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Join the Leaders & Lagers Podcast each week for a glass of your favorite craft beer, and then join us for a conversation with leaders from around the world about how to craft better leaders, teams, and culture.

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Join the Leaders & Lagers Podcast each week for a glass of your favorite craft beer, and then join us for a conversation with leaders from around the world about how to craft better leaders, teams, and culture.

    EP. 118 - Monica Rothgery/No Santa New England IPA

    EP. 118 - Monica Rothgery/No Santa New England IPA

    On this week's podcast, we are joined by Monica Rothgery, Author of "Lessons from the Drive Thru" Monica shares her experience from being a frontline fast food manager at Taco Bell, all the way up to being the COO of KFC, and the leadership lessons she has learned along the way. I share a glass of (No) Santa New England IPA from Sloop Brewing Co. from East Fiskhill, NY.

    About Monica:
    Thirty years ago, Monica was a Restaurant General Manager for a Taco Bell outside of Chicago where she struggled to understand the essence of leadership. It was a constant uphill climb. Frustrated, she couldn’t understand how to make her team care about customers, or even want to show up for work.  Turnover was high and morale was low.  She missed sales goals, turnover targets and of course, profit. One very late night, after a particularly challenging day, she sat on the floor of her dining room.  As the tears of frustration fell, she made a vow: “IF I ever get promoted out of the restaurant, I will spend my life trying to make life easier for managers.”Monica did get promoted and over time discovered the secrets to achieving great results and building great teams. Along the way she studied human behavior, organizational effectiveness, instructional design and business strategy. She analyzed great front-line leader behaviors to find common threads. She discovered the essentials to becoming a great business leader and achieving results:  how to…· Embrace who you are at work· Make your mark on the lives of others· Figure out what is yours to do· Become the leader that no one ever leaves.Monica went from running one restaurant to leading 4000 restaurants as the COO of KFC in the United States. Today, Monica continues her passion to empower frontline leaders through keynotes, coaching and workshops.

    About Monica's Book:

    Lessons from the Drive-Thru: Real life Wisdom for Frontline Leaders

    Leading a team is hard. There is immense pressure to deliver results while leading a team of unique, diverse individuals. As a Taco Bell manager, Monica tried muscling her way through, working extremely hard, only to produce mediocre results. Over time, she learned that her job was not to run the business but to lead the team. Once leadership became the focus, turnover decreased, the customer experience improved, and the business grew.In Lessons from the Drive-Thru: Real Life Wisdom for Frontline Leaders, Monica uses stories from behind the counter to illustrate the power of true servant leadership. Both new and experienced leaders will learn how to:Shift the focus from “me” to “we” and watch the team thrive while the business grows.Discover the power of using uniqueness to lead with ease, authenticity, and vulnerability.Realize the potential to impact the lives of those of team members.Anticipate the unexpected and persevere with grace.

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    EP. 117 - Amir Eftekhari/Free Wave Hazy IPA

    EP. 117 - Amir Eftekhari/Free Wave Hazy IPA

    On this week's podcast, we are joined by Amir Eftekhari, President of HealthEZ. We discuss his journey as an immigrant, to leading one of the top healthcare companies in the U.S., and the importance of creating a culture of putting people first. I share a glass of Free Wave Hazy IPA a Non-Alcoholic brew from Athletic Brewing Co. of Milford, CT.

    About Amir: As President of HealthEZ, I’m privileged to lead one of the highest performing, most diverse healthcare companies in the nation. We are one of the leading independent PPO and benefit administrators in the U.S. and one of the largest companies delivering these services. We were the very first to combine high-tech with high-touch in our field and, as a result of serving forward-thinking clients across the country, we continue to evolve a model that is transforming healthcare services, the health of our communities, and the financial sustainability of the stakeholder ecosystem.

    About HealthEZ: HealthEZ is an independent TPA that designs custom, self-funded benefit plans that save employers money and provide members with a superior experience.

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    EP. 116 - Dr. Andrea Vitz, D.C./Radiant Haze IPA

    EP. 116 - Dr. Andrea Vitz, D.C./Radiant Haze IPA

    On this week's podcast, we are joined by Dr. Andrea Vitz, D.C. author of "The You've Never Met" and Emotional Sobriety Educator. We talk leadership and mental health through the lens of emotional sobriety. I share a glass of Radiant Haze IPA from Radiant Beer Co. in Decorah, IA.

    About Dr. Vitz:
    Dr. Vitz is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, podcaster, and doctor of chiropractic. Her acclaimed book, "The You You've Never Met," has guided numerous individuals to heal their emotional and behavioral patterns as well as past and present relationships. Her work redefines what Emotional Sobriety truly is and unveils her surprising research regarding who actually requires it and why. Her anticipated second and third books are set to be released in 2024, further solidifying her status as an influential voice in personal growth and an expert in Emotional Sobriety. The foundation of her teachings are based on her own humility, coming from many mistakes and failures which she was gifted with the grace to overcome. She strongly believes in the practice of remembering where we have made our own errs and therefore can begin to use less judgment on others.

    As the co-founder of LIFTED Academy, Levelheaded Doc, LLC, owner of Vitz Chiropractic, and team doctor at California's Strongest Gym, Diablo Barbell, she has dedicated her life to helping individuals tap into their ultimate potency and create real change in their lives, emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically.

    One of Dr. Vitz's most notable contributions to the field is the development of EMSO (Emotional Sobriety) Training, a groundbreaking rep-based approach that has brought relief and healing to hundreds of individuals in their marriages, companies, and personal lives. This has fostered a global movement for Emotional Sobriety providing people with the tools they need to master emotional fluency and to release shame, anger, and all forms of destructive emotional pain. She coaches all types of people and is often sought after by high-level executives and/or their teams to lead executive retreats, 1:1 coaching, or run leadership training both in-person and virtual. You can hear her every weekday on her podcast, Levelheaded Talk.

    Dr. Vitz also has a nearly two-decade background as a distinguished doctor of chiropractic and injury rehabilitation which she continues to practice to this day. She resides in California, cherishing her role as a mother to her amazing daughter and wife to her “partner in everything," Ted O’Neill, co-founder and fellow faculty of LIFTED Academy and head coach at Diablo Barbell, the physical training center of LIFTED.

    Driven by her purpose to relieve pain from others who have been hurt and have made mistakes, she fosters redemption and understanding for all. She continues to transform lives by guiding individuals away from emotional overwhelm, behavioral issues, and habituated thinking toward levelheadedness, clarity, self-trust, confidence, and the reality of true empowerment.

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    EP. 115 - Reid Rasmussen/Czech Style Lager

    EP. 115 - Reid Rasmussen/Czech Style Lager

    On this week's podcast, we are joined by Reid Rasmussen, CEO & Co-Founder of Freshbenies. We talk about entrenprenueiral leadership, how leaders should engage their audience, and stories about developing great culture in a remote environment. I share a glass of Kingsville Canadian Beer Czech Style Lager from Kingsville Brewery in Ontario, Canada.

    About Reid:
    Strategist. Entrepreneur. Passionate, award-winning speaker. 30-year healthcare veteran. Free-market health reform advocate. Innovator. Writer. Coffee addict. Ex-Canadian & now a proud American!

    In 2009, Reid was concerned about skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs and knew Americans would need tools to navigate their complicated benefits plans - and the complex insurance and healthcare systems. He saw tremendous value with consumerism services like advocacy, telehealth, behavioral telehealth, and savings networks. But the key was to deliver the services in an engaging way so employees would use them, thereby improving the employer’s overall benefit package, and driving a return on investment. AND freshbenies was born. Reid is an award-winning speaker who teaches on vital healthcare topics throughout the U.S. One of his proudest moments was receiving an award from his peers for outstanding dedication to the industry: Texas Association of Health Underwriter’s Hollis Roberson Award.

    About Freshbenies:
    We help our members cut through healthcare confusion and save hundreds to thousands. We partner with insurance brokers to provide a strategic solution that makes them the hero. We help employers cut unnecessary healthcare costs and give their employees a benefit they love. AND we make it simple & fun so the benefits really get used!

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    EP. 114 Kristin Gutierrez/Moore Field Blonde Ale

    EP. 114 Kristin Gutierrez/Moore Field Blonde Ale

    On this week's podcast, we are joined by Kristin Gutierrez, Author of Be A Better Sales Leader, Keynote Speaker & Strategist. We discuss how leaders can learn how to get out of their own way, and Kristin shares how she helps leaders unlock their potential. I share a glass of Moore Field Blonde Ale from 5x5 Brewing in Mission, TX.

    About Kristin:
    Kristin Gutierrez is a recognized expert on Initiative & Impact. Drawing upon years of experience and proven strategies, Kristin's keynotes uncover the secrets to influencing and motivating your team and learning to lead by example through clear communication and a deep understanding of your team's needs. She talks about the core principles of leadership, providing actionable insights to help you elevate your skills and drive your team to new heights. From building a positive culture to fostering strong relationships and implementing effective processes, each keynote is packed with practical advice and real-life examples.

    Buy Kristin's Book on Amazon

    Text "Strategy" to 33777

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    EP. 113 - Amanda Ludwig/Pumpkin Ale

    EP. 113 - Amanda Ludwig/Pumpkin Ale

    On this week's podcast, we are joined by Amanda Ludwig, Founder of Increase Expert. Amanda is also a Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur. We discuss achieving sustainable success and happiness as a leader, and Amanda's amazing story of coming back from a serious health issue. I share a glass of Pumpkin Head Wheat Ale from Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, ME.

    About Amanda:
    Amanda Ludwig is a magnetic speaker with a captivating story of unwavering determination, resilience, and triumph. An award-winning entrepreneur and multi-company founder, Amanda's diverse skillset has earned her recognition in fields ranging from corporate finance to non-profit management. But the most profound part of her journey unfolds not in a boardroom, but in a hospital room.
    At the peak of her career, Amanda confronted a pivotal moment when a doctor delivered the words "slow down or die".

    Following a two-year medical leave, Amanda has emerged as a beacon of hope for high-achievers, illustrating that success, well-being, and genuine happiness can harmoniously coexist utilizing the insight and methods that she developed during her own transformation.

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5.0 out of 5
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12 Ratings

A watts ,

Great work

Just listened to the episode with Dozen.
What’s the name of the outtro song to that episode?
Great work, keep working hard!

Rosita Legacy Leader ,


I really love the concept of this podcast and the topics! Definitely recommend!!

Sooner300 ,

It’s more than Leadership ... with a Lager!

Kevin Dawson is on a mission to put the spotlight on the importance of leadership by using his volunteer work and career experiences as a platform to teach others. I really like the way he makes the discussion authentic and real as if we are sitting down with him to have a conversation about different topics. Well done Kevin.

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