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Tiff and Steve’s magical sysadmin adventures. You can expect fun banter about “the cloud,” Microsoft tech (Office 365, Azure, Defender, Exchange, etc), InfoSec, PowerShell, Docker, Zune (yes, Zune), existential thoughts on enterprise IT, and so much more.

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Tiff and Steve’s magical sysadmin adventures. You can expect fun banter about “the cloud,” Microsoft tech (Office 365, Azure, Defender, Exchange, etc), InfoSec, PowerShell, Docker, Zune (yes, Zune), existential thoughts on enterprise IT, and so much more.

    HTH0042: You had me at Graph, You lost me at API

    HTH0042: You had me at Graph, You lost me at API

    Error messages, meeting etiquette, MFA improvements and concerns, PowerShell with MS Graph, PowerShell Crescendo, random PowerShell things, in a short-but-packed episode!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com


    BSoDs and error messages

    Phrases I don't wanna hear anymore: "Thank you for your time."

    Microsoft Teams - Send praise to people

    Better meeting etiquette

    The stigma against accepting a meeting as "tentative"

    Accepting and not sending a response

    Shower thought: There should be a "Mute Mic AND Turn Webcam Off" button in Teams

    Parasocial relationships

    Real-time followup: There's a PowerToy for it! Go check it out.

    Microsoft Authenticator improvements

    Suspected Russian Activity Targeting Government and Business Entities Around the Globe

    =====PowerShell Drunk Jawer (it's like a Junk Drawer shut up)=====

    Microsoft Graph PowerShell got way easier + Azure AD Temporary Access Pass

    Tiff asks: Why are Enterprise Apps and App Registrations in two different places?

    Azure AD security attributes

    Microsoft Graph API: The dangerous line between script writer and developer. It's a high barrier of entry to a non-developer.

    Graph PowerShell Module

    The Ups and Downs of Connecting to the Microsoft Graph Using the PowerShell SDK

    Installing modules in PowerShell 7 vs Windows PowerShell (admin level vs user)

    PowerShell Crescendo Release Candidate - But why JSON? What's wrong with advanced functions?

    PowerShellGet 3.0 Preview 12 - More useful for developers developers developers?

    Global variables in PowerShell 7 are funky if you use -UseWindowsPowerShell with import-module

    Make test accounts with this one simple trick! 1..300|%{$_}

    Correction: This technically isn't an array

    Range Operators in PowerShell

    Always make your functions return psobjects containing data. It's better for you, the environment, and your pets.

    =====“Unplanned Outage” (Sponsor section - “Hope this Helps is helped by…‘)=====

    The rewind button. Be sure to rewind this podcast when done listening so the next person doesn't have to

    =====Outro - "Plus Delta"=====

    Montero (Call Me by Your Name)

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    HTH0041: This is Commander Bezos' Land

    HTH0041: This is Commander Bezos' Land

    Microsoft Ignite 2021 hot takes! Multi-Cloud MultiBall, Loop, Teams, Viva, PowerShell install variations, and Zune on macOS!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com


    We help this hopes

    ===Microsoft Ignite 21H2===

    Defender madness - so many confusing name changes!

    Multi-Cloud MultiBall

    "Now, native support for multicloud environments is available through the extension of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Workload Protection capabilities to Amazon Web Services (AWS)."…Do other clouds actually want Microsoft to butt in?

    Actual quote from someone (Mary Jo Foley?) at Microsoft: "It's like a Big Mac: Have it Your Way"

    Tiff's experience working at Wendy's


    Does it replace OneNote?? (No)

    Does it replace Whiteboard? (Maybe?)

    Clarification: Loop is an Office app.

    The feature imparity between Windows and Mac versions of certain Office apps

    MS Roadmap updated and has moved MS Teams connect to March 2022, I just want shared channels.

    Speed/ease of use - When people choose illogical/unexpected solutions

    Remember Viva?

    PowerShell's store version versus the standalone MSI version

    Frustrating differences between them

    VS Code integration for Store version is off

    Running as a different user can get hairy

    Just install the MSI version, the Store version is annoying

    Installing PowerShell on macOS via HomeBrew is fantastic

    ===This is the way===

    Microsoft presents for a long time about why passwords suck

    Types of Passwordless auth

    Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

    iOS Security Guide - Page 8 - Passcode supersedes biometrics at first boot

    Are passwords and policies truly worthless?

    Counterpoint: They have their place in the correct use cases.

    ===State of the Zunion===

    Steve's attempts to get Zune working on macOS Big Sur


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    HTH0040: Don't Fork Your Parent

    HTH0040: Don't Fork Your Parent

    The Apple Event, Windows 11 features, Defender for Endpoint updates, Docker, Terraform, and fingers!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    Note: Our apologies for wavering audio quality, we had some technical difficulties again!

    The Fork-Up

    -Don't Fork your Parent



    -Apple Creates the World's Best Computer...of 2009? New Macbook pro has real ports

    -The Surface event

    Win 11

    -Vista 2.0? Not really

    -Windows 11 WSL 2 is almost as quick as running Linux natively

    -Installing Wine using Homebrew on macOS

    Player One DFEated

    -Defending Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016

    -"The solution does not use or require the installation of the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA)."

    -There's an installer now!

    -So what about Server 2012 support?

    More Apple things

    -Apple Music "Voice Plan" - Bad for accessibility. What about those who are mute? Inconvenience for a lower price?

    -Pumpkin HomePod

    Hope This Helps Tip of the Something

    -Don't sudo rm -rf your docker storage folder

    -Things that may happen:

    -Images gone

    -Errors trying to update containers

    -If a container is restarted it will not come back

    -Portainer will explode

    -You'll have to rebuild all your docker-compose stacks in Portainer (hope you had a backup)


    -Tiff's experience with WSL + Linux + Docker + Terraform

    -Enabling Virtualization in AMD BIOS is oddly esoteric

    -F7 for Advanced Mode - CPU Configuration - SVM Mode - Enabled - Guide


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    HTH0039: Crotch-Punching Security Vulnerabilities

    HTH0039: Crotch-Punching Security Vulnerabilities

    Microsoft Exams, Passwordless login, Identity and Access Management, Microsoft 365 landmines, and more!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com

    Note: Our apologies for wavering audio quality, we had some technical difficulties!



        Human Robots + Cyborgs

        Remember on-premise? There's a cert for that

        Microsoft exams are hard!

        Passwordless login

        New identity partnerships and integrations to accelerate your Zero Trust journey

        Metroid: Other M and Privileged Identity Management

        DEFCON Patch Alerts It's like the French Toast Alert System for patches

        Apple zero-day vulnerability

        Update/correction: Snow Leopard was last updated in early 2016 just so you could jump to a newer version of OS X in the Mac App Store.

        Update/correction: Steve meant the 2010 Macbook Air's ability to run Catalina, not the 2011 one.

        Bo Burnham's "Inside"

    Various M365 landmines to be aware of

        Via Joe Stocker (@ITguySoCal)

        We go over almost everything listed here: https://twitter.com/ITguySoCal/status/1431734989792563201

    M365 vs O365 vs Azure

        Some things are the same between the two

        Where do they link/not link?

        Two user portals

        Things change and documentation isn't always updated

        Exchange Online's dual portals

        Exchange scripts/Documentation still referencing Skype for Business

    That is Accurate

        SSH and Secure Shell have the same amount of syllables


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    • 1 hr 18 min
    HTH0038: Complain-O-Meter

    HTH0038: Complain-O-Meter

    Outlook Web Access, Scrum, Windows Admin Center complaints, Defender for Endpoint complaints, and the world of InfoSec, among other things!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com


        OWA Suggested Pre-reads on meeting reminders, interesting idea

        Not mad, just disappointed: Cloud shell kinda sucks, I'm complaining about it

        Set-MSOLUserLicense is going away

        The importance of learning programming/scripting/CLI/DevOps, Infrastructure-As-Code, etc.

        Steve figures out git branching

        Scrum, orgs adapting to agile, etc

    Windows Admin Center annoys me immensely, but it does work I guess

        Ongoing follow-up from HTH episode 20 and 24 regarding WAC

        Stupid little things, some complaints from HTH0020 are still in play

        Remote PowerShell feature is really picky (and buggy)?

        Must specify credentials in a certain way

        UserVoice pages are 404'd in documentation

        Speed/efficiency issues

        Can't do advanced things like take ownership of registry keys or values, still need regedit to do that

        Semi-related: Manage Active Directory Objects with the New Windows AD Provider for HashiCorp Terraform

    Defender for Endpoint device inventory/search/dashboards/reports could be better

        I wish it would support wildcard searches

        Is really picky about exact matches

        Duplicate/misleading entries: Workgroup vs domain

        Removing a device other than waiting for it to age out?

        Fix unhealthy sensors in Microsoft DFE

        Reordering columns isn't possible

        Have to stretch out the browser window across multiple monitors to get full width

        Entire interface is inefficient, sort of like WAC

    InfoSec - The new Sysadmin

        CISO MindMap 2021: What do InfoSec Professionals Actually Do?

        How To Get A Job in Cybersecurity

        Look at all this stuff!

        Are they actually sysadmins?

        What IS a sysadmin?

    The OWA Experience

        Missing UI elements

        Flagged items in a sidebar

        Has a "To Do" panel but it doesn’t include flagged items

        Calendar flyout is not expanded by default

        Categories (already discussed at length in our blog)

        [old man complaint] Forward as Attachment is different

        GMU.edu guide on how to do it in OWA

        Meeting notifications aren't prominent/obnoxious enough

        No unread "group by folder" view

        Can't add an Office 365 Group as a favorite like you can in Outlook

        Table management in OWA email composition is bugged

        Can't set specific to-do dates for flagged items?


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    • 1 hr
    HTH0037 - East from Weast

    HTH0037 - East from Weast

    Windows 11 is a thing, Solarwinds is still a thing, Zune is still a thing, PowerBI regional migrations, and Windows 10 learns a new trick. Hope This Helps is back!

    Extended show notes available at https://hthpc.com


        Windows 11 and the TPM

        Golf is boring, unless it's mini-golf

        LinkedIn is like the golf course of the internet

    Boot Up

        Tiff and Steve's desktop computers, Macs

        Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

        Solarwinds hacks + version number madness

            Get them on the payroll!

            Remember LulzSec? / LulzSec Leader 'Sabu' Flips on Friends for FBI

            Orion web console tells you one thing in the web console, Database Manager tells you something different

            Version number schemes don't line up…Product Upgrade Advisor uses YYYY.MM based versions while the database still uses legacy 12.x version schemes

        What the heck is Bonjour?

            Bonjour chat

            Barrier uses Bonjour to find other Barrier nodes

        Windows 11 phone integration

            Android apps

        Gripes about macOS Catalyst/"Project Marzipan" apps being half-baked

        macOS uses Home/End keys wrong

        More Windows 11 thoughts

            Windows 11 will require TPM 2.0, UEFI, and Secure Boot

            Surface Studio 2 can't run Windows 11

            People is Removed

        Brief tangent on disconnecting from social media/cloud services/Windows

    State of the Zunion

        Elon Musk's tweet

        Steve's Zune-to-M3U-to-AirSonic PowerShell script for playlists

    PowerBI data migrations + general cloud frustrations

        Configure Multi-Geo support for Power BI Premium

        Originally you could only pick one region, but more options expanded over time

        Egress costs are expensive - On-prem datacenters wouldn't see these OpEx costs

        It's a headache when moving regions

        MS can sometimes even lose your data during a regional migration?

    Out-GridView is temporarily (?) dead (on Mac/Linux)

        No more work is being done on Avalonia-based Out-GridView until we move to .NET MAUI

        Let's talk about how great Out-GridView is on Windows and how nobody knows about it

    Windows 10 News (literally)

        The new Windows 10 taskbar "News and interests" widget

        Why exactly was this shoved into a cumulative update? This is a new feature.

        Disabling "News and Interests" causes entire notification area to go blank

        The actual content is low quality


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    • 1 hr 11 min

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