nature in all of her beauty.
    Shameless plug time!! The very last song is an original song of mine that wi

    • 1 hr 2 min
    as the light moves through the air

    as the light moves through the air

    It is that time of year, dear listeners, where we once again set sail in the celestial sea of diamonds in search of a better tomorrow, and seek the renewal of our mental energy and creative awakening. I'm here to assist you in your voyage, as you know that your old boy Tonepoet would never expect you to navigate blindly through the ether. It is you who will guide this ship through the pathway of stars, and I am more than happy to be your severely relaxed co-pilot.
    As we sail gently along this route, let's reflect on the things in the past that made us happy and engaged. As we bathe in this nostalgia, start to bundle up the negative energy and various letdowns of this past year so that we may set them afloat towards a black hole, never to be seen again. While you might not see it, there is a lighted path towards a better you, and a tree that sprouts positive vibe. Steer the craft towards this tree so that we may taste the nectar of positive energy and enlightenment. Understand that this tree withers and fades, and seems to lack the abundant life at times. Yet, this tree is constantly growing, even through the darker times, and replenishing it's weather beaten suit in effort to rise up in the seasons of growth and replenishment. This is not unlike us, dear listener, as we seek to keep growing, and still do so, even during the darkest of times. That period of perceived stagnation is only a readjustment. Use this to recalibrate your mind and energy. Awaken with your renewed strength.
    While we become one with the light that burns brightly into a new tomorrow, close your eyes and feel the air move by you. It's subtle, but it's there, and that is out indication that we are still drifting toward a higher plane of existence. Take it in, and enjoy the journey. I will see you all in 2023. Peace.
    BTW, Merry Christmas!! This is my gift to you, sorry that I couldn't wrap it somehow!
    Turn on, tune in, sleep...

    “As The Light Moves Through The Air” by Steve Pacheco from Place For Peace (Start Time: 00:00)
    “Some” by Jogging House from Chants (Start Time: 05:00)
    “Mit Ausblick” by Thomas Fehlmann from Böser Herbst (Start Time: 09:20)
    “Orion’s Field” by Telomere from The Stellar Sea (Start Time: 12:14)
    “The Veils Of Beta Pavonis” by Jonn Serrie from The Sentinel (Start Time: 22:42)
    “Monument II” by In The Branches And Neglect from Monuments (Start Time: 33:24)
    “The Arrival” by Hollan Holmes from A Distant Light (Start Time: 37:31)
    “Orangeville” by Saint Sorrow from Windows (Start Time: 43:19)
    “I Found A Bit Of Myself” by A Cerulean State from Just Out Of Sight (Start Time: 45:48)
    “Remaining (Excerpt)” by Aperire from Aperire (Start Time: 49:15)
    “Birkets” by Hammock from Columbus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Start Time: 50:45)
    “Mono No Aware” by Hammock from An Introduction To Hammock (Start Time: 51:35)
    “Symphony Of Extinct Lights” by CloudFall & Tonepoet from Forgotten Hymns (Start Time: 57:35)

    • 1 hr 1 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

1Bag of Chips ,


I listen while relaxing, like reading. Reading a fantasy story while listening is the best as these sounds take me into the fantasy world and totally cut me out of the real world. A wonderful bliss. Thank you for these 💙 🌌

GrahamBablam ,

Truly great.

I’ve come to conclude that truly great music almost never reaches massive popularity, especially in our modern culture. There’s beauty in that. Those who seek are rewarded with beauty they didn’t even expect to find. When I just want to leave the world behind and hide away in a cozy little nook of the forest, I can rely on artists like you. And whether you achieve popularity or not, Tonepoet, I want you to know that whether the public knows it or not you have utterly defeated the masses of popular musicians who make what some call music and others call noise merely for the purpose of making money. You understand that music is an art, not a money machine. It’s a weapon, it’s a tool; it’s a bubble bath, it’s a thunderstorm. That’s something not many people think about. Keep doing what you’re doing. God bless.


What the heck are these artists doing sitting on Bandcamp? They need to go make film scores!!!!

ahdrbdrhgce ,

Seems like great art is always discovered post mortem

But you are still alive. What a blessing life is. I’ve listened to everything you’ve released and truly believe you already have what it takes to make this more than a hobby. I don’t know what that means practically. I wouldnt pretend to have the faintest clue what monetization even means for ambient soundscape creators. But these are among the best I’ve experienced and I think it would be wasteful of your talent to thrown them into a dusty corner in a basement. You got what it takes guy. I’m an internet stranger so you KNOW you have to trust me. If Simone can pierce through the heavens with only fighting spirit you can leverage your dope soundscapes into literally whatever you want them to be. Don’t believe in yourself! Believe in me! Because I believe in you! Believe that I wouldnt write this nonsensical message if I didnt think you got the stuff. BELIEVE IN THE ME THAT BELIEVES IN YOU! PIERCE THE HEAVENS

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