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Sex is something just about everyone is interested in, yet it's so hard to find reliable, sensible information on how to create a healthy, fulfilling sexual relationship that lasts decades.

Join Andrew and Sammy on their deep dive into topics like porn, masturbation, romancing your spouse, and anything to do with real, practical insight on healthy sexuality.

Love, Life, Legacy: A Show About Sex High Noon

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Sex is something just about everyone is interested in, yet it's so hard to find reliable, sensible information on how to create a healthy, fulfilling sexual relationship that lasts decades.

Join Andrew and Sammy on their deep dive into topics like porn, masturbation, romancing your spouse, and anything to do with real, practical insight on healthy sexuality.

    #160 - Having Courage & Trust - Winter Program Series Pt.2

    #160 - Having Courage & Trust - Winter Program Series Pt.2

    It takes a huge step for all of us to be 100% honest with ourselves and with other people. The courage to believe in who we are bets on what the world considers acceptable and unacceptable.
    We tend to cover ourselves with blankets in order to avoid the judgments that other people might give us. But in reality, we are risking our relationships with other people. It is not just with our partners, but also with our family and friends.
    Being truthful is hard, but it is more satisfying knowing that we are courageous enough to believe in ourselves rather than what the world thinks is best for us.
    Listen to Episode 160 to learn more!
    The Possibility of Something Better [01:53] Bravery and Taking the Risk [03:14] The Blessed Couple Podcast [5:50] The Truth About Oneself [07:07] Being Truthful in Matching [09:26] The Real vs. Fake [09:34] Building that Courage and Trust [11:54]

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    #159 - Northstar: Creating a Clear Vision - Winter Program Series Pt.1

    #159 - Northstar: Creating a Clear Vision - Winter Program Series Pt.1

    There is a deep sense of longing for most people, and it sometimes leads some to devour negative things or actions. The North Star Goal emphasizes its aim to help people build and understand their sense of identity.
    In these modern times, people struggle to understand that deep sense of meaning that defines who we are. Most of us wanted to instantly have the answers to our problems; some even sought to have these answers in an instant, but instead, this resulted in more problems.
    The North Star Goal wanted people to see how we can achieve happiness in life without relying on addiction; without relying on what we thought would be better for us but actually destroys us. Its mission is to assist people in discovering their healthy pleasures in life.
    Listen to Episode 159 to learn more!
    What North Star Goal Is [01:03] Looking for that Deep Sense of Meaning [03:26] Our Strong Desires [05:17] The North Star Goal Power [07:02] The Blessed Couple Podcast [08:10] Building Connections [12:09 Achieving to Be a Healthy Person [14:16]

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    Stages of Change

    Stages of Change

    There is a saying that the only constant in this world is change. But some people think that change is a big risk to take. There are five stages of change that can help people become more fulfilled in life.
    The first stage is being trapped and unaware that people need change. Some people are predisposed to recognize the need for change in their lives. Their mindset is based on the idea that they do not have any problems right now, and even if they did, why bother to change the routine that they have?
    The second stage is slowly opening ourselves to the idea that change is possible and can have a more positive impact on our lives.
    The third stage points toward preparing ourselves for the change that we want. Most people who have opened themselves to change internalize the process of getting the change they need.
    The fourth stage is putting your best foot forward by starting with the change you want. It is a matter of pursuing ourselves so that this change can help us be better and have that progression in life.
    The fifth stage focuses on maintaining the change that you have made in your life. Being consistent in our actions establishes a new practice that ensures we will not revert to our old selves and will be purposeful in engaging ourselves in more positive aspects of life.
    Listen to Episode 158 to learn more!
    Building a Roadmap of Change [00:26] The Highnoon Roadmap to Sexual Integrity [04:03] Stage One: Trapped and Unaware in the Same Process [05:21] Stage Two: Open to Suggestions [16:37] The Blessed Couple Podcast [24:59] Stage Three: Edge of Change [25:35] Stage Four: Taking Action [31:35] Stage Five: Maintenance for Lifetime [39:12] The ASCEND Program [48:05]

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    Stress Management Will Save Your Life

    Stress Management Will Save Your Life

    There are so many hifalutin words we can use describe life, but if we do away with being metaphorical, we’d all agree with this direct description: life is stressful.
    Anywhere you go, no matter what you do, whether you’re rich or poor, no matter who you are, there is no getting away with stress. You’re bound to feel stressed in one way or another. In fact, it is a major contributor to many of the health problems people encounter.
    But stress is not only a culprit to many of our health hazards, it is also translated in so many things that we don’t easily recognize are effects of stress. Some develop anger issues, others resort to porn, to addiction, video games, social media, alcohol, drugs, and so many more distractions, ultimately leading to one thing—destruction.
    Life is designed to have stress. It’s a staple and it’s one of the many things that makes us humans. But how we respond is what either makes us or breaks us.
    Listen to Episode 157 to learn more!
    Experience of stress in relation to porn [2:52] Porn as a form of escapism [3:41] Stress is a response to a stressor [6:28] How you choose to interpret situations [12:20] Interpreting other people’s aggression [13:36] Preventative side of stress [14:02] The Blessed Couple Podcast [19:07] The importance of stress inoculation [19:35] Tips for managing stress [20:50] Anger as a form of coping mechanism from stress [29:10]

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    The Internal Nature of Sexuality | Chad Johnson

    The Internal Nature of Sexuality | Chad Johnson

    We have to admit it—the world we live in is fully subscribed to the idea of worldliness.
    We are now in a time where earthly desires are welcomed, masked and embraced with the idea of normalcy. And so oftentimes, we find ourselves rationalizing and saying: It’s normal. It’s what everybody does. It’s all around us.
    But normalcy isn’t synonymous with righteousness.
    No. The earthly things that we resort to in order to express our feelings of sexuality are not the proper channels. Rather, these could stray us into addiction and later on lead us to destruction.
    What we have to understand is that the external is always the manifestation of what’s inside. What you do is not only because of the external forces that trigger you. There is something deep in yourself that gets affected by these outside forces. And so inspecting the inner workings of your sexuality is a way to see how this translates to the external actions that you resort into doing. And in this introspection of yourself, your sexuality, your triggers, and your earthly desires lies the path to spirituality that fosters your connection to God.
    Listen to Episode 156 to learn more!
    What does the internal nature of sexuality look like in our hyper-sexualized culture? [7:33] How our nervous system is designed for love [12:17] Your path in harnessing your sexuality? [17:34] The Blessed Couple Podcast [24:45] Connection as the opposite of addiction [27:03] Sunsetting sex [37:47] Criminalizing extramarital sex in Bali and Indonesia [41:51]

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    Quitting Porn After 50 Years of Struggling | Jim Stinard

    Quitting Porn After 50 Years of Struggling | Jim Stinard

    No matter how old we are, we still learn something new. That’s the beauty of life. 
    Jim Stinard joins us on this episode to talk about his journey with the Spartan program, a six-week program for sexual integrity. Jim has struggled with porn addiction all his life, and after fifty years he boldly faced his issues and opened himself up to learning new things, taking on new experiences, and making new connections with fellow program participants.
    More resources you might like:
    How to Be a Spartan Warrior & Defeat Porn Choosing Your Identity The "I Need to Release" Rumors Listen to Episode 155 to learn more!
    Why Jim decided to get serious about quitting [3:21] The Blessed Couple Podcast [6:27] The most impactful thing Jim started doing that helped him with his sexual integrity [8:44] What people with porn addiction can do to help themselves [10:14] The Six Segments of the Spartan Program [11:46] The High Noon Community: We are better together [12:52]

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Hankandthem ,

Unraveling a mysterious topic…

This podcast is really great because Andy and Benjy keep digging deeper and deeper into a topic that few people really understand…sex.

Tsumlover4 ,

Quality food for thought

Andrew and Sammy do such an incredible job of navigating complex and often difficult topics in such a deep, sincere, and relatable way. You can tell they’re speaking from a place of lived experience and a wide breadth of knowledge. Their dialogue is engaging, entertaining, and puts such a precise language to concepts that can be elusive—all without being esoteric. I always walk away from each episode feeling enriched with high (noon) quality food for thought.

karlen3 ,

Honest and Real

Thanks High Noon for having the courage to take a strong stance for sexual integrity. It’s great to hear the honest truth of what porn can do to a life. Well worth taking the time to listen to if you want to understand how to set yourself free.

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