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Our show is about providing listeners with real stories that come from a place of experience, transparency, and authenticity. Most importantly it’s about what we learn from these stories and applying Mindfulness in our everyday work and personal lives.
Our intention is to create an environment where people can learn through open honest discussions on how we apply Mindfulness. Although our experiences and stories come from time in a manufacturing environment hence the title “Mindfulness Manufacturing”, we still see our discussions and topics relatable to any organization or profession.

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Our show is about providing listeners with real stories that come from a place of experience, transparency, and authenticity. Most importantly it’s about what we learn from these stories and applying Mindfulness in our everyday work and personal lives.
Our intention is to create an environment where people can learn through open honest discussions on how we apply Mindfulness. Although our experiences and stories come from time in a manufacturing environment hence the title “Mindfulness Manufacturing”, we still see our discussions and topics relatable to any organization or profession.

    Emotions-Reasons For Behaviour Not Excuses

    Emotions-Reasons For Behaviour Not Excuses

    Is it ok that we totally lose it on occasion?  Hey, my emotions got the best of me, it happens right?  No, that is an excuse, and we brought in an expert and friend Sara Westrook to ask some questions go deep quickly on how to turn those excuses around, own your behaviour, and what you can do to get there!  
    1:15 – Emotions are a skill
    1:45 – Leave your emotions at the door like a backpack, NO they are still coming in with you, so how do you move with and through them in a healthy way
    3:02 – Do not want to make an emotionally based decision, can lead to regret
    4:15 – Allowed to sit with that emotion, not going from emotion to choice, allow it to have room, move with and through, and have your own character based choice, bounce back and move forward
    6:13 - emotional awareness, emotional management, and ultimately emotional resilience 
    8:00 – teams want to be emotionally intelligent, yet they do not know how, like going to the gym, how do you build those muscles?  Not by watching videos, by putting things into action, habits 
    10:57 – first exercise has the end in mind, what's the circumstance, or what are circumstances that you feel hold you back or really trigger you, and what emotion comes out of you 
    13:08-learn to think and act beyond emotion to honour that the emotions there, but to start to use the emotion as information and even motivation 
    16:08-how we engage other people matters, the art of communication and that takes being very emotionally aware 
    19:15-why are emotions sometimes hard to talk about, you could have one group of people say well they're hard to talk about because I feel like i'll be seen as weak and another because of being seen as dramatic 
    20:13-self care starts to take a big plummet it also can decrease company morale you know just keep shoving emotions down pretending they're not their 
    20:30-breaking down the boxes, shifting a greater role for women in manufacturing 
    24:12-when you can start to see emotions is information your brain now knows that oh it's something that I can do something with it doesn't completely have to overwhelm me 
    26:40-sometimes you have to lean into that discomfort
    27:05-doesn't mean you're an anxious person, it means you're a person that's experiencing the emotion of anxious and that's uncomfortable and awkward but it's part of the journey 
    28:48-emotions are a reason for a behaviour, not an excuse 
    30:00-Sara’s company 3E Emotional Development  is about really honing in skills on emotional awareness, emotional management and emotional resilience
    Connect with her here;
    Instagram: @iamsarawestbrook
    Twitter: twitter.com/SaraWestbrook
    LinkedIN: www.linkedin.com/in/sarawestbrook
    YouTube: https://bit.ly/3Asvqps

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    Building Bridges and Leading From Behind

    Building Bridges and Leading From Behind

    What happens when you put others first, work hard, and become a bridge builder?   A legacy is formed, and we are privleged to go deep with LaVerne Roberts as she reveals what it took to become a Director of Operations in a traditional male dominated role.  Paving the way to a better future for manufacturing, LaVerne lights up a room and listening to her wisdom leaves you wanting more.  Her authentic, caring, fun, attitude backed with decades of success made her a must guest on the podcast.   Enjoy this episode and let us know what you think!   1:45 – 45 years, research, and development success to director of operations, why??
    3:20 – building a network, not even realizing I was doing it, relationships
    5:05 – any doubts came from within, Vice President support and getting surrounded by great people
    7:00 – you must work hard, learning the fundamentals not so much the leadership skill, like going to school
    8:05 – not asking for help, self imposter syndrome(for more science on this, check out Adam Grant's book Think Again)
    10:00 – self-doubt more common, men verses woman may be different
    12:00 – one on one coaching, identified my leadership style flexes from leading from behind and leading at the front
    13:00 –leading from behind suggesting to the team, supporting them
    13:55 – in the beginning, you may need to lead from the front, create the vision, help the team see what we wanted to look like
    15:30 – Jim Collins, Good to Great, I or we, how LaVerne allows the team to take direction
    16:30 – do more with the kernel, how it is received, will determine the next steps
    17:54 – husband Scott says LaVerne is a bridge builder, not for LaVerne, for the excitement of what is going to happen when the connection is made
    19:10 – when people can see you are not in it for yourself, people ask more questions about you
    20:20 – finding the sweet spot-on building trust, finding the common ground, something we connect with
    21:55 – you also must be a good listener, you can with enough ambition and desire achieve great things, and chart your journey, we are a lot stronger and smarter than we think

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    Bottle up or blow up - Corrigan Electric on creating conversations

    Bottle up or blow up - Corrigan Electric on creating conversations

    Not all family businesses successfully transition from one generation to the next, so what is the difference maker?  Troy Corrigan joins us discussing how he and his brother Shawn had to make personal adjustments to find success through the team, and why being tied to something bigger than your own independent business is key!  
    1:45 – IEC, Independent Electrical Contractors Association, you need to step up and support
    3:20 – the foundation of Corrigan Electric and how it all started, from college to the 4-year apprenticeship program, and decided to get involved in IEC leadership
    6:25 – electricians are hands on, and young people can come out debt free, and make great money.  Need for the industry is here to stay, look at electric vehicles
    9:20 – need to be creative to keep employees
    11:25 – cannot throw money to keep people, it is about the personalities, where do you want to be regarding culture
    13:02 – they must know you care, by asking questions and being involved with them, open door process and be part of the team.  What can we do to help?
    14:35 – remind us of what we were taught, recognize when someone needs support, and what action may come out of that conversation.  What’s going on?  Bottled up or blow up.
    17:00 – we are all working on how we show up, we are all human.  Not just for me, it is for my team that I need to work on myself, learning skills in Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    19:02 – conversations create a different experience and that creates culture
    19:30 – love the discussions with staff, you always learn something about the person
    20:02 – getting aligned with brother and partner Shawn, game changer
    21:15 – we must be able to take the feedback from each other, having conversations to call each other out, better result for the team be the role model
    21:35 – Trevor personal example of still missing signs, and the power of having someone to call you out
    23:45 - gotta invest and take the time and you will have the outcome, and act on what you are learning or being reminded of.  Helped me learn and listen.  You probably don’t think you need it.
    25:15 – stay in the zone, practice what you preach, and realize we all make mistakes
    Learn more about Corrigan Electric here https://www.corriganelectric.com


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    A Vehicle to Serve Others - A Construction Business?

    A Vehicle to Serve Others - A Construction Business?

    Like myself, Joel Davis grew up on a farm.  Starting out as a project at the age of 17, growing into an impactful family business in South Carolina.  Coming up on 25 years, with 3 divisions now and over 100 employees, this is NOT your typical construction company!  A privilege to share this conversation and learn from Joel, on why his people and the community, are not only the foundation of his company, but also the results!  
    Contact info and links coming soon, at the bottom of the show notes.
    2:05 – spending more time with your people than you do your family, and when you look forward to helping your people personally and professionally, it no longer feels like a job
    4:30 – sometimes things evolve on their own, neighbour to neighbour
    5:10 – changed 10 years ago our mission, from providing quality construction service, to wanting to have a positive influence, insight from John Maxwell – 15 invaluable laws of growth
    6:10 – challenges turn into growth opportunities, with turnover less than 5% extremely low for the industry, care for the employees!  Not the highest paid, but fair, honest, and enjoyable to be around
    8:30 – life is too short to put on a show, what transparency looks like in an owner
    10:30 – start the morning with a devotional, keep the big thing the big thing
    11:00 – Values, respect, innovation, safety, and ethics RISE
    11:50 – Hard to find employees like ours – ask Chick-fil-A – Stopped focusing on the resume and skills, and now hire people that want to be part of a team and the right culture fit
    14:35 – Referrals from employees still number one, and encourage team members to share and use social media
    16:15 – When you are engaged you can grow – Challenge is not getting the business, getting more great people- watch the video focused on their employees the video is real
    18:05 – Whole lot easier to be yourself, what is the impact you are having on other people.  To break down the walls, you must be open yourself
    19:10 – have a positive impact on as many people as we can
    19:30 – can deal with mistakes, not a lack of integrity
    21:01 - on-boarding new employees is like your relationship with your wife, create opportunities for fellowship and personal interactions to build relationships
    22:30 – Community dedication started from the Bible, keeps the mindset of doing for others
    24:46 – What do you want your tombstone to say between the dates?  What do you want to be remembered by? 
    Joel's website
    Watch the great video on Joel's culture!

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    Curiosity - What you don't know

    Curiosity - What you don't know

    2 Years and still going, thanks to YOU, this podcast is sponsored by no one, but the courage and curiosity of our listeners, and their dedication to making manufacturing more mindful.
    Took on this episode solo for the first time, as we have some great guests lined up for year 3!
    This is a reflection of our time together on this podcast, and a look into what we need to think about in 2022, to think in new ways, to get different results.
    More notes to come soon!

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    Social Capital gains with Mindful Influence

    Social Capital gains with Mindful Influence

    In manufacturing we get to work on capital budgets for the next assembly line.  In this episode we have a much more interesting conversation with Vivian Blade as she explains what is social capital, and why you should care!  With a background in Lean Six Sigma, she just released her third book Influence in Talent Development, and we are excited to have her on the show as a sought-after leadership expert and thought leader, enjoy!  Check out below the show notes to see how to connect with Vivian and learn more! 1:48 - In the news, is all about the great resignation and trying to do the great reset so we can retain those employees.
    2:14 - People are searching for organizations that align with their values, lifestyles and making the move.
    3:53 - Old way of thinking with command and control, do as I say.
    4:29 – People want to be more involved in their workplace, making decisions and contributing in valuable ways.
    4:59 - Leading with influence and engaging people, rather than leading by dictating and telling people what to do.
    7:56 – Giving people leeway and coaching them through.
    9:59 – Leading as a coach and guide at a level of influence.
    12:39 – Think about how you can selflessly add value to others.
    16:06 – How are people being measured and are your measuring outcomes as a team or individuals.
    18:29 – What are you measuring, are you measuring individual goals or the collective effort.
    23:10 – Take the temperature of your culture, be honest with yourself, reflect and see what impact it is truly having on your organization, and the health and well-being of your people.
    24:59- How do we turn this ship around from a people standpoint, which is your most important asset.
    26:52 – What people want today is the authenticity from leaders.
    Connect with Vivian!
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivianblade/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/VivianBlade
    Influence in Talent Development on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3mC8z4B
    Resilience Ready: The Leader's Guide to Thriving Through Unrelenting Crises on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3s4pSvC


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5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

dmholcomb ,

Fantastic stuff

Really wise words from Mike Forhan in your latest episode. Staying out of a judgement mode is just great advice for all aspects of life. Thanks for sharing!

The company I work for recently got into the podcast space. If you have the time, check out “The Right Direction Podcast” from Compass Precision!

Jim @ DadsCount ,

Great Approach!

Trevor and Mike are definitely onto something. I love their concept of understanding “how you show up.” Nice work guys. Good luck with this important topic!

LizHart33 ,

Manufacturing Gold

Short, to the point, leave with lots to think about, great podcast—a must for manufacturing people!

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