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DIY filmmakers, actors, screenwriters and industry experts, share their tips on creating, marketing and distributing socially conscious content.

Indie Artists Tribe Angela Matemotja

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DIY filmmakers, actors, screenwriters and industry experts, share their tips on creating, marketing and distributing socially conscious content.

    From Stage to Page: Levvy Lee Simon's Artistic Odyssey

    From Stage to Page: Levvy Lee Simon's Artistic Odyssey

    "From Stage to Page: Levvy Lee Simon's Artistic Odyssey"
    Angela Matemotja holds an in-depth interview with multiple award-winning playwright, actor, and director, Levy Lee Simon.
    Lee discusses his journey of becoming a playwright, starting off as an actor, and eventually finding himself in the unique position of storytelling. 
    He shares the genesis of his NAACP Theater Award nominee for Best Playwright and Ovation Award nominee for Best New Play series, 'For The Love of Freedom', and its anticipated grand launch in New York City. Lee also is planning to launch his memoir in December, based on his unique life experiences.
    Odyssey Towards the Light. The book launch and signing will take place on, Friday, December 8th, 2023 7 PM at Greenway Court Theatre in Hollywood. 544 N. Fairfax Avenue. 7-10 PM Admission Free.
    Levy Lee Simon’s memoir takes us on an odyssey from a man child, growing up in Harlem, to HBCUs, NYC Theatre, The Roaring 80s, Sex, drugs, theatre, the fall and rise of an artist, Iowa, and more. And this is just Part One.
    Artist Biography
    Multiple Award Winning playwright, actor and director, Levy Lee Simon is originally from Harlem USA and a graduate of the University of Iowa Playwright’s Workshop, MFA. He is presently a member of the Actor’s Studio PDU (Playwright/Director’s Unit) and The Tent Playwrights Collective. Levy Lee is recognized as one of the most prolific playwrights of our
    time, haven written over twenty plays with 50 productions produced in New York, Los Angeles, theatres across the country, and the Caribbean.
    His most noted works include: God the Crackhouse and the Devil, The Bow Wow Club, Same Train, The Stuttering Preacher, For the Love of Freedom trilogy: (Part I - Toussaint, Part II - Dessalines and Part III - Christophe,) Caseload, The Guest at Central Park West, The Magnificent Dunbar Hotel, A Heated Discussion and A Heated Discussion Revisited
    (commissioned by the Robey Theatre) New Plays include: Gentrified – Metaphor of the Drums and Fractured developed in the Actors Studio PDU, which received a Workshop Production July of 2022 by New Circle Theatre Company. Critical Awards and Recognition: Playwright of the Year Award, San Diego Writers Festival – 2022. New Voices Playwriting Award – Sacramento Theatre (Smell the Power) - Audelco Award, ‘Best Playwright’ and ‘Dramatic Production of the Year.’ (The Guest at Central Park
    West.) - OOBR Award (Same Train) - Lorraine Hansberry/Kennedy Center Award for, Best Full Length (The Bow Wow Club) - Best Plays of 2006 (The Stuttering Preacher.)
    Nominations include: Beverly Hills NAACP Theatre Awards/Best Playwright - Toussaint and Christophe. Ovation Award nomination - Best New Play – Dessalines. Critics Pics LA Times and Weekly: The Bow Wow Club, The Magnificent Dunbar Hotel, A Heated Discussion and A Heated Discussion Revisited. Levy Lee had the honor of being the first artist in the history
    of the National Black Theatre Festival to be invited as; a playwright, actor, director and producer in the same year.
    Film and Television projects include: The Last Revolutionary feature film premiered at the Pan African Film Festival 2017. (Amazonprime.com.) Options: The Guest – MoJo
    Films, The Bow Wow Club – FOX Searchlight and Vendetta Films, and The Stuttering Preacher, Javon Johnson Productions, slated for production, fall 2023..
    As an actor, Levy Lee has performed On Broadway, Off Broadway, Regional Theatres, and the Caribbean. In June of 2023, he performed his first solo performance, Odyssey Race and Racism, in the Hollywood Fringe Festival to rave reviews. In 2022, he appeared in the world premiere of, In the Upper Room by Beaufield Berry, at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and received a “Best Supporting Actor,” nomination by the Colorado Theatre Guild. He was a cast member of the Pulitzer Prize Winning-Tony Nominated – The Kentucky Cycle and the England production of Ms. Ever’s Boys at the Bar

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    Indie Artists Tribe

    Indie Artists Tribe

    Title: "Indie Artist Tribe: Season Four Kickoff - Unveiling the World of Multi-Hyphenate Artists"
    Embark on a creative exploration in the Season Four intro of the Indie Artist Tribe podcast. Angela Matemotja, your host, shares her journey since the 2019 season, unveiling a shift from Indie Film Tribe to Indie Artist Tribe. This change reflects her keen interest in spotlighting multi-hyphenate artists across diverse fields, extending beyond film. Get a glimpse into Angela's experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she found a renewed focus on screenwriting. Anticipate upcoming episodes featuring interviews with various multi-hyphenate artists and industry experts, offering valuable insight into their creative processes. Mark your calendar for the first official episode release on December 5th.
    00:00 Introduction and Welcome Back
    01:22 The Transformation from Indie Film Tribe to Indie Artist Tribe
    03:40 Being a Multi-Hyphenate Artist
    04:11 Podcast Release Schedule and Format
    05:22 Where Has Angela Been?
    08:34 The Journey of Becoming a Confident Screenwriter
    12:31 What's to Come in Indie Artist Tribe
    13:12 Guests Preview and Closing Remarks.

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    S3 Ep16 Season 3 Tribe Finale! Follow Your Dreams, Even If You Don't Feel Ready.

    S3 Ep16 Season 3 Tribe Finale! Follow Your Dreams, Even If You Don't Feel Ready.

    This is the final episode for season three. I'm going to go on a bit of a hiatus, even though I'll be on hiatus for a bit, I more than likely will still pop on every now and again whenever I have something exciting to share!
    What I'm going to be heading into, for those of you that have been listening for a little while now, a few months ago I directed a project called The Good Balloon. I'm about to head into post-production on that. 
    Finally, as many of you know, my first feature film is out into the world. We've had some wonderful reviews. Please check out Elevate Film on Amazon!
    Then, with my next feature film, this is the first time I'm actually using a professional script consultant! I'll be working with Pilar and am so nervous and excited about this, which leads me to the topic of today’s episode:
    Don't not do something, don't not move forward because you feel like you're not ready.

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    S3 Ep15 First Feature is released and I'm Grateful and Relieved.

    S3 Ep15 First Feature is released and I'm Grateful and Relieved.

    S3 EP15
    This week’s episode is super duper quick as I bring you along on my journey of the distribution and release of my first feature film ELEVATE.  
    I hope you are getting something out these tidbits I’m sharing, what I am learning, as well as the behind the scenes of what I am experiencing emotionally and mentally. 
    The good, the bad, and the ugly Ya’ll! 


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    S3 Ep14 First Feature is released and I'm Freaking Out!

    S3 Ep14 First Feature is released and I'm Freaking Out!

    Somthing you should know:
    Most of the time I am pretty grounded, focused, calmish and sturdy. Not this week. This week I am a basket case! Watch video to learn why and then please check out my multi award winning feature film: elevatefilm.com

    Guys, although I am wracked with fear, I need your help!  I still want as many people as possible to experience ELEVATE.  If you have not yet followed ELEVATE on social media please do so now: Instagram and Facebook. 
    The month of July will be spent creating awareness that ELEVATE in now available, and I would truly appreciate you sharing on social media and leaving a 5 star review if you enjoy the film.

    The more online traction and reviews, the better placement it will get on the platforms and the more aware folks will become of this beautiful movie that I am so proud of!

     Please follow ELEVATE on Instagram and Facebook.  AND SHARE!

    I thank you in advance for your support and hope you have an amazing 4th of July weekend! Keep shining good people, KEEP SHINING!
    For today's episode: view on youTube 

    or Subscribe in ITUNES or on FACEBOOK.

    Thank you so much for tuning in and if you like what you see, please share with your trib

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    S3 Ep 13 Competition is B******t

    S3 Ep 13 Competition is B******t

    If you keep your eyes on the prize, stay hyper focused, determined, do the work, DO THE WORK and don’t give up, you’ll find you’re so called competitors dropping off along the way.
    The truth of the matter is, there are tons of folks that “dabble” in this industry and are not operating at a competitive level at all.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Jonahaimz ,

Start with Episode 005

"Laziness is disguised as fear..."
"Don't get it perfect, just get it going."

I think this episode encapsulates the mentality for this entire podcast.
Part motivation, part application, and all wisdom, Angela knows what it takes to be an independent filmmaker.
She knows the mentality required to execute, and she has a gift at explaining it in a genuine tone without pretentiousness of other podcasts.
Do yourself a favor and subscribe, and get into the mindset to execute your vision and make content that matters to the world.
Thanks for doing this Angela.


Meg M 807 ,

Timely and Inspiring

I love the mission of this podcast - to inspire people to create socially conscious media. Couldn't be a better time for that, and the interviews themselves are both informative and inspiring and makes the dream seem completely attainable. Great work!

Industry Gem ,

Great information for the industry

Thank you for providing this information to actors! It is so needed. I'm looking forward to more podcasts.

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