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Our climate is in crisis. We all want to help. But we might not know how. We’re talking to people who have figured out how to use their talents to combat climate change, in the hopes that their journeys might inspire your own.

How We Got Here Stephanie Spera and Rachel Lupien

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Our climate is in crisis. We all want to help. But we might not know how. We’re talking to people who have figured out how to use their talents to combat climate change, in the hopes that their journeys might inspire your own.

    How Cassy Got Here (Climate Policy Coordinator)

    How Cassy Got Here (Climate Policy Coordinator)

    Scientist turned policy maker… ahh, yes, we can all dream! This week we talk to the many-a-hat-wearing Dr. Cassaundra Rose, who works for the state of Maine in the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and… the Future. So cool. Cassy is the Senior Science Analyst and Climate Council Coordinator (CCC for those in the know), where she uses her science background to form policy and organize a huge group of volunteers.

    Listen to Cassy tell us all about her early love for the ocean, including the time she touched a SHARK, her journey to the governor’s office, and her cats. We talk a lot about cats. Per usual.

    You can follow Cassy on Twitter and Instagram, AND you can follow Cassy’s cats on Instagram @tavi.and.max!

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    How Hannah Got Here (farmer)

    How Hannah Got Here (farmer)

    How ‘bout them apples! This week, we sit down with farmHER (yes, so sorry) Hannah Blackmer of Field Stone Farm in lovely Vermont. We talk about favorite vegetables, favorite flowers, oh, and how Hannah became a climate-friendly farmer who utilizes regenerative, no-till practices to generate healthy soil. Her journey involves driving all over the country interviewing people doing sustainable things. She maybe chatted with a cult leader. Maybe.

    In other important news, loving visitors brought Rachel all the comforts that she’s been missing in Denmark (no, not socialized medicine, she’s got that there): candy corn, melatonin, and huge quantities of salsa. Also, um, does anyone have climate-centric baby name suggestions for Steph? Mk thanks.

    You can follow Hannah on Instagram here.

    And if you live in or are driving through central Vermont, support Field Stone Farm!

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    How Sarah Got Here (climate anxiety guru)

    How Sarah Got Here (climate anxiety guru)

    On this episode of How We Got Here, Steph and Rachel catch each other up on their respective new lives that feel like vacations, but aren’t, so that’s a whole thing.

    Then, they talk to Sarah Jaquette Ray, professor of environmental studies at Humboldt State University, on her journey into the environmental humanities, and her book, “A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Cool on a Warming Planet.” Sarah is an expert on climate anxiety, which is really just the exact kind of person we need to talk to in these trying times!!!

    You can find amazing resources from Sarah on her website here.

    And, buy her book here or at your local bookstore!

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    How Hila Got Here (eco-rapper)

    How Hila Got Here (eco-rapper)

    Hoo boy what a treat! This week we talk with Hila Perry - a.k.a. Hila the Killa, eco-rapper extraordinaire. Oh, you didn’t know that was a viable profession? Well now ya do! Hila Perry is a rapper, comedian, educator, producer, and…an avid and skilled jungle gymmer! She does it all. Find this #climateclown running around New York City dressed as Earth spreading climate change and sustainability awareness, all the while making her community a better place to live.

    You may know her from songs like Wet Ass Planet, TOMATO, or Mycelium, OR you may know her from a viral video where she IS swinging from a rope, dressed as Earth, falls off the stage, and then flawlessly gets back up and keeps rapping. Join us on this journey as we chat college majors, composting, and what it was like to live a plastic-free life. And stay tuned for her next big adventure - the Earth Show!

    You can find Hila on all the socials!

    Also, the people of Puerto Rico and other nearby islands are currently suffering from the effects of Hurricane Fiona. If you want to / can help, you can find a list of vetted community-based organizations and non-profits here.

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    How Risalat Got Here (campaigner)

    How Risalat Got Here (campaigner)

    Welcome to Season 2 of the climate change careers podcast, How We Got Here! We are so pleased to kick it off with the incredible Risalat Khan, who—get this—is a campaigner. No, he doesn’t work on political campaigns, but on campaigns to convince the world that we can and should live in a more just environment. And YES he does get paid!!!

    Join us as we take a winding path (how did we get here, am I right?) through Risalat’s journey from being named Bangladesh’s top teen event-planner-extraordinaire, to striking up an email convo with his future employer, to leaning into his Myers-Briggs identity. And boy do we talk Myers-Briggs. #StephIsSuchAnINTJ

    You can follow Risalat on Twitter here.

    To help with climate-change-induced flood-relief efforts in Southeast Asia, please consider donating to:

    BRAC: A Bangladesh-based global nonprofit

    Women Democratic Front: A Pakistani feminist network working on flood relief efforts

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    Season 2 Teaser

    Season 2 Teaser

    Steph and Rachel have been busy this summer. But not too busy to start recording new episodes.

    Hear them check in, catch up, and look forward to the new podcast season.

    • 10 min

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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

hbluep ,

Inspiring and also real

As someone who took a kinda convoluted route to the sciences, I love this podcast. It’s inspiring to hear about all the different kinds of work being done to combat climate change and at the same time that there is no one road to success in earth science related fields. All types of people are needed with all different backgrounds! As a bonus, Steph and Rachel have that nice chatty (and smart) vibe of my colleagues in the break room.

Lkprov ,

I learned, I laughed

This pod is so refreshingly smart and real! Interesting to folks across disciplines and careers. Keep ‘em coming, please! We’re so lucky to have such wonderful people (and their guests) looking out for the future of our planet!

Page430 ,

Love this Pod

This pod is so fun! I always save my listening for the weekend so I can fully enjoy every episode! Excited for another season. Please give this pod money so they can get more people on the show!!

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