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The creators of Muse for iPad talk about tools for thought, product design, and building a small independent team.

Metamuse Adam Wiggins, Mark McGranaghan

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The creators of Muse for iPad talk about tools for thought, product design, and building a small independent team.

    17 // Rethink the OS with Jason Yuan

    17 // Rethink the OS with Jason Yuan

    Jason Yuan believes that we all should feel empowered to think about ways to improve our computer's operating system. He joins Mark and Adam to talk about stage design, dreaming big versus delivering practical products, and why software should be fun.



    Show notes
    Jason Yuan / @jasonyuandesign

    Mercury OS



    Omar Rizwan

    Tyler Angert


    Weiwei Hsu

    Desktop Neo


    iOS 14 widgets



    Quartz Composer

    Android launchers

    Gall's law

    the iPod click wheel

    virtual workspaces


    Bret Victor

    spring damping

    David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet


    philosopher's stone

    The Mother of All Demos

    • 1 hr 4 min
    16 // No more boring apps with Andy.Works

    16 // No more boring apps with Andy.Works

    Andy.Works believes in design-forward products, as seen in his work on Paper for iPad to a handmade analog clock for his young kids. Mark, Adam, and Andy discuss products as vector for culture; maverick game designers; innovation budgets; and pushing back against the idea of scale in software.



    Show notes
    Andy of Andy.Works

    Andy's clock project

    Microsoft Courier

    Surface Duo




    No More Boring Apps


    John Baldessari

    Muse podcast with Josh Miller

    user-centered design

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    The Guggenheim

    local maxima

    Making Movies

    Playdead / Limbo, Inside

    Oskar Stålberg / Townscraper

    Jonathan Blow / Braid

    Notch / Minecraft

    Jordan Mechner / Prince of Persia

    not the user's fault

    Choose Boring Technology

    • 55 min
    15 // Leaving San Francisco

    15 // Leaving San Francisco

    It's a new world: many creative professionals can now choose where they live, independent of where their employer is headquartered. Mark and Adam discuss the implications of this. Plus: the magic of Silicon Valley, cities that feed your creative soul, and strategies for making big life decisions.



    Show notes
    Emigration and other hedges

    Stripe relocation incentive and Zapier relocation incentive

    Y Combinator

    Amazon HQ2

    Stripe Atlas and Firstbase

    Apple and Ireland tax case

    Amazon and sales tax collection

    • 45 min
    14 // Onboarding with Jane Portman

    14 // Onboarding with Jane Portman

    Jane Portman of Userlist joins Julia and Adam to share her expertise with onboarding. Why guided tours don't work, the legacy of Clippy, and drip campaigns that are more personal and considerate.



    Show notes
    Jane Portman @uibreakfast

    User Onboarding: The Ultimate Guide for SaaS Founders


    Benedikt Deicke


    lifecycle messaging

    Claire Suellentrop, Forget The Funnel

    UI Breakfast podcast


    Inspire, Not Instruct

    aha moment


    out-of-box-experience (OOBE)

    Samuel Hulick, UserOnboard, podcast interview


    call to action

    Val Geisler

    drip campaign

    tech touch

    A/B test or split test

    Max Seelemann

    • 48 min
    13 // Interface innovation with Josh Miller

    13 // Interface innovation with Josh Miller

    Josh Miller from The Browser Company joins Mark and Adam to discuss how to make a better web browser in 2020. The conversation ranges from user agency in software to architecture to social capital to end-user programming.



    Show notes
    Josh Miller @joshm

    The Browser Company


    Nate Parrott

    Einstein quote

    beginner's mind

    Evan Williams

    Brownian motion

    The Roots of Progress

    Jobs to be Done

    David Adjaye

    Museum of African American History and Culture

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


    Bjarke Ingels


    A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction

    Snap S1


    Evan Spiegel

    Norton Commander



    web browser as Figma canvas

    CERN and the birth of the web

    Taxi Magic

    timing matters / Adam's Heroku values

    Robert D. Putnam

    Bowling Alone

    Scott Heiferman



    • 1 hr 8 min
    12 // Growing ideas with Andy Matuschak

    12 // Growing ideas with Andy Matuschak

    Andy Matuschak joins Mark and Adam to talk about rituals for deep thought, how to develop an inkling over time, and the public goods problem of research.



    Show notes
    Andy Matuschak: homepage Twitter Patreon

    How can we develop transformative tools for thought?

    Michael Nielsen

    Bret Victor on representation of thought

    Quantum Country

    spaced repetition




    deliberate practice

    Solitude and Leadership


    evergreen notes

    exponential backoff

    Heroku haiku names

    positivism and existentialism

    deontological ethics

    intelligent tutoring systems


    Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software

    Ivan Sutherland / Sketchpad

    Palladium Magazine

    mechanical keyboards on Reddit

    Pricing niche products: Why sell a mechanical keyboard kit for $1,668?

    tech transfer

    Genentech and recombinant DNA



    Why does DARPA work?

    • 1 hr 13 min

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5.0 out of 5
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9 Ratings

Metophile ,

Great level of detail!

Its great to hear about the inside process and considerations that go into Muse.

Also the episodes with guests are often great discussions!

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