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A podcast about the web comic Lore Olympus by two people who have no qualifications but a lot of feelings.

Lore OlymPOD Lore OlymPOD

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A podcast about the web comic Lore Olympus by two people who have no qualifications but a lot of feelings.

    82: Cry It Up, Sad Boy

    82: Cry It Up, Sad Boy

    Covering chapters 158 & 159 of Lore Olympus, featuring: 
    -A critique of Thanatos' hiding and begging skills
    -Persephone's new 24/7 on call therapist
    -Hades creating a whole new wing of his mansion for Persephone's flower nymph sisters

    • 55 min
    81: BRENDA, GO TO BED!

    81: BRENDA, GO TO BED!

    Covering LO chapters 156 & 157, including:
    -the happiest cow in the world
    -an extremely long diversion about salt
    -the introduction of Brenda, the world's most relatable character
    -& more!

    • 51 min
    80: Shoutout for Doing the Bare Minimum

    80: Shoutout for Doing the Bare Minimum

    Covering LO chapter 155 on its own because we had a lot to say, including:

    -Big MILF energy from Demeter
    -Zeus surpassing our expectations by doing at least the bare minimum as a partner for once
    -How Zoey and Erin would react in Zeus' shoes during Hera's nightmare (not well)

    • 52 min
    79: Virgin Club Members: ONLY Artemis

    79: Virgin Club Members: ONLY Artemis

    Covering just LO chapter 154 because we have a LOT to say, including:

    -Artemis' strong feelings that this TGOEM meeting could have been an email
    -Athena being the world's most supportive partner
    -Hermes watering all our crops

    • 44 min
    78: Happily Wed Lesbians Who Are Furries

    78: Happily Wed Lesbians Who Are Furries

    Yikes, Erin's audio is real bad here but Zoey did her best to edit through it. Sorry, team. It's hard out here with these budget mics. 

    Covering LO chapters 152 & 153 featuring:
    -Why does Underworld Corp not have HR???? Why do they not have Security???? What are we doing???
    -Full sexy primal forms for Hades, Perse, and the MAGNIFICENT HECATE
    -Our headcanon about a beaux for Artemis
    & more!

    • 54 min
    BONUS Mini Ep: Baubo

    BONUS Mini Ep: Baubo

    Some surprise bonus content during our hiatus! This is one of our all-time favorite monthly bonuses from our Patreon, so we hope you all enjoy it. We'll be back with regular episodes on August 16!

    • 7 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
235 Ratings

235 Ratings

Kat N M. ,

Best podcast, period.

I was a fan of LO before finding this podcast and I found it through spotify while the pandemic was happening in 2020. The hosts are engaging, and honestly it just feels like 2 nerdy gals expressing their appreciation and theories for a webtoon, and I am 100% down for that content. I’ve been listening for quite a while, probably since episode 50ish? And I’ve been engaged and loving it ever since.
Their theories are well thought out, and their upbeat attitudes cannot be beat. I listen to this mostly while driving to work, or at work when I’m doing some monotonous task and I need a little bit of gossip and conspiracy to get me through my shift.
10/10, just listen to it. Keep up the good work!

Carsonesque ,

Love Lore Olympus? Get thee to this podcast

The two hosts are hilarious with their commentary, as well as informative with background from the mythology that some of us are too busy (or lazy 😬) to look into.
It’s so fun to basically read along with other fans that are super passionate about the series, and I can’t wait for new episodes to drop every week.

I binged the whole series during my commute, and now that I’m caught up fully plan on becoming a patron so I can listen in on the weekly reaction episodes so I can freak out about the latest events in the series alongside others who love this series, since my close friends don’t have the excellent taste myself and other fans have.

Keep up the fantastic work, you may not be the heroines we all need, but definitely the ones we deserve. 💕

Bbuxty ,

Love it ❤️

This is my second time listening to all the episodes, and it’s so fun to just listen and feel like you’re a part of the conversation ❤️ definitely is my comfort podcast.

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