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New England Hockey Journal’s RinkWise listeners will hear from hockey influencers and leaders at all levels, delivering advice and direction like you’ve never heard before.

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New England Hockey Journal’s RinkWise listeners will hear from hockey influencers and leaders at all levels, delivering advice and direction like you’ve never heard before.

    Tyler Holske on Junior Hockey and College Recruitment

    Tyler Holske on Junior Hockey and College Recruitment

    In this episode of the New England Hockey Journal's RinkWise podcast, hosted by Evan Marinofsky, the guest is Tyler Holske, GM and head coach of the South Shore Kings, 2024 Dineen Cup champ, and assistant GM and director of scouting for the Sioux City Musketeers in the USHL. Tyler discusses balancing multiple roles, the trend of drafting based on player size, and the challenges of transitioning from prep to junior hockey. They delve into the importance of selecting the right time for young players to move to juniors, the significance of game experience for goalies, and the value of division three hockey for player development and education. They also touch on the nuances of college recruitment, the role of practices, the importance of playing minutes, and the vibrant Foxboro Prep League. The episode concludes with 'Overtime,' featuring quotes from hockey legends and discussions on toughness and mistakes in hockey.
    01:23 Discussing the 2024 Draft and New England's Performance
    02:36 The Trend of Size in NHL Drafts
    04:28 Challenges and Decisions in Junior Hockey
    06:39 The Value of Prep School and Junior Hockey Experience
    09:40 Coaching Insights and Player Development
    16:38 The Importance of Division III Hockey
    21:26 College Recruitment and Commitment Challenges
    25:23 The Struggles of Junior Hockey Goalies
    26:09 Importance of Game Time for Goalies
    29:37 Choosing the Right College for Goalies
    32:39 The Foxborough Prep League
    35:28 Overtime: Fun and Insights
    42:49 Conclusion and Farewell

    • 43 min
    BU Coach Jay Pandolfo

    BU Coach Jay Pandolfo

    In this episode of the New England Hockey Journal's Rinkwise podcast, Evan Marinofsky and Patrick Donnelly host Jay Pandolfo, a renowned figure in hockey. The conversation covers Pandolfo's remarkable career trajectory from playing at Burlington High School, BU, and a 13-season stint with the New Jersey Devils. With two Stanley Cups and extensive experience both as a coach and a scout, Pandolfo provides insights into his current role as BU's head coach. Key topics include the evolving landscape of hockey recruitment, the impact of the COVID-19 era on player development, and the challenges of coaching at the collegiate level. Pandolfo also shares his perspectives on the differences in coaching styles over the years and offers advice to young players and their parents about navigating the hockey world.
    00:28 Guest Introduction: Jay Pandolfo
    01:57 The Changing Landscape of College Hockey
    05:20 Recruiting Challenges and Parental Perspectives
    09:06 NIL Impact on College Hockey
    13:16 Personal Reflections and Career Decisions
    20:39 Support System and Staff Contributions
    21:41 Navigating College Hockey and NCAA Changes
    22:07 Transition from NHL to College Coaching
    27:45 Reflections on NHL Career and Winning Stanley Cups
    31:35 Coaching Philosophies and Influences
    32:01 The Role of Communication in Coaching
    38:14 Advice for Hockey Parents
    39:28 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

    • 39 min
    Freddy Meyer on Skill Development

    Freddy Meyer on Skill Development

    The guest is Freddy Meyer, the head boys' coach at Rivers and former NHL player, to discuss various facets of hockey development. Freddy talks about his transition from professional hockey to coaching, emphasizing the importance of fundamental skills and development over strict game planning. He also shares insights on being both a coach and a hockey parent, the impact of social media on skill training, and the significance of a supportive role for parents. The podcast also touches on his experiences playing in the NHL, his thoughts on concussions, and his efforts to promote a high-level summer hockey league.
    00:37 Guest Introduction: Freddy Meyer01:08 Coaching at Rivers and Dream Big Hockey01:32 Middle School Baseball Coaching02:05 Wiffle Ball and Athletic Beliefs02:54 Successful Season Recap04:09 Youth Development and Coaching Philosophy08:24 Transition from Pro Hockey to Coaching12:36 Balancing Development and Game Planning17:26 Skill Development Trends and Social Media Impact23:13 Taking a Risk: Joining the National Program23:23 Adapting to New Competition24:00 Physicality and Penalties in High School and College24:26 Reflecting on Career and Concussions25:08 Changes in Hockey Over Time25:26 Facing Tough Opponents26:17 Memorable Moments and Players29:42 Concussions and Player Safety33:25 Retirement and Transition to Coaching38:01 Advice for Hockey Parents44:46 Promoting Summer Hockey League46:04 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

    • 46 min
    Takeaways From Mass. Hockey Boys Festival

    Takeaways From Mass. Hockey Boys Festival

    In this episode of the New England Hockey Journal's Rinkwise podcast, host Evan Marinofsky is joined by Patrick Donnelly to discuss the recent Mass. Hockey Festival, where they evaluated young hockey talent including the 07s, 08s, and 09s age groups. They explore standout players across various positions, the impact of playing in different competitive environments like prep schools and the MIAA, and the potential for these young athletes to move on to higher levels of play. Additionally, they cover the nuances of scouting and identifying talent in youth hockey, the challenges of evaluating goaltenders in festival settings, and share personal insights on the progression of young players. The conversation also touches on the future of girls prep hockey and the academy model, emphasizing the growth and development of hockey talent in New England.
    01:32 Exploring the World of MIAA Baseball02:07 Hockey Players and Their Spring Sports Choices04:27 Mass. Hockey Festival Highlights and Food Reviews06:44 Deep Dive into the 07s: Prospects and Performances12:56 Spotlight on Standout Defensemen and Surprises19:33 Highlighting Standout Players and Teams20:46 Deep Dive into Forwards and Defensemen Performances22:30 Spotlight on Surprising and Strong Performances24:08 Focusing on the 09s: Future Stars and Development Prospects32:29 Evaluating Defense and Goalie Prospects Among the 09s36:55 Reflections and Insights on Hockey Talent Evaluation

    • 40 min
    Former BC QB & Hockey Dad Scott Mutryn

    Former BC QB & Hockey Dad Scott Mutryn

    Balancing Acts: Parenting, Fan Etiquette, and Navigating Sports Culture
    Former BC QB & Hockey Dad Scott Mutryn provides insights into fostering children's athletic careers, emphasizing the importance of supportive environments and independent decision-making. He also tackles the unwritten rules of sports fandom, from jersey wearing to the contentious debate on leaving games early. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, the discussion covers the emotional depth of being a sports fan and parent, debating the values of staying till the end of a game against practical concerns. 
    01:16 Scott's Journey from Football to Hockey Parent05:30 The Intersection of Football and Hockey in Family Sports18:15 The Importance of Multi-Sport Participation and Specialization Debate23:56 Navigating Youth Hockey and the Impact of Practice Over Games32:23 The Transition from Youth to Prep School Hockey34:29 Navigating the Hockey Community: An Outsider's Perspective34:57 The Allure of Hockey: Physicality, Skill, and Community36:45 Hockey Parenting: Embracing the Journey and Lessons Learned42:06 Youth Sports Philosophy: Enjoyment Over Winning47:46 Navigating Sports Fandom: Rules and Etiquette51:48 The Sports Fan Constitution: Debating the Do's and Don'ts01:02:00 Concluding Thoughts: The Joy and Pain of Being a Sports Fan

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Kent School Coach Dale Reinhardt

    Kent School Coach Dale Reinhardt

    Hosts Evan Marinofsky and Patrick Donnelly chat with Kent head coach Dale Reinhardt about the transition from hockey season to school responsibilities, the recruitment process for student-athletes, and the importance of choosing the right path for youth hockey players. The coach shares insights on balancing sports and academia, the evolving landscape of hockey recruitment, and stories from his coaching career to illustrate the journey of developing players. The discussion also touches upon the benefits of multi-sport participation, the impact of the transfer portal and NCAA changes on recruitment, and personal anecdotes from Reinhardt’s playing and coaching career to shed light on the realities of youth hockey development and recruitment.
    00:59 Life After Hockey Season: Transition and Activities01:48 Recruitment and Changes in Hockey Culture at Kent03:01 Balancing Sports and Specialization in Youth Hockey13:21 The Journey from Youth Hockey to Coaching19:57 Reflecting on Youth Hockey and the Shift in Team Loyalty23:40 Exploring a Player's Season and Mental Growth24:51 The Importance of Personalized Paths in Hockey27:00 Navigating Junior Hockey and College Commitments28:26 The Evolution of Prep Hockey and Recruitment Strategies34:47 Adapting to Changes in the College Recruitment Process38:00 Guidance for Players Choosing Junior Leagues and Future Prospects

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Rinnie1989 ,

Solid Podcast

As a former prep player and Select 15 and 16 Team New England participant, I can say that this podcast is informative and accurate. The interviewer (Cox, I believe) asks well thought out and in depth questions that reveal behind the scenes information that can be helpful for young players and parents alike. It’s not always easy, several players and coaches that Cox interviews, often times have canned and formulaic answers that can make conversations feel empty and dry. Probably the interview that I enjoyed most was with Milton Academy head, Coach Paul Cannata, who is a professional in every way.

Schembo88 ,

Hockey Movie must see

Mystery Alaska

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