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ICN podcasts are about exploring the evolutionary edge of Christian mysticism, spirituality and practice.

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ICN podcasts are about exploring the evolutionary edge of Christian mysticism, spirituality and practice.

    Gebser...what's with this stuff?!

    Gebser...what's with this stuff?!

    If you are familiar with the Harry Potter universe you'll remember the phrase, "I open at the close." Well, here we are at the end putting out a helpful starter course for Gebser!

    In this episode, we explore basic Gebser-language and Gebserian thought as it applies to ICN practices. We talk about the various Worldviews and give lived examples of them (Magic, Mythic, Rationalistic, etc) from our own lives. And while this conversation is for the beginner it is also a good refresher for those who work with Gebserian philosophy and process. We hope you find it helpful and stimulating!

    See you online!


    • 54 min
    Interview with Cynthia Bourgeault!!

    Interview with Cynthia Bourgeault!!

    ICN is very excited to bring this interview with mystic, author, and Episcopal priest Cynthia Bourgeault!

    This conversation between Paul Smith, Luke Healy and Cynthia centers on Jean Gebser's seminal work. This discussion weaves in and out many themes and threads of thought(s) and response, covering important territory. 

    (An important note: while it helps to be aware of Gebser and his work to listen to this podcast it is not absolutely necessary...no doubt you will fully appreciate the transmission of wisdom and the enjoyment of lively conversation!)

    12:57 - Finding Gebser ("You don’t find books, they find you.”)

    25 - Embodying wisdom in tumultuous times

    34:37 - Cynthia's thoughts on Gebser and G.I.Gurdjieff 

    40:17 - Paul discusses other embodiment practices and Whole Body Mystical Awakening

    46:11 - Features of Western non-duality 

    52:30 - Moving Integral to the personal (2nd-person spirituality and spirit guides/presences, co-inherence!, I/it? Or I/thou.)  

    1:02:41 - Gebser and the Christ-mystery, Christ-teachers and the unfolding of human history

    1:12:28 - Healing work from Cynthia's and Paul's perspectives

    1:25:42 - Final thoughts 

    (Please note that this recorded remotely over ZOOM so there are some digital quirks and jumps. But we hope the content will make up for any inadequacies in the quality of audio.)

    Thanks again for listening! Please look for us online and join the conversation at integralchristiannetwork.org 

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Where is all this going?!

    Where is all this going?!

    Evolution, progress, unfolding, change...it's what Life is all about. Spirituality is included in all this as well! And...what about Church? What about Christianity as a spiritual system AND a structure? Is there room for the structure? Is the "structure" able to evolve as well?  

    Join us in this episode as we converse on the edges of this unfolding, changing and process of spirituality and the Church!

    • 35 min
    ICN Interviews Gebser scholar Jeremy Johnson!!

    ICN Interviews Gebser scholar Jeremy Johnson!!

    Listen in as we discuss multiple topics on Integral pioneer and poet Jean Gebser!!! This is a dense interview that covers a lot of ground. Much of the verbiage used during this interview is Gebser-centric and it may take a moment to acclimate but the outcome is well-worth the listen! Jeremy is very articulate and makes Gebser's immense work accessible. Enjoy!!


    A brief summarization/introduction to Gebser's integral framework - 7:00

    Space-timelessness according to Gebser - 11:50

    Distinguishing between Timeless Now and Integral's Freedom from Time - 15:00

    Gebser on mysticism - 18:00

    Distinctions in the Integral framework according to Wilber and Gebser! (This is fascinating!) - 22:10

    Critiques of Gebser's work - 39:30

    "Diaphanous" spirituality - 49:55

    Describing Gebser's Christian-leaning spirituality - 55:05

    Jeremy's "Mutations" community - 1:12:40

    Final Thoughts - 1:18:34

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Infinite Prayer - The Three Faces of God prayer part 3

    Infinite Prayer - The Three Faces of God prayer part 3

    This is the third entry in our 3-part exploration of the Three Face of God prayer practices: Infinite, Intimate and Incarnate. Each orientation helps inform and undo the other. This trinitarian spirituality helps the practitioner expand their experience and embodiment of Spirit. 

    In this podcast we discuss and explore: transcendent and immanent spirituality, worship as resonance, rooting ourselves to Material Reality in prayer, unfolding and enfolding spirituality, spiritual discernment, Empty Mind/Cosmos Mind practices and experiences, and so on!! 

    Jam-packed discussions!

    • 40 min
    Intimate Prayer - The Three Faces of God prayer part two

    Intimate Prayer - The Three Faces of God prayer part two

    Join us as we discuss and explore the Intimate Face of God in various prayer experiences and practices.

    Also discussed: Dark Night experiences, life during and after deconstruction, transcendent and immanent spirituality, children-as-Zen Masters, Spirit Guides, and more!! 

    • 27 min

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4.9 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Son of Eagle ,


Enjoyed listening to ideas of how do have spiritual community moving forward from the modern world we live in. Thank you!

LukeEugene ,

Discovering Integral Christianity

This is a great way to learn about evolving Christianity and how we can make it more loving and inclusive. This covers the foundations of ICN and more that is being built up on top of that foundation. I hope you’ll give it a listen!

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