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The podcast that features visionary leaders who are creating the regenerative, inclusive, local food economy we need to meet the challenge of climate change.

Nourish by MN350 MN350

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The podcast that features visionary leaders who are creating the regenerative, inclusive, local food economy we need to meet the challenge of climate change.

    How Farmers are Adapting to Climate Change

    How Farmers are Adapting to Climate Change

    In this episode of Nourish by MN350, Mary Clare McAleer and Shannon Lippke speak with longtime farmer and MN350 board member Kurt Kimber, and University of Minnesota professor and Director of Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP), Dr. Kathryn Draeger. Together with Sarah Riedl, they discuss what climate change looks and feels like in Minnesota, and how farmers are adapting (for better or worse) to weather extremes and growing stress on local and global food systems.
    - Learn more about the University of Minnesota Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP) HERE. 
    - Check out the UMN Forever Green Initiative to learn more about Kernza® and other crops HERE. Mind blown? Roam the field of this perennial grain even further HERE. 
    -We need you at the polls! (Yes, you!) Visit the MN350 Action 2022 Candidate Endorsements Page to find climate champions running for office at all levels of government.
    Learn more about this show at MN350Action.org/podcasts 
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    The Ripple Effect

    The Ripple Effect

    In this episode of Nourish by MN350, Sarah Riedl, Cassie Hagen, and Lisa Chou talk about how partnerships between small businesses, non-profits, and government entities have been successful at reducing food waste in Minnesota. Amazing leaders like Dan Swenson-Klatt from Butter Bakery and Leslie Duling-McCollam from Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy discuss inspiring examples of the kinds of partnership we need more of, how they’ve been part of MN350’s Clean Plate Club campaign, and the challenges we still face towards achieving a waste-free future, plus lots of ways listeners like you can take action.

    Learn more about MN350’s Clean Plate Club campaign at https://mn350.org/clean-plate-club/.
    You can find Dan’s Butter Bakery blog at https://butterbakerycafe.com/blog.
    The R&E BizRecycling Program info can be found at https://bizrecycling.com
    See these resources to find out more about the federal legislation discussed in the episode:
    Food Date Labeling ActFood Donation Improvement ActIf you’d like to get involved in the Food Waste team, email cassie.hagen@mn350.org.
    You can find a full transcript here.

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    Update: East Phillips Neighborhood Institute

    Update: East Phillips Neighborhood Institute

    SUNDAY, MAY 22: Join the East Phillips Neighborhood for a community meeting from 1-3pm on Sunday May 22 at 2307 17th Ave S, Minneapolis, to find out how you can get involved!

    In this episode, MN350 volunteer Jeff Diamond is back with an update on our friends at the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI) and their ongoing fight against the City of Minneapolis to preserve the community's vision for the future of their neighborhood: a model of health, sustainability, and a good life for all in generations to come.

    What Can You Do?
    VIEW Information Flyer HERE. Print and share with neighbors and friends!
    SIGN the Change.org petition supporting the East Phillips Urban Farm at http://chng.it/nmKXM5Vkfx
    PRINT and send postcards to Minneapolis City Council:  click here.
    VOLUNTEER! We host meetings every Wednesday evening open to all! Contact vital.joe12@gmail.com to get involved and visit epnifarm.org for more information.
    DONATE to our legal fund stopping environmental racism in East Phillips at gf.me/u/y65d87 
    FOLLOW US on Instagram: @eastphillipsurbanfarm, Facebook: @eastphillipsneighborhood, our website: epnifarm.org, and our mailing list to stay informed!
    POST on social media to raise awareness! Tag your local officials and tag #EPNIUrbanFarm .

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    Classrooms, Community, and Cafeterias

    Classrooms, Community, and Cafeterias

    In this episode of Nourish by MN350, Sarah Riedl, Lisa Chou, and Aaron Dreyling explore the intersections of plant-rich diets and public schools. Hear from Kate Seybold, Regional Marketing Specialist with the MN Dept of Ag (and former Minneapolis Public Schools Farm to School Coordinator), and Jodi Gruhn, Wholesome Minnesota Coordinator with Compassionate Action for Animals, as they balance the struggles schools have faced through the pandemic alongside the solutions that sourcing locally and focusing on plant-rich menu items offer for a better future for our children.

    See these resources to learn more:
    MN350’s Advancing DefaultVeg pledgeUMN Extension Farm to School website

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    From Seed to Table

    From Seed to Table

    In urban and rural communities, a variety of local food initiatives emerged in response to the absence of a just, responsive, and sustainable food economy. In this episode, Nourish by MN350 introduces one of the gems in that collection. Urban Roots is a community-based youth leadership initiative located on St. Paul’s Eastside. In this conversation, Urban Roots’ staff members Saba Andualem and Skyler Hawkins join Marita Bujold, founder of Just Food and Water, to share memorable stories from the gardens, kitchens, and markets where Urban Roots creates a vital role for youth to play in their community.
    Since 1997,Urban Roots has provided year-round paid internships for youth ages 14-24 to participate in their Market Garden, Cook Fresh, and Conservation Programs. 
    Together, these programs offer a learning environment in every season designed to nurture leadership, entrepreneurial and life skills. Working in partnership with the diverse community, Urban Roots is nurturing tomorrow’s leaders for the just, responsive, and sustainable food economy we need to create together. 

    CLUES -Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (Communities United in Service)
    Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill (HF1332/SF1580)
    Lachelle Cunningham

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    Nurturing Community and Healing the Land

    Nurturing Community and Healing the Land

    In this episode of Nourish by MN350, architect of the  Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill (HF1332/SF1580), Marita Bujold interviews community and food justice organizer, Zoe Holloman to learn about the leadership role that the Midwest Farmers of Color Collective (MFCC) is playing to shape the just, responsive, and sustainable food and farming system we need as a foundation for resilient regional economies. 
    The Midwest Farmers of Color Collective emerged in early 2020 from conversations beginning in 2018 when a group of BIPOC famers gathered to discern their needs and the role they could play together. During their brief existence, Zoe and her colleagues at MFCC have organized many social, economic, and political opportunities for BIPOC farmers to meet the challenges of the time. 
    In this conversation it becomes clear that the Collective’s work of nurturing community and healing the land is grounded in the understanding that our path forward must be defined by racial, economic, and environmental justice. Listeners will find themselves accepting Zoe’s gracious invitation to share the work to make that future possible. 
    Find the full transcript here.

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5.0 out of 5
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14 Ratings

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Awesome work from MN350. Eli is a great host as well

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