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Better living with hypnosis through the application of hypnosis techniques by professional hypnotists

Living Hypnotically Professional & Board Certified Hypnotist Erika Flint

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Better living with hypnosis through the application of hypnosis techniques by professional hypnotists

    Weight Loss Hypnosis with Professional Hypnotist Pam Leno

    Weight Loss Hypnosis with Professional Hypnotist Pam Leno

    On this fourth episode of Living Hypnotically, Erika Flint interviews professional hypnotherapist and author Pam Leno.

    Pam shares her journey of how she got into hypnotherapy after working in the fitness industry for 30 years and going through a difficult phase in her life.

    She had initially tried life coaching but found that it required too much work from the client and that's when she stumbled upon hypnosis, she was hooked.

    Pam was trained in 5-PATH and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis by Erika Flint and has been exploring and fine-tuning her skills ever since.

    Both Erika and Pam agree that the structured approach of 5-PATH help their clients get immediate results and that they enjoy helping their clients by getting to the subconscious level.

    Pam shares one of her favorite go-to techniques with clients, and we discuss her book.

    Pam can be reached at: PamLeno.com, order her book now, Weight Loss Hypnosis: weightlosshypnosisbook.com

    For a free copy of Can You Be a Hypnotist to learn about what it's like to be a professional hypnotherapist and if you have what it takes, visit : http://CanYouBeAHypnotist.com.

    Get a free book, and the first lesson is free as well.


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    The Magic of Two Pots of Coffee and Professional Hypnotist Heather Stewart

    The Magic of Two Pots of Coffee and Professional Hypnotist Heather Stewart

    Living Hypnotically is where we explore the benefits and application of hypnosis with professional hypnotists.
    Professional hypnotherapist and instructor Erika Flint, CEO of Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services interviews professional hypnotherapist Heather Stewart.

    Heather Stewart was 20 years old when she first became interested in hypnosis. She graduated from Cascade Hypnosis Center in Bellingham in 2017, and started practicing in December of the same year.

    This is what we call going from “classroom to client” because your best teachers once you graduate training are your clients.

    Before becoming a hypnotist, Heather's hypnosis helped her to stop spending money. Then, hypnosis also helped her trim a 2-POT a day coffee habit! Heather now drinks ONLY two cups of coffee a day and believes hypnosis is good for the brain.

    Heather remarks a time “When I was 46 years old and I had been carrying around this stuff literally since I was a few days old in, in this little life of ours.

    And so to get rid of it and unload it, I think very similarly to my clients, you have these moments of huge release and lightness. But there wasn't like this aha until the next time that thing came around.

    Some clients come in who have developed a bad habit that's giving them a bad reaction within their life. They don't like the path their life has taken or how they're reacting at work or with their spouse.”

    It's the emotional, like the emotional stuff that they're coming because it's an emotional thing. One of the biggest challenges is getting to the root cause that is driving behavior.

    Can you tell us maybe a client win or a story that it ins inspirational to some of your potential clients out there?

    Heather says doing hypnosis with a professional is different than getting hypnosis on YouTube. We notice things as professionals that clients might not notice, she says.

    Heather says if you know you've got someone by your side going through it with you not leaving, it brings a whole other level of confidence to it. “I just love that with hypnosis we can get to that root cause and. The feeling is gone. They know it still happened, but the feeling, right? That's what we're doing in hypnosis. We get into that feeling space. And then we are able to get our clients results.

    The technique Bi-lateral Stimulation is discussed - or what Erika calls “Diffusion technique” because it functions by “spreading out the anxiety across both hemispheres leading to a drop in perceived anxiety.

    When you do something like you're crossing your arms across your body, it does diffuse the sensation of anxiety across the brain. So it almost is it just spreads it out and we can't notice that it's there anymore. It combats the fight or.

    The importance of Anti-Anxiety techniques as hypnotists

    As a professional hypnotist, you have to remember exactly what you're doing and it's important to stay calm in the moment. Heather says hypnosis can help you achieve more in five sessions than you would in 12 months of other types of therapies. Find the right therapist for you and be able to groove with the person that you're working with, she says. Heather says if you're thinking about becoming a hypnotist, just start doing it!

    Heather can be reached at CascadeHypnosisCenter.com

    Visit CanYouBeAHypnotist.com today to get a copy of the best-selling book about becoming a professional hypnotherapist, and get the first lesson free. Start hypnotizing now and experience the relief it provides.


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    Helping Hypnosis Clients with Underlying Resentment and Anger

    Helping Hypnosis Clients with Underlying Resentment and Anger

    Catherine  Witt is a professional hypnotist who started seeing clients in 2018 and quickly found success in her new, rewarding career. 

    How did you get started in hypnosis?
    "When I was 12  I thought I wanted to be a drama therapist.

    Fast forward to now...and now I know I love dealing with things on a deep psychological level.

    I also love storytelling.

    I love the aspect of how our stories heal.

    And the way we tell our stories, which is the  backbone of drama and theater. 

    It's  the human story.

    And so I, I actually then became a teacher. 

    I decided teaching would also be pretty exciting."

    So how long have you been a hypnotist, a professional hypnotist?
    "Four and a half years."

    What did you think about hypnosis before you became a hypnotist?
    "When I was 12 I was part of a stage hypnosis experience.

    I thought it was powerful how you can be  suggestible and that you can get your mind into a state that where you're willing do anything.

    I've come to learn that people have their own boundaries, and they don't do it if they don't really want to. 

    I found it  fascinating add to that the fact that I was so into it in that stage show! 

    I was a hundred percent focused on whatever we were doing and I thought that is a powerful instrument." 

    What did you think about hypnosis beforehand?
    "When I was in college, I read a book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. 

    I was harnessing that power - like planting suggestions, planting ideas and then watching them come to fruition and play out.

    I thought -  this really is something here. This really works."

    Catherine and Erika continue, pointing out that the intention with stage hypnosis is different - it isn't to really to alleviate suffering from the people in the crowd.

    It's primarily for entertainment.

    Stage hypnosis opens people's eyes and minds and hearts to the possibility. 

    If you can do that on stage - I wonder what else you can do? 

    How has hypnosis and being a professional hypnotist changed for you over time, now that you've been doing it for four years? 
    "I'm more flexible with it.

    I remember my very first couple clients, I was just so stoked.

    The way  that 5-PATH©️  has this methodology that allows us to work with people right away and  empower people from your first client.

    It helps us be successful immediately because of the structure.

    I  really love freeing people from old patterns.

    Like empowering people to create new actions and powers and, and patterns in their life."

    What was that like working with your first clients? 
    "They got results. 

    They quit smoking, they're getting along better with their spouses. 

    I just was so stoked and I still am - I still have that feeling of excitement.

    And we can just make clients lives better. 

    It, it was, and is so thrilling.

    It was that feeling of - here.

    I'm here. I've arrived." 

    Who do you like to help with as a professional hypnotist?
    "I like helping with -  it's sort of a reluctant thing, but I do feel like I get a lot of progress with people who have underlying resentment and anger issues.

    And after working with them,  they find that they are at peace around these people that gave them problems in the past.

    They can handle their own thoughts and imaginings and feelings around it.

    So now they can go to the family evens again.

    They can find that sense of peace  and centered inner spirit within themselves." - Catherine Witt


    What do you think's really happening with those folks that have that deep-seated anger and the work you do? What's really going on inside that's giving them that peace?
    "I think where the anger comes from is a sense of injustice.  A sense of not being heard.

    Or being neglected or abused.

     And by working with me they have the ability to find compassion for their own self.

    And not have to project all of this negativity onto the other people.

    So you're not sitting there judging, assigning blame or responsibility and constantly keeping

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    How Lisa Finn Became a Professional Hypnotist & Her Favorite Hypnotic Techniques

    How Lisa Finn Became a Professional Hypnotist & Her Favorite Hypnotic Techniques

    Lisa Finn is a professional hypnotist who started seeing clients in 2020 and quickly found success in her new, rewarding career. 

    How did Lisa become a professional hypnotist?

    Lisa previously worked in the corporate world, and was feeling unfulfilled -- especially when 2020 hit and life was changing quickly for everyone. 

    She began exploring energy healing, reiki, and took a course on being a life coach, but felt there was so much more that could be accomplished if she could find the right way to support the mind in the mind, body, and soul connection.


    Lisa Finn, Professional Hypnotist 

    While doing the dishes and listening to a podcast, she learned about hypnosis and its effectiveness in transforming the subconscious mind.

    This felt like the missing piece she was looking for, so she signed up for professional hypnosis training at Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services in March of 2020.

    She quickly began seeing clients and integrating her new hypnosis training, and found great success with the results.

    People were experiencing some difficult internal struggles, and she was able to help them find relief, and transform their subconscious to ascend into the life that they truly wanted -- it was incredibly rewarding to be able to help people that were feeling so lost.

    Lisa continued her education and has built a large toolbox to help people manage all sorts of different issues.

    Her goals are to help each client discover and understand that they are inherently lovable, worthy, and valuable - even when they've believed the opposite for so long.

    Hypnosis is able to help people because it gets to the root of the issue, and creates deep, subconscious perspective changes.

    A hypnotist will recognize the importance of self-talk, and help the client to pivot the language they are using with themself.

    The words we use for our self-talk are important indicators about how someone is feeling, and we want to emphasize when we notice positive changes in self-talk language while going through the hypnosis process to really highlight the transformations that are rapidly occurring between sessions.

    Hypnosis is not mind control - it is a natural state where the hypnotist can direct the suggestions you've been trying so hard to consciously make, to your subconscious mind where results happen quickly and with less stress.

    Lisa also uses the proven 2 Breath Hypnosis technique to address stress and anxiety with her clients. It is a simple practice that involves visualizing two different colors while inhaling and exhaling two deep breaths. It helps us reconnect with a peaceful state, and work through moments of overwhelm.

    Enjoy the full video interview above to learn more about Lisa's success, and how hypnosis can help you, or even become your new career!


    Lisa can be reached at LisaFinnHypnosis.com


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