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Sometimes informative. Sometimes controversial, but always unpredictable. Join your hosts Hunter, John and Stu every week with a new episode.

Midnight Movie Cowboys Stuart Baulk, Hunter Duesing, John Grace

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Sometimes informative. Sometimes controversial, but always unpredictable. Join your hosts Hunter, John and Stu every week with a new episode.

    Falling Down

    Falling Down

    Mousey returns.... sort of, well his son does, well not really... nevermind. Anyway, the three of us are back on board, and we discuss the no-way-could-you-make-this-today film FALLING DOWN starring Michael Douglas.
    We discuss the film, it's parallels between it and his old man's film CAT AND MOUSE (which we covered a few weeks back) and the early 90's, a time when films like this COULD get made.
    So, whilst we are all in lockdown, sit back, pop your mask and gloves on, and listen on.
    it's Corona time!!!!

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Paradise Alley

    Paradise Alley

    Slycast host Craig Cohen returns to discuss Sylvester Stallone's directorial debut, Paradise Alley, with John and Hunter. Paradise Alley is the film where Sly cashed in his Rocky chips to do an Italian-American period epic, giving us a peek at a career Sly might've had before the trends of the eighties took over. Is it any good? Listen and find out!
    We also discuss Sly's diet and workout routine, co-star Armand Assante's turn as Mike Hammer, pro-wrestling, and Tarzan movies. 
    Be sure to visit Craig over at the Slycast!

    • 1 hr 42 min


    The gang's all here, and in this episode, we discuss "Fletch", the journalist-turned-detective classic starring Chevy Chase from 1985.
    We also discuss the source novels by Gregory McDonald, the ill-fated sequel, the career of Chevy Chase, and the other "Fletch" sequels that never got made.

    • 51 min
    Cat and Mouse

    Cat and Mouse

    Hey friends, we're back after a small delay, and to celebrate the career of the recently departed film legend Kirk Douglas, we thought we'd look at one of his lesser known titles - Cat and Mouse (AKA Mousey)
    all the gang are on board this one, listen to Stu progressively lose his marbles throughout the show, while his head cold wreaked havoc on him. There's also a new feature we have added to the show, it's one only a show such as the MMC could dare to do.
    So sit back, and let's raise a toast to one of cinemas giants Mr. Kirk Douglas

    • 1 hr 20 min
    The Keep

    The Keep

    Stu returns this week to discuss Michael Mann's "The Keep" with John and Hunter in celebration of its DVD release...in Australia. Sorry, lads. You'll have to keep waiting on that physical release in North America.
    Speaking of, we discuss the film's troubled history, it's cult following, the numerous versions and changes to the movie that have occurred, and why we will probably never see a director's cut, despite this being the Mann film that most desperately needs one. And of course, we go on the usual tangents.
    You can watch the movie on Amazon, check out the trailer below. 
    Thanks for listening!

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Beverly Hills Cop

    Beverly Hills Cop

    John and Hunter ring in the new year with another rogue cop classic, "Beverly Hills Cop" (we'll do another Dirty Harry movie soon, we swear)!
    We discuss topics such as the strange production history of the film, director Martin Brest, the terrible sequels, the ebbs and flows in Eddie Murphy's career, and of course, the movie itself. 
    If you have a minute, go give us a review on iTunes if you enjoy the show. Thanks for listening!

    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

Johnny Mocny ,


I liked the choice in movies and then they un-ironically quoted Armond White. Then it kinda went downhill into long predictable right wing rants. If that’s your thing, you might really like this. I don’t mind differing politics, but I just heard a lot of tired talking points and it really detracted from an otherwise decent movie discussion.

Charles Martel III ,

One of my favourites

Love these guys. They are funny and non PC. This is not the cookie cutter movie review format and that’s a good thing.

Skins28 ,

Great show

Awesome show. Very funny. Keep Kuhn off the show. He is way too much. Was he drunk on that Dirt interview?

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