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Hi! I'm Luci Gabel, leadership development specialist, professor at the GWU School of Medicine graduate program in integrative medicine, and author of Eat to Lead. I talk about leadership, health and happiness and how it all goes together in your life.

Key topics here will be things like motivating yourself and others, being brave enough to be different, having life balance, setting yourself up for longevity and a high quality, happy life —on top of building a career you love. Come in and take a listen!

Luci Gabel—On Leadership, Life, Health and Happiness Luci Gabel

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Hi! I'm Luci Gabel, leadership development specialist, professor at the GWU School of Medicine graduate program in integrative medicine, and author of Eat to Lead. I talk about leadership, health and happiness and how it all goes together in your life.

Key topics here will be things like motivating yourself and others, being brave enough to be different, having life balance, setting yourself up for longevity and a high quality, happy life —on top of building a career you love. Come in and take a listen!

    How to Deal with Criticism: Take the Gift

    How to Deal with Criticism: Take the Gift

    Criticism is hard to take. But there's a gift in criticism. And if you decide to be a leader, or to assume a leadership role at any time, it's important to build yourself into someone who can listen to criticism and take it as the gift that it can be. 

    If you're a perfectionist, it's a lot harder to do. And that was my difficulty in the past.

    In this podcast,  I share my personal experience with handling criticism when you’re already hyper-critical of yourself. I provide tips on how to handle criticism constructively, accept feedback, and use it for self-improvement. 

    And we get a special guest appearance from the guy that wanted to clean my room.

    I’m in a hotel in Vancouver this weekend! 

    See my instagram and Facebook pics if you'd like to experience it with me.

    Episode 21: How to reduce stress

    Episode 10: Healthy Conflict Culture

    Episode 8: How to give advice so people want to listen

    Episode 5: Difficult conversations and how to make them easier


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    Effects of Stress and How to Deal with It

    Effects of Stress and How to Deal with It

    Stress can impact your mental capacity and overall health.

    We all have different reactions to stress in the sense that we've been brought up differently, we've all had different life experiences, and there are different circumstances that bring up stress for each of us.

    But there are some things that happen to all of us during a high stress situation, and those are the things that are essentially in our DNA.

    Discover the impact of stress, the detrimental effects it has long-term, and tips to get out from under it in this latest episode.

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    Episode 18: Mindset—It's more than what you're thinking

    Episode 14: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face

    Episode 11: Quiet your mind to be a better leader

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    Let's keep in touch!

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    You want even-keel mental energy that lasts. Here’s how.

    You want even-keel mental energy that lasts. Here’s how.

    Based on what I’ve seen and current science, there are 6 elements that affect your brain energy.

    They influence your success at work and in relationships, your leadership abilities, and the success of your team and your company if you have one.

    They also affect your health and longevity all the way down to your DNA. (But that's for another podcast.)

    They all work together. Each one affects the other. 

    Join me as I talk about them.

    Want to remember these?

    Download the free PDF: "6 Aspects of Mental Energy" to add your own personal notes to, place it at your desk or on your wall.


    For more depth on these major aspects I discussed, tune in to these episodes:

    Mindset: It's more than what you're thinking. Episode 18

    Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Episode 14

    Quiet your mind to be a better leader. Episode 11

    The easiest exercise with the highest return on investment. Episode 9

    Italian eating habits: How do they get away with it? Episode 6

    Your brain's optimal performance: Sleep, hunger, work. Episode 4


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    (Part 2 ) Covid Prevention, Leadership & Science: What We've Learned on the 4 Year Anniversary

    (Part 2 ) Covid Prevention, Leadership & Science: What We've Learned on the 4 Year Anniversary

    This is part 2, as promised, on what we know about COVID today. This time, I'm talking about prevention.

    This deep-dive into the research was inspired when I had it in December which sent me digging through the journals to understand what the science is showing, rather than the misinformation too often heard through media and social media.

    In this episode I share:

    Lessons on leadership from these last 4 years
    Putting research reported by the media into perspective
    The current research on Covid prevention including: whether masks work, how dangerous are vaccines, whether boosters are valuable, and a few things you may not have thought about when it comes to prevention.

    References for this episode:

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    Nasal Spray

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    Dr. Ko

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    Mindset: It's more than what you're thinking

    Mindset: It's more than what you're thinking

    Mindset is a powerful tool.

    It's also an undervalued and misunderstood tool.

    Some think mindset is the outcome of luck, circumstances, or upbringing. Some think it's nothing but slapping a "happy face" sticker on top of a problem.

    It's none of those.

    When you learn you can adjust your mindset to create the experiences and outcomes you most desire for yourself and others, that's when you really start to fly in life.

    Successful leaders understand how harness the tool of mindset.

    In this episode I talk about:

    One client's mindset shift from "victim of circumstance" to "leader."
    How your mindset affects not only yourself but the people around you.
    A simple step to shift your mindset into being the person you want to be.
    Examples of how mindset affects physiology, from how you present on the outside to how your body reacts internally.

    Have you been working on your mindset? It's an ongoing event. If you're always growing, no doubt, you're always encountering new reasons to work on it.

    If you like this episode, give it a like or five stars. Let me know in the comments what kind of work you've been doing on your mindset lately, and what you'd like to hear about next.

    P.S.: Thanks for chiming in on the last episode about COVID research. I got some great questions and comments on all the social media channels, and I'm putting together part two taking into consideration all of your responses and questions. So look forward to that in just a couple of weeks.

    Connect with me further
    I'm Luci Gabel on: TT, Insta FB and LI
    My award winning book: ⁠⁠https://www.EatToLead.com⁠⁠
    Website: ⁠⁠https://www.LuciGabel.com⁠


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    I Caught Covid: What Happened and What I Learned

    I Caught Covid: What Happened and What I Learned

    There are so many confusing messages about COVID today. Has it become as benign as a cold? Is it just like the flu? Are you completely safe if you're fit and healthy?

    I'll tell you about the experience I had with it in December. And I'll share the most recent research I've found about it.

    Below is a list of references to the studies I mentioned in this episode, in the order I speak about them.

    Connect with me here or at my website: https://www.lucigabel.com

    Connect with me more regularly on social: LinkedIn, Insta, FB, TT, YT.



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    CDC Research:  



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    GWCIM Virtual Long Covid Open House, YouTube, https://youtu.be

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2 Ratings

Kate McCauley ,

A hidden gem in the world of science and wellness.

What sets Luci apart is her ability to convey complex scientific information in a way that's not only easy to understand but also backed by solid research. It's evident that she puts a lot of effort into ensuring her content is well-researched and accurate, which is a breath of fresh air in the often cluttered world of podcasts.

But it's not just about the science; Luci also provides incredible tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Her practical advice is not only informative but also actionable, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in improving their well-being.

Luci's podcast is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a host with a soothing voice, science-backed information, and incredible tips. It's a delightful blend of knowledge and practicality that will leave you eagerly awaiting each new episode.

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