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Funniest comedy podcast in San Diego - contains adult humor which include sex and profanity. Never know which direction the podcast will go, that's why it's called the Random Gold Podcast.

Random Gold Podcast Andrew & Marquis

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Funniest comedy podcast in San Diego - contains adult humor which include sex and profanity. Never know which direction the podcast will go, that's why it's called the Random Gold Podcast.

    Officers Fired Playing Pokémon Go

    Officers Fired Playing Pokémon Go

    #135 On this episode:  We talk about the 2 LAPD officers who were terminated for catching a Snorlax on Pokemon Go. (19:15)

    0:00 Preview
    0:36 JCS Leaving YouTube
    5:09 Intro
    6:01 Marquis gets COVID
    16:23 COVID Shrinks Dicks
    17:52 COVID Sex
    19:15 Police Officers Fired for Pokemon Go
    22:07 $3 Million Fake Pokmon Cards
    30:11 Martin Luther King Day
    34:04 Chael Sonnen Explains Time
    35:41 UFC 270
    39:10 Shopping While Black
    43:23 Drew's Yelling in Public
    45:08 Doggystyle Question
    46:40 Drake's Hot Sauce
    50:27 Nelly Lost 300K
    54:15 13 Year Old Self Say to Present You
    59:03 Marquis got Robbed
    59:44 Phone Carriers
    1:07:38 Outro

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Hating on Matrix

    Hating on Matrix

    #134 On this episode: We bring the New Year with John Peacock to have a Hate Fest on Matrix Resurrections. (51:31)

    Follow John Peacock: circus_jack

    00:00 Preview
    00:20 Intro
    02:05 New Years 2022 
    12:11 Christmas
    14:23 Giving Birth
    16:41 Spiderman Animatronic
    20:06 Mother Daughter Story
    29:17 Lady Friend Meets Someone
    33:26 Drunk Texts
    37:07 Movie: Don't Look Up 
    49:13 Man Shoved into Train
    51:31 Matrix Resurrections
    1:02:10 Dana White vs Jake Paul
    1:08:25 Master Key Sex Question
    1:15:54 Outro

    • 1 hr 19 min
    That Random Holiday Episode

    That Random Holiday Episode

    #133 On this episode:  We talk about Christmas and Spider-Man. 

    00:00 Preview
    00:53 Preshow
    01:55 Intro
    02:55 Christmas Cartoons
    06:11 Opening Gifts Early
    06:35 Santa Claus & Tooth Fairy
    08:11 Church on Holidays
    10:05 Marquis: Being Tricked
    12:31 Christmas Video Games
    16:30 Worst Christmas
    19:38 Spider-Man No Way Home
    27:56 Matrix 4
    34:50 Sam Raimi Spider-Man
    43:40 Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley 
    46:37 Marquis' Sick Humor
    52:09 Betrayal
    57:46 Music: Guilty Pleasures
    1:05:58 Aaron Carter vs Shaq 2
    1:08:37 Sonic 2
    1:10:40 Birthdays
    1:14:09 Oral Sex Only
    1:15:21 Sex Tape Fee
    1:16:52 Outro

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Deal Breakers

    Deal Breakers

    #132 On this episode: We talk about sex and dating with Cathy and Sara from the We've Made a Mistake Podcast. (23:51)

    Listen more to Sara and Cathy on their Podcast.

    00:00 Preview
    00:37 Intro
    02:03 We've Made a Mistake Podcast
    05:44 Dating Coworkers
    10:11 Dog Attacks Teen
    15:41 Hollywood Vaccine Mandate
    20:29 Instagram: Taking a Break
    23:25 True Crime Podcasts
    23:51 Deal Breakers
    40:25 Reacher and Settler Theory
    49:01 Showing Emotion
    55:06 Kanye Asks Kim to Come Back
    58:57 TikTok Pet Peeve
    1:00:08 Relationship Secrets
    1:03:48 Sleeping with the Enemy
    1:06:38 Tipping
    1:12:28 Dating Style
    1:21:05 Outro

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Zoo Books

    Zoo Books

    #131 On this episode:  We talk about Zoo Books from the commercials that use to play during the mid 90's (25:13)

    0:00 Preview
    0:19 UFC
    5:24 Intro
    7:06 Quinceañera
    13:54 Kim Kardashian Disrespect
    16:51 MGK Picks Pete Davidson
    18:52 Goofy Evanssance
    20:20 Mr. Krabs Off the Grid
    22:18 8 Bit Christmas
    25:13 Zoo Books
    27:47 Black Panther
    36:27 One Punch Man
    40:30 How To Catch a Predator
    48:22 Suing Doctor for Being Birthed
    52:01 Sperm Donation
    54:17 Religion
    1:02:20 Michigan Shooting
    1:09:54 Tom Holland Likes Dick
    1:13:12 Fears
    1:15:22 Outro

    • 1 hr 25 min
    See Ya Chump

    See Ya Chump

    #130 On this episode:  Jabril Ashe joins the podcast to talk about the upcoming Spider-Man Movie No Way Home. (1:00:04)

    0:00 Preshow
    1:37 Intro
    3:15 Marquis got Hammered
    5:13 New Button
    9:58 Bully McGuire Hot Ones
    12:43 Comic Con 2021
    15:24 Thanksgiving Announcements
    16:20 Old Media Memes
    18:03 Hawkeye Show
    21:18 Flying Women Out
    31:06 N Word Drew
    33:10 Teacher saying N Word
    36:14 Girl Cheated on Boyfriend
    38:46 G4 Gaming Channel 
    39:53 X-Men
    45:11 Mr. Beast Squid Game
    55:14 RIP Virgil Abloh
    1:00:04 Spiderman No Way Home
    1:07:21 Smash and Grab Robberies
    1:11:37 Outro

    • 1 hr 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

BigD Jake ,

Funniest Podcast Ever!!

These guys are hilarious!

DarkoJonnie ,


Marquis and Drew are one of the most unique and dynamic duos I’ve ever discovered. Random Gold Podcast brings much needed positive energy and personal opinions to help give the listener outside perspective. The duo brings a nice twist to my podcast rotation. It’s always a pleasure when I receive a new episode notification. Much love to the Random Gold boys!
-Circus Jack

HelloandNo ,

Awesome show

Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough.

-Tabby from Your New Best Friends Podcast

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