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Drawing upon four decades as a family caregiver, Peter Rosenberger offers a lifetime of experience as a lifeline for fellow caregivers.

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Drawing upon four decades as a family caregiver, Peter Rosenberger offers a lifetime of experience as a lifeline for fellow caregivers.

    There's Always A Caregiver

    There's Always A Caregiver

    From 07/20/202
    Discussing the assassination attempt on President Trump., the challenges within the culture - and Scripture's directive to believers. 

    • 47 min
    It's a Bigger Problem Than We Think It Is

    It's a Bigger Problem Than We Think It Is

    From the 07/13/2024 broadcast:
    Opening Monologue: This is a bigger problem than we think it is.
    B and C Block: Mike Flynn brings a powerful conversation about listening. 
    D Block: When you can't see BECAUSE of the Forest and Trees.
    Contact Mike Flynn  FlynnMike01@gmail.com

    • 47 min
    Dale Richardson Discusses How She Helped Me Lose more than 36 pounds

    Dale Richardson Discusses How She Helped Me Lose more than 36 pounds

    This last hospital stay (which took two months) did me in. I put on way too much weight, and after many conversations with our friend, Dale Richardson - I finally did something about it. More than 36 pounds later - and on my way to my goal of losing 50 -Dale and I discussed the process, changes, mindset, and benefits. 
    There's more at www.peterrosenberger.com 

    • 48 min
    Don't Take This On Your Next Vacation

    Don't Take This On Your Next Vacation

    While a change of scenery can ease the heartache and struggles of our lives, it’s pointless if we pack our resentments and bitterness for the trip. We live ninety miles north of one of the most beautiful places in the world: Yellowstone National Park. Yet, despite Yellowstone National Park’s pristine and soul-stirring beauty, visitors still bring their drama to the faraway fields of bison and Old Faithful. A sad set of statistics for the world’s first national park is the number of drunk drivers and domestic abuse cases handled yearly.
    Park rangers will undoubtedly affirm that people pack their strife with them—misery’s jurisdiction doesn’t end at any park’s borders.
    It’s hard to imagine saving up all year long and going to the trouble of traveling so far, only to end up standing in front of one of the federal judges in the park.
    While tempted to express disapproval of those arrested for such things in Yellowstone Park, how is that different for many caregivers who think a change of scenery—or circumstances—can serve as an antidote for discord?
    Yet, if misery can be carried, it can also be put down.
    There is no vacation destination that will cure bitterness. The spectacular cannot accomplish what we refuse to implement. We can better appreciate the beauty in different locations once we choose to experience them in our current situation.
    The world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness
    while they snub contentment.
    — Doug Larson

    • 11 min
    A Caregiver's Perspective of the Presidential Debate

    A Caregiver's Perspective of the Presidential Debate

    The Truth Network invited me to guest host their live program on 06/28/2004 - which deals with current events, politics, and Theology. Since the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was the hot issue - I weighed in, but from a caregiver's point of view. Plus, I took a few calls. 
    See my article at the American Spectator 

    • 38 min
    A Sound Mind

    A Sound Mind

    "No matter what the circumstances, we Christians should keep our heads. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind. It is a dismal thing to see a son of heaven cringe in terror before the sons of earth." - AW TOZER
    All too many caregivers feel pulled in so many directions that we second guess ourselves - while listening to those we shouldn't. In this episode, I share how our experience becomes a more reliable voice of counsel. 

    • 25 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Cow-Gal ,

Excellent and Peter is a blessing to know

I met Peter while I was in montana running cows up the road as he was in a vehicle trying too get around them the minute he opened up and spoke he said glorious things it was a blessing I look at things differently than most people I was a range rider up in the forest so I was lucky enough to have more contact during the time spent there . He has helped me get thru my journey and look forward instead of backwards
Excellent podcast and great man and miss you Gracie

Juana Poareo ,

A sorely needed resource for caregivers

I haven't learned of any other podcast like Peter's, on the topic of caregiving. Peter himself has been a caregiver for over 30 years, and he knows his stuff. He has a great manner and approachability, which is so important for caregivers when they want to find a community. If you're a caregiver, this is the perfect podcast to listen to.

RobinHatcher ,

So comforting!

Wish I could have found this podcast sooner! So thankful for you!

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