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Tiff and Steve ramble about the daily struggles of Tier 3 IT/Sysadmin life: Cloud computing, Microsoft 365, Azure, Exchange, InfoSec, PowerShell, Docker, Zune, and whatever else is worth discussing.

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Tiff and Steve ramble about the daily struggles of Tier 3 IT/Sysadmin life: Cloud computing, Microsoft 365, Azure, Exchange, InfoSec, PowerShell, Docker, Zune, and whatever else is worth discussing.

    HTH0030 - Moo With Me

    HTH0030 - Moo With Me

    iPhone Event feelings, Microsoft 365 Outage feelings, Help Desk feelings, Therapy feelings, M365 Audit feelings…all kinds of feelings!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    Boot Up

        iPhone event

        RIP Office 2010 and Exchange 2010 - Tombstone

        Brief eulogy

        Microsoft 365 won't support TLS 1.0 as of October 15 2020

        Patch review for October 2020

        Clarification: The 32-bit .msg Preview Pane issue is only for File Explorer:

        "The Windows preview host requires a 32-bit application previewer. When 32-bit Outlook is installed, it acts as the previewer. Without 32-bit Outlook installed, there is no previewer available for .msg files."

    Microsoft 365-hours-of-downtime

        (365 hours=15 days)

        Speaking of dead: M365 goes down once again 10/7/20

        Admin portal down again 10/14/20 for 4 hours

        EX223890: Admins intermittently can't create or migrate mailboxes in Exchange Online

        Happened AGAIN EX224151 (Started 10/13/20, ended 10/14/20, MS appeared to merge info with EX223890)

        AGAIN! EX224497 - Admins are unable to migrate mailboxes to the Exchange Online service 10/19/20

        EX224266 - Some users may be unable to send email messages

        MO222734 (10/14/20) and MO224234 (10/14/20) - admin center down

        MO224463 Admin Center health status down 10/18

        Improve your change management ASAP!

        What's their SLA, anyway?

        Teams/Exchange Online SLA

        Azure services SLA: Broken down by service (too many)

        Biased towards Azure (measured against ALL Azure services)

        "Multiply SLAs to determine overall SLA of the solution"

    What makes a good help desk?

        If a customer says "The tier 1 people don't know anything" it's not a good help desk

        "If I need something done, I know [which Tier 3 people] to ask" --a bad sign that Tier 1 is failing

        Foster confidence in the customer by having a great tier 1 that can actually do things

        Is the best support person a Tier 2/3 employee?

        Common sense and technical skill and customer service ability

        ITIL and shift-left

        Great documentation for self-service

        Empower Tier 1 to get the customer to the answer

    The Therapy Angle


        Moo With Me

    Advanced Audit in Microsoft 365

        Coming 2021

        Now requires an additional license if you have 10 years or more of data

    Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

        Should Microsoft rebase Windows to Linux?

        Linux Apps Coming to Windows

        Correction: Linux apps are planned for the future but probably isn't a lock for the 20H2 update.


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    HTH0029 - I Am A Single Core Brain

    HTH0029 - I Am A Single Core Brain

    Outages, Microsoft Ignite reactions and feelings, Excel Vlookup is cool, a story about wifi, a new "That is Accurate," and Question of the Week!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    Boot Up


    • M365 outage

    ○ MO222965 - What is the point of posting this to a portal nobody can get to?

    ○ Root Cause Analysis posted

    • Ignite post-game show

    ○ Thoughts overall

    ○ NO SWAG!

    ○ Also the Vmware VMWorld post-game show within a show

    ○ Physical Ignite is so much better

    ○ Azure VMware Solution

    ○ Microsoft Announces Ignite, Part 2, is Happening in March

    ○ Exchange – Here, There and Everywhere - External Forwarding Command Center and Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA). On-prem Exchange now subscription only

    ○ PowerShell Unplugged - Challenge Edition

    ○ Taking your automation to the next level with PowerShell 7

    ○ Microsoft Mechanics 2020

    ○ RIP Defender ATP, new name Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

    ○ Video Hub

    • Random bug of the day

    ○ When using multiple Container tabs/accounts for the same website, Twitter/Anchor in Firefox seems to require a cached reload (CTRL F5) for likes/retweets/notification counts to clear. Anchor needs it for certain settings to save.


    • Why Vlookup

    ○ Say your master server inventory is inconsistent with your VMWare inventory, how do you find out what's missing? Vlookup

    • How Vlookup

    ○ Syntax: Source cell, Range to look up, column index, exact match (false most of the time)

    • Who Vlookup

    ○ People in a hurry

    • Where Vlookup

    ○ Say you are trying to merge multiple lists of data. How do you link them? Vlookup + copy + "Paste values"

    Declassified Sysadmin Stories: The impossible wifi project

    • (What happens when a sysadmin attempts a wifi project by himself)

    • Project was in 2016

    • Replace ancient HP Procurve wireless infrastructure with Cisco infrastructure

    ○ ProCurve 420 and 530 WAPs

    ○ Rebootable via PoE, they frequently died

    • Perform tests all over campus, run scans, tests, learn a lot of about radios

    ○ Test with lights on, lights off, doors open/closed, microwaves, bathrooms, water, etc

    • Vistumbler, Airport Utility, RSSI

    • Carts with long cables

    • Limited number of Cisco APs (30 Aironet CAP1602i), not enough to cover the campus

    • MAC-Daddy registration for all standard wifi devices, ancient Linux box, student project from years past that became production

    • Learned all about RADIUS (NPS)

    • MAC registration for non-802.1x compliant devices

    ○ Test things like Zune HD, Wii U, Wii U in Wii Mode, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS, Android Tablets, TVs, etc

    ○ Visual Studio .NET app called MacDaddyJr - Form to CSV - PS Scheduled Task to create AD Users for MACs, add to group, change primary group

    • Manually build out two Cisco WLC 2500s for the APs to talk to + interface with parent company controller

    • Summer of wiring

    • Impossible fiber line repair: Line going from campus to building we didn't own with difficult owner to athletics building/hangar that was rarely used in the first place

    That is Accurate

    • Azure has the most Global regions than any other cloud provider 

    Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

    • What is your favorite current piece of tech [wrong answers only]?

    Outro - "Plus Delta"

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    HTH0028 - Monetizable Rage

    HTH0028 - Monetizable Rage

    Microsoft Ignite 2020 hype! iOS 14 Mail changes, software KVMs, Zerologon exploits, SSU/LCU follow-ups, Teams/Exchange Online Issues, stories about imaging computers, and a variety of other topics!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    Boot Up

    • #MSIgnite 2020!

    • Steve hates sticky monitor edges

    ○ NSFW: Arm workout: The Denny's Grand Slam

    • Software KVMs: Synergy versus Input Director versus Mouse Without Borders

    ○ CORRECTION: Input Director still exists.

    • Denny's at 3am isn't THAT exciting but Ignite at Denny's is an option

    • iOS 14 Mail changes - "admin approval" needed

    • Enterprise application name (same ID) and permissions appear to have changed with iOS 14

    • Supposed solution: update permissions to "re-approve" app or grant permissions for

    • Or just use Outlook for iOS, it lets you accept calendar invites without sending a response!

    • Terrible places to put physical conference rooms (directly adjacent to bathrooms)

    • Changing app icons in iOS 14 via Shortcuts

    • Quick follow-up from HTH0025: CVE-2020-1472 has a proof of concept. Patch sooner rather than later.

    • Follow-up from HTH0027: SSU/LCU merge is not for Server OSes

    • Monetizable rage: Apple Watch AppleCare rant

    ○ Why do I have to send it in and wait for shipping? Why can't an Apple Store do it?

    ○ Had to wipe it before they would even ship the return box

    ○ 5 days of no watch for nothing

    • Losing the Exchange Online Lottery: "A very limited number of users may intermittently be unable to access Exchange Online via any connection method ID" - EX220974

    • Delayed Teams messages

    • Phishing issues

    • DigiCert emails fail SPF?

    • MICROSOFT IGNITE final thoughts

    • The Bud Light Showtime Cam - feature people with better cameras/internet please

    • The LG VX8100 and Tiff's first phone

    Declassified Sysadmin Stories

    • Steve was hired for SCCM imaging

    • That one time Steve had to build an SCCM server from spare parts (PowerEdge 1950)

    • Imaging labs and classrooms with WDS/SCCM - Network congestion, Before and After

    • Image cleanup and optimization

    § What do you mean pushing out a 100GB+ image is insane?

    • Tiff went from imaging mac labs to an exchange admin

    That is Accurate

    • MAC is not the same as Mac

    • MAC Filtering and MAC randomization

    • Side note: Game Boy is two words, not one.

    • Lego versus Legos

    • An insane way to pronounce Symantec 

    Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

    • What are some of your favorite free tools/utilities you use as a sysadmin?

    ○ Steve likes: VS Code, Windows Terminal, Everything, ShareX, RoboCopy, WinDirStat

    ○ My work computer -Tiff

    Outro - "Plus Delta"

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    • We're on Amazon Music

    • Check out Steve's solo podcast (coming in October 2020 hopefully): Things Learned


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    HTH0027 - Don't Helicopter Daddy Me

    HTH0027 - Don't Helicopter Daddy Me

    Ignored Windows bugs, Apple vs Epic, updates and incidents across the Microsoft ecosystem, and Microsoft 365 E3 trials.

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    Boot Up

        It's conference season! Register for VMWorld/Ignite/anything! They're all online!

        A modest list of bugs in Windows 10 that Steve submitted in the Feedback Hub that got ignored/no upvotes

        Slow finger touch response time on Surface Pro 6 vs pen/mouse

        Most files called "hosts" are removed by Windows Defender

        System tray context menus pop up under the taskbar in Task View

        Run box randomly won't remember history

        Action Center cannot intake large quantities of notifications

        Thoughts on Apple vs Epic Games

    HTH Update Corner

        Ready the Bud Light Showtime Cam (not sponsored) - Teams NFL experiences

        Linux file systems accessible in Win10 Insider Build 20211

        Simplifying SSUs

        Grab a copy of 2004, before the next big FU!

        Touch-enabled File Explorer

        Exchange Security Updates Sep 2020

        CVE-2020-16875 for Exchange 2016/2019

        Teams "new conversation" button so that one coworker can stop making a new thread any time they want to reply

    What did Microsoft hose this week?

        EX221227 - "Admins may be unable to migrate some mailboxes"

        Start time: 8/26/2020 7am UTC

        End time: 9/8/2020 5:27pm UTC

        Official Issue not posted until 5 days later…"Start time: August 31, 2020 6:38 PM"

        "Root cause: A recent service update to Exchange Online caused issues with migration requests."

        "We're reviewing our validation and update procedures to prevent issues like this from occurring in the future."

        "Approximately 1.6 percent of migrations encountered this issue, and admins can now resume their migrations or restart those that encountered a failure."

        TM221283 Users who are given control by a presenter during a Microsoft Teams meeting are unable to control the screen

        "Depending on how impact is presenting itself for your organization, there are workarounds available. If no mouse or keyboard actions are working, users may click on one of the side rail items (such as Chat, Teams or Calendar) and then return to the meeting screen to mitigate impact. If a user has issues controlling the top of the screen, the sharer needs to move the shared app (such as a web browser or the Outlook client) down 40 pixels to mitigate the impact."

        "We've determined that a recent service update is causing the problem."

        "Our telemetry suggests that approximately three percent of meetings may experience impact."

    Setting up a Disposable O365 Training environment

        30 Day O365 E3 Trials

        Use cases: Demos, classes, need Office in a pinch

        Be sure to clean up PII afterwards

    Outro - "Plus Delta"

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    HTH0026 - Happy Monday On A Tuesday

    HTH0026 - Happy Monday On A Tuesday

    Teams August updates, EXOL external forwarding changes, Patch survey results, M365 E5/A5 licensing, SYDI, separating work data from personal data, squeaky lobster, and more!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    We had a few audio glitches, apologies for the quality variance.

    Boot Up

        Ever want to feel better about your day? IT blunder permanently erases 145,000 users' personal chats in KPMG's Microsoft Teams deployment

        The name "KPMG" stands for "Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler". It was chosen when KMG (Klynveld Main Goerdeler) merged with Peat Marwick in 1987.

        Original goal: remove one user from the retention policy

        What actually happened: "In the execution of this change, a human error was made and the policy was applied to the entire KPMG Teams deployment instead of the specific account"

        Patch survey results

        RE: Wine/Running Windows applications/games on non-Windows: Valve's Wine implementation on Linux is called Proton

        Teams August Updates

    Forward March

        M365 External Email Forwarding changes

        Basically a follow-up HTH0010 and this

        Transport rule vs. anti-spam policies

        We are also moving to disable external forwarding by default so organizations are secure by default.

    The World of E5

        So many new changes to the Security and Compliance Center

        Defender for Android (it's also coming to iOS)

        Best Practices

    We Built this SYDI on Rock and Rollllll

        Use SYDI to document servers

        GitHub page


        cscript.exe 'C:\sydi\sydi-server-2.4\sydi-server.vbs'


        Also honorable mention to the AD Topology Diagrammer

    Separating work from twerk

        Keeping work from personal endpoints

        When it's okay to use a personal machine

        Cloud-based stuff

        Non-VPN resources

        Keep internal network/on-prem to work-issued hardware

        If using a personal system: Don't download; Use web portals when able!

        The OneDrive debacle (syncing things to non-work systems)

        When does your personal system become a work asset?

    That Is Accurate

        Squeaky lobster is the name of a toy lobster in an MS Exchange love story, and would forever change MS influence MS product development.

    Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

        What is something you suck at as a sysadmin?

        Steve's perpetually bad at subnetting

        Tiff - anything networking (squee)

    Outro - "Plus Delta"

    We help you, you help us: Rate us on iTunes

        We do weddings, we do funerals, first communions, post-incident reviews


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    HTH0025 - Do The Roll-Up

    HTH0025 - Do The Roll-Up

    August Patch Tuesday review, Mozilla problems, Server 2012 Update issues/fixes, IE11 EoL, Teams bugs, Portable Exchange Servers, and a bevy of other topics!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    Boot up

    ○ Post-mortem on why HTH0024 was a bit shorter than other episodes (YouTube Music)

    ○ Dark clouds at Mozilla

    ○ Threat management team laid off

    ○ Mozilla to refocus on its own commercial products

    ○ Google contract extended

    ○ CORRECTION: Thunderbird isn't exactly a community-only project. Some things have also changed, Thunderbird was transferred to MZLA Technologies Corporation from the Mozilla Foundation.

    ○ CORRECTION/MINI THAT IS ACCURATE: Gmail Launched 4/1/2004.

    ○ August Patch Tuesday plop

    ○ Circle the wagons: CVE-2020-1472 | Netlogon Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability…especially bad if you have 2008 R2 as a DC. Extended support needed for the patch, otherwise you need to mitigate.

    ○ "It’s rare to see a Critical-rated elevation of privilege bug, but this one deserves it," said ZDI’S Dustin Childs. "What’s worse is that there is not a full fix available."

    ○ Win10 2004 no longer searches online for Drivers by default

    ○ Server 2012 update checking/service being bonkers lately

    ○ Bye-E11 - M365 no longer supports IE 8/17/21 HOPE YOU'RE READY!

    ○ Will MS have ported over IE-exclusive SharePoint features (WebDAV "Open in File Explorer" links?)

    ○ Teams in the browser / Teams rant

    ○ Inconsistent/buggy notifications in Firefox

    ○ Photos not showing - UserVoice

    ○ Tiff returns to the land of Macs.

    ○ macOS Catalina didn't learn from Vista

    Exchange errors: Real or Fake?

    ○ Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.UnsupportedBrowser

    ○ Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.OverBudgetException

    ○ Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.OutOfMoneyException

    ○ Exchange 2019 System Requirements

    Declassified Sysadmin Stories: Pocket Exchange

    ○ That time Steve built a portable Exchange 2010 server

    ○ Purpose: Teach people Outlook in a pre-cloud era at onsite trainings

    ○ Dell Latitude D630 running 2008 R2…4GB(?) RAM Core 2 Duo

    ○ (A later version was a newer Precision M4700 laptop and/or Thinkpad X201 running 2012 R2)

    ○ Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V VM running Exchange 2010

    ○ Exchange built according to a guide

    ○ Pre populate AD, users/mailboxes, and make fake sample content (e-mail, calendar events, etc) built to a Microsoft guideline

    ○ Server connected to a router, classroom laptops connect wirelessly (no internet access), static DNS manually set on laptops to point to router

    ○ Outlook configured on each laptop for a specific user

    ○ OOO wouldn’t work without massaging DNS/autodiscover, which needed manual fixing after restoring the snapshot every time (delete and re-add the autodiscover A record in DNS then bounce the DNS services)

    ○ A brief discussion on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

    That Is Accurate

    ○ The Netscape ISP home page is still up.

    ○ Various internet nostalgia

    Ask the Stiffs: Question of the Week

    ○ What was the worst password you ever created

    ○ What was your first password? ;)

    ○ Various computer nostalgia

    Outro - "Plus Delta"

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