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Talking all things money. Maya Fisher-French discusses the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your finances. To join the conversation send me an email via https://mayaonmoney.co.za/contact/

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Talking all things money. Maya Fisher-French discusses the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your finances. To join the conversation send me an email via https://mayaonmoney.co.za/contact/

    Money Bootcamp: Budgeting as a homeowner

    Money Bootcamp: Budgeting as a homeowner

    Welcome to the Santam Insure Your Future Money Bootcamp with Mapalo Makhu and Maya Fisher-French. 

    In this, the third episode in the series, we delve into the financial intricacies of making major purchases, specifically focusing on buying a home and a car. 

    We are joined by Tshiamo, one of our mentees from last year, who shares her eye-opening experience of unexpected costs when purchasing property. From transfer duties and bond initiation fees to the often-overlooked levies and municipal rates, buying a home involves more than just the deposit. 

    We discuss the emotional aspects of home buying, recounting personal stories and offering strategies to manage these significant financial commitments. 

    The episode transitions to the topic of buying a car, stressing the importance of affordability beyond just the monthly instalments. We explain why we advocate for buying second-hand cars, sharing our personal experiences and tips for ensuring you get the best deal without compromising on quality or financial stability.

    Join us as we explore these essential financial topics and share practical advice to help you navigate your money journey. You can access the worksheets under Resources

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    Navigating Tax Season 2024

    Navigating Tax Season 2024

    With SARS announcing the opening of tax season on 15 July, it's crucial to understand the complexities of filing tax returns and how to maximise any tax breaks.

    Joining us to unpack this topic is tax expert Andre Bothma and Poobalan Govender, Acting Head of Old Mutual Rewards, who will explain how Old Mutual Rewards members qualify for discounted rates when using digital tax assistant TaxTim.

    In this podcast Andre Bothma provides essential insights on who should file a tax return and the importance of timely submissions to avoid penalties. He also clarifies the auto assessment process by SARS and the importance of verifying these assessments to ensure all income and deductions are accurately reported. 

    Andre highlights common mistakes people make, such as failing to declare additional income or not keeping a logbook for travel deductions. He also reminds taxpayers of the various deductions available to individuals, such as retirement annuity contributions, travel allowances, and donations to public benefit organisations.

    Poobalan Govender introduces the partnership between Old Mutual Rewards and TaxTim, a digital tax assistant designed to simplify the tax filing process. Members of Old Mutual Rewards can access substantial discounts on TaxTim services, making professional tax assistance affordable and accessible. 

    Poobalan explains the various membership tiers and the corresponding discounts available. Andre also shares his perspective on when to use a digital service like TaxTim versus seeking personalised assistance from a tax practitioner, especially for complex tax situations or future tax planning. 

    Don't leave your tax return to the last minute. Use the resources available, such as TaxTim, to ensure your tax return is accurate and submitted on time. If your tax situation is complex, consider consulting a tax specialist.

    This podcast was sponsored by Old Mutual Rewards

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    Money Bootcamp: Tell your money where to go

    Money Bootcamp: Tell your money where to go

    Are you ready to take control of your financial future? The Santam Insure Your Future Money Bootcamp is here to guide you through a transformative journey that will help you understand and master your finances. Hosted by Maya Fisher-French and Mapalo Makhu, this podcast series is designed to help you build a solid financial foundation, no matter where you are on your money journey.
    In the second episode of the Santam Insure Your Future Money Bootcamp, Mapalo and Maya dive into the topic of budgeting and how taking control of your day-to-day spending can significantly reduce financial anxiety. With real-life anecdotes and practical advice, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain financial clarity and peace of mind.
    Listeners will hear from Thato, who shares how her anxiety around money diminished once she created a budget, and the story of Pam, who discovered she had more money than she realised once she started tracking her expenses. The episode also features a conversation with Sbongile, a mentee from last year’s cohort, who transformed her financial habits and mindset through budgeting.
    Mapalo and Maya discuss different budgeting approaches, including zero-based budgeting and the 50/30/20 rule, emphasising the importance of finding a method that works for your unique lifestyle and financial situation. They also explore the concept of a survival budget and how it can provide a safety net during financial shocks.
    Whether you're new to budgeting or looking to refine your financial strategy, this episode offers valuable insights and practical steps to help you take control of your finances. Download the budget template from our resource page and start tracking your expenses today. Share your experiences with us by sending a voice note to 062-174-0145.

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    Life behind the numbers: Safeguarding your child's education and health

    Life behind the numbers: Safeguarding your child's education and health

    Welcome to "Life behind the Numbers," a Discovery Life podcast series. 

    Host, Maya Fisher-French, together with experts from Discovery Life, delve into the latest trends from Discovery Life claims research, highlighting the need for both physical and financial protection against various risks.

    In this episode, we tackle a topic often overlooked: the importance of child cover and the financial implications of unexpected events affecting our children. Joined by Kashmeera Kanji, Head of Market Analytics and R&D, and Sylvia Steyn, Head of Claims and Servicing, we explore how child insurance can protect against the high costs associated with severe childhood illnesses whilst providing for education costs. 

    Kashmeera and Sylvia share insights on the hidden costs that medical schemes don't cover, such as taking time off work, home adaptations, and special schooling. We discuss real-life examples, like claims for childhood cancers, and the benefits of automatic child severe illness and parent care benefits.

    We also examine the significance of protecting your child's educational future and how Discovery Life's Global Family Coverage and the Global Education Protector benefit ensure that your child's education is funded, even if you are no longer able to provide for it. 

    Sylvia highlights the unique University Funder benefit, which rewards parents for engaging in Vitality by contributing to their child's education costs.

    Finally, we explore the importance of diversifying risk cover, including options for overseas education through the Discovery Dollar Life Plan and the Dollar Global Education Protector. These plans offer higher limits and cover the comprehensive costs of international education, providing peace of mind for parents.

    To learn more about how comprehensive life insurance can protect you and your family, visit the "Covering What You Care About" section on the Discovery Magazine Smart Money Hub at Discovery.co.za. You'll find a wealth of resources to strengthen your financial footing. For more details on Discovery Life's full range of cover benefits, speak directly to a Discovery certified financial advisor.

    This podcast was sponsored by Discovery Life.

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    Money Bootcamp: Money and Emotions

    Money Bootcamp: Money and Emotions

    Created by consumer financial journalist Maya Fisher-French and financial coach Mapalo Makhu, the Santam Insure your Future Money Bootcamp is a podcast designed to help you create your own financial money journey.

    In this special series, we bring you the transformative journey of financial education. Over the next six months, through 13 episodes, we will guide you step-by-step on how to take control of your finances.

    The podcasts will be realised every second week and you can follow the various steps of the money bootcamp with access to the documents and spreadsheets discussed in this podcast which you can fill in as you go along the journey by clicking on this link 

    In this introductory episode, we delve into the relationship between money and emotions. We discuss the fundamental importance of understanding your emotional connection to money as the first step in your financial journey. We share personal anecdotes and insights from our experiences working with individuals who have undergone significant financial transformations.

    Listeners will learn about the various aspects of financial planning that will be covered in future episodes, including budgeting for daily expenses and major life events, managing healthy and unhealthy debt, distinguishing between saving and investing, and understanding life insurance, medical schemes, and retirement planning. Basically, we will cover all of those aspects that you need to put together your own financial plan
    This episode also features a compelling story from Andiswa, who shares how completing a money mindset questionnaire helped her and her husband understand their financial emotions and improve their communication about money. Complete the money mindset questionnaire available under Resources and share your insights.  

    • 24 min
    Bouncing back from divorce

    Bouncing back from divorce

    In this episode of My Money My Lifestyle, host Maya Fisher-French delves into the financial complexities of divorce with financial planner Kirsten Smit of Citadel Investments. They explore the alarming rise in divorces, particularly in the post-Covid era and among those over the age of 50. Kirsten shares insights on the financial upheaval that divorce brings, from splitting assets to managing two households, and the challenges women face during this transition.

    Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of knowing one’s marital regime and the critical need to understand the family’s financial landscape. Kirsten emphasises the necessity of having updated values for assets, understanding liabilities, and the significance of a detailed income statement. The discussion also touches on the often-overlooked expenses and the financial implications of maintaining a family home post-divorce.

    Whether you're contemplating divorce, in the midst of it, or simply want to safeguard your financial future, this episode offers invaluable advice on navigating the financial aspects of divorce. Learn how to create a sound parenting plan, the importance of having life cover, and the role of a financial planner in ensuring a fair and sustainable settlement. Tune in for practical strategies and empowering advice to help you bounce back and secure your financial independence post-divorce.

    • 24 min

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