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A podcast helping independent marketing professionals sell their expertise (not their hands).

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A podcast helping independent marketing professionals sell their expertise (not their hands).

    199. The three core ways to get more consulting clients

    199. The three core ways to get more consulting clients

    You may be a rock star when it comes to marketing your clients' business.
    But when it comes to your own, it might be an entirely different story. And you know what? That doesn't make you a bad marketer.
    It's incredibly hard to market yourself—especially if you don't have a system to follow.
    In this episode, I break down the three core pillars to attracting more clients:

    Looking good "on paper" to your ideal clients
    Having somewhere to invite people back to
    Opening conversations and fostering relationships
    This might seem simple, and it is. But it's not easy. It takes time, energy, and commitment to build it out and for it to start working for you.
    But with any luck, this framework (and the details I talk about in the episode) will make attracting clients a lot easier. When you have clarity, you can really lean into your efforts and start seeing traction faster than simply winging it.
    Listen to this episode for all the nuances and details.

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    198. Lowering the barrier for email

    198. Lowering the barrier for email

    What if the way to get your emails read and subscribers to stay subscribed was to lower the bar a little?
    Not in terms of quality, necessarily. But in terms of format or type.
    Instead of trying to write a grand theory of mathematics every time you publish, what if we treated email more like social media?
    What if we aimed for a simple, concise, interesting, and/or fun piece of content?
    Something light and consumable. Not overthought. Not pre-judged. Just something you found interesting or valuable.
    Would you be able to be consistent with your publishing habits? Would your readers prefer it? Would it keep you interested?
    I think yes. But there's nuance, as with all things.
    So give this a listen. See if it resonates with your headspace.
    See if it helps you overcome that mental block stopping you from sharing your ideas with your subscribers.
    And while you're at it, subscribe to Mindshare Radio via your podcast player to get more ideas like this (and interviews coming soon).

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    197. How to put your advisory clients at the epicentre of your business

    197. How to put your advisory clients at the epicentre of your business

    The most successful businesses have a high degree of customer-centricity. Think Amazon or Google—they're absolutely relentless about the customer experience.
    And in the consulting world, the most successful advisors are the ones who have a high customer-centricity and low self-orientation.
    Not sure what this all means? In this episode, I break down how to put your client at the epicentre of your business, how to reduce your self-orientation, and the trade-offs needed to do all of this well.

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    196. Iteration and innovation is the only way

    196. Iteration and innovation is the only way

    The odds of you succeeding with new ventures or ideas out of the gate is low. It’s not fun but it’s true.
    Even if your idea is good, it might be adjacent to the one the market wants. A small set of tweaks and iterations to the format, offer, or audience might just be what it needs to take off.
    And that’s empowering! It means you’re not alone. Nobody figures everything out right away.
    It’s easy to get frustrated when things aren’t clicking for you—especially when you’re trying something new that you feel really passionate about.
    It can feel like two steps forward and one step back. We look around for answers but get frustrated when nobody offers the magic pill.
    There is no magic pill, only iteration and innovation.
    We have to hold our vision strong while simultaneously being loose about our best ideas. It’s a fine line between a steadfast vision and being oblivious to what the market wants.
    If you are willing to iterate and innovate continually, it’s only a matter of time before your vision and what your audience wants are in complete alignment.
    Listen in for more on this topic if you’re in this mode or subscribe via your podcast player.

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    195. Selling confidence

    195. Selling confidence

    Do you ever stop to wonder what it is we are really selling as consultants?
    Are we selling a website, strategy, or brand identity? Yes... and no. Those are features of our work. And people don't really buy features.
    Maybe we are selling new customer growth? Better retention? Ease of use? Those are all great benefits of our work. But let's dig a little deeper. What is the emotion behind those benefits? What feeling are we really creating with our work?
    People buy based on how they feel about the purchase. It aligns with logic, yes. But it's driven by emotion. So it makes sense to explore that emotion people are really seeking inside of what we sell.
    I believe most consultants are selling confidence. Give this a listen to see what I mean. Get this right and it will be a lot easier to create and sell the true benefits of your work.

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    194. How to avoid the "employee" trap as a fractional CXO

    194. How to avoid the "employee" trap as a fractional CXO

    It's incredibly easy to get sucked into being an employee-like figure when you do fractional leadership work.

    When I first got started as a fractional CMO, I basically had two part-time jobs. The money was good but I worked HARD. I knew I needed to create better parameters.

    In this episode of Mindshare Radio, I'll break down the five main ways to avoid turning into a set of employee-like hands when you sell fractional CXO services.

    We'll talk about things like:

    Setting expectations during sales
    Defining what you will or won't do
    Building your Rolodex
    Setting a limit on your time if needed
    Down-selling yourself to pure advisory work

    And a ton of nuance in between.

    Listen in and let me know what you think—did I miss anything important?

    Hit reply and let me know.

    P.S. Need help transitioning into advisory/fractional CXO work? Check out my Paid to Think program or join Mindtrust, the no-brainer group coaching and training program for as little as $63/mo. when you pay annually.

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1 Rating

seanpritzkau ,

Must listen to podcast for consultants and advisors

Kevin is generous with his episodes here, sharing how you can take the skills that you’ve honed through real-life experience and orient your time and offerings to better help others at scale.

I’ve already begun to draft my own methodology and am making adjustments to my business to cater towards guiding others with my thoughts and advice, opposed to doing the work for them.

Once a private podcast – excited to see its now available for all!