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Answers to your tech questions for your Apple devices and beyond. Dave Hamilton and friends come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, presenting them in ways that are both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

Mac Geek Gab — Your Questions Answered, Tips Shared, Troubleshooting Assistance Mac Geek Gab

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Answers to your tech questions for your Apple devices and beyond. Dave Hamilton and friends come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, presenting them in ways that are both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

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Requires subscription and macOS 11.4 or higher

    Support For The Tag-Challenged!

    Support For The Tag-Challenged!

    In this week’s Mac Geek Gab, Pilot Pete and Dave Hamilton dive into a treasure trove of quick tips and solutions for Apple enthusiasts. Right off the bat, they explore quirky functionalities like cutting paper out of pictures and plopping it into Notes, crafting stickers with iOS 17, and utilizing the optimized charging mode in watchOS 10.

    The duo also delves into the iPhone 15’s new 80% battery optimization feature, while also revealing how a simple battery replacement could rejuvenate an aging iPhone. The discussion transitions into handy tricks for new iPhone users, ensuring they “Don’t Get Caught” in a data drought by re-enabling Low Data Mode, and how updating to tvOS 17 allows your iPhone to locate your elusive Siri Remote.

    The second half of the show is a deep dive into listener questions, where the hosts unravel the conundrum of using tags versus folders in Notes and training iCloud’s Junk Mail Filters to behave. They also navigate the maze of password management, debating the merit of frequent password changes.

    Tech aficionados will appreciate the segment on the best multi-ended USB-C cables and a roundup of cool finds like the Jellycuts app for writing Shortcuts as code, making VPN apps a reality on Apple TV with Tailscale, and a review of portable, budget-friendly 1080P screens.

    The episode wraps up with a look at wireless earbuds with interactive case screens, keeping listeners tuned in to the latest gadgets and gizmos in the Apple ecosystem.

    Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

    00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 1002 for Monday, October 2nd, 2023

    The MGG Discord Server is Live!

    The MGG Merch Store is Live!

    00:02:27 MGG Zoom Hangout on Sunday, 10/8, 7pm EDT: Let’s Talk Email Clients and Service Providers!

    Quick Tips

    00:00:01 Mac-QT-Cut Paper Out of Picture and Put it in Notes

    00:05:06 Todd-QT-Make Stickers with iOS 17 and Store in a Stickers album

    00:06:13 JT Ray-QT-watchOS 10’s Optimized Charging Mode for Some Models

    00:07:15 DLH-iPhone 15 Battery Optimization Gets New 80% Option


    00:10:50 Aron-QT-Replace Your Battery for a Faster iPhone

    00:12:45 QTs for Bartender

    00:15:48 Larry-QT-iMessage Could Take Up To 24 Hours to Propagate on a New iPhone

    00:18:46 QT-Re-enable Low Data Mode if you got a new iPhone (or a new eSIM)

    00:20:24 QT-Update to tvOS 17 and your iPhone can Find your Siri Remote


    00:23:34 SPONSOR: Fastmail, the email provider who puts your privacy first. Visit Fastmail.com/MGG for 10% off your first year

    00:25:35 PODCAST: Twit.TV has THREE Apple focused shows: MacBreak Weekly, iOS Today, and Hands-on-Mac. Learn more at Twit.TV/Apple

    Your Questions Answered and Tips Shared! 

    00:26:42 Jeepster-Are Tags or Folders better in Notes?

    00:35:09 Bill-How to train iCloud’s Junk Mail Filters?


    00:42:03 Allison – Changing Passwords Often might not be the best advice

    a href="https://kb.synology.

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Talk Nerdy To Me

    Talk Nerdy To Me

    In this weeks Mac Geek Gab, Dave Hamilton and Pilot Pete jump straight into the tech jungle with a myriad of Apple tips and tricks. Starting with a listener’s CarPlay guidance to silence directions, they roll into watchOS 10 tweaks, including the revamped way of switching watch faces. Dennis Jurgensen shares insights about this change, while Doug introduces the ambient light-triggered night mode.

    With a nod to “talking nerdy”, your two favorite geeks touch upon Apple Watch’s battery capacities, its waterproof design, and the intricacies of migrating data, especially when it comes to authenticator apps and eSIMs. Their commitment to the audience shines as they delve into iOS 17 features, explore health data syncing, and dissect iCloud settings.

    But the tech talk doesn’t stop there. The episode dives deep into home networking, discussing data usage, mesh networks, and the quest for optimal Wi-Fi speeds. They offer router recommendations, troubleshooting pearls, and personal tales of Wi-Fi interference. With a hearty thanks to their loyal listeners and supporters, they underscore the importance of community engagement. And in the spirit of the show, Dave and Pete remind everyone, “Don’t Get Caught” unprepared in the rapidly evolving world of tech.

    Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

    00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 1001 for Monday, September 25th, 2023

    The MGG Discord Server is Live!

    The MGG Merch Store is Live!

    Quick Tips

    00:00:01 Jeff-QT-Tap Next Turn in iOS 17 CarPlay to Toggle Voice Directions

    00:02:21 Dan Bach the Math Jock-Fun Math with 1001

    00:04:29 Tony-QT-Use Double-Tap on Older Watches

    00:05:38 Dennis-QT-Long Press to Switch Watch Faces in watchOS 10

    00:07:33 RnDoug-QT-watchOS 10’s “Modular Ultra” face has ambient-light triggered night mode

    00:09:27 Ben-QT-Check your Watch’s Battery Capacity (because we keep them for a long time)

    Settings > Battery > Battery Health

    00:10:31 Deborah – Waterproof Watches

    00:13:30 MGG Hangouts

    00:14:36 Gary-Backup and Restore your Authenticator Apps when Getting a new iPhone

    00:17:30 Does an eSIM migrate to a new phone?

    00:18:11 Jon-QT-Reactivate Facetime and iMessage after switching your SIM

    00:19:09 CarPlay Fixes the “Alerts Only” vs. “Go” bug with sound

    00:20:43 Andrew-QT-Long Press CarPlay’s AppBlock Icon for Siri


    00:21:34 SPONSOR: Green Chef makes eating well easy with plans to fit every lifestyle. Go to GreenChef.com/60mgg and use code 60mgg to get 60% off plus free shipping.

    New TiPhones, iOS 17, and Upgrading

    00:23:35 PorthosJon-QT-1000-Use a Lightning to USB-C Cable to Migrate iPhones

    00:27:11 Michael-Can I keep Health Data if I start from scratch with a new iPhone?

    00:30:44 Makenz-How do I control iOS 17’s Featured Photos Lock Screen?

    00:34:51 Bill-What Should I Do With My Old Physical SIM When I Upgrade to eSIM?

    Show Business

    00:39:28 Thanks to our MGG Premium Members


    Networking Questions Answered and Tips Shared!

    00:43:11 Joe-How can I see my monthly bandwidth usage by device at home?

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    Thanks for Teaching Us to Fish

    Thanks for Teaching Us to Fish

    In this, the 1000th episode of Mac Geek Gab, Pilot Pete and Dave Hamilton dive into the realm of iOS 17, shedding light on offline map downloads, storage optimization, and Apple’s music recognition. They tackle a barrage of listener questions, discussing solutions for Spotify users with Shazam’s Apple Music default and quick tips for text shortcuts.

    As your two favorite geeks venture deeper, they uncover iOS 17 and CarPlay intricacies, Siri’s limitations, and valuable electronics maintenance hacks. With a keen eye on innovation, they spotlight apps like Al Dente and iStat Menus and share discoveries such as Zoom’s new AI summarization feature and a fun smart wifi lamp.

    As they always say, “Don’t Get Caught” missing out on the latest tips from your fellow audience members.  Hitting quadruple digits is no small feat, and this is all thanks to you for listening, engaging, and staying involved. Thank you for 1,000! Here’s to even more to come!

    Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

    00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 1000 for Monday, September 18th, 2023

    The MGG Discord Server is Live!

    The MGG Merch Store is Live!

    Quick Tips

    00:00:01 QT-Download Offline Apple Maps as soon as you get iOS 17

    00:03:21 QT Kent – iOS / iPadOS text suggestion phrase

    00:06:25 Stephen-QT-Long-Press Shazam in Control Center for Music History

    00:07:47 JT Ray-998-Can I link Shazam to Spotify instead of Apple Music?

    00:09:19 QT – Clif – Quick Flight Info in Messages

    00:11:37 QT-iOS 17 Settings > Control Center > Add “Ping My Watch”

    00:12:13 JT Ray-QT-iOS 17 Shortcuts lets you control Cellular Data

    00:14:36 QT-iOS 17 Spotlight can bring you to specific Settings panes

    00:18:23 QT-Enable iOS 17 Advanced Tracking and Fingerprint Protection for ALL Browsing in Settings > Safari > Advanced

    00:19:35 QT-In iOS 17, You can tap the AA button in Safari and Listen To Webpage. Pause with Now Playing widget in Control Center

    00:21:57 Siri Gets Better!

    00:24:05 iOS 17 – Deep Links in Spotlight

    00:25:02 QT-Split Screen View in CarPlay (not new) (and iOS 17’s “layered” view for CarPlay where you can still see what’s behind)


    00:27:43 SPONSOR: LinkedIn Jobs. Go to LinkedIn.com/MGG and post your first job for free!

    MGG Hits Quadruple Digits

    00:29:31 MGG Ep1 wasn’t MGG: TMOToGo Intro

    Rich-Thank You For Teaching Us To Fish

    Kent-The Value of Bullheaded Persistence

    Your Questions Answered and Tips Shared! 

    00:47:52 Joe-Should I setup my new iPhone wirelessly or from a local backup?

    00:54:38 Gary – Does Photos App need to be open to find duplicates?

    Remove Duplicate Photos in Photos on Mac

    00:57:13 Brian-Best advice for conditioning an old battery?

    Cool Stuff Found

    01:00:33 CSFR-AlDente

    01:02:51 JFB-CSF-MenuMeters … from MGG Ep1 (and a fork that works up to at least Big Sur)

    iStat Menus

    01:04:55 Saurabh-CSF-DotFiles to Automate a Clean Mac Setup

    01:06:05 PorthosJon-CSF-a href="https://www.amazon.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Geeky Reactions to Apple's Wonderlust Event

    Geeky Reactions to Apple's Wonderlust Event

    Jeff Gamet joins Dave Hamilton today to dissect and share reactions to Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch announcements at their Wonderlust event. Topics include the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, changes to cables, thinner bezels, titanium, and more.

    Listen as your two favorite geeks for the week share whether or not they’re going to be buying any of this gear and, if so, which…and why. Press play, enjoy, and don’t get caught!

    Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

    00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 999 for Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

    00:02:13 Apple Wanderlust Event, 2023

    00:03:34 Thinner Bezels on iPhone 15

    00:08:42 iPhone 15

    00:22:42 USB4 Cables work like Thunderbolt cables – Mac Geek Gab 996

    00:27:01 iPhone 15 Pro

    00:37:52 Will you be buying an iPhone this year and, if so, which one?


    00:40:38 SPONSOR: Private Internet Access VPN – Save 82% off your VPN service PLUS four free months with a two-year plan at PIAVPN.com/mgg.

    00:42:31 SPONSOR: BBEdit, the power tool for text from Bare Bones Software; now with integrated Notebooks and extended language support.

    00:44:22 iOS and iPadOS 17 & watchOS 10 Due on 9/18

    macOS Sonoma due 9/26

    Birkin Bag

    00:47:00 Apple Watch S9

    Eliza on Apple ][… on your Mac!

    Double-Tap: AssistiveTouch becomes tap gestures on watch

    01:00:18 Apple Watch Ultra 2

    01:02:39 Will you be buying an Apple Watch this year and, if so, which one?

    01:08:22 AirPods Pro 2nd Gen (USB-C)

    iCloud+ adds 6TB and 12TB plans.

    01:10:17 Mac Geek Gab 999 Outtro

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    • 1 hr 14 min
    We're Just Here For The Free Wi-Fi

    We're Just Here For The Free Wi-Fi

    In this episode of Mac Geek Gab, Pilot Pete and Dave Hamilton take you on a tour of Cool Stuff Found and answers to pesky questions…with a little story time thrown in for good measure!

    Kicking off Cool Stuff Found, MarkM introduced a savvy shortcut, allowing users to harness the power of the Shazam widget on the Apple Watch to identify songs swiftly. Walter stepped into the limelight with his endorsement of ChronoAgent. This tool is a must-have for those keen on syncing Logic files between two Macs, be it locally or remotely. Andrew, not to be outdone, shone a light on NETGEAR LTE modems, providing users with a reliable solution for internet failover protection. TNPapa’s praise for ShareMouse resonated with listeners, especially for those eager to share their keyboard and mouse effortlessly between a Mac and PC. Meanwhile, Dave piqued interests with his discovery of a CarPlay app, offering real-time weather maps for drivers. He also captivated audiences with a memorable anecdote about Steve Jobs, who personally ensured the inclusion of Mac Geek Gab in the iTunes podcast directory during its initial phase.

    As the episode unfolds, Rosemary Orchard’s company, Snailed It, took center stage. The tech community will be thrilled to hear that they plan to honor the legacy of the late iOS developer Alex Hay. They pledge to continue the development of his essential Mac apps, ensuring his innovations live on. Jeepster then discussed the wonders of the OpenCore Legacy Patcher, a tool that breathes new life into older, unsupported Macs by allowing them to run new macOS versions.

    Dave returned to the spotlight with his recommendation of SODI’s adjustable MagSafe mount, an ingenious device for those wishing to use their iPhone as a Continuity Camera. Paul, an aficionado of the entertainment world, championed Callsheet, a platform that provides a deep dive into intricate movie and show details. And for the photography enthusiasts, Pete’s suggestion of the Aureday flexible tripod is a game-changer, transforming iPhones into versatile webcams.

    Answering your questions, Dave and Pete joined forces to provide crucial tips for the Mac community, offering insights on keyboard shortcuts and target disk mode. Their expertise was evident when they assisted Mr. Ed with extracting data from an older Mac. Kirit’s inquiry about integrating Xfinity’s Storm Ready Wi-Fi with personal routers led to a pivotal piece of advice: there are times where it makes sense to opt for a double NAT setup over bridge mode. Interestingly, it was highlighted that Sonos requires a Wi-Fi password to operate, a welcome requirement in today’s tech landscape. Pete, always vigilant about security, underscored the importance of disabling router default admin accounts. Lastly, Gary’s quest for an efficient way to scan QR codes on the Mac culminated in the recommendation of the QR Scan app.

    Tune into Mac Geek Gab for these insights and immerse yourself in the riveting world of tech!

    Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

    00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 998 for Monday, September 4th, 2023

    The MGG Discord Server is Live!

    The MGG Merch Store is Live!

    Cool Stuff Found

    00:00:01 MarkM-CSF-997–Shazam Shortcut for Apple Watch

    00:02:23 Walter-CSF-ChronoAgent to Auto-Sync Directly Between Two Macs, locally or remote

    00:06:03 Andrew-CSF-NETGEAR 4G LTE Broadband Modems for Failover Protection – LM1300 (USA-only, $85) and a href="https://www.amazon.

    • 1 hr 26 min
    That Sweet 2.4GHz Gold

    That Sweet 2.4GHz Gold

    In the latest Mac Geek Gab episode, Pilot Pete and Dave Hamilton share nifty Quick Tips like how to quickly check your iPhone storage when apps act up, and the trick to tweak Weather app’s Location settings for widgets. They tackle listener questions head-on, offering solutions for cleaning up the Photos library, understanding Siri’s mysterious search history, navigating old versions of Pages with newer Apple IDs, and choosing the perfect Apple Watch.

    Your two favorite geeks also navigate the ins and outs of Apple’s watchOS 10 user experience and compare live TV options, breaking down costs and features of major providers. Wrapping things up with a “Cool Stuff Found” segment, they highlight the multifunctional Flighty app and a new eSIM compatibility tool. Press play, enjoy, and Don’t Get Caught!

    Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

    00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 997 for Monday, August 28th, 2023

    00:03:05 Podcast Movement Denver 2023

    Quick Tips

    00:00:01 Ben-QT-See Tapbacks in Mac Messages with a Single Click

    00:06:37 Rico-QT-Check Your iPhone’s Storage, Especially if Apps are Forgetting their Place

    00:07:53 Bradley-QT-Set Weather App Location Privacy Settings to Allow Widgets

    00:11:35 Dan-QT-Use Option+Command to Solo Specific Calendars

    00:13:51 Ben-QT-996-Change Mouse Pointer Color and Fill in Accessibility

    00:16:10 Mark M-QT-Buy Your Next iPhone with Rewards

    Chase Unlimited Card


    00:17:35 SPONSOR: HOP WTR. No alcohol, calories, or sugar in this refreshing, hoppy-flavored beverage with mood-boosting benefits! Get 20% off your first purchase (and free shipping when you order 24 cans) at HOPWTR.com/MGG.

    Your Questions Answered and Tips Shared! 

    00:19:23 Larry-Best way to clean up my Photos library?


    00:27:16 Andrew Siri Search History

    00:31:01 Shazam Origin Story

    00:38:20 Paul – Getting & Running Prev. ver of Pages on a New Apple ID Account

    Downloading an old version of Pages and other iWork apps

    00:42:37 GBurlile-Limiting Wi-Fi Data Usage When Tethering?


    00:45:45 Sean-Which Apple Watch Should I Buy?

    00:50:09 New UX with Apple watchOS. 10

    00:52:15 Comparing Options for Live TV (with DVR)

    With Local Channels

    YouTube TV ($73)

    DirecTV Stream ($100)

    Fubo ($75)

    Hulu + Live TV ($70)

    Without Local Channels

    Sling TV ($55)

    Philo ($25)

    Cool Stuff Found

    01:02:35 Chris – Daisy Disk Non-App Store ver. Scan as Admin

    01:04:13 CSF-Flighty app has fantastic Apple integrations




    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
799 Ratings

799 Ratings

MailButlerFan ,

A perfect companion podcast to the Mac Power Users podcast!

"Mac Geek Gab” is a treasure trove for Apple enthusiasts! Every fast-paced episode is packed with invaluable tips, tricks, and updates that empower listeners to get the most out of their Apple products. The hosts, Dave and Pilot Pete deliver engaging, insightful content with a blend of expertise and fun!

A must-listen, highly recommended!

Michael D.J. - The Tech-Savvy Lawyer.Page Podcast

Stec ,

New listener

I think I heard a plug for your show on MacBreak Weekly. Love your approach and all the tidbits I learn each week passively (via audio). Amazing dedication for 1000+ shows. Keep it up and enjoy it. Thank you!

Brian8944 ,

Always Learning At Least 5 New Things

One of the highlights of my week is listening to the Mac Geek Gab - Over the 18 years, John, Dave, and Pilot Pete answer all your questions related to Apple products and services. They also show you cool stuff found, and tips and tricks. This is the first podcast I ever downloaded (way back in 2006), and haven’t missed an episode! I strongly encourage you to check them out - they are the best!

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