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"NoVA Weekend Warriors" featuring tips for and interviews with the Weekend Warriors of Northern Virginia: runners, cyclists, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts! Learn from some of the awesome and amazing locals in our area about their path to fitness, why they do what they do, the challenges and the victories!

NoVA Weekend Warriors Meg Donnelly, LMT

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"NoVA Weekend Warriors" featuring tips for and interviews with the Weekend Warriors of Northern Virginia: runners, cyclists, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts! Learn from some of the awesome and amazing locals in our area about their path to fitness, why they do what they do, the challenges and the victories!

    Myth Busting: Water, Hydration, Muscles and Massage (Blog Audio Version)

    Myth Busting: Water, Hydration, Muscles and Massage (Blog Audio Version)

    You might have heard the old myth that the way a muscle feels or its tonicity, is an indicator of dehydration. Or maybe you’ve heard that water is required post massage to help flush out the system. Well, the good news is… that is not the case. Neither is true. Let's explore why and/or how these myths might have come about and what we can focus on instead!

    Read this blog post in it’s written format, access transcription at: https://www.novaweekendwarriors.com/post/massagemythbusting

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    Finding Community through Volleyball with the Northern Virginia Volleyball League

    Finding Community through Volleyball with the Northern Virginia Volleyball League

    Prior to the pandemic in January 2020, Meg met with Shirali Shah Trietley, founder of the Northern Virginia Volleyball League along with some of the coaches and players of the league.

    Since taping, Shirali has since moved on to other exciting adventures and the league has morphed and taking on a new name, a new location and new leadership (which will will hear all about in Season 3)! But in the meantime, this "lost episode" has great information for those interested in getting started with volleyball, looking to return to the sport, or just looking to find community! So excited to share this awesome conversation with the awesome women of the (former) Northern Virginia Volleyball League.

    And if listening inspires you to connect with the new league, don't wait until Season 3! Reach out to Meg at novaweekendwarriors.com and she'll get you in touch with Holly, who's heading up the new league and who is featured on this episode as well!

    Full show notes, video versions of this episode and audio transcription available at: https://www.novaweekendwarriors.com/post/volleyball

    • 27 min
    Try a Tri with Team FeXY

    Try a Tri with Team FeXY

    Think triathlons are just for elite athletes? Think again! Team FeXY President Kristine Wooten and Team FeXY member Dr. Dan Trexler join Meg to discuss their experiences training and competing in triathlons with Team FeXY.

    Full show notes and transcripts available at: https://novaweekendwarriors.com/podcast

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    Massage in a Time of COVID-19?

    Massage in a Time of COVID-19?

    A quick note: Many times I sign off with "enjoy each new challenge that comes your way. Well for this episode, my greatest challenge was the audio. For a few of us on the panel it is ummm.... problematic.... this week. But the content is really, really great, so I hope you stick it out. For future recordings, I'm working on an alternative video platform and more importantly, my replacement mic will be in any day now. So you'll still be hearing my accent, but it will be a little less grating Thanks so sticking it out for this episode!
    * * *
    Description: As I continue to weigh the risks and benefits of massage while deciding whether or not to see client's in person, I was finding many massage group discussions remained polarized, with opposite sides (remain closed until a vaccine or see us as essential and allow us to practice without restriction). But I find the majority of us lie somewhere in between those two sides. Many times the debate comes down to 3 words "Do No Harm".

    In this episode, we speak to 4 massage therapists about how they've unpacked the role of "Do No Harm" as a massage therapist during the pandemic. We'll find out their interpretation, how or if it has affected whether they are (or plan to) see clients in person. We'll discuss other considerations that each massage therapist should look at as we each make our own decision. And the importance of critical thinking and decision making.

    Special thanks to each of my guests:

    4:57 Allissa Haines with Haines Massage https://www.hainesmassage.com and Massage Business Blueprint https://www.massagebusinessblueprint.com
    (Side note: You can also join Massage Business Blueprint through my affiliate link if you want to help me earn some sweet non-monetary perks )

    16:05 Cal Cates with Healwell https://www.healwell.org

    26:20 Tania Velasquez with Pinpoint Education https://pinpointeducation.com and OPEN Bodywork https://openbodywork.com

    42:22 Jeffrey Montoya with Milwaukee Reiki http://milwaukeereiki.org and Academy of Health http://academyh.org/

    Resources discussed:

    1:20 ABMP COVID-19 Resources

    1:32 Massage Business Blueprint Interview with Ruth Werner:

    1:50 Healwell COVID-19 Resources

    25:10 The age of judgement: the psychology behind judgemental behaviour during the pandemic https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/culture/a32891331/psychology-behind-judgemental-behaviour-during-pandemic/

    47:23 Traditional Principles of Ethics https://www.atrainceu.com/content/3-language-bioethics

    57:13 First, Do No Harm (Oops, the article was at Harvard Health Publishing, not The Lancet) https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/first-do-no-harm-201510138421

    57:53 ABMP Code of Ethics https://www.abmp.com/abmp-code-ethics

    1:02:44 Hold the Hot Potato T-Shirt https://www.bonfire.com/holdthehotpotato/

    1:02:44 Healwell's Worst Game Ever (Hold the Hot Potato) a href="https://www.healwell.org/blog/worst-game-ever/"...

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    Open Communication: A Candid Conversation about Race, Bias and Cultural Competency

    Open Communication: A Candid Conversation about Race, Bias and Cultural Competency

    On the anniversary of our co-authored blog post on misconceptions surrounding modesty and the muslim faith in regards to massage, Cordelia Gaffar guest hosts a special episode of NoVA Weekend Warriors where we discuss race, diversity and culture candidly and openly with a group of participants who share their experiences, questions and thoughts... with a goal of bringing us together through exploring our differences and listening experiences other than our own.

    A note from Meg: I understand that 1 hour 15 minutes may seem like a long time. But if you are unable to take that amount of time in one sitting, I understand. I then, ask of you, to save the link and visit the discussion in bite size increments over the next few days. Or feel free to listen to the podcast version so you can easily stop and come back to it (link will be provided on Friday afternoon). Like many conversations, the toughest parts may happen for you later in the episode... and while sometimes cringe worthy, I think they are important. We are in a unique time were we are no longer sweeping things under the table. We are finally addressing them, understanding the consequences of our actions and doing the work to do better. My hope is that this conversation works towards that goal.

    A special thank you to today's guest host Cordelia Gaffar.
    Learn more about Cordelia Gaffar and her work at: cordeliagaffar.com

    Resources referenced in today's session:

    Self Reflections on Injustice by Cordelia Gaffar

    4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Hijacking the Conversation on Racial Justice

    Let's get to the root of racial injustice | Megan Ming Francis | TEDxRainier

    White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Nation's Divide

    What Beyonce Taught Me About Race | Brittany Barron | TEDxPasadenaWomen

    Choosing Love over Anger

    Using the Power of Play to Create Love

    Akala at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

    White Fragility by Dr. Robin DiAngelo

    How to Be Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

    Race, Diversity and Cultural Competency Resources for Massage Therapists and Fitness Professionals
    a href="https://www.massagetherapybymeg.com/post/race-diversity-and-cultural-competency-resources-for-massage-therapists"...

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Ask An Epidemiologist with Dr. Recinda Sherman

    Ask An Epidemiologist with Dr. Recinda Sherman

    In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Recinda Sherman, an epidemiologist, to discuss some critical questions for health, wellness and fitness professions to consider. (Time stamped questions listed below).

    Recording Date: 5/24/2020

    Please note today's discussion focuses only on one of the avenues to explore when deciding on reopening dates and plans. Health, wellness and fitness professionals also need to weigh ethical considerations. "Do No Harm", code of ethics by profession, and the same ethical actions we would take under other circumstances where there is a possibility of comprising a client's health, still need to be considered.

    Disclaimer: Today's content is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice, medical or otherwise. The views of guests in each episode are solely their own. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical conditions or care.

    6:50 To start can you tell me a little about what Epidemiologists do?

    13:55 What are some of your favorite resources for us to easily learn the epidemiology of COVID-19?

    22:34 Can people who have antibodies be protected themselves from reinfection but still be carriers and spread to other? Do we know yet how long antibodies protect someone?

    25:43 I’ve seen research on hard surface fomites, ranging from 8 hours on chrome to 5 days on wood. But I haven’t seen any research on fabrics?

    28:02 I’ve seen estimates all over the place in regards to the effectiveness of cloth masks in regards to COVID-19.

    38:03 How dangerous is removing clothes over your head or wearing “buffs” as masks?

    40:54 Should curtains, rugs, lampshades and other fabric surfaces that cannot be laundered between each interaction be removed?

    44:44 What role do HVAC units play in the spread of droplets? (Updated: bit.ly/updatesaskanepi)

    48:04 If transmission is primarily coming from respiratory droplets, in careers that cannot keep a 6 foot or more distance, how does closer contact change our risk? Does amount of time matter?

    49:57 We are hearing that people are testing positive many weeks after diagnosed and have complications much longer than 14 days. How confident are we that the virus is contagious for only 14 days?

    52:53 Please note the head to toe map of COVID-19 symptoms mentioned here was mistakenly attributed to John Hopkins University. The graphic provided sources (including JHU), but did not provide any citations. As an alternative, this Washington Post article provides a body map: bit.ly/covidbodymap

    55:38 Is there a possibility that COVID-19 becomes like the seasonal flu where we may have to guess the strain seasonally for an annual vaccine?

    58:39 How does the size and circulation of air flow in a room affect COVID-19 transmission?

    1:02:08 It is sometimes recommended to air rooms out between clients by opening windows and doors. Does this potentially run the risk of “kicking up” virus particles from surfaces into the air”? If you do not have a room with windows, would additional time between clients allow droplets to settle? (Updated: bit.ly/updatesaskanepi)

    1:05:55 What is the risk of viral shed through touching someone else’s skin? Or is it truly more about respiratory droplets due to close contact?

    1:09:03 Many of our surfaces are somewhere in between porous and non porous, a good example being stretch pleather covers for our tables. These are recommended to be cleaned with EPA-disinfectants but does the combination of pleather and stretch make them more susceptible to collecting germs and viruses?

    1:10:21 For massage, some of us practice ashiatsu or barefoot massage,...

    • 1 hr 32 min

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Purse Process ,

Inspiration and Movivation for NOVA!

I love how Meg's guests always have some new and interesting take on their approcah to fitness! Plus, I get to learn about all sorts of group fitness activities happening in the area that I never would have known about. It's fun to learn about what the guests are passionate about besides working out as well.

jerseypo ,

Great pod cast

Very informative and interesting health and fitness issues discussed.

mtecson ,

Great podcast and to the point

Good fitness-related podcast. I especially love that it's only 20 minutes or less.

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