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Keep it Weird is the Podcast for all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, sticky, gross and everything in between! Join our hosts Lauren and Ashley and their guests as we talk about all things WEIRD!

Keep It Weird: A Strange & Unusual Podcast Keep It Weird Podcast

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Keep it Weird is the Podcast for all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, sticky, gross and everything in between! Join our hosts Lauren and Ashley and their guests as we talk about all things WEIRD!

    Curses, Cryptids & Consent

    Curses, Cryptids & Consent

    TW: untimely death, hauntings, terrifying cryptids & blood
    Well well well, weirdos, we meet again!
    Welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD, the podcast for all things strange and unusual, nautical and nasty, mysterious and monstrous and everything in between.  Every episode we talk about something WEIRD and this episode is no exception.
    Ashley starts us off with a PARANORMAL PARADISE that features a leftover LISTENER GHOST STORY from last week about a man who believes he saw the exact staircase his mother died on... several years before it occurred.

    Then Lauren asks WHERE IN THE WORLD(Is Keep It Weird Going?) as we astral travel to DOOR COUNTY Wisconsin which is apparently chock full of haunted lighthouses.  
    Ashley grabs the binoculars for a MONSTER WATCH where the MOTHBOYS PODCAST leads us to a very strange cryptid from West Virginia (where else, amirite?) called THE VEGGIE MAN
    And Lauren finishes off strong with another CURSED CROONERS (& Spooky Songs) as we discuss the curse of the 9th symphony!  Which 9th symphony you ask?  ALL OF THEM.
    Check out the links below if you want to do some further reading on today's topics.

    Check out the MOTHBOYS PODCAST to stay up to date on all your favorite cryptids!
    Music in the first story, as always, by VIVEK ABISHEK
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    Mr. Vegetable
    Bittersweet Symphony

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    The Basement Representatives

    The Basement Representatives

    Are you ready for a scary story??
    Hello weirdos and welcome back to KEEP IT WEIRD, the podcast for all things strange and unusual, creepy and cool, freaky and frightening and everything in between.
     This week we are telling REAL SCARY STORIES!!! Presented by YOU! Our lovely listeners and internet friends!
    This week's batch has premonitions, UFOs, cryptids, haunted schools, haunted houses, haunted woods and even a haunted museum!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH to listeners Emily, Noah, Nicole and Anonymous and reddit users r/aztecpontiac, r/smallof2pieces!
    THE MUSIC in this episode is all VIVEK ABISHEK & you can check out all their work here https://www.youtube.com/ @VIVEKABHISHEK 
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    Quarter Past a Cricket's Leg

    Quarter Past a Cricket's Leg

    Hi Weirdos!  Or should I say… high weirdos?
    Welcome to a very special episode of KEEP IT WEIRD– your one stop shop for all things strange and unusual, stoned and spooky, blitzed and bonkers & everything in between.
    What makes this week so special is that it’s our BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for the best co host that side (or THIS side) of the Mississippi.  Lauren and Ashley have been best friends for going on fifteen years now (EW how did we get so old) and were sick and tired of not being able to PARTY TOGETHER on special occasions.
    So we did a little “gardening” and poured ourselves some fruity beverages and set off to BLOW EACH OTHERS MINDS with some absolutely crazy science, biology, history and trivia.
    We cover how stars and planets are made, how many blimps we have on Earth, how you can tell the temperature based on a cricket’s chirp, which famous horror director had to say goodbye to his bellybutton, an ancient city full of skyscrapers that you didn’t know existed, where the sound comes from when we snap our fingers, and even alligators who can gallop faster than Gunpowder (that’s Ichabod Crane’s horse… obviously)
    So buckle your seatbelts, maybe take a toke or two yourself, relax, melt into the couch, WAIT too much melting.  Don’t forget to breathe.  Yes you ARE breathing.  Chill out, relax, meeeelt into the couch.  There we go. Open your mind to weirdness.  Let it flow through you.
    Check out some LINKS below if you want to do any further reading on the topics we discussed today!
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    Listener Divination Readings

    Listener Divination Readings

    Hi Weirdos!! 
    Welcome to a very special episode-- our LISTENER DIVINATION READINGS! Consider this your supplemental learning materials for last week's episode "Homework for Witches" where we taught you all about different forms of divination!
    In this episode, we take what we've learned about divination through Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Rune Casting & Bibliomancy and we put it to work.
    YOU, our lovely and loyal listeners, sent in your very own personal questions hoping to get answers and direction from the universe and let me tell you-- the universe came through in a BIG WAY.
    Ashley cast a set of runes, Lauren drew a tarot card and our resident witch Laura Lareau did an oracle card reading for each question and we came today with our results.  This was such a fun and interesting experiment and we were SHOOK to find that each of our readings were so similar to each other for each question.  It's almost as if... the universe... was communicating.
    But I guess we won't know until we hear from our participants!  We will definitely be giving updates in future episodes to let you know how spot on (or how far off) our readings were and if we were able to offer any words of wisdom to assist in their lives.
    If you ever want to participate in our DIVINATION READINGS we are going to offer them every single month over on our patreon at www.patreon.com/keepitweirdpodcast so head over and JOIN US if you want to know what your future has in store.

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    Homework for Witches

    Homework for Witches

    I can see your future, weirdos!
    And the future looks BRIGHT!  Welcome to Keep It Weird, the podcast for all things strange and unusual, freaky and fabulous, wicked and wild and EVERYTHING in between!
    Everytime we get together we talk about something weird, and what is weirder than fortune telling?!  This week's episode is very special, as we are learning all about DIVINATION!
    Divination is an extremely OLD practice because since the beginning of mankind we've all been very worried about what our futures hold for us.  Whether it's regarding our love life, our career, the cities we live in or the cars we drive-- we're constantly looking towards that future and wondering "How do I get there?"
    But divination goes far deeper than the Magic 8 Ball or a game of MASH- - Divination can help you navigate your current situation and reconcile with your past.  It can help take the emotional load off of your shoulders and give you hope for tomorrow.
    As three practitioners of divination, we wanted to look deeper into the methods and discover how our ancestors used to perform them (warning... there are entrails,) how we got the tools we have today, and discover NEW tools to enhance our lives.
    Lauren starts us off with some of the strangest and most gruelling forms of divination from the past, Ashley brings us closer to the present with the discovery and use of RUNES, and Laura teaches us about Oracle Cards and how they differ from their more popular cousin the Tarot.
    Don't listen to Ashley at the beginning of the episode when she promises personal readings to listeners at the very end-- that's going to be its own episode and will be released ASAP so you can see the types of questions you can ask and the myriad of answers you can receive while divining.
    If you ever have a question you'd like answered using divination-- join our patreon at www.patreon.com/keepitweirdpodcast!  We're going to be offering MONTHLY readings for our most loyal listeners and YOU could be one of them!
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    Stay tuned for our DIVINATION READINGS


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    Pimp My Funeral

    Pimp My Funeral

    RIP WEIRDOS!  Welcome to Keep It Weird, the podcast for all things strange and unusual, terrific yet terrible, bogus and beautiful and everything in between!
    A couple times a month we get together to chat about something WEIRD and of course this week is no exception.  We are going to be taking a trip into the past with a crazy story of reincarnation, storming into a television network to yell at them for creating another horrific reality tv show and visiting a foreign country on the other side of the planet to join a protest!
    Ashley starts us off with DONT FEAR THE REAPER and the story of Jenny Cockell, an English GENIUS (no joking around) who has had memories of her past life (excuse me, LIVES) since she was four years old.  In the 90's she was not only able to find the home she lived in in her life before, she was also able to find all of her surviving "children" and reunite them.  
    Lauren takes us into REALITY TV CORNER as we explore TLC's 2013 reality tv hit "Best Funeral Ever."  Ok, maybe it wasn't so much of a hit, it only lasted a season and a half but boy was it packed with unique, special and sometimes downright STRANGE funerals.
    Then, we hop into WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KEEP IT WEIRD GOING as Ashley takes us for a brief trip to South Korea as we explore the B4 movement.  Bihon, Bichulsan, Biyeonae, Bisekseu: No marriage, no childbirth, no romance, no sex.  It turns out that women DON'T need men to survive and in a lot of cases, it's actually detrimental to our health to be near them.  Sorry not sorry!
    Check out the links below to do some reading on today's topics.
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    Jenny Cockell & Her Past Lives
    Best Funeral, Worst Reality TV Show
    B4 You Leave

    • 1 hr 10 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
376 Ratings

376 Ratings

SalamanderSam ,

Fascinating and funny show!

So well produced. (Especially a ways in when they really get cooking and have new equipment.) Fantastic material, wonderful hosts and guests, and has a perfect blend of heart and darkness. I have learned so much! It has absolutely saved me at work by being endlessly entertaining. Has turned me from a strong skeptic to an almost believer in many things.

RatchelMacClassy ,

Are there more stars??

Started binging on Spotify and since switch to listening on here. Didn’t bother to figure out which episode I was on…just started from the beginning cus it’s all that and a bag of chips! Is my age showing?

zack corea ,


That is all I have to say

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