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Conversation with and about female farmers.

Not The Farmers Wife CJ Steedman

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Conversation with and about female farmers.

    Episode 5 - Chickens - The Gateway Drug to Homesteading

    Episode 5 - Chickens - The Gateway Drug to Homesteading

    CJ discusses the chickens and how they are an entry point for homesteading.

    They don't require much space, they are very easy to care for, you get an immediate return on your efforts and these little dinos are really friendly and social.

    They really are the simplest way to start your journey into homesteading and producing your own food!

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    Episode 4 - Interview with My Kids

    Episode 4 - Interview with My Kids

    In this episode, CJ interviews her daughter and son, MJ and OJ, about their thoughts on farming and living in a rural environment. The kids speak freely about the things they love and hate about living on a farm.

    They discuss the move, schooling, animals, sad moments and the happy ones. They also say what advice they would give to other kids moving to a farm.

    They also discuss processing our first meat birds and being involved in that process.

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    Episode 3 - Motherhood and Farming

    Episode 3 - Motherhood and Farming

    CJ talks this week about what it's like to have kids on the farm and what that means for both mother and children. She covers having kids doing chores and the good and bad of the life cycle.

    Sometimes farming and motherhood is hard, but motherhood is hard anyway so you just have to pick your version of hard. Knowing that they understand where their food comes from and the process to get food to the table is going to serve them well in life.

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    Episode 2 - History of Women in Farming

    Episode 2 - History of Women in Farming

    In this episode, CJ discusses the history of women in farming and the reasons for their underrepresentation.

    We cover

    why women have always been farmers even if they weren't counted,
    the roles women play on the farm
    in times of need women have learned what was needed
    the "alternative lifestyle" movement or hippies
    where women are going from here

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    Episode 1 - My Background

    Episode 1 - My Background

    In this episode, CJ talks about how she became interested in farming and her background in working with animals. 

    From city kid to farm kid, doing correspondence schooling and milking cows. CJ had to adapt quickly to the family move. And what kid would not want to care for and manage a paddock full of animals?  

    CJ talks about growing up and away from farming as she travelled and worked overseas, before returning to Australia to start her family. 

    That's when she knew she had to return to her life on the land. 

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    Introduction - 0

    Introduction - 0

    Welcome to Not The Farmers Wife, a podcast for female farmers, girls who grow and homesteading women. No matter if you are in an urban block or on 100 acres, there is something here for all of you. This is our introduction episode. Hear about CJ and why she had to build Mojo Homestead. Discover why she is trying to farm full-time and her passion for regenerative agriculture. CJ believes everyone should grow their own food, even if they are on a small urban block. You can visit Mojo Homestead to see what's happening on the farm and download your free 7 Must Knows to Keeping Backyard Chickens here https://www.mojohomestead.net/7mustknows Thank you so much for listening. I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together today. If you did I be so grateful if you left me a review, I would absolutely love you to tag me in your next post on your favourite socials at either Not The Farmers Wife or Mojo Homestead. And remember grow the life you want to live. See ya.

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