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Owen and Duncan talk wrestling.

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Owen and Duncan talk wrestling.

    ONW - EP 211 - Praying For Drew, Full Gear Reviews, and War Series Survivor Games

    ONW - EP 211 - Praying For Drew, Full Gear Reviews, and War Series Survivor Games

    On this episode of ONW, Jay and Matthew meander through today's wrestling landscape as they give their AEW Full Gear reviews and Survivor Series Predictions. The good brothers also discuss how important it is that everyone should be praying for Drew McIntyre but (and we can't stress this enough) not clicking on any links he sends your way. 

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    ONW-210-Who do you build TNA around? CM Punk or Will Ospreay?

    ONW-210-Who do you build TNA around? CM Punk or Will Ospreay?

    On tonights show, its JJ and the Shart Break Kid having some fun and talking some wrestling. One of the main opening topics was all centered around our good friend Phil. We discuss the possibility of CM Punk going to Impact, which is now being rebranded as TNA once again. We ask the question, that if you were TNA and had the money, would you sign CM Punk or Will Ospreay to help relaunch your brand.
    Heres a bunch of other stuff we talked about:
    Rumble tickets
    Owens belt
    The good and bad of AEW lately
    The return of Malachi black / HOB seemingly puts entire roster on notice
    Ruby soho is trash
    The “dream” match between Bryan and Andrade
    MJF is feuding with like 8 people
    Who is in the Devil mask?
    MJF v Kenny on Collision 
    Okada on dynamite / US audiences don't get him / Okada v Danielson at the Tokyo Dome? 
    Rick Flair in AEW / Christian murders flair on the mic
    Who is Sting's final opponent? 
    Partnership with CMLL
    Swerve Strickland is a criminal 
    Powerhouse Hobbs seems to be working this time 
    Jericho is calling in a big friend 
    Miro has had 8 matches in 2 years
    TK should probably stop Darby from doing his stunts outside of AEW
    Impact going back to the TNA name
    Could punk go to Impact/TNA?
    Will Osprey v Mike Bailey
    Osprey hires an agent to help with contract negotiations / Where does he go? / Contract expires in February 
    Becky lynch drops NXT womens title to Lyra Valkyria / should have been Tiffany Stratton IMO
    Nick Aldis is the GM of Smackdown / Do you see him wrestling in WWE? If so, with who?
    WWE received $500,000 from local Florida tourism board to host Royal Rumble
    The number is less than Orlando's $850,000 bid.
    WWE Crown Jewel 
        -Does LA knight stand a chance?
        -Cody v Priest
        -Logan Paul v Mysterio / First title for Logan Paul?
        -Seth v Drew / Should Drew win?
    Randy orton return? 
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    ONW -208 - On this day i Wrestle Dream Clearly

    ONW -208 - On this day i Wrestle Dream Clearly

    ONW - 208
    Wrestle Dream
    New Co-Champions - ohno brochachos
    Matthew and Jay go to Dynamite
    MJF v The Righteous - Zero reaction for the Righteous 
    What's next for the Righteous? Can they get over? 
    Too soon for Bucks v FTR again?
    Hangman gets booed
    Put the international title on swerve
    Prince Nana's recent popularity growth
    Starks v Mox in the future ?
    Jon Moxley cleared to wrestle
    Mixed opinions on Mox on commentary
    ZSJ V Bryan was a god damn masterpiece 
    Don Callis family last supper painting
    Do blurred faces insinuate more family members to come? 
    Try hard FTR / FTR doing a young bucks match
    FTR v Aussie Open / Wrong spot on the card / Should have switched spots with Swerve v Hangman
    Darby Jabrones himself during his entrance
    Nick Wayne aligns with his new dad Christian
    What should be done with Nick Waynes Mom?
    Shout out to Nigel saying 'Christian Cage has done for turtlenecks what Britney Spears did for visible thongs!'

    Adam Copeland debuts in AEW / hoping this run is more interesting than his last WWE run
    Thoughts on a Jungle Boy return, what do you do with him? Will he be booed or cheered? 
    Should AEW sign Sami Callihan?
    Who’s behind the devil mask? Mjf v Jay white, how does this shape up?
    John Cena, Paul Heyman, Cody Rhodes, Asuka set for next week's WWE to the ring

    Bron Breker a Paul Heyman guy
    Tony Kahns bday
    Dominik Mysterio regains North American title on WWE NXT
    Ilja Draganov - NXT champion
    Brian Pillman Jr in next / Hilarious USA network article
    Josh Alexander v Will Osprey
    WWE Smackdown rights return to USA
    What does this mean for Raw? Raw on a different night? Two hours? 
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    ONW - EP 207 - The Rocky Maivia Smackdown Show

    ONW - EP 207 - The Rocky Maivia Smackdown Show

    The Rock returns to Smackdown in Denver Rock says that the match with him and Roman was “locked in” for Wrestlemania 39 Pat Macafee John Cena doesn't talk on a talk show? The Judgement Day logo looks super cool on the titantron LA Knight vs. Mix just kind of happened. 
     What title should LA Knight go after? AJ Styles is in the mix now? Weird but I'm for it Nia Jax return = LAME WWE Docs - Angle and Cody Rhodes WWE Layoffs Jade Cardgill to WWE? Possible restructure of titles in WWE post TKO AEW Vibe since CM Punk is gone? CM Punk blading video Do we care? Why expose this stuff? Not just because it’s CM Punk, but of anyone doing it. Also, he stabbed himself pretty hard lol CM Punk saying he has about 2 months of time

    Wrestledream is shaping up nicely so far AEW finally going to MAX Thoughts on 12 PPVs a year?

    Jericho and Sammy video package. Hilarious with the music Are they trying to do a similar thing as the bromance with MJF and Cole? 

    RVD coming back to AEW Collision 9/23 Grand Rapids MI

    Mox’s has the Arthritis of a 70 yr old man

    Grand Slam excitement?

    AEW tour schedule 

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    ONW - EP 206 - Paybacks a Bitch, Cry me a river

    ONW - EP 206 - Paybacks a Bitch, Cry me a river

    ONW - EP 206
    All in / CM Punk
    Thoughts on using real glass
    Did you feel like this had the feel of a Wrestle Mania?
    Thoughts on all in / Best match / Worst match
    Was it the right call to keep the belt on MJF?
    Is MJF playing a long con?
    WWE Payback
    John Cena as a host / Lance Cattermeran comeback / New season of Southpaw?
    Judgment Day stands tall
    Trish and Becky overdeliver
    Did KO Blade? Sami and KO v JD was fun / That KO spot
    Why do i find Seth Rollins matches so boring?
    Last chance for Shinsuke? Another match with Seth on backlash? Should he win this time?
    Highs and Lows
    All Out
    Did TK do the right thing prior to Collision? Was the Punk firing enough to course correct?
    Did the vibe feel different for you?
    Weight off the companies shoulders with the firing of CM Punk
    TK has cured cancer Sign / The Chicago crowd / Lack of Punk chants
    Kevin Kelly sucks
    Overall Random All Out thoughts
    Miro and hobbs was great / meat stuff / CJ Perry
    MOTN : Danielson v Starks / great way to build a top star / probably a better match than the
    punk match would have been
    Mox v Orange was perfect / Mox didn't blade for once
    A new Era for AEW / Things i'm curious about for the future:
    What's next for Hangman? Should have either donated to a mental health charity or drank all
    the money
    Joe v MJF is interesting, right choice for a feud? The promo battles will be epic
    Rematch for Kenny and Takeshita? Takeshita is like a missile
    With Darby losing, where do you go with the TNT title picture? / Christian on the scrum
    Does Orange take a break and come back to challenge for world title?
    Who’s first for Mox? Do we actually do a full Kingston feud and strap him up? Hangman v Mox
    LFI vignette / LFI V BCC?
    When do we see Jack Perry again? What will his reaction be like?
    Is Jay White a Main Eventer in waiting?
    Extra Random Thoughts:
    Is Serpentico a white dude?
    Why has Cena not gotten a hair transplant?
    I like the dark order heel turn
    Does WWE make a play for Punk?
    -If CM Punk returns to WWE at the Royal Rumble on Saturday January 27th, 2024, it
    would mark exactly 10 years since he quit WWE on January 27th, 2014 backstage at Monday
    Night RAW
    Will Punk try and sue AEW?
    Induct bray to the HOF?
    Does Cody ever turn heel?
    Romans title reign outlasted all of punks Aew career
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    ONW - EP 205 - Cash Wheelin' to Wembley

    ONW - EP 205 - Cash Wheelin' to Wembley

    ONW - EP 205
    The build to All in has been underwhelming
    Why are there so many multi man / women matches?
    The Cash Wheeler situation
    Should Edge hang up his boots? Does he show up at All In
    Has the bloodline story jumped the shark?
    Joker Sting is back
    Who is Ricky Starks going to manage?
    CM Punk is still a dick / Hangman Situation
    Hangman is drinking again
    Kenny beat down was terrible
    Texas chainsaw massacre match
    Does Adam Cole v MJF feel big enough for you?
    Shinsuke looking to challenge Seth Rollins, any chance he could win it?
    Stadium Stampede at all in
    Logan Paul pitches the most hated tag team with Dominick Mysterio

    Lacey Evans done with WWE
    The Tony Kahn segment on dynamite
    Will Osprey changes the IWGP US Title to the UK title
    Jey Uso “leaving” WWE
    Rey Mysterio wins the US title on SD
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5 Ratings

JWA3rd ,

Great show

This was my favorite episode yet. More Elder Sour please!

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Love wrestling and local shows!

Love the podcast and love that it is local! DG-TalesfromtheFandom

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