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Explore the intersection between leadership, psychedelics, and other deep spiritual experiences. Learn how these experiences have shaped leaders around us, how they have changed how they manifest their vision, shaped their lives and our world.

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Explore the intersection between leadership, psychedelics, and other deep spiritual experiences. Learn how these experiences have shaped leaders around us, how they have changed how they manifest their vision, shaped their lives and our world.

    Leadershipedelics episode 6 - David Drapkin from Psychedelics Today comes out of the psychedelic closet

    Leadershipedelics episode 6 - David Drapkin from Psychedelics Today comes out of the psychedelic closet

    Today we meet with David Drapkin 🕺

    David is the director of operations and strategic growth at Psychedelics Today. He is a licensed clinical social worker and seasoned mental health and addiction practitioner with over 15 years in front-line clinical and leadership roles within healthcare. David is a fierce advocate for evidence-based, equitable and accessible behavioral health services. He envisions a future where psychedelics play a central role in redefining true wellness.

    In this episode David comes out of the psychedelic closet and shares his whole self and spiritual journey, from his early days in England to his travels around the world, from his vision quest in the desert of Israel to magic mushrooms in New Zealand, from a life-changing electrocution to being a father of two, from a Buddhist monastery to leadership insights. And if that wasn’t enough, we end the discussion talking about the new 12-month psychedelic therapy and integration certification program offered by Psychedelics Today.
    Yoga, chocolate, and dancing.David’s experiences with psychedelics and other spiritual experiences.Reconnecting with ancestors and their trauma. The schoolteacher that changed David’s life.A spiritual electrocution that lead to a new road.The importance of walking in nature for personal wellness.Fasting in New Zealand, vision quest in the desert of Israel.The lost art of storytelling.Being a dad as the most transformational experience.Authentic and caring leadership.Opportunities for healthcare system + mental health + psychedelics.Psychedelics Today’s new 12-month certification program: https://www.vitalpsychedelictraining.com/🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠 
    “I had assumed a personality almost like a character.”“For about 15 seconds it electrocuted me, I could feel my heart and my veins, just kind of pumping up with electricity, and about to explode and a little voice said you’re going to die and then it said stop fighting it you’re dead and as soon as that part of me allowed that to be true and accept it, the heater exploded between flames and sparks and flung itself 180 deg opposite and made a dent in the wall. I was standing there, and I was alive, and it was the best experience I ever had.” During his vision quest in desert of Israel: “I felt my ancestors flow through me and come back to me”About parenting: “Being a father is a mirror every day.”As a dad, what are some of the things to help you kids blossom?
    “Saying I love you a stupid amount of time every day and give hugs and cuddle as much as I can.” ­­“The concept of leadership is being able to meet with people in an authentic way and how to encourage other people to be authentic.” “I believe whatever business you’re in, if you’re leader, you have responsibility for your employees, your team’s mental health, for their wellness, to really know them and what’s going on.”How to connect with David
    On Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daviddrapkin/Psychedelics Today Certification Program: https://www.vitalpsychedelictraining.com/About Leadershipedelics  
    Podcast: https://www.leadershipedelics.com/Follow Sébastien: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienfouillade/

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    Leadershipedelics episode 5 - Ryan McMinn, ex-Microsoft Head of Product for OneNote

    Leadershipedelics episode 5 - Ryan McMinn, ex-Microsoft Head of Product for OneNote

    What do you get when two ex-Microsoft guys get together (in-person, not zoom) to talk about psychedelics, building products, and the corporate world? You get this awesome episode with Ryan McMinn! 🕺
    Up until the end of last year, Ryan was the head of product for Microsoft OneNote. He started his career in the music business during the first dot com boom. Then as bankruptcy hit that startup, he started another one and was eventually recruited by Microsoft. He spent time on Microsoft Access, Xbox, Skype, and eventually found his way to OneNote where he spent the last 5 years as its head of product.
     We discuss insights gained from his early use of psychedelics and how he applies them to helping others, building products, and making sense of it all. We cover the importance of belonging, creating a space for yourself and your team, and knowing when you are in a place that doesn’t nourish your soul. We exchange notes about our experiences at Microsoft and we don’t hold back.
    This one is not to be missed whether you’re interested in psychedelics, building products, or Microsoft. You can also watch the in-person interview on our new YouTube channel.
     Seeing through social dynamicsBelonging in the workplace and the fear of being cast outCreativity and technologyComing to terms with spaces that don’t nourish your soulTeaching the concept of multiple truthsThe culture of not enough in public companiesInsights from going from an individual contributor to a leadHelping people create a space for themselvesSupporting initiatives that benefit in non-measurable waysThe religion of OKR’s (Objective Key Results)The illusion of bottom-up vs. the reality of running a businessTeaming up with people you’ve met in previous lives🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠 
     “We’re always playing this game of trying to understand what the right projection is within this group and how we get closer to that.”
     “You can’t cling to either world but what I see at work is a lot of people clinging to this world.”
     “What’s next, what’s more. And you realize that it doesn’t matter what milestone you hit, it’s a culture, and the culture is more is better and that’s an endless culture. There is no Enough.” 
     “The gift this role has given me is it allowed me into a room that I previously wasn’t able to go into. And when I went in that room, I found people who were very upset they weren’t in control of anything, and they worked for people who weren’t in control of anything, and it just went all the way up.” 
    “We are at this moment in time, where groups of company are completely unaware to the extent at which their tools affect people because we’re moving faster than our brains and people can keep up.”
     “There are two heads of product inside a company, there are some with a vision, and there are some with a backlog.”
    How to connect with Ryan
    www.linkedin.com/in/ryanmcminn/ ryanmcminn.comAbout Leadershipedelics  
    Podcast: https://www.leadershipedelics.com/Follow Sébastien: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienfouillade/

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    Leadershipedelics episode 4 - Carlos Tanner

    Leadershipedelics episode 4 - Carlos Tanner

    In this episode we meet with Carlos Tanner!

    Carlos is an American living in Peru who has been studying the science of Ayahuasca and plant medicine in the Amazon Rainforest since 2003. He is the program director for the Ayahuasca Foundation and organizes healing retreats and educational courses with indigenous healers for people in need of healing or people who are interested in learning the ancestral healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest.
    In our conversation, we talk about his early life in activism, the car crash and the Ayahuasca ceremony that changed his life, the power of consciousness, our understanding of reality, the role of faith in leadership, ayahuasca research, and upcoming certification programs. 
    The car crash and the Ayahuasca experience that changed his life. Adopting a process-focused paradigm vs. a substance-focused paradigm.The power of consciousness in working with plant medicine.The trinity of preparation, participation, and integration, and the role they play.Evolving our understanding of reality to help us gain more influence over our goals.The role of faith in leadership.Ayahuasca research.Upcoming certification program.Empowering people to be their own healers.Memorable Quotes
    “It is our perspective that actually determines what we call reality more than anything else, and how we interpret our experiences is actually what we remember as the truth not the experience itself.”
    “Shamanism is a science that is the mastery of using a substance so that you optimize what that substance does to achieve the goals that you have and so we don’t really have that when it comes to alcohol and marijuana and unfortunately it’s not even a part of our paradigm to recognize that.” 
    “Preparation is a very unique and personal thing.” 
    “If we can understand how we form our reality, then we can hopefully gain more influence over the goals that we have to lead healthier and happy lives.”
    “It is not what’s inside the seed that determines how well it grows, it is everything outside the seed that determines how well it grows.”
    About Carlos Tanner: Carlos currently works as the program director for the Ayahuasca Foundation, a non-profit organization he began in 2009 based out of Iquitos, Peru. He organizes healing retreats and educational courses with authentic indigenous healers, called curanderos, to help people in need of healing anything from depression to cancer or who are interested in learning the ancestral healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest.
    In 2017 Carlos opened the Riosbo Ayahuasca Research Center, a modern facility located inside the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve. The research there was recently published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry demonstrating that attending an ayahuasca retreat can produce epigenetic changes and significantly reduce depression and anxiety. Research continues at the center and will now include studying chronic pain, PTSD, and changes to the gut biome as a result of attending an ayahuasca retreat.
    How to connect with Carlos and his work
    www.ayahuascafoundation.orgwww.facebook.com/carlos.tannerwww.instagram.com/ayahuascafoundation/About Leadershipedelics  
    Podcast: https://www.leadershipedelics.com/Follow Sébastien: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienfouillade/

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    Leadershipedelics episode 3 - Rob Kalwarowsky

    Leadershipedelics episode 3 - Rob Kalwarowsky

    In this episode we meet with Rob Kalwarowsky!

    Rob is on a mission to spread the message of people-centric leadership and the importance of mental health throughout the world. Rob is a Fearless Organization Practitioner and an Elite High Performance leadership coach. Before transitioning into leadership, Rob spent over 10 years as an engineer within mining, oil pipelines, and consulting in heavy industry.  Rob is also the co-host of the Leadership Launchpad Project and the Dismantling the High-Performance Narrative podcasts. Rob graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Management, he was also a competitive water polo athlete and played on the Canadian National Water Polo team.

    Rob’s journey from competitive sports to climbing the corporate ladder.The toll of that journey on his mental health. Rob's experience with various therapies from EMDR to Ketamine therapy.The positive impact of ketamine therapy on Rob, his coaching work, and his life.The importance of truly valuing ourselves and the people around us.Rob's approach to leadership and how he helps others via coaching.Memorable quotes

    “I had done 15 different medications with regular doctor and psychiatrist, and I had basically given up, that’s when I started looking at psychedelics.”

    “I really do believe psychedelics gave me the perspective where you can see the world for what it is. You can see that your value as a person isn’t tied to the job that you have.”

    “We need to change how we’re leading. We need to lean into people and lean into empathy and shared trust.”

    “We need to start truly valuing ourselves and valuing the people around us. And you can only get there through empathy and it starts with changing your perspective and being able to step in and being able to be vulnerable with yourself first. And that’s when you can give that to other people.”

    How to connect with Rob
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-kalwarowsky/Elite High Performance Coaching: http://www.elitehighperformance.com/About Leadershipedelics  
    Podcast: https://www.leadershipedelics.com/Follow Sébastien: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienfouillade/ 

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    Leadershipedelics episode 2 - Marik Hazan

    Leadershipedelics episode 2 - Marik Hazan

    Marik Hazan from Tabula Rasa Ventures

    In this episode we meet with Marik Hazan, the founder and CEO of Tabula Rasa Ventures, an incubator, accelerator and fund focused on transforming the landscape for mental health using legal psychedelics. Marik is an engineer and advocate who has worked across “counter culture” industries, who led marketing and growth for many of Silicon Valley’s top startups. He holds an MBA from the Yale school of management  and helped develop the Yale school of management entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    Key highlights 
    His advocacy work from an early ageHis narrative-breaking experiences and their impactWhat drives him, his approach to leadership, his vision for the futureThe need for openness in leadershipThe influence of psychedelics on creativityThe need for community after a psychedelic experienceThe connection between the pentatonic scale, indigenous songs, and natureA story about Steve Jobs and approaching creativityHis upcoming book "our trip together"Connecting with Marik Hazan 
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marik-hazan-32724256/Psyched Studio: https://www.psyched.studio/Book pre-order: "Our Trip Together: Why Psychedelics Will Be the Most Important Industry Humanity Will Ever Build" at: http://ourtriptogether.comTabula Rasa Ventures: https://www.tabularasa.ventures/About Leadershipedelics  
    Podcast: https://www.leadershipedelics.com/Sébastien on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienfouillade/ Supporting is as easy as a Like, a Share, or spreading the word.

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    Leadershipedelics episode 1 - Luc Van Poelje

    Leadershipedelics episode 1 - Luc Van Poelje

    Luc Van Poelje from Psychedelic Insights 
    In this episode we connect with Luc Van Poelje, the founder of Psychedelic Insights.  Luc is a psychedelic guide, working with high dose psilocybin truffles. Based out of Amsterdam, he ran 2 different psychedelic retreat centers and is setting up his 3rd one this year. He is a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, internet startup entrepreneur, a passionate plant medicine advocate and he is a proud dad to his daughter Sam.

    Key highlights 
    Luc's 1st experience with Ayahuasca and the impact on his life.His journey to follow his heart and how it unfolded.His work with the ministry of defense in Netherlands to create a program to help veterans.His relationship with nature and how he brings this into his work.What he has learned from working with over 300 clients.His perspective on leadership in the world and on legalization of psychedelics. Memorable quotes 
    “Control is an illusion, so what are you afraid of losing?”“I had to sit through all scenarios I came up with to realize Love was the answer.”“It is a secret of human existence that we have this door inside of us we can access.”“Ayahuasca showed me they were just ego dreams."“It is really deep psychological work and you'll really have to face a mirror...”"What is lacking (in leadership) today is authenticity.""It wasn't science that put psychedelics in the sin-bin it was politics, so politics can take it out.""Psychedelics allow for more authentic leadership.""Leadership isn't someone who leads the way, it's someone who is between others."How to connect with Luc Van Poelje and links mentioned in the show 
    Playlist used in high dose psilocybin truffle experiences:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbnjrqZQL-N4LTe2r6GokNR7o6WtP-677On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psychedelictripguidesLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/51630100/Private and group sessions: www.psychedelicinsights.comTherapist training: www.psychedelic-psychology.comPsychedelic assisted Leadership coaching: www.psychedelic-coaching.comPsychedelic Palliative (end-of-life) Care: www.palliativepsychedelics.comRe-connecting Veterans: www.psychedelicwarriors.comPsychedelic Warrior documentary teaser: https://vimeo.com/641554882 Medical & mental health screening: www.psychedelic-psychiatry.comPsychedelic oneness for clergy: www.psychedelic-oneness.comCustomized psychedelic events: www.eleusinianmystery.comMedicalized psychedelic care: www.psychedelic.healthcareAbout Leadershipedelics  
    Podcast: https://www.leadershipedelics.com/Follow Sébastien on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienfouillade/ 

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6 Ratings

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Leading podcast on plant-based medicine

This incredibly informative podcast educates listeners about the emergent field of plant-based medicine therapy. Sebastien not only shares his own personal experiences with psilocybin, ayahuasca, and other psychedelics, but invites guests to share their testimonials as well. Sebastien’s podcasts help alleviate the stigma surrounding PBMs, and how using psychedelics in therapy can help change lives where traditional medicine had been found unsuccessful.

Looking forward to more podcasts from Leadershipedelics.

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