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TeachPitch Founder Aldo de Pape interviews people from a variety of professional circles from all over the world how they overcame deep personal challenges and managed to achieve great professional success.

Messy and Masterful Aldo de Pape

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TeachPitch Founder Aldo de Pape interviews people from a variety of professional circles from all over the world how they overcame deep personal challenges and managed to achieve great professional success.

    Dr. Michael Trayford - ‘The Functional Neurologist’

    Dr. Michael Trayford - ‘The Functional Neurologist’

    We are going to talk about the power of our brain today with an expert neurologist who has extensive knowledge as a Chiropractic brain specialist about how our brain adapts, how it grows, how it responds throughout our entire life.

    Dr. Michael Trayford has founded APEX Brain Centres, a clinic that offers extensive brain rehabilitation programs for people who are suffering from addiction or have suffered a traumatic impact on their brain because of an accident. We speak about the road to recovery, the agility of our thinking, the era of technology addiction and how different our brains evolve, one generation to another. 

    It was a mind-blowing conversation with an extremely interesting guest. Hope you will enjoy pur 60th Episode! 

    You can find more about Dr. Michael Trayford on his website: https://apexbraincenters.com
    Or through Instagram: @neurowellnessdoc 

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    Audio Aficionado Interview with Drew Vernon

    Audio Aficionado Interview with Drew Vernon

    Happy Thursday all and welcome to our very first Audio Aficionado Episode.
    So different to our Messy & Masterful Interviews these conversations are all about the power of Audio and more particularly podcasting. 

    We dive into other podcast programs together with people who are doing something great and also have been inspired by this mighty tool of the Gods of Audio. 

    And today my guest is Drew Vernon, the creator of 2 podcasts himself, and an Audio Aficionado in the purest sense of the word. This undoubtedly loving husband and father of 3 is also a Marketing Director at Tonies which is an audio company that produces the Toniebox which are incredible devices that have the power to generate any story your kid wants to hear. 

    Drew is a great guy, an inspiring Podcaster and just like us a devotee to improving the state of Education in this world - could not have asked for a better guest to launch our first Audio Aficionado interview with.
    Hope you will enjoy it!  
    Drew's podcast recommendation: Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin
    Drew and daughter Audrey's podcast: Childhood
    Drew's podcast for tonies® called Tonie Time

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    Paz Levinson: ’The Sommelier’

    Paz Levinson: ’The Sommelier’

    It is so good to be back with our Podcast Program. A new series of episodes brought to you every week with also (as you might have noticed) a brand new name. 
    So we took a short break from podcasting taking some time to work with a professional audio consultant to listen to our previously published conversations.

    We did this because we absolutely love bringing this program to you and we want it to only get better. Now in order to do this we felt it was good not to stay too long in an echo chamber, taking each other’s advice as a production team but also to work with third parties to tell us how we could improve.

    The big takeaway was - papapapapa - they love it! Don’t change too much other than maybe adopt a name that better represents the topics that we discuss. So we did just that.

    Our production team came up with a list of 20 names that with the entire team at TeachPitch we shortlisted to 3 - we took those 3 names to our community and an overwhelming majority voted for the name:

    Messy and Masterful!!

    So here we are - welcome to a brand new episode of Messy and Masterful powered by TeachPitch.

    We are very happy you could make it!! And boy oh boy do we have a treat for you, because our new guest is one of the very best sommeliers in the world!

    A sommelier according to Wikipedia is a wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. The role of the wine steward in fine dining today is much more specialized and informed than that of a "wine waiter."

    And I was so delighted to speak to Paz Levinson who was the best sommelier of the Americas in 2015 and became 4th globally in 2016. She is now traveling the world working as a sommelier for the world-famous chef Anne-Sophie Pic and her restaurants all over the world. Paz is absolutely lovely, modest and hardworking and it was a great pleasure talking to her about her challenges in making your mark on the map having one of the best pallets in the world.

    Cannot wait to hear what you think - please enjoy episode 58, Paz Levinson, The Sommelier! 

    More information on Paz can be found on her website: http://pazlevinson.com

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    Introducing The Audio Aficionado

    Introducing The Audio Aficionado

    We live in an era of absolute information overload. I am sure you are aware but there is so much content to find out there.
    Visually you have your pictures, videos, reels and images all over our social media.

    Audibly you have your audiobooks, Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse meetings and yes also Podcasts. 

    Now when we started the TeachPitch Podcast little over 1 year ago we did it to highlight the hard work of people who have achieved great things in their own right. Now more than anything I was set on making it clear to our listeners that yes our guests have achieved great success but no this did not happen automatically. Each and everyone of my guests have been through hardships, challenges and needed to overcome huge obstacles to get where they are today.  From the President to the Trauma Surgeon, from the CIA Spy to the Psychologist - the deep adversity rimed with their  great accomplishment is everywhere. 

    Now some of you might know that our Podcast is born out of a community of educators that wanted to realize change. 

    And the change they all want to see is all focussed on improving the global state of education. Now if you were to go to TeachPitch.com and sign up you will see that we have curated loads of content (over quarter of a million resources to date) that we all brought together in a big online library - ready to use for educators who are keen to improve the situation in their community, classroom or school. 

    I am happy to say that this library is being used by over 62,000 people from over 200 countries to date and it is for those people that we originally developed this program. 

    Our community is very active and I was overjoyed to see that its members also started to help and train one another by creating tutorials and reviews on great educational content and technology they were using - leaving very useful manuals for their peers. 

    Now to make a long story short - with our Podcast we want to extend our line of thinking not only on the platform but also in this show. 

    This is why we are building a community of Audio Aficionados that will help us to review great Podcast shows, Episodes, hosts and guests out there. 

    If you like to listen to Podcasts like I do, you are bound to have your favorites and I want to hear all about them. We want to know from you from the over 1 million of podcasts that are already out there which one we should listen to. We love it that you are listening to us but the last thing we want is to just be dropping content without being aware of the other great Podcast Episodes that are being made all over the world. 

    So if you are listening to this and want our growing community to know more about your favorite podcast (or even the opposite - perhaps you hate a certain show and want the world to know as well) get in touch with us via our show notes or social media and  together we can make an excellent Audio Aficionado Episode about it that will change this world forever!  

    Very exciting!! In the next Audio Aficionado Episodes I will surely be talking about the shows that have inspired me. Some of them, I dare to say, have changed my entire outlook on life and I cannot wait to share it with you!

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    Notes to Nono 9: ‘Stay hungry, stay humble, keep setting big goals and work tirelessly towards those goals.’ with John J Wood

    Notes to Nono 9: ‘Stay hungry, stay humble, keep setting big goals and work tirelessly towards those goals.’ with John J Wood

    “The world starts with educated children.” is the tagline of Room to Read, a globally active charitable organization that has made incredible strides to provide high quality access to millions of children in this world.

    Interviewing its co-founder and first generation CEO John J Wood to me was an absolute highlight as he has been a hero of mine for many years. 

    So having the ability to speak to him directly for the 5th Episode of the TeachPitch Podcast was truly an honor literally a dream come true.

    John is an absolute whirlwind. I really admire his undying energy that he used to build Room to Read - and when you look at what John and his co-founders managed to accomplish in 21 years raising over $650 million dollars, helping over 32 million people just to mention a few stats you cannot do anything else than admire him. 

    John has a great mantra which he has abbreviated into GSD (Getting Shit Done) and to me his goal getter mentality is contagious. 
    He has moved on from Room to Read and founded a new organization called U-Go work that I believe he combines with his job at Concentric Equity in the investment spheres. 

    I have no doubt in my mind that John will make his new endeavours as a succes as he is one that advises others to “stay hungry, stay humble, keep setting big goals and work tirelessly towards those goals."

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    Kristan Serafino - ‘The Hollywood Hairstylist’

    Kristan Serafino - ‘The Hollywood Hairstylist’

    We are glamming it up today and we are taking you to Hollywood! In our continuous search for the world’s most unique jobs and careers we surely found a diamond today as we had the great honor and pleasure to interview Kristan Serafino. 
    Now Kristan is a hairstylist and not just your regular one. 
    Throughout her 20 year career she has been responsible for the looks of actors like Matthew McConaughey, Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniel Craig, Shawn Mendes, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Michael J Fox and the list just goes on and on.
    Next to being a genius with coiffures (Kristan gave me a lot of good tips and tricks on how to never have a bad hair-day) she is also the most lovely and hard working person you have ever met. 
    She is continuously on the go advising people whether this is on TV programs like Good Morning America or working with people in her salon, that is if she is not on the road for a film project.
    Kristan is now devoted to growing her hair wax company The Best Paste that is winning lots of awards and accolades at the moment and we talk about her stellar journey as hairstylist, CEO and amazing person in general. 
    Special call-out to Kristan’s Chief Operating Officer Doug Church who we also mention in the interview! Doug you rock!
    So without further ado let’s get into a set of new challenges, beautiful hair, great styling tips & tricks and the great glitter and glam of the movie industry for Episode 56 with Kristan Serafino, the Hollywood Hairstylist.
    More about Kristan's company'The Best Paste' can be found here: https://thebestpaste.com

    • 1 hr 1 min

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5.0 out of 5
415 Ratings

415 Ratings

staum clowd ,

Incredible Show!

I have listened to this podcast for over six months. I’m only 23 years old and I have a lot of time to learn. Today’s podcast strikes me in the center of my heart.

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Surprising content!

Loved Sharon Epie Episode much! She is really The Peace Builder in that territory! The topics and information are top-notch and uplifting. I eventually subscribed when I found it and tried to listen to one and again when I stay in my residence.

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Wonderful pod!

Really enjoy this show!

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