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Inspiring sustainable living for the everyday environmentalist. KTW delivers stories, lessons + actionable tips from the world's leading environmentalists, scientists, explorers, + entrepreneurs.

Kiss That World Podcast | Sustainability + Conservation + Environmentalism Meghann Percy

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Inspiring sustainable living for the everyday environmentalist. KTW delivers stories, lessons + actionable tips from the world's leading environmentalists, scientists, explorers, + entrepreneurs.

    Conserving Cameroonian Wildlife with Bristol Zoo Lecturer Osiris Doumbé

    Conserving Cameroonian Wildlife with Bristol Zoo Lecturer Osiris Doumbé

    Osiris Doumbé has always been a nature fan. Though his favorite animal has changed from a lion when he was young now chimps and giraffes; one thing was always clear- he was going to work with African wildlife.
    Specifically, wildlife in Cameroon, where his father was from. He grew up in France with a French mother and a Cameroonian father who wanted to impart knowledge, pride, and reverence for Africa in his kids.
    And though Osiris spent time identifying birds at his grandparent’s farm in France, his heart was already in Africa. With 2 organizations, 2 master’s degrees, a book and now a research and lecture position at the Bristol Zoo studying and protecting Nigeria-Cameroon chimps and Kordofan giraffes.

    • 48 min
    KTW 44 | Surfing and Sustainabilty with Dan Ross

    KTW 44 | Surfing and Sustainabilty with Dan Ross

    Dan Ross grew up in a small fishing town on the East Coast of Australia. He described it to me as the best place to grow up, a surfers dream there are tons of different types of waves close by. Dan also grew up around pro surfers. His stepdad and brother both made a living surfing so there was never a doubt in his mind that he could do the same. And he did. Surfing has become a profession for Dan and has taken him all around the world. In between the waves he's also become an environmental activist. Since 2011 he has been officially a Surf Ambassador for Patagonia and takes the companies do no harm philosophies into his own life.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Trash Talk with Evan Steinbrink

    Trash Talk with Evan Steinbrink

    How much do you think about what you throw out? Chances are if you are an avid listener, it's more than the average bear. This weeks guest Evan Steinbrink wants to start his own waste management company in Ohio. Evan was inspired by some classes in high school and college to really start thinking about his personal environmental impact. 
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    My Unsustainable Habits

    My Unsustainable Habits

    Here at Kiss That World, I am always trying to learn more from environmental experts in order to truly live sustainably. Let me take a step back and say that my definition of sustainability is the act of designing systems and products in a way that reduces/eliminates waste,  the solutions should be scalable, in harmony with nature and people (ethical) and won't knowingly cause problems for future generations.

    A lot of the time words get tossed around so much they can lose their meaning so just to clarify, that's what it means to me. So on my journey to eliminate my own waste, learn from experts and to truly align my lifestyle with my values (making sure words, thoughts and actions line up) there have been some bumps on the road. And there continue to be bumps on the road. I am a human, I procrastinate, I make mistakes and sometimes I just plain go against all the things I said I was going to do.

    So in the light of the approaching (read:impending) New Years, and the ubiquitous onslaught of goal setting and self-improvement posts that are no doubt coming, here is a list of all the things I personally struggle to do sustainably, and some I have flat out given up on.

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    A Year in Podcasting

    A Year in Podcasting

    Meghann reflects on how she got to a year in podcasting, and answers some guest questions at the end. Some other topics I get into on this episode are the events of my life in the last 10 years including; immigration, competetive swimming, marriage, divorce, reuniting with my biological parents, working at a tropical fish store, as an organic farmer, my time at the zoo and a little about my childhood.

    Tessa Bain Wants to know:
    Do I have a twin?
    How do you get your skin so glowy?
    Have I ever eaten bark to be closer to nature?
    I have seen (felt) you pee in the ocean, can you talk about the environmental impacts of peeing in the ocean?

    Mel Eiser wants to know:
    What are the 5 things I've learned   

    K8o Jones of Food Hero's Podcast Wants to know:
    How do you find your guests?
     What are my best tips for climate change warriors based on one year of podcasting?

    Eve at Rewanted Bags:
    If you had a slogan or mantra what would it be? 

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    Climate Change and The Crises of Imagination with Carter Brooks

    Climate Change and The Crises of Imagination with Carter Brooks

    Carter Brooks is a climate artist, philosopher, and philosopher of climate art. And how does one become a philosopher of climate art? For Carter the journey started with math, he was a whiz in high school and even wrote his own program for solitaire. He went to Yale for his undergrad and worked for several years before being struck by the immediacy and enormity of the climate crisis and went back to school for his masters. He knew this problem could not be solved in his lifetime, and after grieving reevaluated everything that he thought was important.

    • 1 hr 11 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Blue City Red State Corey ,

Great show

The episodes are a bit lengthy but the content is great and the audio quality is great. The conversation with Alison Mountford was very informative and made me think of my passion for cooking a few years ago. Their conversation about food waste was both inspiring and sad. It makes me wonder though; if the biggest hurdle to reducing food waste is to change peoples mindsets, the maybe that is a giant hurdle not easily tackled by a few people.

Buhlinduh ,

Great content - but the music overpowers intro and ending!

I love this podcast- one of my top faves of the sustainability podcasts on iTunes. Meghann has some great content and speakers and such a great podcast voice, but with a soothing gentle voice, the intro snazzy music is just too loud and overpowering. It needs to be tuned waaaay down to hear what she's saying at the beginning and the end! I want to hear her message but often have to skip it because I just can't understand what's being said.

I hope the message will be received! Other than that I truly love this podcast :)

Manny G Funk ,

Great listen

Great podcast. It’s a great listen and you have a great approach to interviewing. Personable, likable, and compelling.

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