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MinddogTV encourages independent free thinking. We seek to open the doors to provocative subjects and bring fresh ideas and perspectives to light. We discuss topics that inspire different points of view.

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MinddogTV encourages independent free thinking. We seek to open the doors to provocative subjects and bring fresh ideas and perspectives to light. We discuss topics that inspire different points of view.

    Self Leadership - Eric Winters

    Self Leadership - Eric Winters

    Eric Winters teaches self-leadership skills proven to meet challenges effectively, to create the life you want.

    "The quality of our lives depends on how well we meet our challenges – the ones we choose and the ones that choose us. I help leaders learn skills and strategies to meet challenges, professional and personal, more effectively.

    My know-how is a result of:​
    Over 20 years of international corporate life
    Two masters degrees in human behaviour change
    Over 12 years experience in helping leaders and their teams become more proactive, courageous and collaborative. To dial up performance and pleasure at work.
    I do this through inspiring talks, impactful workshops and training that changes leaders for good. The people I work with are ambitious. About their lives, work, relationships or all three!"

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Scary Smart - Mo Gawdat- Adapting To Artificial Intelligence

    Scary Smart - Mo Gawdat- Adapting To Artificial Intelligence

    Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer for Google [X], a serial entrepreneur and author of Solve for Happy

    Mo has an impressive combined career of 27 years, starting at IBM Egypt as a Systems Engineer before moving to a sales role in the government sector. Venturing in to the UAE, Mo joined NCR Abu Dhabi to cover the non-finance sector. He then became acquainted with the consumer goods industry as Regional Manager of BAT. At Microsoft he assumed various roles over a span of seven and a half years, in his last role at Microsoft he headed the Communications Sector across Emerging Markets worldwide.

    Mo joined Google in 2007 to kick-start its business in Emerging Markets. He is fascinated by the role that technology plays in empowering people in emerging communities and has dedicated years of his career towards that passion. Over a period of 6 years, Mo started close to half of Google’s operations worldwide.

    In 2013 he moved to Google’s infamous innovation arm, Google [X] where he led the business strategy, planning, sales, business development and partnerships. [X] does not attempt to achieve incremental improvements in the way the world works, but instead, it tries to develop new technologies that will reinvent the way things are and deliver a radical, ten fold—10X—improvement. This leads to seemingly SciFi ideas such as: Project Loon, which aims to use high-altitude balloons to provide affordable internet access to the 5 billion people on every square inch of our planet, Project Makani, aiming to revolutionize wind energy generation using autonomous carbon fiber kites as well as Self driving cars, Google Life Sciences, and many more. The business team under Mo’s leadership has designed innovative business models analogous to the disruptive technologies [X] creates, and has created deep partnerships and global deals that enabled [X] to thrive and build products fit for the real world.

    Technology is putting our humanity at risk to an unprecedented degree. This book is not for engineers who write the code or the policy makers who claim they can regulate it. This is a book for you. Because, believe it or not, you are the only one that can fix it. – Mo Gawdat

    Artificial intelligence is smarter than humans. It can process information at lightning speed and remain focused on specific tasks without distraction. AI can see into the future, predicting outcomes and even use sensors to see around physical and virtual corners. So why does AI frequently get it so wrong?

    The answer is us. Humans design the algorithms that define the way that AI works, and the processed information reflects an imperfect world. Does that mean we are doomed? In Scary Smart, Mo Gawdat, the internationally bestselling author of Solve for Happy, draws on his considerable expertise to answer this question and to show what we can all do now to teach ourselves and our machines how to live better. With more than thirty years' experience working at the cutting-edge of technology and his former role as chief business officer of Google [X], no one is better placed than Mo Gawdat to explain how the Artificial Intelligence of the future works.

    By 2049 AI will be a billion times more intelligent than humans. Scary Smart explains how to fix the current trajectory now, to make sure that the AI of the future can preserve our species. This book offers a blueprint, pointing the way to what we can do to safeguard ourselves, those we love and the planet itself.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Comedian - Podcast Host Carl Mann

    Comedian - Podcast Host Carl Mann

    From across the pond Carl Mann visits the minddogTV podcast. comedy, the 8 levels of comedy ( his theory), cancel culture, mental health, life coaches, Wales culture vs English culture, his 3 podcasts, Epstein, UFOs, conspiracy theories, and more. Gentle Arrogance, UFO Hut & Refreshingly Non-Epstein

    • 1 hr 24 min
    BE STRONG, BE WISE - Sexual Assault Awareness - Amy Carpenter

    BE STRONG, BE WISE - Sexual Assault Awareness - Amy Carpenter

    Amy Carpenter, LCSW, CYI, is a bestselling author, educator, and psychotherapist with over twenty-five years of experience. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, MARKET WATCH, and hundreds of nationally-syndicated newspaper and magazine outlets. She is the founder of the Be Strong, Be Wise Sexual Assault Awareness and Safety program, and the author of two books in the bestselling Be Strong, Be Wise series.

    “I love to explore the subject of sexual ethics through the lens of personal empowerment. Young people are our future, and they deserve to know how to create healthy relationships in life.”
    - Amy Carpenter

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Money Talk With The Muffin Man - Steve Marks

    Money Talk With The Muffin Man - Steve Marks

    Steve is a proud entrepreneur with decades of experience that includes cultivating a thriving business, Main Street Gourmet, through multiple exits. He is a two-time winner of the United Small Business Administration’s Small Business Person of the Year award and was twice listed on the INC. 500 list for the fastest growing US companies. Whether you are just getting started in business or are a longtime veteran, his story will provide dynamic insights and valuable lessons into the roller-coaster journey of the entrepreneurial world. Company Background: Main Street Muffins (now known as Main Street Gourmet) was founded in 1987 by Steve Marks and his partner, Harvey Nelson. Main Street Gourmet is a leading provider of customized bakery products for national and regional in-store bakeries, restaurants and other food operators.

    In The Muffin Man Chronicles: Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success, Steve Marks, co-founder of Main Street Gourmet, details the ups and downs of starting and running a successful food company in Akron, Ohio. He tells the story of Main Street Gourmet's early days, its growth into a nationally distributed brand, and the high-stakes world of acquisitions. Along the way, he offers crucial tips and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs who may be looking to start their own company as well as entrenched businesspeople looking to elevate their game. The Muffin Man Chronicles is a lively, humorous, honest, and detailed look at the triumphs and trials that mark the journey of chasing a professional dream.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Erupt Into Peak Performance & Higher Profit - Wylie McGraw

    Erupt Into Peak Performance & Higher Profit - Wylie McGraw

    "Leaders all over the world are constantly chasing peak performance. That’s why they look to all types of coaches, consultants, and high-level masterminds, seeking out support with the focus on more success.

    But this becomes a never ending quest. And what they both want and need is often wildly promised, yet rarely delivered.

    My name is Wylie McGraw and I am not a coach; I’m a Performance Accelerator.

    I’m the founder of Radical Performance Acceleration, and for well over a decade now I’ve been behind-the-scenes doing life-altering work with powerful CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Public Figures across many industries, accelerating their performance both personally and professionally.

    Just like you, they’re done wasting time, energy, and money on other resources that just can’t get the job done.

    That’s why I’m here - I don’t help leaders, I optimize them."
    -Wylie McGraw

    • 1 hr 10 min

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5.0 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

malfoxley ,

Great show!

Matt, host of the podcast, highlights topics to inspire creativity and different points of view in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Margaux M ,

Loved tommy Chong and tootsie warhol!

Matt Nappo is great at finding true comedians, authors and creative people! He is putting out a ton of great shows each week and we are enjoying them ! Great work !!

My Luca Boy ,

This podcast is so informative and thought provoking

I have never listened to a podcast before! When I was told about Matt Nappo and his Minddog TV podcast I had no idea even how to find a podcast...not so tech savvy anymore. So someone very special to me sent me a link and I am now hooked! I can’t stop listening because each podcast is better then the next. The guests and the conversations are incredible.

Thank you Matt Nappo for enlightening and sharing this with the world! You have helped me in so many ways and I am sure you have helped so many others as well! I hope you know the positive impact you are making in so many lives!

Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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