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Home Design Chat with Nancy covers all aspects of every room in the home From remodeling to wine pairing, from aging in place to backyard kitchens. She even chats about the fun stuff like wines and foods.

Home Design Chat with Nancy Nancy Hugo

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Home Design Chat with Nancy covers all aspects of every room in the home From remodeling to wine pairing, from aging in place to backyard kitchens. She even chats about the fun stuff like wines and foods.

    We Don't Agree with the Experts!

    We Don't Agree with the Experts!

    The new design trends for 2021 are here and Nancy isn't at all happy with a lot of them.  Jem Funk, Interior Designer and Lighting Consultant with Premier Lighting, and a frequent guest on this podcast, chatted with Nancy about what the experts have decided for 2021.  You be the judge.

    Power of Color

    IN:  Bright palettes and rich colors in the design of furniture, lamps, accessories.
    OUT:  Pastel shades, inspired by the Scandinavian style.2021 Colors:
    Pantone color institute chose Ultra Violet as the main color of 2021
    Violet is a complex, dominant color that is unlikely to become widespread, since it is more like a bohemian one.
    Benjamin Moore's 2021 color of the year is Aegean Teal
    A rich blend of blue-green and gray, this mid-tone reflects balance and natural harmony. When selecting this year's Color of the Year, the Benjamin Moore team focused on grounded and rooted colors.
    Sherwin-Williams has selected four color palettes: bold blues, muddy greens, muted reds, bright pinks, and warm whites are their choices
    Every Paint company has their own color of the year.
    Brown is coming back strong paired with avocado, orange, and harvest gold
    Color psychologists say brown communicates strength, reliability, and stability. It evokes feelings of comfort and safety.
    Brown also creates a sense of nostalgia, when life less complicated, more down-to-earth, and common sense prevailed.
    Note:  Brown gets Nancy depressed.

    Harmony with Nature

    unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, wicker furniture
    Decorative elements and prints also gravitate to nature
    Images of animals, birds, leaves and flowers
    Vivid tropical motifs and an intense floral print. Was popular in 2020 and still hanging on for 2021

    Textured Walls

    Wallpaper and decorative plaster give way to expensive fabric upholstery


    the most important trend of 2021 in design calls for just to ignore these very trends,
    to personalize the space and adjust the interior primarily for yourself.
    The interior is no longer limited to the framework of one style, but follows primarily the needs and preferences of the owners.

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    Don't Believe What you Hear on HGTV

    Don't Believe What you Hear on HGTV

    This week Nancy chatted with Jan Rutgers, founder of Vestabul Design School, about the positives and negatives of HGTV and how it affects our clients.  Follow the outline on our conversation:

    Biggest complaints from the industry

    Unrealistic budgets
    Unrealistic timelines

    Biggest misconceptions from consumers

    This is entertainment not representative -A lot of the drama is fabricated
    Many of the front people are actors not professional designers
    Good on camera with a huge team behind them doing all the work

    What are the Positives HGTV has done for the Kitchen Design Industry

    They have brought awareness to the kitchen industry as a whole
    Showing examples of showpiece kitchen; open concept living
    Make a new kitchen highly desirable
    They introduce new decor style such as Modern Farmhouse
    Makes it easy to access get-the-look products across the nation
    The create demand for high end products
    Gas ranges, quartz counter, custom hoods, apron front sinks, wine fridges
    They introduce unique design solutions:  banquettes, using furniture pieces, artisan pieces
    Easier to convince consumer to try something different
    Some shows experiment with more adventurous color combinations
    Shows can’t always repeat the same look show after show so tend to mix it up
    Clients can be more willing to break away from the all white kitchen

    Changes that are occurring

    Not all of the decor shows are following the formula that insists on drama
    More realistic timelines and budgets are being discussed

    People have been watching a lot of HGTV during the pandemic

    Kitchen designers need to be aware of the shows their prospects are watching
    Be prepared to take advantage of the buzz.

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    October 14, 2020

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    Good & Bad Tile - Know the Difference

    Good & Bad Tile - Know the Difference

    Floor and wall tile have been the rage for the last 15 years, but before you chose your tile, listen to Gil Olachea, owner of Ceramica in Scottsdale, AZ,  chat with Nancy about good tile vs. bad tile, and more.

    1. A brief history
           uses of clay (terra cotta, mosaics) tile date to ancient Egyptian times

    2. Size trends
           applicable to 'field' tile not mosaics
           24" was ever popular & predominant just 5-6 years ago
           24" x 48" and greater sizes are, now, ubiquitous

    3. What is "Subway" tile
            "I want that tile I see in the subway"!
            Any rectangle tile can be considered "subway"

    4.What materials are used to produce tile
            stone, porcelain, glass, metals, wood, coconut, leather
            porcelain technology so excellent, it emulates stone

    5. Choosing a tile...
            do some research, price-points, desired quality, uniqueness, value or...
            seek a true professional to assist
            set a budget
            know the application

    6. Applications vs. choosing material-types
            where to use tile; typically, in baths, kitchens, powder
            consideration in choosing material types
            back-splashes in active kitchens

    7. Installation
            DIY vs. hiring
            good vs. bad tile installers; handyman vs. craftsman; knowledge vs experience
            thin-set, grout; 'Big Box' vs pro-grade

    8."Framing" the wall
            trim, moldings, borders

    9. Maintenance
            cleaning stone products do not use popular glass cleaner-type solutions; pH-neutral
            seal ALL stone & natural material produced tile products

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    October 14, 2020

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    What is Universal Design and Why do you Need it?

    What is Universal Design and Why do you Need it?

    Nancy's guest this week is Jan Rutgers, a professional kitchen designer with more than 25 years experience.  Jan is the founder of Vestabul School of Design where she educates and mentors people passionate about the Kitchen Design Industry.

    Our topic is Universal Design and how important it is for everyone to use the concept and ideas in their home so aging in place becomes second nature.

    What is Universal Design and how useful is it to everyone?

    Design for your lifetime, not just your prime time.

    Design so that most people can use the space regardless of their ability or their size

    Accommodates multi-generations living in the same house.

    Design that allows people to safely use the space and comfortably age in place.

    Top 6 Universal Design Concepts for Kitchen design:

    Concentrate on the work triangle
    Plan long expanses of connected countertop
    Provide a variety of countertop heights
    Include flexible, layered lighting
    Plan kitchen color schemes in lighter finishes
    Include accessible storage

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    September 30, 2020

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    You Can't Work from Home without This

    You Can't Work from Home without This

    Nancy's guest this week is Sharon Sherman CKD, ASID, CID, an award-winning designer residing in Bergen Country, New Jersey.  Sharon has been published in many magazines and newspapers and has appeared on several TV shows.

    The pandemic has resulted in many lifestyle changes, one of them being the necessity for a home office.  Many of us will most likely continue working from home and having a space to work efficiently is a must.

    Sharon and Nancy talk about some basic considerations for a home office that will help you achieve a work space you will enjoy using:

    Home Office Location: Where do you want to work?  It's very important to consider how you will be using the space to determine the location in the home.
    Form Follows Function: A desk sized for the task and a comfortable chair are the first items you will need. If you don’t have a work surface, things tend to pile up..
    Storage: Try to have an additional place to keep some of your things other than the desk. Even in a paperless office, there are still documents you will need to keep safe.
    Technology: Staying Connected with a wireless hub and a fast connection that will allow you to work on your laptop or tablet from the desk or that comfy chair.
    Lighting: . Make sure you have adequate lighting to prevent eye strain and illuminate the tasks at hand. If you are having virtual meetings, make sure there is good lighting in front of you as well as on the sides. The people you are meeting with need to see your face.
    Climate Control:  It is hard to work when you are too hot or too cold. Make sure you are comfortable so you will want to spend time in the space and be productive.
    Some final thoughts:

    Keep your space organized no matter the size. A desktop file is perfect for active projects.
    Decorate it so you will want to spend time there. Use colors you like to be around.
    Keep the office in the office area. Try to not let office items wander.
    Add some plants for natural decoration and stress reduction.
    Create a chalk board or wipe board with paint. Keep those great ideas and goals where you can see them.

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    September 23, 2020

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    More Mistakes you Shouldn't be Making when Remodeling A Kitchen

    More Mistakes you Shouldn't be Making when Remodeling A Kitchen

    In our last podcast Nancy and Les Sturtevant, owner of Designer Dream Kitchen Studio in Scottsdale, Az, discussed the key items to be addressed when planning your kitchen remodel.  This week they continued that topic with several more important key points to be considered:

    Expanding the Space:  Removing non load bearing walls might be a way to open up your floorplan and increase the size of the kitchen. This could create a large open floorplan that would be more inviting giving you more use for the space.

    Efficiency is Key:  Setting up work zones or task areas will increase the function and efficiency of your space.  Think zones when you are planning a bake center, clean up area, prep area and seating area.

    Islands are more than Pretty:  Islands come in all shapes and sizes.  They could have sinks and appliances or just plain work islands.  Remember to leave adequate circulation around the island.  Most islands are 36 inches above the floor making it convenient as a workspace and seating with bar stools.

    Don't follow Trends:  Most kitchens are remodeled once every 10 years or more.  Add color with accessories or window treatments rather than bright colored appliances or cabinets that you might tire of after a short time.

    Ask and Expert:  The kitchen is the most complicated and expensive room in the house to design, so paying for a bit of expert advice at the start of a project can take the stress out of the process and save you money in the long run.

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    September 16, 2020

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5 Ratings

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