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Intriguing subjects, provoking thoughts, honest and norm-breaking conversations - all in order to widen our horizon.

Imagine a World with Olivia Imagine a World

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Intriguing subjects, provoking thoughts, honest and norm-breaking conversations - all in order to widen our horizon.

    Reflections with Yoga Girl

    Reflections with Yoga Girl

    Together with my best friend, master mind and podcast pro - Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl), I am reflecting on all the subject of this first podcast series of Imagine a World.

    It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve learned so much - here’s a conversation where we cover a tiny portion of my thoughts after having learned so much from my guests and the listeners.

    • 52 min
    Past Lives

    Past Lives

    Imagine the World if we were all aware of our past lives...

    Did you ever describe someone as a young or old soul? Or been on the lookout for your "soulmate"? Well, in that case you must be somewhat of a believer of past lives.

    In this thrilling episode I am joined by Ainslie McLoed - an internationally acclaimed past life psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author.

    What does it mean to explore your past lives and why should we do it? How much, if anything, do we know about it? What is an old or young soul and how do we find our soulmates?

    So many questions and so little time. I even got a taste of my past life to understand how it affects me today... 

    Listen in!!

    • 39 min
    Basic Income - Imagine a World

    Basic Income - Imagine a World

    Imagine the world if we all had the security of a basic income guarantee... How would our priorities change? Would we take more risks and get more creative or simply be complacent? How would it work?

    Together with economist Evelyn Forget from Canada, who has been on the forefront of many basic income experiments, I am looking into what it would mean for citizens to have what is called a basic income.

    This topic has become increasingly discussed in different parts of the world and who knows, maybe we are getting closer to an implementation than we think... The opinions seem to differ but Evelyn offers and interesting point of view - is a basic income policy an unavoidable step to secure our well-being in the future?

    You can read more about Evelyn's research in her book Basic Income for Canadians.

    This episode was made possible by Hyber.

    • 30 min
    A World With Open Borders - Imagine a World

    A World With Open Borders - Imagine a World

    In this episode I am playing with the thought of a world with open borders together with Professor Bryan Caplan from George Mason University.

    For me, it has always been difficult to defend the notion of closed borders when lives depend on being welcomed into another country. Hell, when you start thinking about it, it’s even weird not being able to live and work wherever you want just because you like it better...

    But what would the world look like if we had no borders? What would be the economical, humanitarian or cultural consequences? What is it we are holding onto when defending our borders? Perhaps borders are only but an old inheritance that no longer serves us...

    Pr. Bryan Caplan has an interesting take on this idea and thinks we should open our borders once and for all.

    Listen in and let me know what you think..!


    • 29 min
    Antinatalism - Imagine a World

    Antinatalism - Imagine a World

    Imagine the world if we all stopped procreating?

    Provoking thought right? Well, this is what antinatalists believe is the right way forward. Yes, you hear it right - this would mean the end of humankind. Antinatalist author Karim Akerma joins me in this thought provoking conversation about whether or not it is right to give life to a new human being.

    What are the core beliefs and arguments of antinatalist? Why are we choosing to have children today? Have humans reached a level of consciousness where the most rational thing to do is to stop procreating? Why are antinatalists vegan?

    A confusing and provoking view of humankind where pain and pleasure stand against each other. Do the more optimistic views on life have what it takes to dismiss antinatalism entirely...?

    Maybe we can even learn something from what seems to be a totally crazy idea?

    • 37 min
    Polyamory - Imagine a World

    Polyamory - Imagine a World

    Imagine a world where we all live in several and different relationships. For many people this is nothing out of the ordinary yet many of us still feel a bit stressed and threatened by the unrestricted polyamorous way of loving and living. But is it really unrestricted?

    In this episode I am joined by Sophie Lucido Johnson - author of “Many Loves”, comedian and illustrator who is married to Joe, has one girlfriend and one boyfriend.

    What does it actually mean to be polyamorous? What prejudices do we carry about it? What can we learn from it? Is it fair to expect one person will live up to all your needs and expectations?

    Diving into this subject together with Sophie made me reflect on many aspects of my own relationship. Intriguing to say the least.

    This episode was made possible by Hyber - a Swedish company that offers a rental service for children’s products with long durability but short usage time. Use my discount code OLIVIA when signing up for a membership in order to get a complimentary piece of clothing!

    • 34 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
59 Ratings

59 Ratings

emmasongrace ,

Real, refreshing, enlightening

I love this podcast!! I have learned about new topics that I want to continue to research (and it’s nice they’re NOT health and fitness related, I think we’re bombarded with this kind of content on podcasts!)

ec4694 ,

Love it

I love Olivia’s open minded approach in all her interviews ! I find the topics to be super interesting and informative

keyna c ,

Great host with cutting edge topics

Unique shows that explore cutting edge topics like antinatalism and polyamory. The host did a great job introducing each topic, and asking tough questions on the guest speaker, while being open-minded to these not-so-mainstream ideas. The guest speakers are also interesting and knowledgeable. Can’t wait for more episodes!

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