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The podcast that features visionary leaders who are creating the regenerative, inclusive, local food economy we need to meet the challenge of climate change.

Nourish by MN350 MN350

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The podcast that features visionary leaders who are creating the regenerative, inclusive, local food economy we need to meet the challenge of climate change.

    Season 2 Recap: Lessons from our Visionary Leaders

    Season 2 Recap: Lessons from our Visionary Leaders

    For our final episode of Season 2, we take a look back at the stories we’ve shared over the past 15 episodes. Host Sarah Riedl sits down with episode creators Marita Bujold, Lisa Chou, and Eli Crain to discuss the lessons learned from listening to the leaders of Minnesota’s transition to a just food future. 
    Featured Guests: Our MN350 Volunteers! 
    Marita Bujold - Creator of The Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill 
    Lisa Chou - Lead Organizer for MN350’s Food Systems Team
    Eli Crain - Assistant Producer of Nourish by MN350

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    In Transition

    In Transition

    In this episode of Nourish by MN350, host Jeff Diamond explores the future of agriculture with Mhonpaj Lee, an organic farmer, real estate agent, and food advocate within the Hmong community in Minnesota. Mhonpaj and her mother run “Mhonpaj’s Garden," a family organic farm focused on instruction, collaboration, and community support. Mhonpaj talks about her family’s journey into the world of regenerative agriculture, as well as her own journey.
    Mhonpaj shares her perspectives on the challenges faced by young farmers and farmers of color, as well as her reasons for hope. Part of the solution lies in programs such as Big River Farms, an incubator run by The Food Group that teaches organic farming to people from historically underrepresented communities, and food hubs such as The Good Acre, which connects local food producers to the Twin Cities food system. Mhonpaj believes replicating these types of programs with resources from the Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill (HF1332 / SF1580) should be a priority for our state legislators.

    Full transcript available here.

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    A Return To Vibrancy

    A Return To Vibrancy

    In this episode of Nourish by MN350, host Eli Crain talks with Matt Maier, owner/founder of Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, and Laura Schreiber of The Land Stewardship Project.
    Matt founded Thousand Hills with the vision of rescuing the U.S. food system from collapse by implementing regenerative agriculture practices on family farms nationwide. Using practices that increase soil fertility, biodiversity, water retention, and soil carbon sequestration, Thousand Hills has a goal of converting 1,000,000 acres from extractive conventional ag practices to holistic regenerative grazing practices by 2025.
    Laura is a policy organizer with The Land Stewardship Project, mobilizing around a collective vision that includes a just food and farm system, a healthy landscape, thriving small and mid-sized farms, just and prosperous communities, and a flourishing democracy. LSP is celebrating recent wins at the Capitol, including $5.35 million to get more soil-healthy farming practices onto the landscape - effectively taking soil health from non-existent to a top issue in the 2021 Minnesota legislative agenda.
    This conversation with writer, producer, and host Eli Crain is redolent with information to aid farmers and eaters at all stages with how to take care of the land for better climate health.
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    An Irreplaceable Treasure

    An Irreplaceable Treasure

    A major problem with expanding regenerative agriculture in Minnesota is the lack of infrastructure to support farmers who want to opt-out of the industrial food chain. And despite a lot of buzzwords to make consumers think they’re buying a quality product, the truth is that finding food that meets our health and ethical standards is a challenge. 
    This episode of Nourish by MN350  was written, produced, and hosted by Food Systems activist Eli Crain. “An Irreplaceable Treasure” features Jack McCann of TC Farm, whose cooperative-style food group connects local producers directly to consumers who value transparency in their food system. Elizabeth O'Sullivan of Auntie Annie’s Fields shares how working in partnership with TC Farm allows her to produce food in a way that reflects her values and still focuses on what she loves about the job: tending to the land and the animals she treasures.

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    A Healing Path

    A Healing Path

    This week on Nourish by MN350, volunteer host and architect of the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill (HF1332/SF1580), Marita Bujold, welcomes two members of the Red Lake Nation, Robert Blake and David Manuel. 
    Robert is the founder and director of Solar Bear and Native Sun Community Power.*
    David Manuel co-directs the tribe’s food sovereignty initiative. 

    Together with their community, they are pursuing local energy and food sovereignty as a pathway to climate resiliency and freedom from the extractive fossil fuel and industrial food economies imposed by colonization.
    Armed with a fierce commitment to care for Turtle Island (earth) and guided by traditional native wisdom, this community is collaborating with other tribal communities to create a promising, healing and enduring future.
    Our listeners cannot fail to be inspired by the courageous leadership and transformative, local energy and food economy being shaped by Robert, David and our brothers and sisters of the Red Lake Nation. 

    *Solar Bear is the first native-owned solar installation company. Native Sun Community Power
    is a native run, non-profit organized to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and a just transition through education, workforce training and demonstration.

    Learn how the economy created by the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill. (HF1332/SF1580) will yield abundant sources of food, clean water, capture carbon and nurture the health and well being of all communities. 

    Take heart. By following the proven leaders, our communities can create the resilient food economy we need for living sustainably.  

    Read a one page description of the economic resiliency program

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    Conductors of the Symphony

    Conductors of the Symphony

    In this episode, we focus on the foodservice industry and the impact that the choices of restaurant owners can have on our food system and our communities. Host Jeff Diamond speaks with Dean Engelmann, co-owner of Wise Acre Eatery, and Arie Peisert, owner of Northern Fires Pizza, both located in Minneapolis. Dean discusses his path towards rediscovering his roots in farming and using his farm to help source his Eatery, and Arie talks about his journey to the Minnesota local food scene, which started in San Francisco through the Alice Waters restaurant tree and included a stop in Rome. Both discuss the value of sourcing through local, sustainable farms, the benefits of agriculture focused on healthy soils, how food waste impacts the food system and the importance of fair treatment of employees in the industry. 

    A full transcript is available here. 

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5.0 out of 5
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10 Ratings

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Awesome work from MN350. Eli is a great host as well

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