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LifeWork: a show dedicated to the untangling of life through REAL experiences! Let’s talk about the good, the bad, the hard fought, the messy and the triumphant.
Through the pillars of faith, fitness, wellness and family we discover our pursuit. Our hard work. Our heart work. Our lifework.
Grab a cup of coffee, your fave water bottle or a glass of wine and let’s unravel!

LifeWork:The Podcast Christi Reid and Natalie Tuman

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LifeWork: a show dedicated to the untangling of life through REAL experiences! Let’s talk about the good, the bad, the hard fought, the messy and the triumphant.
Through the pillars of faith, fitness, wellness and family we discover our pursuit. Our hard work. Our heart work. Our lifework.
Grab a cup of coffee, your fave water bottle or a glass of wine and let’s unravel!

    ReEl vs. ReAl

    ReEl vs. ReAl

    This is how we make life work when we UNmask!  Are we sharing the REELs of our lives or the REAL lives we lead?
    We know that all of us would rather share that highlight reel as we seek to avoid insecurity, but what does that lead to?  Envy, comparison and a spiral of mental health.  But what do we do?
    Before you post it or say it
    Do a gut check!  Is this living your most authentic self? Are you hiding behind a mask or unvailing who you truly are to your core? 
    Legacy building
    We always talk about ending the day well!  Each day adds up to a life well lived and leaving a legacy to those we love and those who know us.  What are we doing with the in between moments? 
    Get off Social!
    Yeah, we get it, we get sucked in too!  But get off of social when it doesn't matter so that you can live your REAL life vs. your REEL life
    Start your day well
    We want to end the day well but what about how we start?  Are you reaching for your phone first thing or having a bit of introspect time?  Setting the tone for your day is so crucial! 
    Go check out the BIBLE APP!!!  It's YouVersion and is one of our most favorites and what we both use on the daily.
    And remember Shein from our swimsuit faves?!?!?  You definitely want to check it out again heading into fall!!!

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    Paying It Forward Through Tragedy

    Paying It Forward Through Tragedy

    This is how we make life work when tragedy strikes!  We believe that God places us in the EXACT places we are supposed to be at all times...good, bad and ugly.  As a Breast Cancer Survivor, Natalie knows that her responsibility is to now pay it forward!  But how??
    Natalie shares her story and message to #washwithyourhands!
    By finding her own mass, she now shares her message with anyone she can to wash with  your hands!  Even if you aren't comfortable doing a self exam, make it your monthly habit to wash with your hands on the first of every single month.  Pay attention to what you are feeling and take note of any differences from month to month.  YOU are your best advocate!! 
    She encourages you to educate yourself!
    What's with all the pink?  Sure we know it stands for breast cancer awareness, but it's what's behind all the pink that matters.  How do fighters feel about it?  How do survivors feel about it?  It can vary from person to person but one thing remains...the color is pretty but the disease is NOT.  Educate yourself on the disease, on the foundations your money goes to and the slogans that stand.  At the end of the day we are ALL doing our very best at any moment, so try to relinquish the judgement!
    She champions the cause to make sure you take care of you NOW!
    Natalie is SO passionate about making sure YOU know that you can't wait for tragedy to strike before you start taking care of yourself...physically, mentally, spiritually.  By knocking on death's door, she was and is so grateful to have been building her strength all these years.  We will all face a battle and we can't wait for that to come along. If you start taking care of yourself NOW, you will be stronger for whatever comes your way!!!
    Favorite Devotional: Jesus Calling
    Book Recommendations: 
    Goliath Must Fall
    Hope in the Dark
    Live Fearless
    You Are the Girl For the Job
    Podcast Recommendations:
    Elevation Church
    Hope Fellowship
    Made for This
    Daily Grace

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    Renewing through Restoration

    Renewing through Restoration

    This is how we make life work through a bit of rest.  Let's face it, neither of us are real 'restful' souls, so this is a really hard subject for us.  But we also realize that there is renewal amongst the rest that we allow ourselves.  
    We don't enjoy when people tell us to rest! Why?  It makes us feel anxious and lazy.  But that's NOT how it should be!
    We love fitness but we also know that our results don't come if we work our muscles 24/7.  The growth comes when we rest our muscles and allow them to recover.  That doesn't mean sitting around all day while they recover, but it DOES mean allowing rest. 
    How can we help YOU to grasp onto more rest so that you are the best version of yourself? 
    Flip the Script...
    RESTORATION...rest is at the root! It's a renewing of something that has been lost.   Rest is taking a break from the stressful and strenuous activities Be true to you...
    What does 'rest' mean to you? What would YOUR ideal rest period look like? Communicate with your loved ones...
    Define your perfect 'rest' period  Share that with those in your household We challenge you to REALLY take a step back and look at how you can rest more. Your mind, body and soul ALL need that restoration!!!! 

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    We Made It!

    We Made It!

    This is how we make life work when we make it through summer and kids are back to school!  Sure, we have bumps and bruises but we made it y'all.  Join us as we discuss all things surviving this time of year!
    How do we untangle all the noise between PTO, sports, fees, schedules, meals, etc.?
    Communication in household is a huge plus...but how??
    Having a weekly sit down to communicate all the things Central home calendar Organization within the home How do we budget this time of year?
    Work in reverse with lists/priorities Seek out resources such as Platos Closet, Poshmark, Five Below, DH Gate and MORE! What IG accounts do we love for this?   Have a LOOSE menu to help the weeks flow...
    4 Dinners...can kids take one night over? School lunches and accounts So many great things to think about to help us feel we ended the day well throughout all the noise! 
    Fave Face: Macabeet
    Faver Fashion: Oofos Sandals
    Fave Foods: Individually packed items (BabyBel, Guac, Hummus, Peanut Butter, Ranch)

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    The Honeymoon is Over!

    The Honeymoon is Over!

    This is how we make life work when the honeymoon of summer comes to an end.  Our patience is running thin, the kids are restless and we are craving routine.  We give our strategies on keeping our mental health on point so that we can be better for everyone around us and feel like we have finished well. 
    As the summer winds down we can feel more stress creeping in as we get a longer list of things we need to get done before school starts.  So how do we begin???
    Having a to do list is KEY to making sure that we keep order.
    It helps us to navigate the most important.  When our heads are in order, it helps to keep our lives in order.  Whether you like pen and paper or a digital planner, it’s so important to focus on what lies ahead 
    Personal growth is something we just cannot let slide by. 
    Making even 5 minutes to take care of ourselves is crucial to being the best for ourselves and for others. Some of our favorites are plugging in great podcasts, listening to books on audible and just old school sitting down with  a good book to help us grow. We touch on social media and how it can be somewhat of a detriment to our headspace.  We don’t want it wrecking our worlds with strong comparison games so we strategically follow those who inspire us.  Surround yourself with inspiration and motivation to keep on track.
    Borrowing trouble from the future might seem like it’s a crazy strategy to keep us on track, but is it?!? 
    Not necessarily!   Big decisions and little decisions, what affect will it have on our future selves?  Is it going to make us feel more behind or help us get ahead of the game?  By borrowing trouble from the future we can avoid issues while also making great gains in our mental health worlds. 
    Resources mentioned: 
    When Less Becomes More
    Emily Ley 8x11 Simplified Planner
    Emily Ley 8x5 Simplified Planner
    This Episode's FAVES:
    Face: I Am Love 
    Fashion: Kimono and This one too! 
    Food: Costco Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry

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    Unraveling Summer Fitness

    Unraveling Summer Fitness

    This is how we make life work when unraveling our fitness during the summer !  It’s hard to fit workouts into our day, we get it... it’s hot, procrastination takes over and there are a million things pulling at us.  But we have to make it a part of our day and here are  simple solutions  to make your fitness journey work so that you can end the day well.  
    It should be a part of your daily to do list!  
    We all have crazy schedules right now, so how can we fit in our workouts during the busy summer months?  We suggest picking 3 days to workout at a higher intensity, always being in motion by adding simple movement patterns to your daily routines, and scheduling it out.
    Having the right space is crucial! 
    It isn’t a one size fits all and it doesn’t mean a full spread of a gym, but having a few simple things in place will give you the right headspace and space for movement.  We even give some of our favorite items to help!  Our favorite playlist?  Hip Hop BBQ on Pandora is the big winner!!!! 
    Prioritizing is KEY!!!
    We make a 30 minute workout just as important as showering and brushing our teeth on most days.  It can’t fall off the list, so having a plan together and not compromising your day until this is conquered will help to make it a ‘1’ in your appointments. Your overall health is more important than what we give it credit for. Start taking care of yourself NOW so that you are set for any other battles that may come your way.
    At the end of the day, it is about being PROACTIVE in your fitness journey instead of being REACTIVE! Keep it simple, keep it realistic and end the day well!
    Product links mentioned during this episode include==>
    Mini Loop Bands (10% discount with code MYTHINKFIT)
    Hip Bands (10% discount with code MYTHINKFIT)
    Equipment bundle (10% discount with code MYTHINKFIT)
    Jump Rope (10% discount with code MYTHINKFIT)
    Beachbody on Demand
    MyThinkFit LIVE
    Face: Glow Screen 
    Fashion: Shein swimsuit top
    Food: Blueberry Watermelon Feta Salad 

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5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

cowbellranch ,

Keep these podcasts coming!!

You girls challenge, motivate, inspire me each episode. Laughing, crying, head shaking as you share how you do life. The authenticity and vulnerability of your stories makes you so relatable that I feel heard!
This is girl talk on demand!

ZombiePrincess11o7 ,

Real Talk with Real Women

This is a great podcast with real, amazing women! It’s life talk! Who doesn’t need that? I can curl up with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or listen while I get ready in the morning! It’s a weekly does of women who want to make you better!

GmaSue84 ,

Great podcast

Wonderful love listening to these two.

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