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Get to the bottom of what is truly healthy in this crazy, complex world so you can take back what is rightfully yours. Your health! Welcome to the Health Sovereign Podcast your host Logan Christopher.

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Get to the bottom of what is truly healthy in this crazy, complex world so you can take back what is rightfully yours. Your health! Welcome to the Health Sovereign Podcast your host Logan Christopher.

    Zeolites with Eddie Stone

    Zeolites with Eddie Stone

    Show notes available at https://healthsovereign.com/73

    What sets zeolites apart from other binders like clays, charcoal and more?
    How are zeolites different from fulvic acid?
    How zeolites pull heavy metals, radioactive elements, mycotoxins, endocrine disrupting chemicals, organophosphates and more from the body?
    How zeolites help to improve immunity and the microbiome?
    The results of 8 clinical trials on zeolites (7 positive, 1 negative)
    What makes for an effective zeolite product? The difference between synthetic, powder vs liquid, micronization and more.
    Why everyday detox support is needed in today’s modern environment.

    Special offer on zeolites is available here. https://healthsovereign.com/zeolites

    About Eddie Stone

    He is the CEO of Touchstone Essentials, offering the highest quality zeolite products on the market.

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    CrossFit and Physical Therapy with Jen Dieter

    CrossFit and Physical Therapy with Jen Dieter

    Inside the drive of a competitive Master's athlete.
    How to compete, work and be a parent all at once.
    The advantages and disadvantages for having the same coach for a long time.
    Joint by joint, what is made for stability and what is made for mobility?
    How to properly work around injuries and why "Rest doesn't fix anything."
    Jen's top supplements for staying in competitive shape.
    Don't have time for meditation? Try this instead.
    And much more.

    About Jen Dieter

    Jennifer Dieter, MPT, is a physical therapist with 24 years of experience in outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine. She has experience working with high-level professional athletes, CrossFit athletes, “weekend warriors”, and kids. She is a many-time CrossFit Games masters athlete, finishing between 9th and 5th overall from 2015-2022, and has won several recent CrossFit Masters events. She also set a National record for the USA Weightlifting in 2016 for the snatch, clean and jerk and total, in 2018 set the World Record in Weightlifting for the same events. She also won the National Championship in 2020 and won the World Championship for Weightlifting in 2022.


    Jen on Instagram

    More show notes available at https://healthsovereign.com/72

    • 43 min
    Crystal Fusion Light with Mike Broadwell and SolaraGem

    Crystal Fusion Light with Mike Broadwell and SolaraGem

    How Logan hated woo-woo crap, but got turned around with gems because they work
    Forgot melatonin or CBD…try this instead for better sleep
    How ancient people used the healing power of gems along with sunlight
    How the different strobe (Hz) setting for different colors match up to different brain wave states
    Why the Spleen is important for energy, immunity and more
    How to stack SolaraGem with other technologies and methods
    The gem that Logan uses to make his meditations more peaceful
    Why light and frequencies are key to many health effects (despite how little attention is paid to this area)
    And much more

    Includes the best gems for:

    Pain Relief and Wound Healing
    Emotional Balance
    Mitigating Chemotherapy Nausea
    Avoiding Getting Sick

    Get your SolaraGem at https://healthsovereign.com/gem and use coupon code LOGAN for $100 off.

    More show notes available at https://healthsovereign.com/71

    • 56 min
    Terminal Cancer and Viatical Settlements with Marcus Ellis

    Terminal Cancer and Viatical Settlements with Marcus Ellis

    Marcus Ellis is a terminal cancer conqueror AFTER the failure of oncology. Given a 6 month death sentence., he pursued naturopathic means and he is now 6 years cancer free. He now provides financial resources to the terminal, critical and chronically ill via VIATICAL SETTLEMENTS.

    How Stage 4 Terminal Cancer is Beatable…despite What Your Doctor Says
    Why “Conventional” Treatment is Doomed to Failure Even with Short Term Wins
    The Importance of a Second Opinion
    If Fear is Used, Run Away from the Health Treatment
    Why Cure and Health are 4-Letter Words to the Medical Establishment
    How Vitamin B17 Works Against Cancer
    An Insurance that Pays for Any “Alternative” Treatment You Desire?
    How to Turn Death Insurance into Life Insurance
    And much, much more

    For more visit MarcusEllis.org

    • 56 min
    The Standing Meditation with Nate Rifkin

    The Standing Meditation with Nate Rifkin

    Why Positive Thinking, Visualization and Affirmations Can Fail You
    How to Rewire Your Neurology, Alignment and Energy with an Ancient Taoist Practice
    Standing Meditation vs. Moving Meditation
    Standing Meditation vs. Sitting Meditation
    How to Get Your Body in Alignment (and Maybe Make More Money Doing So?!?)
    The question to go deep on anything: "What kind of practices support my __________?"
    Fragile, Robust and Antifragile Responses to Relationships
    One Trick for Quieting Your Mind in Mediation
    And More

    Find out more, including links, at https://healthsovereign.com/69

    • 58 min
    How to Fix Autoimmunity with Whitney Morgan

    How to Fix Autoimmunity with Whitney Morgan

    The Nocebo Effect of Medical Snobbery
    Top Four Usual Suspects of Any Autoimmunity
    Gluten, Glyphosate and More Causes of Gut Permeability
    What are the Causes of Autoimmune and Non-Autoimmune Thyroid Issues?
    The Three Steps to Healy Leaky Gut…including an Amazing 3-7 Day Autoimmunity Fix
    How to Detach from Social Eating, Replacing Comfort Foods Successfully and More
    The Best Tests to do for Thyroid Issues and Gut Permeability
    And Much More

    Show notes, links and more available at https://healthsovereign.com/68

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5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Ahmedbright ,

Finally I found it 😀

I will later write my feedback, but now I am binging all episodes 😎

hk23944 ,


Logan Christopher is a boss in every way? Best health/wellness podcast imo

Ryan H. Baker ,

This is unparalleled!

2 minutes into my first episode I was hooked. I was also floored. This is unlike anything I've ever listened to! I can't wait for future episodes and to read Logan's book! Thanks for sharing this great info in such an interesting and easy-to-understand way!

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