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An archive of special events that originally aired live on the Loudspeaker radio stream.

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An archive of special events that originally aired live on the Loudspeaker radio stream.

    Special Report: Reimagining A Better World

    Special Report: Reimagining A Better World

    May 25, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Floyd’s death—captured on video that showed Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes—sparked a global uprising in defense of Black lives and against police brutality. But amid the coverage of protests in the wake of Floyd’s death, media attention rarely focused on the ways communities affected by police violence were organizing to keep each other safe, in Minneapolis and beyond.
    Reimagining a Better World is a special report, from https://www.yesmagazine.org/social-justice/2021/05/24/george-floyd-anniversary-reimagining-public-safety (Yes! Media) and https://www.publicnewsservice.org/ (Public News Service), that looks at two emerging strategies that communities are using to help redefine public safety without police.

    • 25 min
    Boulder Police Press Conference

    Boulder Police Press Conference

    This is the complete audio of the press conference held by the Boulder Police Department after the shooting that occurred on March 22, 2021.
    View the transcript here:
    https://share.descript.com/view/KKulqZvhkxz (https://share.descript.com/view/KKulqZvhkxz)

    • 11 min
    Raise The Vibration – A Benefit for The SAVA Center

    Raise The Vibration – A Benefit for The SAVA Center

    Warning: The following contains depictions of violence and sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.
    https://www.youtube.com/heyloudspeaker (Watch the video replay on our YouTube channel)
    V-Day Greeley, in collaboration with Loudspeaker, is putting on a Raise The Vibration event to benefit the Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center (SAVA) on Saturday, March 6th, 2021 at 7 PM. This event is designed to elevate voices in our community and raise money for SAVA. Raise the Vibration is being produced in place of The Vagina Monologues that has been presented annually in the Greeley area for the last 15 years. A $10 donation is requested from each viewer. Donations can be made at https://savacenter.harnessapp.com/wv2/donate?fbclid=IwAR156bl1XfWEw0ieobxmfy6N_W6yvIqt4woZVNTr8uwzDZzNkVJ9_IHAQT0 (savacenter.harnessapp.com/wv2/donate). We ask that donations include “V-Day” in the comments section. The event can be viewed on Loudspeaker’s Twitch Channel at https://www.twitch.tv/heyloudspeaker (twitch.tv/heyloudspeaker).
    V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against all women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence), girls and the planet. V-Day believes that when art and activism come together, they have the power to transform systems and change culture. Founded by V (formerly Eve Ensler), activist and author of the The Vagina Monologues, V-Day has inspired women all over the world and raised collective consciousness about how violence and gender intersect. V-Day is a movement and an example of how the power of art can be used as a liberating tool for transformational holistic education and social justice.
    Find out more at http://vday.org/?fbclid=IwAR2nKCSCYBCdOIksBHFRANiIe2aL9I-fHfki3LvFCeQHiLBbzfSF6eC7NUM (vday.org)
    The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) Center’s mission is to provide crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling for all those affected by sexual violence and provide prevention programs through community outreach and education. SAVA serves as the only rape crisis center in Larimer and Weld Counties dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of sexual assault survivors. Each year, SAVA provides confidential support to over 1,200 victims of sexual assault and provides education to over 1,000 community members and 9,000 students. SAVA is a member of Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), the Colorado Organization of Victim’s Assistance (COVA), and the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA).
    Find out more at http://savacenter.org (savacenter.org).

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    Fort Collins Connexion and the Push for Municipal Broadband

    Fort Collins Connexion and the Push for Municipal Broadband

    On November 7, 2017, voters here in Fort Collins, Colorado passed measure 2B, which allowed the city to move forward with creating a publicly-owned broadband utility. Despite nearly unprecedented spending by lobbying groups fronted by telecom companies, the measure passed with 57% of the vote. As this is being recorded in August 2019, we're mere days away from the first customers being serviced by the utility, now known as Fort Collins Connexion.

    In this special preview episode of an upcoming NoCo FM show, host Chris Lanphear sat down with Colin Garfield and Glen Akins of Fort Collins Citizen Broadband Committee, which spearheaded the effort to bring municipal broadband to Fort Collins.

    Colin Garfield and Broadband & Beers:

    Glen Akins:

    Fort Collins Connexion:

    • 33 min
    Exclusive Interview with Black Mountain @ UMS 2019

    Exclusive Interview with Black Mountain @ UMS 2019

    On the eve of The Underground Music Showcase, we had a chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with UMS headliners and prog-rock gods Black Mountain, who are launching into a worldwide tour to support their new album, entitled 'Destroyer'.

    Special thanks to 303 Magazine, who joined us on this interview. Their coverage of the interview can be found below:


    Stay tuned for more of our exclusive coverage from UMS 2019!

    Black Mountain is Stephen McBean, Jeremy Schmidt, Arjan Miranda, Rachel Fannan and Adam Bulgasem

    The Underground Music Showcase:

    • 30 min
    The Dirty Dozen aka The Worst Songs of All Time: A Loudspeaker April Fool's Day Special

    The Dirty Dozen aka The Worst Songs of All Time: A Loudspeaker April Fool's Day Special

    In January 2019, we set out to discover what is the worst song of all time? We solicited submissions for weeks from listeners on Corbin vs. The World and in Seattle at PodCon. We whittled the submissions down to 64 songs to create a March Madness-style tournament bracket upon which only one would survive, as voted upon by our listeners on social media.

    The, uh, winner (?) would be played on a 24-hour loop on the NoCo FM live stream on April Fool's Day and then never played again. As we got further into the tournament, we realized that we couldn't stop at just one song as there are just too many terrible songs out there. We decided to settle on the top 12 songs based on votes, ranked by NoCo music director and prankster prince Corbin David Albaugh. This special aired for 24 hours straight on NoCo FM on April 1, 2019.

    Who made the cut? Is Billy Ray Cyrus on there? What about Rick Astley? Tune in to our first and most BRUTAL April Fools’ Day Special!

    • 59 min

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