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A true crime podcast that ventures into the darkest crimes with a wife who loves it and a husband who hates it.

Murder With My Husband OH NO MEDIA

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A true crime podcast that ventures into the darkest crimes with a wife who loves it and a husband who hates it.

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    166. Sophie Sergie - The Dorm Room Victim

    166. Sophie Sergie - The Dorm Room Victim

    On this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett discuss the murder of college student, Sophie Sergie.



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    Assisted research and writing by Diane Birnholz
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    Dear Daisy, I was almost kidnapped in Italy!

    Dear Daisy, I was almost kidnapped in Italy!

    On this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett read listeners stories they’ve written to Daisy, the MWMH mascot.
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    • 21 min
    165. The Vampire of Sacramento

    165. The Vampire of Sacramento

    Trigger Warning: This case includes graphic detail of mutilation.

    On this episode, Payton and Garrett discuss the serial killer of Sacramento and the brutal slayings he committed.

    Case Sources:
    Vampire: The Richard Chase Murders (2015, WildBlue Press), by Kevin Sullivan

    A Thirst for Blood: The True Story of California's Vampire Killer (2017, Open Road Media), by Lt. Ray Biondi and Walt Hecox



    Newspapers.com sources:


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    164. Ana Walshe - The Ongoing Case

    164. Ana Walshe - The Ongoing Case

    On this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett discuss the ongoing investigation of Ana Walshe and how her husband is being accused of her murder. 

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    Subscriptions Bonus - David Castor

    Subscriptions Bonus - David Castor

    Bonus May episode 1 -

    On this bonus episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett discuss how much money somebody will kill for, addressing the David Castor murder.

    Case Sources:



    Mommy Deadliest (2010, Pinnacle Books), by Michael Benson

    Forensic Files, episode: “Freeze Framed,” aired October 8, 2010, on TruTV


    163. Matthew Leveson - The Palm Tree Mystery feat. Mile Higher

    163. Matthew Leveson - The Palm Tree Mystery feat. Mile Higher

    On this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett are joined by Kendall Rae and Josh from the Mile Higher Podcast to discuss the disappearance of Matthew Leveson.
    Mile Higher Podcast: https://milehigherpodcast.carrd.co/
    MWMH links and socials: https://linktr.ee/murderwithmyhusband

    Case Sources:

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    Assisted research and writing by Diane Birnholz
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    • 1 hr 35 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
12.1K Ratings

12.1K Ratings

shmooppee ,

Love you both and the podcast ❤️

Peyton and Garrett ,
I walk 5-15 miles a day and listen to podcasts religiously, MWMH is MY FAVORITE!!!! I am addicted to true crime , but I have to say that not every true crime podcasts deliver like you both do, Peyton your delivery of how you tell the stories is just phenomenal! Your voice is soothing and I just can’t explain how much I love MWMH. Garrett, I always look forward to your reaction and I have to tell you both that I look forward to my daily walks anyway but listening to you both is just the BEST! Thank you so much 😘😘😘

Sinstina ,

First started on Amazon music AND FINISHED ALL EPISODES

They really make the episodes interesting and relaxing at the same time as well as the respect and in depth research that’s done is so nice to say the least ! I also watched all the you tube content too now I’ve got faces to the voices I love you guys!!!

MylissaR ,

Excessive ads! Immature host..not worth it.

The ads are unbearable!! Excessive!! Wayyyyy too many! I listen to a lot of podcasts and no other podcast devotes such a huge amount of time to ads. It’s way over the line. Absolutely ridiculous! It’s so excessive it makes even minor criticisms of this podcast major. Because with THAT many ads, you better be worth it. But you’re not. You don’t even take the time or make the effort to get 911 calls, interrogation tapes, or interview anyone. You read a written summary, broken up by SO. MANY. ADS!!

Payton, you sound uneducated. How did you end up doing a podcast when you can’t pronounce simple words and often just make words up completely? And please let Garrett talk! You snap at him if he dares ask a question or interject an opinion. All you’re doing is reading a previously written summary so why is he even there if he isn’t allowed to interact? Is it WITH your husband, or do you just want to read your book report to the class? Poor Garrett. You’re not kind to him. Also, please spare us the reading of references. We can find them in the notes if interested. Mostly, get over yourself. You’re not all that. You’re reading a script, can’t pronounce words, often get facts wrong, don’t understand the judicial system, and even misrepresent common laws such as HIPAA. You’ve put in no effort except researching online; no interviews, no recordings, nothing. You’re out of your league, acting like this is Dateline or something.

Garrett, stick up for yourself. I bet you’re aware that the disproportionate amount of ads and subscription tactics are “scammy.” (A word Payton might use right?) This is like a podcast of sponsors with breaks for a story. My God the devotion to ads is excessive! Little bit of a story, now here’s ANOTHER break for six ads. Most podcasts break once with a few ads, maybe twice with fewer ads in the break. You guys have three, four or more breaks with several ads each break! For a story that’s less than an hour!!! You know the loyalty to sponsors over listeners is a losing business model. Stand up to her childish ego and inability to see outside of right now now now!! And, I pay for three subscriptions, but I will not pay for this podcast. You want more money for one podcast than entire collections cost! You’re doing it all wrong. Pushing the envelope. Taking advantage just as far as you possibly can. It’ll implode. Too much too fast. You know she doesn’t get it. Shortsighted risks that can’t be recouped by even more ads. Take a stand. To her and MIL both.

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