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Offending people with truth

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Offending people with truth

    Ep 39: Brandon Straza - The Success Finder

    Ep 39: Brandon Straza - The Success Finder

    What is The Success Finder? And why is the way we consume content going to change? In this episode, Brandon Straza talks about creating an intent-driven platform that allows coaches and leaders to do away with figuring out social media’s algorithm and focus on what’s truly important instead.
    00:00 Introduction
    03:13 Constantly creating vs pulling back
    06:26 An intent-driven platform
    12:44 Why we need to set up “bumpers”
    15:47 When learning is distracting and creates anxiety
    22:00 Someone who gets into leadership vs someone who actually leads
    31:30 How The Success Finder can help you and your community save time and energy
    39:54 More money, more freedom, more time
    43:05 How a company evolves
    46:33 A balancing factor
    48:35 Knowing the what but not the who
    51:30 It’s all about having actionable steps

    • 57 min
    Ep 38: Jason Campbell - The Space Between The Notes

    Ep 38: Jason Campbell - The Space Between The Notes

    The space between the notes, the silence in between words, and why we need ‘mind emptiness’ and not mindfulness. Jason Campbell and I talk about all these, achieving a zen state of mind, and why in order to create something, you first need something of its opposite. 

    00:00 Introduction 
    00:45 Why Highly Offended is called Highly Offended
    04:53 How Jason started over four decades ago
    06:10 Listening to the space between the notes
    09:35 The human part and the being part
    12:37 Mindfulness vs mind emptiness
    17:15 Reticular activation
    19:11 Emotional Mastery and Relativity
    26:47 From a spiritual vs emotional viewpoint
    36:27 Keys to suffering
    38:03 Keys to not suffering
    41:28 Breathing techniques to transmute dark emotion into light
    47:52 Social distancing vs physical distancing
    49:35 Three things were made up of
    51:51 Cool stuff that we do with Gray Wolf Mountain, Zen Wellness, and Masters Apprentice

    • 1 hr
    Ep 36: Jesse Elder - Love and the Absence of It

    Ep 36: Jesse Elder - Love and the Absence of It

    As of this recording, Russia is going to war with Ukraine and Jesse and I talk about the necessity of love and why all of the sh*t that’s happening right now happens. 
    00:00 Introduction
    02:30 Russia’s war with Ukraine
    06:00 A complete reckoning.
    11:39 The collapse of Fiat
    15:33  Codependency on the corporation
    23:51 Attention as the currency of transformation
    27:24 Climate change
    33:10 If a severe economic crisis hits 
    36:28 A Limp Society
    44:15 Sh*t gets weird in a party
    53:30 All that’s happening right now has to happen
    1:08 A few last words

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Ep 35: Chris Michael Harris and Mario - Conspiracy Theories

    Ep 35: Chris Michael Harris and Mario - Conspiracy Theories

    What really happened to JFK and why does the official story in the Warren Commission Report (the government report) not seem to make a lot of sense? Why was the clean up of the entire landscape of Building 7 so rushed after it collapsed? What evidence are they preventing us from seeing? What are the implications of the Patriot Act? And despite there being so many sociopaths and psychopaths in politics who are trying to control and manipulate us, what is it that we can do concretely so that we don't feel manipulated? We talked about all these and more in a 2-hour interview that went by so fast in my episode with Chris Michael Harris and Mario.

    Use the timestamps below to easily jump between topics 👇
    00:00 Introduction
    04:23 What really happened to JFK?
    39:54 Collapse of Building 7
    54:49 Patriot Act and it's implications
    59:23 Sociopaths and psychopaths in Politics
    1:07:30 Big Pharma and Covid Vaccines
    1:12:51 Government "monitoring" the information we post on social media
    1:19:50 So what can we do about it?
    1:28:03 Making people feel docile towards the government but aggressive towards each other
    1:29:57 It all comes down to banking
    1:42:00 Chris' two different theories on who's at the top of the pyramid
    1:51:40 What can be done constructively for people that may be wondering if we're in doom and gloom?

    • 2 hr 7 min
    Ep 34: Jesse Elder - Live and Unfiltered

    Ep 34: Jesse Elder - Live and Unfiltered

    From vaccine passports, to social media, cryptocurrency, guns, and more. Episode 34 is an episode I recorded live with Jesse Elder to talk about things that will either resonate with you or offend you. (Highly.)

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Ep 33: Jeff Spencer - Cultivating a Champion's Mindset

    Ep 33: Jeff Spencer - Cultivating a Champion's Mindset

    Why do people that should win don't, and why do people that shouldn’t win do? What do people that appear to be at the top of their day do differently and what goes on in a champion’s mind? Dr. Jeff Spencer talks about all these and more in probably the classiest episode that I’ve recorded so far of Highly Offended. 

    • 1 hr 6 min

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4.9 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

ColeBertils ,

Not what I was expecting

The exact opposite in fact. But well worth the listen. The conversations are highly entertaining but also educational.

Paul Beam ,

Good stuff!

Great show, great hosts, great information! Give it a listen and be prepared to learn!

Erik G. Allen ,

Want some good laughs?

I am not sure I have laughed so hard before. This show had me cracking up! I love how laughter and business comes together on this podcast! Great frickin show! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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