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Podcasts, Shortcasts, and Interviews from environmental and animal welfare campaigners Charlie Moores and Dominic Dyer.

Off the Leash Charlie Moores and Dominic Dyer

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Podcasts, Shortcasts, and Interviews from environmental and animal welfare campaigners Charlie Moores and Dominic Dyer.

    Interview #30 Dr Carol Treasure | XCellR8 and non-animal testing

    Interview #30 Dr Carol Treasure | XCellR8 and non-animal testing

    A conversation with a pioneer of non-animal testing Dr Carol Treasure. Carol is a founder of XCellR8, a laboratory exclusively devoted to animal-free safety and efficacy tests for the cosmetics, personal care and chemical industries. XCellR8’s clients include high street retail brands, large ingredient manufacturers and fast growth SMEs. 
    Many of XCellR8’s tests are for moisturisers, soaps and shampoos – in fact, if you use a product from Lush, chances are its components were tested for how they will react with your skin by Carol and her team right here in the north of England…
    There are two parts to our chat: the first takes place in the XCellR8 lab itself, and the second in a much quieter meeting room upstairs. We cover quite a range of issues ranging from the ethical to the scientific and the commercial – all with Carol’s good humour and infectious enthusiasm to the fore.
    But first of all, let’s get over that tricky first introduction…
    Website https://x-cellr8.comDonate - https://x-cellr8.com/about-xcellr8/donate-to-xcellr8/Twitter - https://twitter.com/XCellR8_LabsFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/XCellR8Carol on Twitter - https://twitter.com/DrCarolTreasureAnne-Marie Barton 24hr Crate of Loneliness - https://www.gofundme.com/f/24hr-crate-of-lonelinessFRAME website – https://frame.org.ukAnimal Aid - https://www.animalaid.org.uk/

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Shortcast #86 Off the Leash | Pro-hunt supporters and intimidation

    Shortcast #86 Off the Leash | Pro-hunt supporters and intimidation

    Charlie Moores and Dominic Dyer discuss attempts  by fox-hunting supporters. to intimidate activists. It's nothing new of course, but it should always be called out. In this particular instance, fox hunting supporters are making threats towards a hotel in Peterborough where the League Against Cruel Sports is hosting their next Enough is Enough event on June 17th and at which Dominic will be speaking...

    Register for free for ‘Enough is Enough’ at The Bull Hotel and Conference Centre, Peterborough, June 17th starting at 19:00.League Against Cruel Sports Website and Twitter feed

    • 11 min
    Interview #29 Sophie Pavelle | Forget Me Not

    Interview #29 Sophie Pavelle | Forget Me Not

    "I've tried to write the book that I felt I needed to read when I was younger, but I hope it appeals to all age groups." Trust me Sophie, it does...
    A conversation with zoologist and science communicator Sophie Pavelle, about her first book, Forget Me Not, which is subtitled “Finding the forgotten species of climate change Britain”.
    We spoke shortly before Forget Me Not’s launch date and discussed what the book is about, Sophie’s modern and fresh writing style (a style that I think makes her a unique and very important voice), and the lessons she’d learnt travelling the length and breadth of Britain looking for species ranging from seagrass and salmon to Mountain Hares and Marsh Fritillaries. 
    I began though by asking Sophie about something she’d said in the epilogue to Forget Me Not that had really caught my attention: “Thank you to Dr Ruth Tingay for lifting me away from the dreaded imposter syndrome”. Sophie has packed a massive amount into a very short time. She’s a presenter, a writer, an ambassador for the Wildlife Trusts, sits on the RSPB Advisory Committee for England, has done an enormous hike for charity, and was now being published by Bloomsbury! In what sense, I asked her, could she possibly be called an ‘imposter’ – an overachiever perhaps, but not an imposter...?

    Bloomsbury Publishing Forget Me Not (Available from 09 June 2022)Sophie Pavelle Instagram and Twitter feedsBeaver Trust Website and Twitter feed

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    The Off the Leash Podcast 3.7

    The Off the Leash Podcast 3.7

    In the latest episode of The Off the leash Podcast Charlie Moores and Dominic Dyer look at the latest on the badger cull - in other words, a climbdown by Defra; the findings of the Foreign Affairs Committee on Afghanistan & Nowzad - basically the most senior civil servants were found to be uncooperative and evasive; Dominic’s upcoming documentary which starts filming very soon; but we start with the submission Dominic and Born Free made to the EFRA Committee (the committee which examines the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and its associated public bodies) on trade with the Faroes in relation to the Grind and the slaughter of pilot whales and other marine mammals - total trade in goods and services (exports plus imports) between the UK and Faroe Islands was a staggering £881 million in the four quarters to the end of Q4 2021, an increase of 90.3% or £418 million from the four quarters to the end of Q4 2020!
    Gov Committee Role - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs CommitteeSea Shepherd Operation Bloody Fjords 2022DTI Trade and Investment Factsheets Faroe Islands (May 2022)Gov Committee Missing in action: UK leadership and the withdrawal from Afghanistan (May 2022)Vet Record Analysis of the impact of badger culling on bovine tuberculosis in cattle in the high-risk area of England, 2009–2020Off the Leash Interview #23 Tom Langton and Dr Mark Jones | Badger Culling ResearchOff the Leash Interview #27 Keep the Ban | Skydiving to Expose CubbingShit Lawns Twitter feedOff the Leash Interview #25 Saffron Gloyne | Animal Welfare Party Candidate 

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    Interview #28 Stephen Moss | Somerset Levels Super National Nature Reserve

    Interview #28 Stephen Moss | Somerset Levels Super National Nature Reserve

    "As one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, Britain has a long way to go. Somerset’s super nature reserve is a great start; but it must also be an opportunity to change the way we regard and manage the countryside for the 21st century." (Stephen Moss, Observer Comment,  22 May 22)

    A conversation with birder, award-winning author, bird tour leader, BAFTA award-winning television producer, a stalwart of the British Birdfair, President of the Somerset Wildlife Trust, teacher of an MA in Travel and Nature Writing at Bath Spa University -  and journalist - Stephen Moss. 

    Stephen and I have been talking about having a chat for a podcast for a while but when I heard last week that Natural Egland and the government had declared a new 'super National Nature Reserve' on the Somerset Levels - which is right on Stephen's doorstep - and moments later read an Observer Comment piece online written by him on this exact same subject ( that quote at the start of this podcast came from that piece) - well, the stars had surely aligned! Just days later we met up at the RSPB's Ham Wall reserve - part of The Somerset Wetlands National Nature Reserve, famed for its huge wintering starling flocks and for being the first reserve in climate-change Britain where three previously vagrant heron species - great white egret, cattle egret, and little bittern - have all bred. 

    So what is a 'super national nature reserve', what function should sites like this have in terms of conservation, public access, and public good, do conservation organisations develop wetland sites like Ham Wall because they're powerless to halt climate change, and will I be able to edit a recording where we were constantly interrupting ourselves to look at Marsh Harriers and Bitterns? 

    I'll give it a go...

    Stephen Moss Website and Twitter feedObserver Comment This ‘super reserve’ is not just for the birds (Stephen MossGovernment press-release New ‘super’ National Nature Reserve created to protect rare wildlife (19 May 22)RSPB Reserves Ham WallFor more audio - and blogs -  on wildlife, animal rights, and the environment, please go to offtheleash.substack.com

    • 49 min
    Interview #27 Keep the Ban | Skydiving to Expose Cubbing

    Interview #27 Keep the Ban | Skydiving to Expose Cubbing

    A conversation with pro-wildlife campaigner Rob Pownall, founder of Keep the Ban.
     We’re talking shortly before Rob jumps out of an aeroplane 10000’ above the Kent countryside to raise funds for a very special project to raise public awareness about one of fox hunting’s dirtiest secrets – cubbing. Cubbing, as you’ll hear us discuss, is a disgusting form of animal abuse, a wildlife crime where – to put it simply - fox hunters train their hounds by setting them on fox cubs. Rob is absolutely determined – and I’m absolutely determined with him – to talk about this issue so much and in so many spaces that – eventually – there will not be a single member of the public who doesn’t know what cubbing is and who doesn’t want it stopped…
    Crowdfunder Rob’s Skydive to Expose CubbingKeep the Ban Website and Twitter feedCharlie Moores Shortcast #34 Cubbing

    • 25 min

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