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Real engineers get together to dive into current news topics and talk about real life experiences

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Real engineers get together to dive into current news topics and talk about real life experiences

    Episode 10: Cutovers

    Episode 10: Cutovers

    We’ve returned from our hiatus to discuss Cutovers along with the subpoena of an Amazon Echo, free music vs net neutrality, and false alarm Facebook alerts.

    Newsy News

    Amazon Echo recordings being subpoenaed in murder case

    Free is illegal: Do “Zero-rated” services damage net-neutrality?

    Facebook “Safety Check” activated by outdated news articles

    Topic: Mentorship

    What is a cutover?

    When do cutovers typically happen and why do they happen at those times?

    How to prepare for a cutover

    Contact sheet (list of personnel involved and contact info)

    Change plan

    List of all equipment/devices being modified

    Backdoor access information

    Step by step changes followed by verification steps

    Notes about each step and its purpose

    Break up changes into independent phases to avoid complete rollback

    * Documentation and diagrams

    * Contingency/rollback plans

    Other Links

    Trailer for the movie “Passengers”

    Trailer for the movie “Star Wars: Rogue One”

    Kelly Slater Surfing with a Table

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Episode 9: Cisco Live 2016

    Episode 9: Cisco Live 2016

    Our first ‘live’ show where we shoot the breeze on the happenings of Cisco Live US 2016 and what the attendees have been up to all week.

    • 13 min
    Episode 8: Mentorship

    Episode 8: Mentorship

    In this episode we dive into the pros, cons, do’s, and don’ts of mentorship; after we discuss Microsoft paying for forcing upgrades to Win10, Google’s new internet speed test, and Gartner’s self fulfilling prophecy.

    Newsy News

    Microsoft loses lawsuit over unwanted Windows 10 upgrade

    Google partners with M-Lab to build an internet speed test

    Gartner predicts “cloud-first” will become “cloud-only” policies by 2020

    Topic: Mentorship

    Why is mentorship important for IT engineers?

    Who to mentor and who to be mentored by?

    How can one benefit from being mentored?

    How can one benefit from mentoring somebody else?

    Group mentoring, forums, and other non-1:1 types

    Tips for a mentor

    Tips for a protégé

    Other Links

    Excellent mentorship blog post by Ethan Banks from PacketPushers

    Never10: The Windows 10 upgrade killer written by Steve Gibson of GRC

    • 35 min
    Episode 7: Windows Server 2016

    Episode 7: Windows Server 2016

    Guest Juan Cruz joins us to talk about the new features of Windows Server 2016 and why we’re still waiting for it; all after we discuss the LinkedIN buy, Google Fiberless, and Chef’s new “Habitat”.

    Newsy News

    Microsoft announces acquisition of LinkedIN

    Are you ready for Google Fiberless?

    Chef announces “Habitat”: A wrapper to automate and mobilize applications?

    Topic: Windows Server 2016

    Why is the GA release so late?

    Federation with non-AD identity management systems

    GUI is an install-able feature

    What are Storage Replicas?

    Faster reboots with “Soft Restart”?

    Automate your network with Network Controller?

    Hyper-V Features

    Nano Server (SWEET!)

    Shielded VMs

    Hot change memory and NICs on VMs

    Storage Resiliency

    Other Links

    A closer look at Shielded VMs (video)

    Plan a Software Defined Network Infrastructure (Network Controller) (Technet article)

    Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #10: Nano Server (video)

    • 51 min
    Episode 6: Change Management

    Episode 6: Change Management

    The team is back to talk about the love/hate relationship with Change Management after we discuss Amazon’s new discovery service, an update on the 2012 LinkenIN hack, and how virtualization is over the hill.

    Newsy News

    AWS releases the Application Discovery Service to help you map out your apps

    The 2012 LinkedIN hack is 15X worse than previously thought

    Gartner calls server virtualization “mature” because…well…it’s a nicer word than “dying”

    Topic: Change Management

    What is change management and what purpose does it serve?

    When is it in appropriate to use it and when it is inappropriate?

    What effect will DevOps have on its use? Doesn’t change management fly in the face of continuous delivery?

    Other Links

    6 open-source change management database systems

    • 39 min
    Episode 5: Troubleshooting

    Episode 5: Troubleshooting

    The trio is back to talk about troubleshooting, how much fun it can be, and how to approach it, but first they share their widely respected opinions *scoff* about the ‘Race for the Container Space’, using DNA as your tier-4 storage media, and the promise of autonomous taxis.

    Newsy News

    Microsoft, Cisco, HPE love Mesosphere while VMWare and Pivotal are promising that a container platform is in the works

    Microsoft making progress in the field of DNA-based data storage

    GM and Lyft promise us self-driving taxis by the end of this year

    Topic: Troubleshooting

    What is troubleshooting?

    Methodologies of troubleshooting

    Choosing between the ‘fix’ and the ‘forensics’

    Root Cause Analyses and their difficulties after the fact

    Other Links

    If you have been in a service desk role, you need to watch The Website is Down

    @dpocoroba’s troubleshooting article on PacketPushers


    • 38 min

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