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A podcast about barriers to embodiment and how our collective body stories can bring us back to ourselves

Living in this Queer Body Asher Pandjiris

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A podcast about barriers to embodiment and how our collective body stories can bring us back to ourselves

    STOP MEN (to the point): clip from full length interview with Xara Thustra

    STOP MEN (to the point): clip from full length interview with Xara Thustra

    [audio transcription]
    STOP MEN.. I've been probably writing it and it's been a part of my work for about 15 years. During that Gay Shame time and during a lot of my protesting and, and engaging with the Mission Anti- Displacement Coalition for, you know, a couple of years and the Coalition on Homelessness and working for all these or organizations and advocating for different types of people and everything.
    Everything I did lost, you know, everything. Like every single f*****g thing I participated in failed. Everything, everything. I like, if I breathed the thought, it would come back negative, like it was just like, wow, like nothing's coming. You know, nothing I'm doing is working in any kind of way or helping anything.
    I was like, what is this all about? You know? And I just basically like,  I don't wanna protest laws that are unjust to people and jails unjust to people and, and health as a right or not, you know, like I don't wanna protest a hundred things or question a million things. I just wanna go right to the source and who the f**k is running all this shit.
    And men are making all these decisions, creating this whole framework and are unchecked, you know, the most violent men, unfortunately, in the country are shaping our reality. And so I just really quickly was just like, oh, well stop men.  that's obvious, you know, I'm just like stop men is where I'm at with that.
    That's what I wanna say, which is stop men. All men need to check themselves. And so from there, and  I'm completely comfortable with that with myself. Like, I've been checking myself and trying to learn how to be a good, healthy person for luckily, most of my life, you know, not all of my life, but luckily, most of it.
    And the heavier way . . sometimes I have a little spit that I say, you know, which I maybe can't get through it perfectly, but a lot of times I answer like this, which is, uh, stop men is the avocation of silence of all men in regards to decision making and leadership over any and all other living things.
    And men are totally chill to do whatever over their person, you know, make any decisions you want over your person and whatever the f**k you wanna do, but in terms of making decisions or participating in decisions over other living things, it's, we're at a full stop right now. The planet is coming to an end and everything on this planet has been shaped by male violence.
    We're off that page and we're flipping that page, starting something new. And it starts with men being silent and dealing with listening and not making any decisions of power over leadership of anyone. And this is just like an immediate stop.
    And from there, I'm not really suggesting who is to take power or whatever I'm out of that, but I'm saying that that needs to happen and that if men are making decisions over other people, if they are forcing their opinion into a conversation, they are identified as non revolution. These are non revolutionary men that need to be stopped.
    -Xara Thustra on LITQB


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    Una Aya Osato: Human Barometer

    Una Aya Osato: Human Barometer

    Una Aya Osato (they/she/flower) is a performer, writer, sex educator, community CareBear, stripper, and clown from NYC. They are an award-winning actor and playwright who tours her original work nationally and internationally. Una is also a co-founding member of brASS: Brown RadicalAss Burlesque, a BIPOC femme burlesque collective. Una has been featured in the New York Times, Teen Vogue, NPR’s CodeSwitch, NowThis, and many other publications and platforms.

    For more Una happenings find flower on IG @ThisIsUna & on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ThisIsUna/membership

    We love you Una. Please consider supporting Una and their comrades via a one time or ongoing donation via patreon. It is so important. We also love all the bodies at the margins. We are listening.

    Mentioned in the interview:

    Una’s long covid comrade patreon:  BED COLLECTIVE


    Sini Anderson Living in this Queer Body Episode:


    Care Work by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha



    To apply for the Fall Embodied Private Practice Cohort: kintsugitherapistcollective.com 


    If you are not a care worker, consider purchasing some Kintsugi Therapist Collective merchandise. When you buy a t-shirt, hoodie, or tote bag, you support the sustainability of this developing business that needs a bit of a nest egg so that we can offer scholarships, send our collective members to conferences and retreats and sustain and make actionable, the radical vision of this collective.


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    DISPATCHES FROM OUR QUEER BODIES IN PANDEMIC TIMES (#21): “What happens when we are reached for, and we are the alternative system, and we are completely tapped out?”

    DISPATCHES FROM OUR QUEER BODIES IN PANDEMIC TIMES (#21): “What happens when we are reached for, and we are the alternative system, and we are completely tapped out?”

    Thank you Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Bridget Bertrand and Dr. Jennie Wang-Hall who attempted to address the question:  What does it mean to be a care worker in the third year of this global pandemic?

    Thank you for the additional question.....“What happens when we are reached for, and we are the alternative system, and we are completely tapped out?” (Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha)


    thoughts on rushing towards denial, heartbreak, disability justice, "i can't go to your party," "no vietnam war memorial for the covid dead," deep grief, being in crisis and at capacity, stuck in trauma loops, building alternative systems care, hope in abolition, connecting in rage and grief and creating and joining collectives.

    Kintsugi Therapist Collective

    CARE WORK:  Dreaming Disability Justice By Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha


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    Jenna Wortham on Finding Peace Beneath the Skin

    Jenna Wortham on Finding Peace Beneath the Skin

    We discuss the priority of supporting the body, Jenna's history with disordered eating and overwork, their anxious brain, what they are learning from their morning body/mind assessment ritual, the importance of rest and WHY the ceramic french press is a game changer.


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    This Volatile Body: Mugabi Byenkya

    This Volatile Body: Mugabi Byenkya

    Mugabi Byenkya is an award- winning writer who was born to Ugandan parents in Nigeria and is currently based in Kampala. Mugabi lives outside the gender binary and has a seizure disorder, chronic fatigue and experiences the world in a way that some would describe as “neurodivergent.”  In 2018, Mugabi was named one of 56 writers who has contributed to his native Uganda’s literary heritage in the 56 years since independence by Writivism (East Africa’s largest literary festival). Mugabi wants to be Jaden Smith when he grows up.

    In this interview we cover so many topics including the distraction of reading comics while bed-bound, falling in love with writing, identifying access needs as someone with a seizure disorder, chronic fatigue and other health conditions, living in a volatile body, toxic masculinity, why Cambodia has infrastructure that makes it a good place to have a physical disability, why haircuts can be painful for folks with sensory sensitivities, keeping a secret blog, racism in the American healthcare system and learning how to mask disability.


    @mugabs on IG and

    @mugabsb on twitter

    Kintsugi Therapist Collective

    Kintsugi Therapist Collective’s Embodied Private Practice Cohort (EPPC), a year-long mentorship for clinicians who are beginning or revisioning private practice with a focus on embodiment and sustainability is now enrolling our September Cohort. We will continue reading applications on a rolling basis until all available spots are filled. Due to the waiting list generated last time around, we encourage anyone interested to apply as soon as possible, as openings are limited. Our hope is that by providing a space to support therapists that welcomes, rather than disregards, the parts of self that therapists too often feel afraid or ashamed to invite ‘into the room,’ we will assist in activating liberatory possibilities for space holders and their clients. To apply, go to kintsugitherapistcollective.com

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    Always Coming Home: A disordered eating support group 

    registration:  https://forms.gle/j5x9uhfHQUPrietB8


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    Always Becoming with Joey Soloway

    Always Becoming with Joey Soloway

    Today I am thrilled to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the podcast! We’ve had over 250,000 downloads and released 51 full length episodes along with some really powerful pandemic dispatches. Living in this Queer Body has become a platform that has connected queers through instagram, workshops and group intensives. This community has allowed me to get to know so many beautiful, inspiring and generative people and I am humbled at all that has come into being over these past 3 years. I look forward to many more. Our guest on today's episode showed up with such openness and willingness to ask and answer complex questions, someone who is inhabiting the X and offering us all some hard won tips about how to radically accept and honor our care needs.

    What began as a series of conversations about Olivia Laing’s fascinating book “Everybody” during the second year of the pandemic became a full length interview in which Joey Soloway and I talk about their trans family, the 6 genders in the Torah, the feeling of cross dressing as a cis woman, the importance of having a coven or care team as a trans human, moving away from "admin as a love language," naming what often goes unnamed, epigenetics and much more.

    Joey Soloway is an artist, activist and filmmaker. They created the Emmy– and Golden Globe–winning series Transparent, cult feminist series I Love Dick, as well as Afternoon Delight, which received the Sundance Directing Award.  They are currently working on The South Commons Experiment, a documentary about race, architecture and memory.  They are the co-founder of 5050 by 2020, launched East Side Jews, and are on the board of Nefesh Temple.  They are amidst development on podcast, television and film projects that fulfill the Topple Production’s mission of elevating marginalized artists and their stories.


    Register here for Always Coming Home: A support group open to all people who are actively working on disordered eating recovery or navigating trauma experienced in institutional eating disorder settings.  @livinginthisqueerbody


    Kintsugi Therapist Collective’s Embodied Private Practice Cohort (EPPC) is a year-long mentorship offering for clinicians who are beginning or revisioning private practice with a focus on embodiment and sustainability. Combining reality-based, capacity-conscious clinical and business consultation, mentorship will focus on the ways that therapists can be nurtured by clinical practice, avoid burnout, and commit to sustainability, self care and healing. Application link here.  @kintsugitherapistcollective


    Living in this Queer Body Podcasts are edited by the lovely Barry Orvin

    Music by Ethan Philbrick and Helen M-P

    Hosted by Asher Pandjiris


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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
174 Ratings

174 Ratings

nerdles88 ,

My favorite podcast!!

This podcast is one of my absolute favorites for so many reasons. I love hearing people’s different stories about being in a body, Asher’s questions, observations, care and curiosity, how it leads me to self-inquiry, how it sheds light on societal norms and those creating a different norm for themselves and so much more. It has helped me to grapple with tough questions, exist in a body with chronic illness, embrace being queer, affirmed and contributed to the way I support others and kept me company when I am in a flare up. So much praise and gratitude for this podcast!

Ps. I wasn’t super into the theme song in the beginning but it has really really grown on me and now I love it 💕

Benjicher ,

Amazing Conversations

Martin Buber said all real living is meeting. There’s a lot of living in these podcasts.

M_GO ,

* LITQB is my favorite podcast *

LITQB is my favorite podcast! This show is important work, and I’m grateful for what Asher and all the contributors bring to it. LITQB has inspired me in my own creativity of what being a therapist can be (as a queer person and therapist in training). I love learning about each guest and I have always finished an episode having more knowledge, feeling creative and inspired, and feeling more comfortable in this queer body. <3

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