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Our show is about providing listeners with real stories that come from a place of experience, transparency, and authenticity. Most importantly it’s about what we learn from these stories and applying Mindfulness in our everyday work and personal lives.
Our intention is to create an environment where people can learn through open honest discussions on how we apply Mindfulness. Although our experiences and stories come from our experience in a manufacturing environment hence the title “Mindfulness Manufacturing”, we still see our discussions and topics relatable to any organization or profession.

Mindfulness Manufacturing Trevor Blondeel

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Our show is about providing listeners with real stories that come from a place of experience, transparency, and authenticity. Most importantly it’s about what we learn from these stories and applying Mindfulness in our everyday work and personal lives.
Our intention is to create an environment where people can learn through open honest discussions on how we apply Mindfulness. Although our experiences and stories come from our experience in a manufacturing environment hence the title “Mindfulness Manufacturing”, we still see our discussions and topics relatable to any organization or profession.

    Driving Core Values & Beliefs - Brian Leising

    Driving Core Values & Beliefs - Brian Leising

    The buck stops here, as Brian shares why it is so important to keep your head up and look around!
    :05 – Introduction
    :50 – Brian Leising introduction
    03:13 – How Mindfulness has contributed to Brian’s success
    05:36 – Servant leadership
    06:00 – “How are you going to turn this thing around?” P.R.O.U.D.
    09:34 – Listening to understand, not just respond
    12:00 – Modeling, Accountability, and Humility
    14:24 – Rewarding aspects of being Mindful
    15:50 – The fight to retain your Integrity
    17:34 – The problem with blame. Accept responsibility and ownership
    20:55 – The “Buck Stops” here
    21:45 – Your decision is: to Stay or Go. If your decision is to Stay, own it.
    23:39 – Transparency and alignment in communication of the What & Why
    25:24 – Brian’s One Thing
    27:25 – A ‘money pit’ and advice for an up and coming leader
    28:49 – Contributing to Core Values & Beliefs
    29:30 - Close

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    Your Impact on Others - Dave Baker

    Your Impact on Others - Dave Baker

    Have some fun and listen in as Mindfulness Manufacturing introduces Dave Baker.  After spending more than 20 years in HR working in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and wood products industries, he knows what truly drives organizational culture, workforce engagement, and employee retention.  Listen in as Dave discusses the quality of leadership at all levels and how they connect, communicate, and support their team members in getting results!
    :05 – Introduction
    :40 – Listener feedback: Kim reminded us that just being aware that sometimes we're very hard on ourselves and that it's okay, to not get everything done, nor show up as that person that's always doing the right thing, because that's how we learn. Our journey is more like the golf game, just trying to hit the green more often
    02:16 – Introducing new co-host and guest for today Dave Baker
    04:07 – The practicality of why Mindfulness in manufacturing matters
    06:00 – Mindful contrasts of being masked and not masked
    08:31 – Presentation to a CEO making no eye contact and the resulting impact
    12:00 – Mindfulness of the blue-collar worker ‘pulling handles’ at 3:00 a.m.
    17:36 – That ‘silly certificate’
    18:57 - The money left on the table in the absence of discretionary effort
    20:29 – A funeral and a tie. Underestimating the impact you have on people. That estimation that you have on others is what’s called mindfulness.
    22:45 – Work the shutdown? Nope, and here’s why
    23:48 - The one thing: pay attention to what you say how & how you say it
    25:49 – What would be done all over again? Stepping forward to make mindful changes to facilitate positive employee relations to get better results
    29:32 – Summary
    30:05 -  Closure

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    Unconscious Bias - We all have it! - Michelle Maldonado

    Unconscious Bias - We all have it! - Michelle Maldonado

    Michelle Maldonado - Join us today, as we unpack Unconscious Bias, and this ties into the challenges of hiring and attracting the right staff.  This special guest makes uncomfortable conversations comfortable!  Welcome Michelle Maldonado!
    She is the Founder of Lucenscia (pronounced loo-SENSE-see-ah), a firm dedicated to human flourishing and mindful business transformation. She is a former attorney turned business leader and an internationally certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence teacher and practitioner. Michelle’s work focuses on leadership development at the pivotal intersection of mindfulness, unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, authenticity, and compassion, nestled on a foundation of neuroscience and research. She serves as faculty for 1440 Multiversity's Leadership Center, Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification program and Bill George's True North Leadership program. She has been recognized as one of the “12 Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement,” “Woman of The Year,” and a “Top Corporate Leader,” with her work featured in the Mindful Leader, the DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum, Mindful Magazine and Thrive Global. Michelle is a graduate of Barnard College and The George Washington University School of Law.
    2:30 – Unconscious bias – we all have it!  Beliefs that we have about a person or group or conditions that we are not even aware of.  Great examples and explanation, self awareness development.
    7:45 – We each are either racist or anti-racist.  And, here’s why: silence and inaction can equate to enabling, and this depends on your comfort level to speak up.  Hiring for diversity, and on boarding for assimilation does not help.  Be curious and engaging in conversation.  Bias sneaks in when we scan for threat, we are hard wired that way.  In groups vs. out groups.  Stretch yourself to also be in the company of people who think differently and have different experiences.
    12:30 – To make a difference, depends on your comfort level to speak up.  One of the original meanings of the work competition come from the Latin word  Competere.  The original meaning was everyone striving together towards a common objective, and over the centuries, we have twisted this to in order for me to win, you have to lose.  There is room for everyone at the table.
    14:40 – make an edit
    16:00 – Any meaningful societal change in history did not happen at the top, it came from the people.  We can all take a step – do one thing - or make a commitment to change one percent of whatever you are doing. It does take all of us, collectively to generate change.  At some point we need the CEO or leader at the top to be modelling and be all in.   In supportive, not judgemental ways.  Consistent modelling.
    20:00 – Context is crucial, each person has to evaluate how they can contribute and what are they comfortable with.
    21:45 – You can be a good person and still hold bias, Michelle explains micro-aggressions and how they work.  The offence is measured at the ear of the listener, and not at the mouth of the speaker.  Intention does not always match impact.
    25:00 – What to do when you become self-aware that you have said the wrong things.  You need to be in conversations.
    27:40 – The difference between mindfulness and meditation – they are different, but related.  The purpose of being mindful meditation or practicing it, is to help our selves be grounded, focused, clear, and aware as well as to be compassionate, properly self-managed and high performing, filling up the well.  Mindfulness is to be present with what ever is happening with yourself, others and your environment.  If you are not aware of yourself, the level of awareness of others is probably low.  Mediation is another way of saying a focused attention pr

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    Connor Swenson - Rethinking Productivity

    Connor Swenson - Rethinking Productivity

    Connor Swenson is on a mission to help businesses rethink the definition of productivity to create happier and healthier organizations.  Drawing on 7 years of experience at Google, where he taught internal programs on productivity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, he now shares that knowledge with businesses and entrepreneurs around the world, and now with the Mindfulness Manufacturing community!
    2:40 – Multi-tasking – technology has a huge role to play in what we can do, however combining two cognitive tasks – switch tasking is different and actually slows you down, it can take you 23 minutes to get back on track according to studies by Gloria Mark.  Office workers checking phones every 5 minutes, open our phones 50 to 80 times a day.
    5:30 – How to get things done with an open door policy?  Productivity is very personal, Connor explains how Google managed and best practices.  Blocking time in your day and making clear expectations.  How that creates greater productivity through entire day, less meetings!
    11:48 – The Make Time program, defaults are all around us.  Recognize and adjust – Larry Page felt that every person at the meeting over the total of 7, diminished the effectiveness of the meeting.  They are not for status updates.  Explains Asynchronous communication.
    14:20 – If an agenda is not set out 24 hours ahead of time you don’t need to go – (I Love that!). Great advice on how to be more productive!
    17:50 – Search Inside Yourself – the case for skeptics of mindfulness in the workplace – connecting to the broader scope of emotional intelligence.  Training yourself in self-awareness by practicing mindfulness.  Based on the foundation of Daniel Goldman and his book Emotional Intelligence and neuroscience.   Your software can change your hardware.  (Connor goes deep here check it out if you are a skeptic like I was!)
    26:30 – Willpower – the dangerous idea, is it as real or as important as we think?  Research is leading to the environment structure being more important.
    31:15 – The Infinity Pool – these apps are just never ending, like ESPN where they are designed to make it easy to consume more and more great content.  Technology is not evil, however they are designed to make it fun and keep you engaged.  Try deleting the app??
    36:28 – Space to pause – the STOP method, Stop, Take a Breath, Observe how you feel and proceed.  ##Control your response
    You can hear from Connor on his weekly newsletter, One Percent Wisdom, where he shares simple, sustainable tactics and strategies you can use to develop your mind and better your work 🧠 or follow connect with him on one of these platforms.
    Website: connorswenson.com
    Newsletter: connorswenson.com/newsletter
    Twitter: @crswenny
    LinkedIn: profile
    Email: connor@connorswenson.com

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    Jesika Young

    Jesika Young

    What kind of leader does it take to a team member, owner and president of three manufacturing companies?  Today Jesika Young of Cimtech (named Top 10 Precision Manufacturer of 2020) shares her tips on how to get a seat at the table, the three C’s to building the right culture and more.  Have a listen and see why she has been named among the “most influential woman in manufacturing 2020” by Influential Women in Manufacturing.  Oh, did we also mention she is the first female president of the Metro Manufacturing Alliance?  Have a listen, and see what kind of mindfulness goes on to achieve this level of success!
    2:25 – What Jesika does different – put the team first, and all things will fall into place.  ‘No one person is above the team’ Bo Schembechler
    4:07 – Jesika’s background – how this made her what she is today
    6:25 – The three C’s to a team culture, being collaborative, communication, and consistently – they key to their growth
    8:30 – 2M to 20M in annual revenue manufacturing plants, are forecasted to be the growth space for woman to have ownership in manufacturing.  If that number grows by 2.5% per year, one third of manufacturing could be owned by women by 2030.  (From article published by Frances Brunelle)
    9:53 – Jesika’s biggest struggle – getting a seat at the table, still a struggle today!  Always being one to raise her hand, working hard has earned her a presidents role at the Metro Manufacturing Alliance, a group for manufactures by manufactures.
    13:08 – Advice for other’s – nothing is not earned, woman still need to perform.  Things need to change and evolve – example is the flex time – involved the team and there was a great morale and productivity boost.  Not the whistle blowing break time, think outside of the box!
    17:00 – You are with your team more than your family, enough trouble outside the four walls so work together – Rank everyone on Safety, Quality and being a good team member.  Being accountable, dependable, innovative and showing initiative.
    19:00 – Performance evaluations come with personal incentive plans
    21:05 – A fourth C could be Celebration!  Recap on the success and build on it.
    26:00— Managing the ego, make yourself aware of your strengths, and consistently stay in my lane.  Built a team with the strengths that I do not have.
    28:42 – Sit down, absorb what you got, and think and act with intention to better yourself.
    Follow Jesika here;anks Trevor, that certainly captures it. 
    Cimtech website: www.cimtechmachine.com

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    Deiric McCann - Emotional Intelligence and Charisma

    Deiric McCann - Emotional Intelligence and Charisma

    We are excited to introduce our listeners to our first international guest zooming in from Ireland the great Deiric McCann!  As head of International Development for Genos International about-genos-international-europe, he is an expert in the space of emotional intelligence and charisma and dives in, on how this can impact the bottom line of your company!
    1:05 IOM.The Institute of Organizational Mindfulness.  Trevor talks about this institute and the benefits of the IOM.  Join the effort by signing up for their free community membership program.  By joining you'll get access to exclusive member content, webinars, news, and more! www.iomindfulness.org/membership 1:55 Mindfulness Manufacturing introduces Deiric McCann. 4:00 Challenges.Deiric explains the challenge of the name “Emotional Intelligence’ his own and others struggles with this title. He never had a really good definition of Emotional Intelligence that inspired people or turned them on.   He and his colleagues came up with a definition that made sense to them and others. 9:25 Charisma.  Trevor asks the question can you be charismatic and not be emotionally intelligent?  Deiric discusses his findings writing his book and the challenge of finding a definition for charisma and what Leadership Charisma means. 15:26 People, people, people.  Trevor talks about technology and people.  Deiric shares his insights and experiences with technology and people and how it has always been people, people, people. Sharing how technology has been introduced into organizations and how people can worry about this and the role emotional intelligence plays in all of this.  22:25 Advice. Mike asks, what advice would you give to someone who is interested in Leadership?Deiric states, to focus on developing the ability to work more effectively with people.   Two ways to develop emotional intelligence read a lot of books and start to pay attention to the way you show up, develop a mindfulness practice.  Develop a self-awareness to tune into yourself and others.   Start working on your emotional intelligence. https://www.capgemini.com/research/emotional-intelligence/ 27:27 One thing to leave the listeners.Deiric talks openly about the pandemic and how this snuck up on all of us and how big of threat it was and is.  He talks about building up the resiliency with the people he works with to handle these challenging times.  What we are seeing is an epidemic of stress in people over this.  People are just not talking about it.  He openly talks about it being normal to be stressed, it’s a normal natural reaction on how do we deal with this adversity.  The moment you say this is normal this is natural you take a lot of pressure off of yourself.    32:03 What was the first concert you ever attended?An Irish group called Aslan. Deiric explains his memories of this and other musical bands. 33:10 Stranded on an island what band or artist do you bring with you?James Taylor.

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Jim @ DadsCount ,

Great Approach!

Trevor and Mike are definitely onto something. I love their concept of understanding “how you show up.” Nice work guys. Good luck with this important topic!

LizHart33 ,

Manufacturing Gold

Short, to the point, leave with lots to think about, great podcast—a must for manufacturing people!

Asmith63 ,


I have had the pleasure of working with all 3 of these gentlemen on some capacity or another in a Manufacturing environment.
This podcasts hits home on all levels and is as genuine as it gets.
Very insightful and to the point.
Excellent material.
Thank you gentlemen.

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